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By: Erin



Ah, yes…it’s here – the season of the Sagittarius! I’ve been super excited to write this installment of this series being an Archer myself. We are truly a proud bunch and embrace all that comes with our star sign. Any other Sagittarians out there have a fascination with anything with arrows on it and say to yourselves “I must have that!”? Or is that just a select few of us? Please comment because I’d love to know.


Freedom loving Sagittarius people don’t usually make a fuss when it comes to their accessories because they are often too focused on where they are headed next. You will usually see them in something functional and universal that will pair with anything they may wear.


This blog was super fun and easy for me (whew) because I own everything on this list and don’t know what I would do without each piece. I wear each piece of jewelry listed regularly and don’t get me started on how the bags I’m going to feature have changed my life. Ha!


First, coming back to the beginning of this article when I mentioned arrows…I am one of those people who are all about them. I love being a Sagittarius and when Stella and Dot came out with the On The Mark Necklace I wen’t bizerk. I scooped it up right away and it’s probably one of my most worn pieces.


I layer it with other pieces too. I love it so much. It comes in silver or gold and has a great price point so makes a great gift. Side note, this necklace has been spotted on Anna Kendrick, and TV show host Samantha Harris.


A great cuff for Sagittarius is the Pave Arrow Cuff. This thing is great on its own or stacked with other bracelets. I love it because I have larger wrists and it’s adjustable and comfortable. It’s the perfect balance between edgy and delicate – much like Sagittarius.


Plus, arrows! Ha. I promise that will be the last time I mention arrows.


With Turquoise being a power color for Sagittarius, there should be at least one piece in every archers jewelry bag. My personal favorite is the Turquoise Stone Layering Necklace. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, this is a sign that likes their accessories to be convenient for them to wear with anything and this is it!


Three strands of semi-precious turquoise geometric stones accented by delicate shiny gold take the guesswork out of layering. Wear with all strands clipped together as one necklace, or unclasp any of the strands to create your favorite combination. In my opinion, it’s a must have.


Another great, simple piece I wear all the time (and it’s one of my best sellers) is the Sierra Double Wrap Bracelet. I get compliments on this everywhere I go. It has hints of semi-precious Turquoise stones and neutral beads throughout.


I love it because you can wear this on its own with a white t-shirt and jeans and it makes you look like a rockstar!


Ok…Now…onto the bags!


This is a sign that is always on the hunt for their next adventure. We can’t sit still. We are born globe-trotters and have travel on the brain. I am the type of Sagittarius who will wake up one day and ask her friend “You feel like going to Vegas next weekend?” (It’s happened on a couple occasions. Sagittarians are very spontaneous and love getting up and going! Their bags often have an array of items in it preparing them for any situation.


This being said I have two main bags I can’t go without. First, the Union Street Tote in Navy Breton Stripe. Genuine leather handles with a wipeable canvas body, and finished with shiny silver chevron details. A classic bag goes a long way. It has co much room!


This tote is perfect. It has two slip pockets on the inside and a zipper pocket as well. I have had tote bags before but not like this one. This bag has been my best friend and goes wherever I go.



Now, this next bag…I can’t even tell you how this is a Sagittarius travelers dream. The Getaway Bag is the Beyonce when it comes to weekender bags. It’s stylish, and versatile and when you travel with it, you are sure to get compliments and asked “where did you get that?”.  This bag has so much room its insane! It has a zipper that goes all the way around towards the bottom of the bag that when unzipped, pops down an extra 3-4 inches of room all around to the bag.



I’ve been able to pack everything I needed for a 7 day vacation in this amazing bag. I want to shake the hand of the genius who made this. Also, it is acceptable as a carry on even when expanded at airports (and fits under your seat). How?!? It’s like a magic bag! I love love love it!






Happy Birthday to all you Archers out there. To shop these looks or browse our great Holiday sale check out and skip the crazyness of the stores this season. Shop from the comfort of your home.


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