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By: Pen – Wro




The best minds in history, both philosophers and scientist, have applied themselves to an understanding that there are two sets of opposing ideas about the existence of this world. There are contrasting views which are prevalent even now and debate exit over how everything was formed. Some are of the opinion that it existed eternally with no beginning or end. The most popular theory today is the big bang theory which indicates that the evolution of the world began at a certain point of time. However you will see that this is not only a product of science but also of the times in which we live. Today we are closer than ever in solving some of the biggest mysteries.


Time is central and a classical theme in philosophy. It can be taken up from different angles. One the key aspect which it covers is with the reality of past, present and future. Based on many conflicting theories, it is understood that past and present are fixed while it is stated that the future is open. Your past can sometimes also affect your present experiences and make it difficult to reach your goals. It is our constant worrying about the past that keeps us away from being in the moment. There are many factors in the present which contribute towards your future as certain events of the present are also ever changing. No one can predict the future hence it always keeps on changing.


The human personality is intimately linked with the soul and its past experiences and training as it forms an integral part which survives over time. When you experience the difficulties of life, your emotional reactions are only human. Your soul expresses itself through your aura. The brightest presence in your aura is your soul. It expresses your energy. Your divine essence, hopes and dreams all is reflected through this entire process. It also contains the patterns of all your accumulated emotions thoughts and experiences. Sometimes it affects the clarity when all these muddled thoughts get mingled into your emotions. Many people worry about their body more than soul. The body may live for several decades but your soul lives on forever. It is invisible and lives inside the body. It is more valuable than anything that the world can offer. Many people neglect their soul for worldly possessions.


It defines who we are and it makes up for our entire personality. It needs to be converted during sometime in our life. The only thing that a human being can accept during his entire life journey is their own entity. One may even speculate about the purpose of his journey on earth. It may also be detrimental in correcting his personal intentions. The idea of a specific purpose in life sometimes has a profound meaning in itself. One should realize the basic fundamentals with regards to existence which will help you know more about yourself and life’s purpose. By doing this, you will be able to give your life a new meaning.




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