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By: Rockey Sheen




Meditation can heal lots of psychological and a few physical problems. If you are lucky enough not to suffer from any, still you can practice meditation, as it will only bring the better person out of yourself, and motivate you to live a more energetic life.


Feeling restless nowadays? Planning to visit a psychiatrist? Why not try meditation? No matter how young or aged you are, in which profession you are or how sick or fit your health is, you can always try to follow the rules of meditation for beginners to get a calm and relaxed mind.


It is just the perfect solution to relax after a hectic day . Meditation not only soothes your senses and releases the stress of your mind, but also it will affect your health positively if you regularize this habit.


Revival of an age old practice.


Meditation is an ancient method, which was mastered by the sages of eastern countries. It helped them to get into another level of existence, both physically and spiritually.


We are discussing here about how to meditate for beginners, as in present times, the pressure of the daily life is sucking the inner energy and you always feel the need to unwind yourself.


The steps to follow:


Find a place where you can be calm and comfortable.


Sit straight with your knees folded, legs and feet together. Keep your back , neck and head straight as much as possible, and your hands stretched with palms face down over your knees. This position is supposed to relax your nerves and makes you ready to grasp the energy in nature into yourself.


Close your eyes and breath slowly, not trying too hard to fill the lungs with air at a time, only little bit more stretched than your usual one.


Try to exhale and inhale in a moderate tone, but do not get stiffed or concentrate more on it. Rather think of the positive energies and try to relax all the muscles of your body, starting from your feet to calves, and proceeding towards your head.


When you will feel your whole body is at ease and calm, try to concentrate at the point between your eyebrows. Keep the pace of exhale and inhale same and avoid any mundane thought of daily life that will come to your mind.


At the beginning, you will get distracted by the thoughts, which will rush to your mind the moment you will sit to meditate. But this is all about practice. So, try to meditate 5 minutes on first day and gradually you can extend it to 30 minutes at a stretch.


Meditation for beginners is not a very easy process, though it sounds quite simple. If you know how to meditate for beginners, and have the diligence to continue it meticulously, you will feel a great change in your body and inner self.




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