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By: Alex
Reiki’s Effects
Is Reiki effective? According to the Wikipedia article on Reiki, studies were done
to evaluate whether in fact Reiki was sufficient to heal various conditions. The studies concluded that it did not. Now to me that does not discredit or invalidate Reiki.

It just means that according to the studies, Reiki by itself is not sufficient to heal specific conditions. I feel this is a correct conclusion. I would not ever attempt to convince anyone that Reiki is enough, by itself, to heal someone of an acute
medical condition.

In my experience, Reiki definitely has a positive effect on people. Virtually everyone I have ever done Reiki on or sent it to has felt its effects and made positive remarks about it. Animals love it and that in itself is a good sign. There have been a few cases where people had negative reactions, but I think that is because sometimes the energy triggers or stirs up emotional reactions in people who have unresolved emotional issues.

This can take the form of jealousy or other emotions. But I would not take
that as a reflection on Reiki itself. Again, those situations do not invalidate or discredit Reiki. In fact, the guidance that people are typically given when receiving their first Reiki session or Level one attunement is that the Reiki energy
can trigger a “healing crisis.” What this means is that the energy is powerful enough to bring up some unresolved mental or emotional issues.

Sometimes past lives can even come up, if one is open enough to recognize them. I have demonstrated and proven to myself over and over again that Reiki can be sent to other people far away.

In one case I sent Reiki to someone 2,000 miles away and received confirmation from people close to them that it had an effect. In another case I sent Reiki to a friend 1300 miles away and also received positive confirmation from them about receiving the energy.

Then this person asked if I could send it to their friend, a person I have never met. Again, I received confirmation that they received the energy. I have sent Reiki to people I don’t even know and have never even met – all I knew was their name and approximately where they lived, and again received confirmation that they got the energy.

In another case I did Reiki on someone (a psychic) who had pneumonia. I did not know it at the time. This person had difficulty breathing. Later on they told me that the Reiki energy had helped the medical experts at the hospital to attain a clearer diagnosis of the condition, sooner than would otherwise have been the case, and also that the Reiki had quite likely shortened their hospital stay to 3
or 4 days instead of a week.

While this is not verifiable by empirical means, since this information is from a reliable psychic, I feel it is accurate. So, while Reiki may not be a one stop definite “cure” for serious medical conditions, it definitely helps.

Reiki Lineages and Controversies
The subject of “Lineage” can be a big topic among Reiki practitioners. What it refers to is “who was your Reiki Master and who did they learn their Reiki from?”

This should be an unbroken lineage of Reiki masters. In some cases it’s just another form of “mine is better than yours.” In other cases it is possibly a
legitimate concern. I have not personally known of any “Reiki Scams” but that doesn’t mean that they don’t happen.

A few years ago a book was published about Reiki, and the author also included drawings of the Reiki Symbols. This caused quite a controversy. The author stated that basically “the Reiki Symbols are Sacred, but not Secret.” This could be taken as a boundary violation or a violation of trust, but I don’t seem to recall being told not to show the symbols to anyone – except the “Master Symbol.”

Well, that one is in the book too! In the end I was actually grateful that the Reiki Symbols were published, because that meant I could check them with another source. It also allowed me to see two special versions of the Master Symbol, one of which was the Buddhist Master Symbol, and the other was a more modern version of the Master Symbol, which I use quite often.

Is it possibile to “attune oneself” to Reiki? I don’t think so, although there is a video on YouTube that claims that you can be attuned to Reiki just by watching that video. I can’t say whether this is possible or not, but I would say if you want to learn Reiki, you should learn it from someone in person, not over the Web.

That’s the only way (I think) that you can be sure you are getting what you pay for, ostensibly from someone who knows what they are doing. As far as I am concerned, anyone can claim they are a Reiki Practitioner – there is really no licensing of it, except that (at least in some states) you have to be an ordained minister in order to lay hands on a person.

This is (as far as I know) not really a big issue. There are websites from various “Universal Life Churches” for example that will ordain you if you will email them.

Reiki Attunements
A Reiki Attunement is a special ceremony where the Reiki master initiates the student into a specific level of the Reiki practice (either Reiki Level I, II or III). In this ceremony, the student is sitting and the Reiki Master traces symbols over their hands and other parts of the body.

In Reiki Level I, the student attains the ability to channel the Reiki energy through his hands, and is taught the Reiki Precepts and Hand Placements for doing a Reiki session on another person. In Reiki Level II, the student is given the Reiki Symbols which allow him to do mental, emotional, spiritual and distant healing.

In the Reiki Level III or Reiki Master Level, the student is given a special Master Symbol, and (optionally) attains the ability to teach Reiki to others. Reiki’s Origins
Where does Reiki come from? This is a difficult question and is probably best answered by a psychic. The story I read was that Reiki came from Shiva, which I think is one of the Hindu gods.

Beyond that I really don’t know. There have been other stories crediting Reiki to Enlightened Masters such as Buddha and perhaps Jesus. Now I am not really sure that Jesus used Reiki, I think that is somewhat doubtful, but it is possible that the Buddha had something to do with it – or someone who was in the Buddhist Lineage.

I have studied the teachings of the Buddha (I happen to be Buddhist) and there is no mention of Reiki in his teachings, but I have seen a so-called Buddhist Reiki Master symbol. I think Reiki does not fundamentally conflict with any person’s religious beliefs. If you asked the question, “Would any Enlightened Master approve of Reiki?”, I think the answer would be yes.

The fundamental intent of Reiki is for healing. I spoke to Cat, one of Foretell’s Psychics, about the origins of Reiki. I asked her if she could tell if either Jesus or Buddha had anything to do with Reiki. She said that yes, the Buddha, had something to do with Reiki, but probably not Jesus.

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