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By: Alex
I had a dream recently that seemed kind of strange. I was in a large open area. I think I was
outside. The atmosphere was comfortable. In front of me was a large structure. It was a large horizontal
beam, supported by two other vertical beams on each side. It was like the opening of a doorway (the
frame), but larger.

I would guess it was at least 8 to 12 feet tall and probably 4 or 5 feet wide.
I jumped up and grabbed the top of the top beam, so that I was hanging from it. When I jumped
I felt that it was higher than I thought I could jump. But somehow I did it.

The jump seemed to take forever. I was surprised that I actually did it. As I was hanging onto
the top beam, I looked down. I felt that I had jumped higher than most people ever could. At that point I
was afraid to let go, because I thought if I fell from that height I would get hurt.

For some reason I did let go. When I fell, somehow the distance I actually fell magically
shrank. When I finally hit the ground it was as if I had only fallen 4 or 5 feet. In the end I was fine.
After I had this dream, I talked to one of Foretell’s psychics to find out what it was about. In the
process of writing this blog I figured it out and they confirmed my interpretation.

Most dreams are symbolic. Symbols are the only way the subconscious mind knows how to
represent things. Dreams are also “holographic.” They present a complete image of whatever is in your
mind at the time. Most of the time, the elements in a dream are a reflection of either a current situation
in your life or a reflection of something you feel strongly about or are thinking about on a deeper level.
It could be a relationship, money, a career situation or something else.

If you are trying to interpret a dream, it is important to know the context in which the dream
takes place. What was going on in your life right before the dream happened? What was on your mind?
This information will help you interpret the symbols in the dream and allow you to understand what
they mean.

In my case, the large structure represented a big goal I was trying to achieve, something I didn’t
think I could do. The act of jumping up and grabbing onto this structure is a symbolic way of
representing the act of achieving the goal. (I am a Cancer and tend to grab onto things.)
The large size of the structure and my knowing that I had jumped further than almost anyone
else had to do with the goal being difficult to attain.

The part where I looked down and was afraid to let go represented my fear that I had gone too
far and would get hurt if I let go, and the way a person would feel if they had suddenly attained a goal
they didn’t think they would ever achieve.

What’s really interesting is that I had actually asked myself that exact question several hours
before I had the dream: How would I feel if I achieved this goal? I asked myself that question over and
over again, many times.

My surprise after I hit the ground (in the dream) and realizing that I had not fallen as far as I
thought I would have means (and I think this is the main point of the dream) that my goals are not as
difficult to attain as I had originally thought.

This dream may be telling me that I worry too much, that in my mind I tend to exaggerate (to
myself) how difficult things are, and perhaps that all my fears are unfounded. This is quite a lot to get
from a dream. This dream may also be about inadequacy, especially in the face of things that appear to
be bigger than I am.

Well, I wasn’t planning to bare my soul, but there you have it. At least I know where to work!
I hope this example will help other people understand and interpret their dreams. I am thinking
now that it is possible to ask the subconscious mind for guidance. I may try to do that next. And I
would expect the answer to come in a dream.

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