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By: Nancy

The Angels voices have much to say on Christmas Eve, the old world is still spinning around by they who hover around many celebrating this day of a miracle to say many times too many fires have started by real live Christmas Trees.
They prefer an artificial one to honor that one who earned a crown of pearly white glowing gleaming glistening thorns by a miracle day is the real reason for the Christmas Day celebration and to prepare in advance by a tree decorated adorned by beautiful ornaments and gifts from some of the past and by children’s creative daydreams hanging for a Christmas brunch. The message from the Saint Christmas Angels today is to say a fake tree is best to them as it avoids a fire hazard and to simply lay a few real pine tree branches for the great smell in the house is enough to remind many of the scent of a great twig in the honor of the birth that produced a miracle and the Angels say they do not like to see the murder on the great white cross as its a death of starvation of a Prophetic King is how they really do see it often as to honor a legend by a cross as an ornament alone is fine to them and to wear it in remembrance of honor is so grand but they prefer it all alone as a statue as to them its a murder instrument believe it or not as confusion has happened before this new age era about it as I am channel writing for the Angels asking them what would they like to communicate to people for Christmas Eve? That is a fake tree is better to avoid a house fire from many safety guide great Guardian Angels who kept track of them over the many Centuries ions of them they say there are so many fires that may not have occurred if there was not a dried out tree with light bulbs around it and candles in the olden days and on that note they do care for the electric candles as well as their Angelic being job is to avoid harm from being done to the citizens population all around the cities in many lands and in America and London especially it does happen quite a lot therefore too many awful fires are sad on a day of celebration is the Angels safety guides message on this Christmas Eve by our medium Nancy writing it all out on a blank white Internet page aglow by our heavenly Angels pen tapping by her medium typing as we spell it all out for the safety of people all over the earth surface today, tonight, and yet tomorrow.


Also, the greed of many expecting too spend alot of energy on too many packages is another issue as its the real sacred thought that does count for gift buying and not the amount of the package but the thought and loving care that does usually go into opening it to us the gift Guardian Angels say as its the excitment to recieve it looking so lovely and adorned as thou Christmas Angels are hovering all around by many Angels in wrapping foil gift paper to gift bags to lovely precious ornaments on the fake trees we prefer and pray for and real trees also as we take form in the ornaments and wrapping paper and Angel decorations as we are sent all around this way as the ones to watch over all on the holiday season of a miracle celebration and too much hot cooking of goody’s and snacks to desserts is a danger of burning someone also and too much  of a party time can cause a car wreck and thats the fear instilled in the great white brisk gazing all around lovely Guardian Christmas Holiday of Angels and to watch over all at every Holiday celebration as a million more are sent really flying down to protect all on the great spinning earth as it still does turn around and round by us saying for it to not stop at all is why you should pray to an Angel and a Holiday guide you might say today tonight and tomorrow morning on the day of the miracle celebration to say I read your verse and I do now know to have a fake tree next time instead I shall be careful the lights are fully turned off so a fire does not start as it may harm another person and I shall be careful cooking to not burn a person or a pet and I shall be careful not to drive when your under the influence. The Holiday Angels are one million who do not fly back to the pearly light of the sky above but stay around preparing for the next holiday season as we cover all the special days of celebration on each holiday every moment guarding many by the angelic thread of our messages of hope and strength of love that are connected by our conversations that stretch across many lands. Amen to you on Christmas, this holiday may you say I am doing my best to be careful to not harm anyone, to be appreciative of any simple gift and even no gift at all from some I may expect them from I shall say oh that’s the way it goes if I expect alot out of somebody to say the real meaning of this blessed day is to enjoy this great memorial holiday for the wisdom brought down to the great vast turning earth as we are Gaurdian Angels who have seen it go on for ages as ancient beings who know a whole lot more usually than a human being is why we are on so many store decorated gift cards and hung as adorning ornaments as we are the ones who glisten in this day of a nice holiday season for all kinds of grand celebrations and to remember the reason is to be nice to someone to touch their simple kind heart and sentimental ways of love and goodness with thought and caring gestures about another human is what’s so important to us around watching all and to say we do know.
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