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By: Alex
About three weeks ago, I had an interesting experience while I was working as a security guard. I was at a car dealership in a remote location. The place is mostly surrounded by open fields, although it is close to a major highway. I had noticed some animals around while making my rounds. I have seen several cats, a skunk, a couple of toads, some rather loud birds, a raccoon, a hawk, an owl, and I have heard coyotes although I have never seen them.

During this particular time period, I noticed that there were several praying mantis’ around. This seemed quite unusual to me. I had not seen any of them up until then. I happened to notice because as I drove around I saw them on the pavement in the parking lot. In fact, one night, I saw seven or eight of them. I began to think that something was up.

It seemed like they were trying to get my attention. One time, while I was checking cars, there was one just above the door handle. Another time, as I opened the gate, there was one on the gate. Then when I went to open the gate the next time there was one on the wall right above the gate latch. Many times they would just sort of show up in unexpected places, but mostly in front of my car. I had to drive carefully to avoid them.

To top it all off, one got into my car and wound up on the dashboard. I had to get out of the car, go around to the other side, and open the door. Then I went back around to the driver’s side and blew on him so he would get out of the car. If that isn’t getting your attention, I don’t know what is.

I talked to Kat, ext 7054, one of Foretell’s psychics, about all the praying mantis’ that I had seen. She said they have a message for me that had to do with inner strength. Then she asked me if I was talking to them. I said no, but I figured why not. I started talking to the praying mantis’ but I felt awkward and I didn’t really know what to say to them. (What do you say to a praying mantis? Sounds almost like a Japanese Zen Koan.)

So, I just tried to be polite. I just said hello, how are you and are you having good hunting. I didn’t like disturbing them, I figured they were hunting bugs and I didn’t really want to bother them. I also didn’t want to make them nervous.

A few days later, I saw a friend of mine who works in a pharmacy. For some reason I mentioned seeing all the praying mantis and how they were trying to tell me something. She said that the praying mantis was one of her favorite creatures. Interesting. I wondered if maybe she was thinking about me.

Later on I found out from one of Foretell’s psychics that I had been a high priest in ancient Egypt in a previous life, and that this woman had been my daughter. We apparently had a very strong connection and I taught her everything I knew in that life.

Interestingly, after I talked to this woman, I didn’t see as many of the praying mantis’ anymore. In fact they have pretty much disappeared. I think that is probably due in part to the fact that the summer is over and their life cycle is probably at an end, but it does seem like an interesting coincidence.

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