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By: Arnab Roy Choudhury

© Filipefrazao84 | - Crazy Man On Green Background Photo
© Filipefrazao84 | - Crazy Man On Green Background Photo



Ladies be warned, the guy you’re dating could be a psychopath. Here are some signs that will help you identify and make the right decision!


Don’t be alarmed when you hear the word! A psychopath doesn’t have horns, neither sharp teeth that are waiting to sink into your neck, nor carries an axe and goes on assassinating sprees. This is a trait; just like any other characteristic and it reflects in the behavior of a person. Here’s a list that will help you identify the signs of a psychopath!


1.They make you mad.

Such people are experienced man oeuvres. They make you paranoid with their behaviour. They make you feel you are the crazy one not them. You are cautious about what you wear or what you say when you’re around them. If you are a calm person you’ll often find yourself in a quarrel. You might burst out when you get too annoyed. Such kind of people will make sure that if they are not at peace no one else is.


2.You feel you are dating 2 people at the same time.

They have 2 personalities or even more.Just like how one switches his deo spray they switch their personality.In a minute they change drastically from a loving person to hateful and mean.It’s difficult for you to understand which personality of them is real.


3.To them all is about revenge.

They will hold on to a thing for as long as they can and wait for an opportunity to bring it up. They have no remorse in blatantly hurting you they will do it for the pain caused to them at some point in life. They know your weaknesses, and they will attack right there. They never have the courage of facing a situation; they will always run from it and put you in pain.


4.Fake apologies and no serious guilt.

They will never be guilty for anything. Even if they say they’re sorry and they won’t repeat the mistake that pissed you. They are likely to do it a million times more. They are excellent in manipulating you.


5.The biggest liars.

They lie all the time. They lie about whom are they talking to. Why did they change their body spray all of a sudden? Where they were and what they did. They are the smoothest liars you will ever find.


6. Just like a Chameleon.

Such people are two-faced. Different around you, different around friends, different around their parents. They change to fit their surroundings.


7.With them life is a ride! – Not a very pleasant one though.

Up and down, back and forth; your life is like a bumpy ride. They keep doing the same mistakes again and again and make you go through the same pain yet again.


8. They make you under confident.

They will hurt you where they know it will do the most harm. They know your soft spots so they will make sure you feel terrible about them.


9. Your well wishers will want you out of it.

Everybody tries to make you understand they are the wrong choice for you but your heart will just not listen.


Above all this you feel sorry for your partner, it could be your giving nature or his depressing family life. You will never be able to go out there and break his heart; that is why you tend to be the one with the broken heart always!


Find the will to snap out; if you are not happy, the relationship is not worth it. There’s something way better for you out there; go out and explore!




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4 Responses

  1. Sounds like my most recent boss, and she was never even a date! She is the mean, evil type who seems to get away with everything, and even the powers that be in this state won’t prosecute her because she comes from, apparently, a powerful lawyer family. She is an attorney, and uses that against her victims whom she bullies.

  2. Thanks ,I needed this ! I am in a relationship with a spath right now desperately seeking a way out . Everything said here is true . No matter how emotionally tuff you try to be they find a way to make you feel worse and never stop with the crazy making drama . They never have a real conversation to try to resolve any problems it’s always blame shifting and never any accountability for how make you feel or the cheating and the lias . The reality is , they are truely menatally ill and there is no helping because they have no true self to get help . They are true evil soul sucking vampires .

  3. Wow! That sure sounds like my husband. But I also think he is a socialpath cuz he has alot of characteristics associated with that too. It really makes you wonder about people and the many faces that they wear

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