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By: Tammy

Aries women tend to be Confident, Adventurous, Courageous, and you would think their hairstyle would be the same but that’s not the case. Aries tend to keep its simple yet stylish and once they find “their look” they tend to stick with it for a period of time.

Aries girls are known for their piercing eyes, can-do attitude and of course, their lustrous hair. Aires women have the confidence to pull off any style as we have seen with fellow Aries Emma Watson from her long layers & waves, or her trend setting pixie cut recently name one of 2011 most influential hairstyles.

A typical Aries face is triangle-shaped, with high cheekbones and an angular jaw. With these characteristics in mind, Aries girls should avoid blunt, heavy styles like a pageboy bob or un-layered longer style.

Instead, try full layered cuts they are the most flattering for triangular shaped faces, this shape needs a cut that adds width at the top of the face while de-emphasizing the jaw line. Hairstyles shorter than chin length, wedge cuts, shags, off-centre parts, and thick bangs work well to flatter triangular shaped faces

If you are an Aries woman ready for a new look, consider trying out a look like Emma’s new pixie haircut. This style is particularly flattering for Aries women and complements their strong bone structure and wide-set eyes nicely.
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