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By: Erin



The air is getting a bit cooler. The leaves are starting to change their color. Ah, yes, Fall is in the air! This is by far my favorite time of year… not just because of the weather and the beautiful scenery but FALL FASHION is the BEST! With that being said, we have come to our 7th position in the zodiac chart; Libra.


Libra’s are fashion mavens. They are always on top of the seasons latest trends and have an eye for finding the perfect pieces to make the ultimate wardrobe. Born under the symbol of the scales, Libra’s are by nature very balanced so they tend to pick classic looks when it comes to their clothing choices. They like to look sexy but not reveal too much and pick very feminine pieces such as gauzy peasant blouses, floral prints, flowing skirts, and classic looking sweaters.


When it comes to jewelry however, this is a sign that loves to go all out. Libra’s love lot’s of jewelry and accessories to complete their look. Some of today’s A-list celebrity Libra’s are known for their amazing taste in fashion and even have their own fashion lines. I will get to them later in this blog.


If you have read any of the previous blogs in this series you know by now I am an Independent Stylist with Stella and Dot. I would like to just say that I love this company for so many reasons. The Stella & Dot Foundation was established by Stella & Dot in 2010 to engage and inspire our community to effect positive change in the lives of women and their families. In addition to our support of our year-round global charity partner, Every Mother Counts, Stella & Dot also donates to Autism Awareness Month in April, Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, and supports military families through our Buy One, Gift One program in November.


To date, the Stella & Dot Foundation has donated over $2.4 million worldwide to causes important to our community. Together, through the donations made possible by the sale of our foundation accessories, our collective small acts add up to make a big impact.


Okay, so it’s no wonder Stella and Dot has become such a hit with celebrities and women across the world. Right? As a Libra you are not one to miss out on this ever growing and changing brand. Stella and Dot has a range of styles and is always researching the upcoming seasons trends so you can grab the latest looks and have everyone asking “where did you get that?!”


First up I’m using fellow celebrity Libra; Grace Helbig. She’s all over YouTube, The Grace Helbig Show on the E! network, stars in Camp Takota, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, and opening in theaters today Dirty 30…this is just a short list of her appearances. She has two books (which I highly recommend reading) Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up and Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It. She is a typical Libra being that she tends to go for a comfy sweater or form fitting t-shirt and a pair of jeans. When on the red carpet you can see her in a cute tailored jumpsuit or something that elongates her silhouette. She is a big fan of statement necklaces. She has mentioned this in many of her videos and her book. She also loves sunglasses. Based on what I’ve seen of Grace’s style and personality I have put together a look for her with a few accessories from Stella and Dot.


First I went with the Zia Necklace. This statement piece is a super seller and it’s great for Libra’s like Grace. It’s adjustable and looks great layered with other pieces as well. The jade green gives it an extra pop of color to brighten up your look. (Plus it’s on sale right now!) I also gave Grace a choice in rings because I know she likes to mix it up when it comes to her finger bling. In this pic I have chosen the Pave Sphinx Ring which is a great everyday piece and one of the latest trends among A-listers. For a bit more of a statement I chose the eye-popping Veda Split Ring (also on sale!) this is a great piece for the fashion forward Libra.


Finishing off the look I added the super stylish black Hayes Tassel Hobo bag. This is perfect for the girl on the go. Tassels are SO in this season! Wear it as a crossbody during the day then adjust the strap to a shoulder length for an evening out. The genuine leather and tassel make this a staple in lady Libras closet.


When it comes to accessorizing Libras love to highlight their features by drawing attention to their hands and neck. When it comes to handbags they tend to go for whatever completes their overall look. Most Libra women, unlike Grace, tend to be a bit more feminine and daring in their fabric choices. Silk, Beaded garments, finest cashmere, intricate lace, suede camel hair, fur, leather, nothing but the best and well crafted fabrics for Libra. This also reflects their taste in handbags and other small accessories.


When styling a Libra I have a few suggestions. Of course depending on what you’re wearing and your general style…but I feel this is a sign that likes small neutral colored handbags. With that being said I would right off the bat suggest my personal favorite The Waverly Petite.


This is a great versatile 3 in 1 bag. It comes in 3 different styles; Neutral Woven Chevron, Slate Grey Perf/Brushed Metallic, and Black Perf/Pale Camel.  This versatile crossbody bag with converts from full length crossbody, to fold over crossbody, to a fold over clutch. Best of all worlds in one bag!


Also check out the fabulous new Waverly bags from our new Covet line. These are TOP PICKS for leading lady Libra.


Lastly we have two beautiful fashion icons representing this popular position on the zodiac chart. They are loved by many and I have a special place for them in my heart because they are showing some SERIOUS Stella and Dot love pretty often when they are out and about; Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian.


I’ll Start with Gwen since I have wanted to be just like her for the past 20 years. (Man I’m really dating myself). Anyways, Gwen has always had an edgy style and always been into fashion. As she got a bit older and started to really come into her own and explore more with her fashion choices, she had this classy-sassy-rocker chick thing going on and I dig it.


This Libra is truly everything wonderful about her sign; charming, talented, successful…the list goes on. Anyways, In this pic Gwen is rocking the Pearl Spike Ring. Complete the look with the Pearl Spike Cuff and the Renegade Cluster Bracelet for a real edgy look!


And now we finish off with Kim K. This Libra is all about fashion and probably has an entire wing of her house designated for her accessories so it’s an honor to know that Stella and Dot is a part of her HUGE collection.


Let’s face it- Kim can buy whatever she wants. Money is no issue. She saw something in Stella and Dot that she liked and wanted it based on its style. I dig it.


Her and her sisters often wear Stella and Dot actually. Kim is pictured here wearing the Pegasus Necklace which is definitely the piece to choose if you want to turn heads. This is the ultimate statement piece.



Any of these are great in price which is a big plus. They make excellent gifts for anyone. Libras and anyone else can head to and check out these styles and more.

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