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By: Alex



After not sleeping for the last two days and not knowing why, it was really starting to bother me. Some times it takes me a while to figure things out. Eventually I realized that my house needed psychic protection. There was bad energy seeping in from the neighborhood, and from a former neighbor who had just moved.


There are some things that I listen to and let go in, but reserve judgement for them. Psychic protection was one of them. I had heard the term but wasn’t really sure of what it meant or whether I had to concern myself with it.


However, after two days of not being able to sleep, something had to give. I didn’t really know what else to do, so I did what I thought would work, something I had not done in over a year. I walked around my lot doing a mantra – OM MANE PADME HUM, an ancient Sanskrit mantra that means “The Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus.”


I actually used the Tibetan version, OM MANE PEME HUNG, but probably any high powered mantra, phrase or affirmation invoking Divine Energy would work. The main point is to lift up the energy of the house to a much higher level.


I walked around my lot about 5 times doing this mantra, and about 3 times around the car. Then after I went inside I did Reiki on all the doors and windows of the house, affirming Divine Protection for all occupants on all levels and at all times.


Thinking that should be sufficient, I asked Kat (one of Foretell’s psychics) if she felt it had made a difference. She said yes, that it was pretty dramatic. I could feel it myself. After cleaning up the house for about an hour I went to bed and slept for 8 hours. Later on I asked Kat how often I should repeat this protection ritual. She said it would be good to do this once a month for the first 5 months.


This whole experience was a real eye-opener for me, for three reasons. The first was the realization that I am more sensitive than I thought, but that realization had been coming to me for a while. This was just a confirmation of it. The second realization was that there are bad people and bad energies and you don’t want them in your house. The third realization was that you actually have to do something to change the energy of your situation, and understanding metaphysics is a key to that.


Although I used the phrase “Psychic Protection” to describe what I did, I don’t actually think of it in that way . I used the main principle of metaphysics, that what you affirm over and over in your mind eventually becomes your reality, to raise the energy of my house to a point where those so-called negative energies and entities cannot enter or exist there because it is not compatible with their level of vibration.


The resulting shift in energy and the fact that I could then go to sleep was proof to me that it worked. Verification by a good psychic never hurts either …


Sometimes metaphysics can be really important for a good night’s sleep!




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