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From spending on gas to buying movie tickets to paying for the check at a fancy restaurant to having scrumptious desserts and coffee—going out on dates can get extremely expensive. Although these are what people usually do, you do not have to do the same in order to go out on a proper date if it means breaking the bank. There are plenty of alternatives and options that are affordable and as entertaining that you can go on with your loved one. Check your credit report prior to your date so you can set aside a budget and choose the best option which suits your budget best. Besides, the most important thing that should only matter about going on a date is how you spend your time with your date. A date should be measured by how much fun and enjoyable it is and not by how much you are spending. Listed below are some frugal date ideas that you could try.


1. Cook for each other at home- Dining out in a fancy restaurant can take a toll on your budget. Instead of doing this every single weekend, why not opt to cook for each other at home? This will be a fun way to spend time and bond with your loved one without having to spend a fortune.


2. Have your own movie night- Instead of treating your loved one to a movie night, try to have a movie night at home instead. This will not only be a good, cost-effective way to spend time with your loved one but you will also be able to talk to each other and be cuddly each other while you do so without bothering anybody.


3. Go on picnic or to museums- When you go out on a picnic at a park, you can have all the time for yourselves, unlike in restaurants. You can take your time in talking to each other and doing whatever you want. You could also spend time in museums where you can learn new things which you can discuss with your date. The good thing about these amenities is that they are free and can be visited anytime.


4. Take advantage of open mic nights- If you wish for something more fun and exciting, look for schedules of bars which offer open mic nights. This will be a good way for you and your date to unwind minus the cost.


5. Join the neighbors- Neighbors often get together every week to play board games, trivia nights, cards, etc. Regardless of what it is they play, you can invite your date to join your neighbors for a fun, enjoyable night of games.


6. Plan a trip together- Plan a trip together with your date. This will fuel excitement and enthusiasm which will give you both a good time. Share pictures together and the destinations you want to visit. Regardless of whether you do pursue the trip or not will depend on your budget. If you cannot afford it right now, then this is a good motivator and will serve as a goal for the both of you.


7. Visit the mall- The mall might seem to be an expensive date venue but the trick of having a fun time at the mall without draining your wallet is this: you and your date should bring only $5 or $10 then look around for gifts that you can give to each other. Not only will this be fun but will also refrain you from spending a lot of money.


8. Take advantage of roller skating or ice skating rinks- Roller skating and ice skating rinks are usually free but if not, they are relatively cheap which makes them a very affordable idea.


9. Visit the arcade- Nothing beats the arcade when it comes to having fun and you can never be too old to play games at one. You and your date could go at an arcade and play numerous games.


Going out on dates can really be expensive; therefore, it would be good to try out the affordable date ideas mentioned above so you and your date can not only try something new but also something twice as fun minus the pricey costs.

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