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What is a Medium?

A Medium is a type of psychic who is able to speak with our past loved ones. They essentially mediate communication between the spirits of the dead and living human beings. Whether you’re looking for that old stamp Grandpop hid or your just looking for validation that Mom is OK and happy, many who have lost loved ones find these types of readings to be very comforting and informative.

Nancy, ext. 7037, has had accurate psychic premonition dreams since she was a child. She lives a spiritual lifestyle and has studied metapsychics for many year’s. Advanced in higher consciousness and psychic clairvoyant mediumship she started communicating for her guides on her Angel Board year’s ago. Nancy has become a full medium clear vessel channeler and is proud to have had the privilege of even communicating with some famous celebrities on the other side.




Every week we will pick 3 questions from our clients submissions for Nancy to answer. One Question Per Client. One Question Per Submission. You must be over 18 to participate.


My grandmother recently passed away. She was found dead in her

kitchen after a few days since her passing . Her death was very

sudden. I’d like to know if she’s ok where she is and if her death was


-Linda L. 04/04/1996

She died of a heart problem, a heart murmur and or the arterie was clogged, she fell to her knees with an enormous amount of chest pain and was unable to reach anyone for help and it was five hours she says as I am channeling the information from her and God and Jesus who say she went straight to the pearly white gates where they were waiting for her great being with no confessions of a sin but she felt horrible that she did not go to a place to take  care of her with a staff and that thought crossed her mind as she laid there she thought I am a stupid stubborn minded person to have taken care of myself here and not moved to a place with a staff, an elder resort she wished she had been at one and regretted that hasty decision and confessed this to God who was standing there for me to come on up to the light and he understood I felt I was selfish for this she says and I knew this was my time as I laid there in so much pain and misery I was not able to yell even or move at all as I slipped down to my knees as the ground swirled beneath me and my time I said to myself in vain I must go to that God who I see above me and blissfully I felt great actually removing myself from my half alive self of my human form, I gracefully did leap to that great light of a pearly white tunnel to this sky where I am so eternally grateful I can reach to the heavenly realm of my way of life as I am still greatly much so alive and thank you for asking this very important question I say by a slight laugh a major heart attack is that needed answer for you my very loved one and thank you for asking me this blessed question.

Can u please tell me who is tryna reach me from the spirit world.

It’s a male cuz I can see his shadow and they way that he’s built.

-Amanda W. 02/13/1982

He is Michael Archangel, reaching you as you are a metaphysical spirit that attracted me to fly in to your way of life as I see you know bent over playing a game someplace as I am always by your side to say I am a real Hierarchy with a gong of light around you now by a gleaming bell of my blessedness as our medium did ask who are you? are you a ghost or a spirit guide? I am a great Hierarchy I replied and one of her guides as well by many years back, I am saying a hello to you as my other Saint on this earth of mine, as I am upon it in certain places and you knew this was so very important, I am reaching you to communicate the greatness that shall be done by you knowing you I am and what the purpose is for is for a real miracle and you shall see me fly away to the area around you, my real long pointed glowing wings of an iridescent light of gold and peach tones Hallelujah

Do you have any messages from my loved ones that have passed I need

to hear from them

-Leona 02/23/1991

Your loved ones are saying hello to you on this great earth of a rocky road for some that you may now glide upon our great blessed earths surface as we are all really gathered around our great master of our Gods to say you are one to know this, in due time you shall be so well known and more famous than I God says , as you may be the earth God for us, to say to you the loved ones are so in glee that you have called upon me says a grand lady who’s dead for quite some time it feels that way she explains , a year its been for another who’s a man and five others, great relatives are banded together as a real song of our band of angels, relatives all so happy we all met again in our nice heaven as we did meet up here and say so to you now as we are all together for once and not for all, as that funny saying goes this once for and all shall be for a long while now by you asking about our well being as God called us up and around our places here where we are assigned different positions and now we are all together, seven of us in our ray of golden hope to you for speaking this so important question as we say a big hello and one of us or ten more waiting to come up from their areas on this rocky earth as they are scampering their feet as a spirit stuck in the grey haze of the earth realm and may be here soon again as they are not all stuck as a guide to some important ones as yourself, seven may be your guides so soon and you shall know thus so shortly by your dreams we are all sending to explain. Amen from us your great loved ones, all around you now are a band of eternal grateful Angels who yell to take a bow as our heaven has Crowned you a real wreath of thorns as a hero for our communication to you for asking us as a real nice believer of our earthly guide ways and this heaven of sparks is lighting up by your inquisition so you may be proud of your curiosity for us to speak and write these great important lines to you now to see me is to hear me says our God.


