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By: Erin 




Picking up where I left off Monday, I stated I’ve been getting familiar with the tarot and giving myself different spreads and readings to learn the cards and their meanings. Well today I gave myself a 3 card spread. 3 card spreads are great because they are simple and quick and answer questions quickly.


3 Card spreads cover past, present, and future possible outcome. I love using this spread when I have a question that i need a straight, simple answer for.


Recently I have been giving a lot of thought to making a serious life change and uprooting my life across the country. I’ve spoken to a couple of Foretell’s psychics about it and they have all given me great hope about it but today I wanted to ask the cards myself. So I did just that.


3 Cards, one Question; “Will moving to Colorado be a good life choice for me?”


I was pleased to pull the 3 cards I did because they were pretty nail on the head. I was not surprised to see the first card I pulled representing influences from the past that still affect the situation was the 5 of pentacles which represents worry and anxiety. It can mean financial hardships and fear of rejection. Two things I am very worried about moving across the country. I need to seek out meditation and find peace in these worrisome times.


The 2nd card I pulled representing the present was the 7 of pentacles. This card is for a period of contemplation (pretty perfect, right?). There’s a lot of uncertainty and reflecting taking place now in my life and I’m weighing out the pros and cons of staying and leaving. Reflecting on all the time I’ve spent in one place and wondering why I’m still broke when all I do is work or why I’m still single… wondering if there’s more for me somewhere different. Thinking period.


The last card I pulled was the Ace of Swords. I was relieved to  see this card as it represents mental clarity. The 3rd card is the future outcome card so I know that no matter what I know that I will be able to see with a new set of eyes and have a positive new outlook on life no matter where I am. All of this reflecting will make me see things in a whole new light and bring me the mental clarity I need and if I do end up in Colorado it will be where I need to be to find PEACE of mind.




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