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By: Alex




I don’t know much about ghosts, but an unusual situation came up recently. It seems that Kat,

one of Foretell’s psychics, had a ghost in her house who had attached to her when she lived across

town. I don’t think he was malevolent, at least not to her and her friends. She said she couldn’t see him,

that he was “in shadow”. I think he wore a cowboy hat. She said he could be fearsome, and that he had

intervened on her behalf at least once before.


One of Kat’s current neighbors is a woman who is rather controlling. I had a run-in with her that

basically ended in a stalemate when she was driving too fast in the neighborhood and I called her on it.

A few days later I noticed her driving more cautiously. Apparently someone else had scolded her about

her driving also.


This woman has a son who Kat thinks could be a serious problem in the future. He has been

rude to me on several occasions. I honestly don’t like him. This kid was torturing his brother once when

Kat yelled at him out her window. He stopped, but only because she caught him in the act.


I was concerned about this kid, but I didn’t think that telling his parents about their son would

help their situation or mine. In addition it wasn’t really my neighborhood and I didn’t want to cause

more problems for Kat. So I just tried to stay away from them and pretty much keep my mouth shut.

But what happened next really surprised me.


One day I was talking to Kat about this family, and she said “they really need to move

somewhere else.” I guess Kat was really fed up with them. Then she added rather casually that perhaps

she should send her ghost across the street to deal with them. My ears perked up at this. I had never

heard of such a thing, and I was really interested in finding out how all this would turn out.


A few days later Kat said she had sent her ghost over there and that he was having fun with

these people. Since then I have noticed that they are hardly ever around anymore, and when they are it’s

only briefly. The neighborhood seems quieter. Also, the troublemaker kid seems more subdued. Kat

said that the ghost had scared the kids into behaving better.


Well, that just amazes me to no end. As I said before, I don’t know much about ghosts, and the

stereotypes on TV aren’t very helpful. In spite of reality shows, which deal basically with extreme

cases, I sincerely doubt that all ghosts are as scary or violent as they seem to indicate. But I didn’t know

that they could help people either.


This particular ghost must like Kat a lot, if he is willing to go out and help her by subduing

rambunctious neighbors with unruly kids. I just didn’t think that ghosts were that civic minded! Next

time you have a problem, maybe your ghost can help you.




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