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729014_an_angel_in_cityBy: Alex

I asked Cat, one of Foretel’s psychics, if she could answer some questions I had about angels. I asked her if there were times in my life when angels were guiding me, and if she could tell me something about the angels who were my guides.

She said there were roughly 5 periods when I was guided:
1. New York City, from when I was born to about 1967
2. When I joined the Army in 1986
3. When I went to Germany (1986 to 1989)
4. Moving to Colorado (1993 to 1995)
5. When I went to Seattle (1995)

This is all very interesting to me. I won’t say that I had no idea that I had been guided, but I didn’t know it was this extensive. I felt, intuitively that I had been guided somehow to move out here to Colorado in 1993, but that was about it.

The chain of events and circumstances, the people I met just seemed to all point in this direction when I looked back on it. Moreover, honestly, joining the Army in 1986, that was a bit of a risk also; but at the time, I felt that I was going to be ok. I managed to get out of the Army just 10 days before the first Gulf War started, and that also seemed miraculous.

I was unaware of being guided at these other times. From my reading with Cat, it seems that at each of these times I was supposed to learn something. She didn’t specifically say that in each case, I was supposed to learn something, but it does seem clear that I was to do these things for a reason, and the “reason” (spiritually) was not the same as the “reason” that we think of when we decide to do things.

The first period of “angelic guidance” if you will, is right after I was born, from 1959 until I was about 6, in New York City. Cat said I was supposed to learn something there about being safe.

New York was a scary place for me back then. I used to think there were monsters in the closets and under the bed. I also had some trouble at school, getting into fights with other kids. Nevertheless, I came through it all ok.

According to Cat, I was guided to join the Army in 1986. I was not aware of this, but looking back, it does seem strange. At the time I had the feeling I was going to be ok. The “reason” for me joining the military was that I had had many past lives in the military. I was also guided to go to Germany. (That was one of the reasons I joined the Army.)

Cat said the “reason” I needed to go to Germany was that I also had had many past lives there. I know when I came back from Germany in 1989 I didn’t want to come home. I even went through a period recently where I missed Germany a lot. I was listening to German shortwave stations and reading German news on the Internet, and watched Deutsche Welle (news) on TV. When I got out of the Army, in 1991, I was pretty much done with it.

I had a couple of bad experiences and just wanted to get out. It turns out that I was done with the military for good. I went back to Rhode Island for a couple of years. I had suspected that I was guided to come out here to Colorado back in 1993 or so. Cat said that was true, that this was the best place for me to manifest my dreams. At the time, (spring of ’93) I remember sitting around in my living room one day and asking, “Why am I here?”

Although I had spent my whole life on the East Coast, I suddenly realized there was nothing keeping me there. I was starting to learn about metaphysics, doing many affirmations, learning about other healing modalities such as crystals, herbs, reflexology, and acupressure and so on.

I went to a metaphysical book store and was looking at a book on past lives. I saw a map of the Earth changes and my eyes just kept going to Colorado Springs, CO. At the end of the book, it mentioned a woman named Dr. Verna Aridon Yater. Dr. Yater lived in Colorado Springs and was holding workshops, so I signed up for 2 ten day workshops. After I got out here to Colorado I decided to stay here and with a few exceptions, I have been here ever since.

The whole story of my experiences out here in Colorado and with Dr. Yater is really more like a saga, so I will leave that out for now. Suffice to say that it has changed my life.

The next period, according to Cat, where I had been guided by an angel was when I went to Seattle, in 1995. In Seattle, I was supposed to learn something about consequences (karma), and about Buddhism.

I had fallen in love with a woman, and moved to Seattle to be with her. However, this was all short-lived and everything seemed to go south for me once I got out there. It turned out that I had known her in a previous life and that the whole thing was a karmic payback. It was very difficult for me to accept and took a few years before I understood it all.

Cat said if I hadn’t done that (accepted the karma from a previous life) I would have had to come back in a future life. I was becoming interested in Buddhism about the time I went to Seattle.

I don’t know why. I met someone there who was a Buddhist. In typical American fashion he painted a Buddha on the hood of his car. Oh, now I get it: Buddha-hood. Very funny. Big joke. That one only took me 15 years to get!

After I moved back to Colorado, I went to a Buddhist teaching in Colorado Springs, where I met Geshe Gyeltsen. He was a Gelug Buddhist monk who spent many years studying Buddhism at a large monastery in Tibet before he had to leave because of the Chinese invasion of Tibet.

He had founded a center in Long Beach, CA (Thubten Dhargye Ling) and one in Colorado Springs (Thubten Shadrub Ling). I spent 15 months in Colorado Springs learning Buddhism from Gyeshe Gyeltsen, and then went to Boulder, CO and studied Buddhism there with disciples of Trungpa Rinpoche, who founded
Naropa and was from the Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist school.

What surprised me about my involvement with Buddhism was that Cat said that I was initially guided to it by an angel. She said that angels are not discriminating about particular religions. It sounds like they guide people towards the things that are best for them to learn and experience. I like that.

I guess I always associated “angels” with Christian religions. Not so! Later on in the reading, I asked Cat if she could tell me anything about the angels who were
guiding me, if that was allowed. There was a pause. The answer surprised me.
She said that my father was one of my angels, and that he was helping me and protecting me.

She said he would be an angel for about 100 years. After that he would come back in and be human again. Apparently he has to win the respect of a certain group of humans, and this is some kind of penance for something he did.
I had an interesting experience a few years ago.

It was just after my birthday in July of 1998. I had just gotten a new job working at a company that tracked railroad cars for large companies. I was watching a John Wayne movie and I thought “This feels familiar.” Then I realized that my father was with me. (He had died in 1988.) I also realized that he had “pulled some strings” to get me that job.

I didn’t know he was an angel at that time but I was sure glad he was around to help me. I think that’s the only time I was aware of his presence after his death.

Cat also said one of the angels around me sometimes was named Michael. When she said this I got an image of Michael, my Reiki master from Australia. I had not seen him since about 1995, and always wondered what had happened to him.

I asked her “why is he helping me?” and she said he had taken a shine to me.
This reading has altered my thinking about our life’s destiny and how we are guided through difficult times. It has also changed some of my ideas about angels. I didn’t know they were “nondenominational” if you will, or that humans could become angels.

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