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By: Lulu Gleason

There are so many different types of psychics out there. But which one is the best? Which are the ones that will be perfect to help in different areas such as love or career? Doing some research, I’ve found that it all depends upon the person. Sometimes you just have a connection with people and sometimes you really don’t. But there are different types of psychics out there. Some that can cater to your needs.

I have a basic list of different types that I would like to share with you. Now every psychic is different please keep that in mind. There is no such thing as 100% in this world. As I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, life just doesn’t give that type of guarantee.

I hear a lot of psychics claim they are Clair- something. What is it you ask? Well there are 5 different types of Clair-something’s known through my searches. Let’s start at number 1 and work our way down the list.

Like a picture show going on in their head clairvoyance’s have the ability to ‘see’ things like spirits, objects or even angels.

Or, the ability to ‘hear’ things like spirits, angels, people’s voices, or perhaps even the movement of objects.

Psychics who posess this skill have the ability to ‘smell’ aromas and odors on a spiritual level.

Psychics have the ability to ‘feel’ angels or spirits around a person.

Those who have this, have the ability to sense feelings, emotions, or hidden or forgotten facts.

All of these abilities are useful to psychics. They help identify with what it is you’re asking about. For example, say you’re calling about love, you’ve been with this guy for a long time and you’re still left wondering WHEN the man will propose!

A psychic that has these abilities could possibly give a time line (depending on the strength of abilities). Alternatively, they could speak or be given information from their guides or your guides to find the answers.

This skill deals with areas such as loved ones that have passed on. Mediums have the ability to listen or observe dead spirits, Channeling is a method used to channel spirits directly by allowing them to use the body of the channeler to communicate.

Say you have some strange spiritual activity going on. Weird noises in the night have been keeping you awake. A Medium/channeler could help you figure out what is going on and if there is someone who might need to speak with you. Sometimes, and I know from experience, it could be loved ones who wish to send you messages after they have joined the spirit world.

In my own personal case a family member that had passed away more than a decade ago wanted to let me know that I had their support in some of the endeavors I was getting myself involved with.

Precognition, retro-cognition, telepathy, psychormetry, empathy and aura’s:
These are ways for a psychic to help connect to you or those you’d like to know about. Like psychormetry, they have the ability to know things about a person by simply touching objects that a person has touched.

Retro-cognition is the ability to reach into past lives by hearing or feeling them. All of these styles are useful when dealing with psychics, and it’s not uncommon to find a psychic that has many abilities to help with your needs.

Depending on your questions, you can find someone to help you. I suggest looking around and finding someone that sticks out to you. Intuition, which is the ability to sense information it’s almost like a gut feeling and is very strong when necessary so have trust in you!

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