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By: Erin



Aquarians are natural born free spirits. They like to switch things up on a day to day basis and keep their style fresh. They’re definitely not afraid to take risks or mix and match styles. Aquarians are natural trend-setters often without even trying, sure, they know they have a certain eye for fashion but they are one of the only signs that can pull off bright yellow shorts, a purple zebra print top and electric blue sandals with a flower embellishment on them and still look amazing. Kudos.


Like few other signs of the zodiac, those born under the sign of Aquarius they like to keep people guessing with their ever changing styles. They are not prone to one signature color, they don’t have that “staple” piece in their closet, and when it comes to accessories it’s limitless but they believe the best one is a smile.




Everyday Fashion for Aquarius Woman:



California girl turned reality star Lauren Conrad is a wonderful person to spotlight as our Aquarius celebrity inspired look. She went above and beyond the reality star spotlight and started her own fashion line at a very young age. She has such great style and her taste for someone her age is very refreshing. In all honesty I could have written this whole blog on LC because she really does have all the bases covered when it comes to nailing the true Aquarian style.



Aquarians, while liking to mix things up and try out funky new looks like to do it in subtle ways. You will often catch them in shorts or pants of bright colors much like the trousers LC is wearing in this picture. They like to be comfortable but still look chic. Lauren is wearing a sleek, loose fitting top that flows very nicely and looks very well put together. Sandals, flats, and open-toed wedges are a big thing with Aquarians. More often than not, they will be wearing one of the three to complete their outfit on a regular basis. LC’s tan, wedged sandals complete her look and she looks fabulous.




Fashion for an Aquarius Night On The Town:



Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most versatile of them all? Emma Roberts of course. New cast member of American Horror Story: The Coven, not to mention the niece of Julia Roberts, this girl has a certain spark about her and it leaves us wanting more, more more! Much like her character Madison on AHS, she has style and flare and she radiates confidence in a way that makes everyone want a piece of her; or her closet at least.



Normally, when hitting the town Aquarians will toss on whatever suits their mood. More often than not they will go with a basic comfortable dress, some wedges, a necklace and be out the door. They don’t spend time picking out “the perfect outfit” or perfecting their hair and makeup. They don’t like to be the center of attention at all times so they stick to the basics.



Emma keeps it fun and simple while showing her young and edgy side with this short gray dress with cutouts revealing a white and purple underlay. Basic beige open toe pumps and a simple clutch and she’s ready for action.





Aquarius Accessories:



Much like their outfit choices, when it comes to accessorizing Aquarius women love color. They don’t usually go for the basic silver and gold when it comes to jewelry and if so, it will have bold colors and stones or pendants on a basic gold or silver chain. Accessories aren’t all that important so when they do throw on some jewels they love statement pieces and jewelry that have special meanings or stand for something.



The beautiful momma to be Kerry Washington accessorizes like a pro Aquarian. This necklace she is photographed wearing here is amazing. It is full of life, personality and beautiful colors that complimented her dress beautifully. It is so unique and you just can’t help but want to stare at every detail. She always looks so amazing but out of every beautiful outfit, shoe, ring, etc. she has ever worn, this by far is my favorite.





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