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By: Alex




A friend came over the other day. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She had lost her job and was working as a janitor. This was difficult for her because of her age and her pride and because she has a lot of resentment. She felt she had been wrongly dismissed and was considering a lawsuit.


Then she went into her financial problems: numerous credit card debts, medical bills, a husband who gambled. Then she went into her dreams. She wanted a better job, and mentioned the possibility of working on a cruise ship. She also wanted to buy an RV and just be able to go wherever she wanted.


After she left, it fit suddenly dawned on me that what she really wanted was a new life. That was a real eye-opener for me. I was so struck by her situation, being torn by guilt over the past and yet wanting a new life and not really knowing how to go about it. I think many people feel the same way.


I believe that life works from the inside out. What do I mean by that? It’s called metaphysics. Basically all the thoughts, feelings and beliefs we carry within us create our reality. If you want something, you have to change yourself, not the outside world.


All of our thoughts and beliefs are constantly being projected 24 hours a day into the outside world. While we can’t see them, these vibrations manifest our reality and attract like vibrations to us. Sometimes some of them take a while to manifest, and other times they manifest quite quickly.


For example, if you have resentment, you will constantly attract people and situations that cause you to feel resentful. If you have a victim type mentality, you will constantly attract people and situations that make you feel wronged. But if you feel love and compassion you probably won’t have much problems with anyone.


You can change your external situation, but it will only be a matter of time before it comes around to you again. And usually, if you have unfinished business with someone, even if they are not around anymore, you will attract someone who was just like them until you clear that up.


The problem facing my friend is that she is torn between wanting a new life, but she is not quite ready to let go of her old life. What would she have to do? In her particular case, she is swamped by guilt. Most of this unfortunately is due to her religion, her ethnicity and her husband.


Since guilt is her biggest pattern, that would be the best place to start. The metaphysical answer to guilt is forgiveness. She could start with “I forgive myself for wanting a new life.” Now that might sound strange, but in reality that thought of feeling guilty for wanting a new life actually keeps her from having it.


Then, since most of her anger and resentment has to do with her husband, that would be the next best place to work. “I forgive my husband for making me feel guilty.” She would probably have to make a list of all the things she hates/resents her husband for and then do affirmations to forgive him.


This can be a long process. It can also bring up a lot of deep emotions. But ultimately it is worth doing. Guilt over the past can keep you stuck – for your whole life. The good news is that once you start clearing out these things, it changes the dynamics of your relationships. If you no longer hold resentment or anger toward someone, then when they go into whatever pattern they run to trigger you, it won’t have the same effect, and you can (hopefully) choose a new response to them. Once the pattern of fighting or arguing is broken, the relationship can change.


It happens quite frequently that people in relationships have been together before, and the dynamics are the same as they were before. It can be quite illuminating, to say the least, to have a psychic help you to see what happened back then. Then – more affirmations to forgive, release and let go. We frequently enter into karmic relationships to have another chance to clear things up with the other person. It’s also another opportunity for spiritual growth.


In my friend’s case, her issues with her husband are basically keeping her stuck in her present life. Forgiving him would be the best place for her to start if she wants a new life.



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