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By: Erin



I wanted to run a lovers chart for Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Persekian. They are newlyweds and seem to have such great chemistry (see what I did there?). I wanted to dig a bit deeper and do a bit of a compatibility report on the two love birds and see how this beautiful couple relate. Let’s see what we can cook up.



Aaron and Lauren were both born under the same sign of Virgo. Now, based on the personal profile astrology report I ran on our leading man using his birthday, where he was born and an estimated time of birth, I want to focus on the fact that in that time, Venus was in Virgo. You can find out a lot about a person by where the planets were when they were born. This is what we can tell about Aaron.



The Initial Attraction:
It’s very rare, but “love at first sight” is possible… especially with these two. The two met at a music festival and were both in an environment where they felt comfortable and able to let loose. There was an instant connection between the pair and both being Virgo’s, their fascination with the others mysterious nature peaked each others interest. Virgo’s have this need to learn everything about everyone and everything and they aren’t fully satisfied until they have this knowledge.



How he is in his relationship:
Aaron shows his love for Lauren by constantly letting her know how much he values her. He loves to make a fuss over her and do special things to show her that he cares. Aaron is a great communicator, as most Virgos are. Him and Lauren have a great relationship because they truly listen to each other when they talk. Communication is key in any and all kinds of relationships and theirs definitely isn’t lacking this factor. Another thing is that Aaron remembers little details in their conversations and makes mental notes of all of Lauren’s likes and dislikes and genuinely cares about everything she has to say.



The Pairing:
The same sign pairing of Virgo is actually a very good one. By nature, Virgo’s need to have everything in order. They tend to be a bit overcritical and analytical at times. Aaron and Lauren are a good match because they understand each others need for order and respect the other ones need for order. For example, if you were to pair a Sagittarius with a Virgo it may work for a short time but after a while, a Sagittarian would surely go nuts with Virgo’s need for everything to be planned and sorted out to perfection.



Why It Works:
Basically, Aaron and Lauren both being Virgo’s and having a lot of the same traits will work out for them. They have a full understanding of each other. They know how to deal with the other one during the bad times and help the good times be great. They connect with each other on many different levels and will support each others dreams and encourage one another to never give up on what they want in life. They truly are a perfect match.



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