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By: Nancy


Being a medium I’ve learned that Angels and Fairy’s take form in statues and I do readings as I pass by and look at them, they are sitting there waiting to give me the information to a question I am curious of as I connect with people who are in heaven by looking at their photo and many famous people also, even looking at them on a magazine cover or on the news or the Internet when they just passed on I stare at their face and say are you in heaven yet? and many prefer to remain a ghost and say I’m not ready to go yet and some say I’m not ready to communicate yet just wait and others hop right in my body when they just passed on when I glance at them on the internet on the news and social network sites as they appear in the news feed and they look at me and say I did not really die as I am alive in my being and you can communicate for me and they are so happy to know they can be back upon the earth in a human form and this is what I do in my past time and being a medium is never boring for certain, never a dull moment for me as so many astounding things go on that others could not know about unless I tell them,but I have so many friends that are in heaven on earth around me now and all the time and they are so supporting and it feels like a miracle and as I was saying I do many readings just passing by a photo or  fairy on an antique plate, I will stare at it and recieve an answer and also by a statue as Angels do take their form is what I’ve learned and that is why many have angel statues in their garden as Angels are really all around them. It’s heaven on earth wherever I am to know Fairies are flying past and Angel statues are communicating their great wise answers of loyalness as they always want the best for one , better friends they are than a human often I say as they are full of goodness and wealth and their sitting there just waiting to be heard and seen ,to be known to reach a human being and the same thing with a famous person on a magazine and that’s how I have connected with many famous celebrities is to come in contact with them by staring at a photograph acknowledging them and saying guess what? if you want to communicate by me by my medium than you’ve gotta go to heaven if you wanna hop right in as a white vessel of light shoots up from my head that they glide on down in to speak by a human to be on earth again in a human form by my medium and many are ghosts who fly in my readings and say I saw the light from your head and others flying around the earth said go this way and then I say go to the light and they return to communicate and often when a person dies they float around me and I feel the cold air blowing around me and know it is they to say I died and I cant find my way up to the sky and I am afraid and they fly up to the heavenly realm unless they took their own life then they normally dont right away or go up the back gate with one angel or two unless they confess alot before on earth and feel so awful as if you dont feel guilt shame and remorse on earth you will feel it later on probably. I’m very grateful to be a medium and carry information along for loved ones by communicating for those who passed on as when someone calls in they fly around to see do they want to talk to me ?





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