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By: Tammy


The Aries woman tends to be self-assured, daring, spirited, and are known for their intense eyes, confident attitude and of course, their lustrous hair. Aries women have the confidence to pull off any style as we have seen with fellow Aries Sarah Jessica Parker (or SJP as we affectionately call her.) SJP will forever be remembered as curly haired Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City.”


SJP may have been known for her Manolos, but her hair is her crowning glory. She did what a lot of women do as they grow up—she found her style. The big ‘do and chunky highlights are gone and her new dark-blonde hair with subtle highlights allows us to focus on what really matters—her effervescence. SJP’s cut has a lived-in feel that‘s sexy without trying too hard. Since curly hair can be hard to shape, ask your stylist for a dry razor cut — that way you can see the length as you go along — and tapered ends to tone down any frizz.


How To Create SJP’s Signature Waves:


Keeping your hair full of different textures is the key to this look. Never use just one curling iron. Parker has fine, medium-wavy hair but there is a lot of it!


Start by applying mousse and styling lotion at the roots while they are damp. When doing this make sure you keep the ends completely free of products though so that your hair moves.


Next, blow it out straight. Curl your hair with different size curling irons throughout until it becomes an amazing mass of textures.

Break up the curls with your fingers.


NEVER use a brush! Brushes will just make a frizzy nightmare on top of your head.


Finish with a light smoothing serum to add shine and manage frizz.

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