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By : Alex


I’ve been having some very intense dreams lately and I’m not sure why. They seem quite real to me while I’m having them. The colors, the feelings, everything seems more intense to me. And they seem to be about the things I’m thinking or worrying about.


A few days ago I fell asleep for a few minutes while I was at work. In the dream I was in my car, driving to work. I was on a long country road and I was totally alone. Finally, after what seemed a long time, I arrived at the building where I work. I drove around the building to the back area.


All of a sudden the car goes off to the right of the building, but there’s no road there. Now we are somehow driving up a river. There are large rocks and trees, but not a whole lot of water.


Somehow the car keeps going, but it’s moving in a strange way that I am not used to. The law of gravity does not seem to be wholly operational here. What’s more disturbing is that now I’m not completely in control of the car. It’s almost like the car is floating. The car seems to have a mind of its own as to whether we are moving or not.


As the car moves forward, there are obstacles, like large rocks, but the car manages to go over and around them. The large trees – we go around those too. I can’t see all of how this is happening. I only know that although these obstacles are somehow being overcome, the whole experience is terrifying to me because I never know what’s going to happen next and I’m not in control of anything.


The car and I are basically driving up the river. This is a long river and it goes around this huge long building where I work. However, I don’t work in this building, so that’s not where we are going.


In truth, I don’t know where we are going, except that we are going up river. When we are about half way up the length of the building, the car turns around and we start heading back the way we came.


For some reason I am quite relieved at this point that we are going back down the river. Although I’m still not totally in control of the car, the occasional bumps and knocks don’t seem to bother me as much as they did before. Now I can relax and enjoy the ride more.


So what is this dream about? Just before the dream I had been feeling like I had been abandoned by my boss. (I work at night, at a remote site that nobody else wants to go to.) I had been wondering if it was still really worth it for me to work for this company and keep doing what I’m doing. I had doubts about whether they deserved to have me, and whether it was worth it to put up with the financial hassles of working for a company that does not pay me enough.


Although I had been told by one of Fortell’s psychics that my company was thinking about putting me in a better, more responsible position (training), with more pay, I was having doubts that that would ever happen, or if I would even be happy if it did.


I also doubted whether I would be successful in this new position, because my potential new job would involve training other people to become more responsible, and I was skeptical that I could say or do anything to achieve this. I also wondered if I should go back to doing some other things that I had long given up, like photography.


This dream clearly reflects my doubts about moving forward with my present career course, and my pondering turning around and going back down a route that I am more familiar with. That’s shown by the car moving forward hesitantly and then turning around and going back down the river the way we came, and my sense of relief as we did so.


It is amazing how the subconscious mind can produce such images and feelings and how these manifest in dreams to reflect what we are thinking about. It’s also interesting how such a long period of time in a dream can manifest in only a few minutes of sleep. Dreams often give us a holographic snapshot of our situation in life, but it takes some thought and analysis to work out what they are about. With dreams like these, who needs movies?



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  1. I also had some dreams liked that recently, I don’t remember them most of the time, but I do remember the feelings, it feels like my biggest fear and challenges were dealing with me in a physical combat.

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