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By : Nikki Savage


So I have to admit, I’m not that big on angel energy.  I never really had a desire to look into how to work with them in my spiritual practice.  Not that I am anti-angel or anything, I KNOW there is something there.  Angels are found in every culture.  It isn’t that I do not respect angel energy either.  I guess I just kind of never picked them up into my practice because I never understood my connection to them.


But then I started to research them.  I had to take a closer look.  I’ve been studying energy, how it manifests into matter, how it is everything, how it affects everything, and how we can utilize our slice of it best.  And lately I’ve been trying to find the common threads in all traditions, as I find that is where the Truth resides.  So I wanted to see what the angel frequency was broadcasting and then decide how it harmonizes with my own jam.


It didn’t take me long to find some common points of reference to understanding angel energy.  In my studies of Ayurveda, I understand the interplay of the elements as the energetic building blocks of life.  And right off the bat I read about how the archangels are elemental beings.  Some of the more well-known ones (and their association to the elements) include: Michael – Fire, Gabriel – Water, Raphael – Ether and Uriel – the coordinator of the three (which I tie into Ayurvedic thought with Air or the Vayus/Winds – the movement that coordinates).   Earth is associated with Shameal, an angel not an archangel, that stays with the Earth when we depart but is part of our energetic being when we are earthly beings.


Okay, so I have found a point of access for me to understand these angels.  One site went on to say that when we are created, when we become an “I”, we are “egofied” (unified) with a guardian angel who comes to this earthly experience with us.  The guardian angel is with us to care for us whether or not we know it.  It was the use of the word “egofied” that drew my attention.  Again I connect this with some things I’ve learned studying Vedic philosophy.  The ego level of manifestation is where things become differentiated into their own entities.  So if there was to be a guardian spirit energy that was tied to our own, it most certainly would form with us at this level.


Within the egofied statement, it was also said that this angel comes with us to the “worlds of separation”.  When I was rewriting with the story of the Garden of Eden (link to blog), I found the original word for sin meant “to go away from”, to separate from.  I likened our original sin as our souls choice to come to Earth, to separate from the source and have an earthly experience where we obtain the knowledge of good and evil.


I know these are just words and that any relationship between my Vedic energy exploration and angel energy could be seen as purely coincidental.  But I also know that what I used to always write off as coincidence has proven over and over to me in my experience to be those synchronistic signs that let me know I’m tuned in to the right channel.  Had I gone to research angels before I has this knowledge or these experiences, I would not have been able to see the connection.  Even the timing of my studies seems to be serendipitous.


Now that I can see the angels as vibratory beings, chief among them being elemental in nature, I think I would like to work with these energies. I know I need to follow wherever those little synchronicities may lead.  So I would like to tap into the guardian energy given to me when I became an I.  Once I get there I can discern if it was coincidental wording that I got all excited over or there really is something here for me.  But how do I tap in?  That will be my next journey.


Stay tuned for the next angel blog to see where my studies take me in developing a way to tap into that energy.  I will share what I find as it reveals to me.   If you have a practice that includes working with angel energy, please share with the community.  If you do not have an interest in working with that energy yourself but are interested in finding out any wisdom the angels wish to share, there are a number of psychics on this site that work with angels.  Maybe one has a message for you.





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2 Responses

  1. I don’t believe in people walking with angels but whenever I think of psychic, I remember the three wise men in the Bible who could read the stars, and saw Jesus’s star and took with them some gift Items to worship Jesus which were duly accepted even though they’re not Prophets but the bible didn’t condemn them.

  2. I never thought of the use of the star in the Bible in the context of astrology. I like that connection. I think reading the stars and finding signs in nature was viewed much differently then too. If only because, what else was their to distract us from the study of nature as a way to understand our own nature? Now we have every imaginable distraction and can barely see the stars for all the artificial light shining each night. And we believe we are much wiser than our ancestors.

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