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By: Cucan Pemo

If you are in a relationship right now, or are thinking of going into one, there are 3 very important tips you should know and questions you should ask yourself before you ever
get yourself into a relationship. This could save you from a lot of heartache and pain when you are involved in a love relationship.

(1) Your lover does not owe you your happiness, peace, or joy.

Happiness is a state of mind we choose to have. All of your happiness, and all of your suffering, are created by you and they do not come from outside of you, or from others. Before you go into any type of relationship, ask yourself these questions: “Do I really, really, really know how to walk away from disappointment and fear? Will I be able to find the person that I am now even after I go into this relationship and begin a new way of life?” In short, you should not be dependent on your partner on your emotional needs. You yourself are responsible for your own feelings and creating positive experiences for both your partner and you whenever you are together.

(2) Love your partner for who they are.

No one in this world is perfect. One day you will find your partner doing certain things or saying certain things that will hurt you, disappoint you, or anger you. Before you go
into any type of relationship, you have to ask yourself: “Will I be able to love my partner for who they are. If I am unhappy or angry with something they have said or done, will
I be able to recognize my unhappiness or anger as against their speech, actions, and behavior, and not against their persons?”

(3) Will I be able to love myself as much as I love my partner?

If you cannot love yourself, how are you going to give love to another? This is a mistake most people make when they go into a relationship. They become over-obsessive with what they can give to their partners and what they can do for their partners. To ensure a fulfilling relationship, you have to learn to take care of your own needs as well. A true
partner or lover is one who will make sure that you do not become too dependent on them. You are responsible for your own feelings and your own emotional needs too. You are a beautiful being. So, take care of yourself, love yourself, treat yourself to all the good things in life too, and do the same to your partner. Very soon, you will find true love
always coming your way without any effort on your part!

As always, if you are encountering problems in your relationship, try to dissolve all of your problems in love. And you’ll be sure you are on your way to a peaceful and fulfilling relationship!

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3 Responses

  1. girls are often quite resistant when they’ve flicked the relationship switch can try to explain how you want her back and persuade her but you’re asking her to give up something she’s got now on the off chance you’ll treat her better than you did before.. it’s asking a lot! if you’re in the friend zone then in my experience you’re boned my friend I’m afraid, you’re not just trying to win her back, you trying to beat another guy at it and she knows exactly what he’s like now, yet is comparing that to what you were like before.. so even if you’ve changed you are fighting an uphill battle to let you show her how you’ve changed personally I’d go out and get another girlfriend, never mind fake one.. try and forget about your ex for a while, we rarely get that which we obsess most about so back off.. go quiet on her and find another girl.. you may even end up happier than you were with her

  2. This was a real eye opener! You don’t always think about the fact that you yourself are responsible for your feelings and emotions and often tend to blame someone else about how YOU feel about a matter. Thanks!

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