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By: Dr. Single

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. Why not celebrate the holiday at a barbecue or a fireworks show with that special someone you’ve had your eye on for some time?

How can you make it a memorable evening and the beginning of something more lasting? If you want to make a great first impression leading to more dates with her, follow these tips.

1) The ‘Golden Rule’ is to ask her out at least a week in advance. People’s calendars fill up quickly, especially for holidays and special events. However, if you’ve just been invited somewhere yourself and it’s OK to bring a new friend, it’s not too late to call her (do it NOW though!). Tell her exactly how this invitation came about and that she’s the chosen one!

2) While e-mailing her may be tempting, it’s best to pick up the phone and call. Using the phone and reaching another person, or at least leaving a message on their answering machine, is more personal and a classier way to ask a potential date out than an email.

3) On the phone, be specific about what the event entails and when it starts. This shows that you’re respectful of his/her time and are organized and have planned this thing out.

4) If she says yes, start planning the details. If you’ll be taking her to a friend’s barbecue, make sure your friend is OK about you bringing a guest. Don’t let a surprise foil your evening once you two are there, like finding out your friend was playing cupid for you that night and ‘surprising’ you with a date!

5) Think about presenting her with a small gift when you pick her up. If you don’t know her well yet, stay safe with a bouquet of flowers or balloons or some chocolates rather than a glass of wine (maybe she doesn’t drink) or jewelry (too personal for a first date, even if it’s inexpensive).

6) Mind your manners on the date. Introduce her to your friends and make sure you don’t ignore her by getting into a long discussion with a buddy about last week’s game. Remember that, unless she knows most of the people there, she probably feels somewhat nervous about socializing with a bunch of strangers and will appreciate your introductions and a certain amount of watching out for her.

7) When you take her home, don’t act too eager to get invited into her home. In fact, it’s often a good idea to take the initiative to tell her good night at the door, that you had a great time (if that’s the case!), thank her, and leave. Leave a little mystery. Whatever you do, don’t say you’ll call her if you have no intention of doing so. Even so, be sure to thank her for her time.

8) If things did go well, call her in a couple days and tell her you’d like to see her again and set another date, this time for just the two of you.

Good Luck and Happy Fourth!

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