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By: Arnab Roy Choudhury



Coffee, chocolate and men, something’s are better rich in quality! But they are so hard to find. This article is going to tell you about the 5 types of men that women avoid.


Every woman has a type; some like muscular men, some like the witty and skinny ones, some like caring and some, sportsmen! But there is always a category that most women avoid. People that are irritating, arguably irksome and worth disqualifying from every woman’s attraction list! You clearly don’t want to be one of these! Take a good look and if you find these habits in you, change them right away!


Mr. Poor Soul odd

Excessively touchy and emotional. This category can’t live without sharing all his secrets, feelings and everything that is even remotely related to him with her. He doubts himself all the time and fears any kind of rigid situation. He needs a constant encouragement about his relationship, job and friendships. Self-assurance and autonomy are the most attractive traits of a man — lack of confidence and addiction are not. Women always look for a strong spouse, someone they can be dependent on, if the time calls for it. So if in the early stages of a relationship you start leaning on her – she might wonder she‘s made a mistake! You sure don’t want her to have second thoughts about you? So, if you feel you are leaning on her too much; your relationship in sometime will definitely go for a toss! What should you do? Stop feeling sorry and stand up for yourself. “Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.”


Mr. Conventional

Same old, same old. There’s nothing new about this person. Life with him is a routine. Such type of men can become a huge baggage to live with and can give you a hard time if you want to chase them away. Women are not at all fond of the “expected guy” because they know unerringly how he’ll respond to everything. He lives with his old rules and is not ready to adapt to anything new! He will never take you out on a surprise date nor will he do anything unexpected. Boring is how we define this category! So, if you think your personality matches this type, it’s high time you bring about some exciting changes in you and keep that spark in your relationship alive.


Mr. overconfident

He possesses a gigantic ego and he’s patronizing. His deo sprayis too loud. He is also impolite and thinks everybody is beneath him. He’s a chauvinist and women hate that about him. He never gives her a chance to speak or bothers to treat her equally. He hates it when she succeeds and calls it luck! He treats women just like a trophy; good to receive, good to flaunt and should be placed inside a cabinet and never utter a word. Women hate men who do not respect them. So if you think your attitude bends towards this end it’s time you bring about a change.


Mr. Rough

He’s rustic and loud; just like his body spray. This loutish type doesn’t even bother not to make it that obvious, that he’s eyeing other women in the presence of his girlfriend; he flirts with the waitress, brags about his past and never respects women. If you think that you have traits like these, we’re sorry; you don’t stand a chance of winning her by any means.


Mr. Miser

He asks a lady out to supper and then faintly decides that they go Dutch. He never spends on her. Not even flowers or chocolates. “On a tight budget” always is his mantra. If you too believe in having such savings, you’ll never get the girl you want!


Mr. Quarrel

This kind of a man twists every discussion into a quarrel. On a date he will make you feel like you’re in debate class. For the people who belong into this category we have useful advice; “if you don’t want to lose her on the very first day itself, you better bring a change in your nature today!”


So now you know what changes you need to bring in to make the woman of your dreams a part of your life!




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