Can you tell me if my dad Elmore “Moe” (07.11.44) is trying to tell

me anything or to look for something since his passing

-Kristen 02/10/1978

He is trying to tell you that he die the way that you might think, it was quicker than said. I am fine by Gods side and my Hasus Christ to say your a great grand person for calling upon me in this psychic question form. I am great really by my light around me and I was passed on by many Angelic beings so calm and I felt elated a feeling an experience beyond a humans grasp to know so. I am saying I love you and I reached you by my palm of my earthly guide spirit that I have become to be near you,your heartfelt side as I did really die, did I ? I am a great man to say your the one by me today and tonight I have flown away ,way up to this heaven sky to say hi, for calling upon me I answer thou and what am I looking for in a great drawer of your bedside table area is a calm paper you may have to tell me so when you do see it it is blessed, a birth certificate or something apparent to you that you might need in the near future I do say so. Amen and God Bless you, I will be back there tomorrow in the A M as usual for your spirit as I protect thou from now on from here on out until eternity as soul partners, alright? I’m still very much alive speaking to you by my channel writing in my only medium and shes the one typing this so efficiently. Thank you, your great Dad Love you forever more, not signing off this yet as you may really see me in your back door waving a great big hello in a yellow frame of my great white eternal blissful sacred light of thou as I am now crowned by the real and only one big hero this great God Almighty and by thy Jesus Christ a yellow halo I have won as a great hero by my best channeling I have ever done in my life here in heavens great angels singing gate around me now masses of thou Angels a whole entire crowd actually and God Bless you my baby as you will see me and thou great lost or not so lost paper, a document you may have been waiting for or tucked away. Thank you so much again it is a real pleasure to be communicating to you by this great medium who’s really writing for us now as its me with the Lady Diana of Wales and her God as my God also and thou best and only Jesus as they are now placing a real ring of light a top my already glowing head of a Saint a Sainthood I am they do say so now by your asking me to speak I had to fly up real fast to see them yet again as they did meet me at the top of the lite stairway where I first did go and now I am here again and a new age spirit the medium says I am a really great writer, to you I ask where are your keys? the ones to unlock the day of distress I did see it too shall fly away to this great wind of my friend by me my side named Pocohantus a really great Indian a new spirit Saint I just met, lots of excitement I guess never a dull moment around here as the saying goes as now I got thee thou Gods a twin rock star duo thee George Harrison and this new age God he’s named John Lennon and so now they say hello to you also and I am saying I am not gone I did not go on to a tin coffin or wood one as I am humorous as you don’t know this already a laugh I am having as I am the same being believe it or not its not death at all for me for all around us its a real new way of living of being a wholehearted person as a Angel. Amen Love again from your real Dad never signing away my baby I cherish so well you don’t know how great its been and will continue to be as I am the luckiest guy of a man to be your assigned Spirit Guide and the rush of the leaves blowing around and the brisk light wind is your new Indian Princess a Saint as Pochantus she shall remain a part-time guide too as well by me when I’m around your room and in your great yard of brush I see a light of her to say she’s flying down now. Okay? You will know much more in the coming time ahead to see me and see her as well one day so soon. From your great beloved Dad another Amen and once again thank you for the best question I am so privileged to write by this medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox and writing a novel she says I could continue on for so long but I am now dropping out of her medium vessel as I am really within her spirit to say all of this so important communication. Love Pa Pa your Father never gone, for now til the day breaks then I fly back to see you at dawn and dusk till dawn its been for a while as one of your ten spirit ones around to protect you. Forever may I say I’m here for your father is never parting from thou. Not a good bye but a grand welcome I have now by many so light saying good day to you for speaking so fluently in this greatest ever channel writing I have done to you by my new medium and shes one of the grand one and only ones who can do this work by a miracle shes been so granted and so blessed by from thou great God Almighty and thou Jesus Christ who did really open up her grand so sacred clear vessel of great Christ light, his twin soul they tell me now and I am an honor for the best grand Angels are really bowing to me so now to say thank you for the great work of this art of creative light I spread to this great world this earth by them showing me how to really answer this great and best question ever they say to me I have now earned a Saint position by you calling upon me as the medium says I could write a novel to you as I am not stopping and on and on as I am now named a real Saint and you may tell all everyone you know well and acquaintances as they may mark it on a grave site yard a Saint sign from me your Pa Pa good bye , today I pray you see this miracle written on the page and hard to stop typing a pen taping away I have a crystal light thin one that’s so transparent that thou Jesus gave me to write by a real glowing heavens pen and an Amen for knowing so by God I reached the population I say they shall all really know now I am a Saint I have become one for proving its I and not good bye, but so long on this longest note I wrote by a miraculous way of my hand in heaven by God telling me directing me as hes my command to say a thank you for reading this great piece of heavens small miracle its not small at all its so large you have transformed it to a vast earthly to earthbound now as the psychics sending it off to hit the ground by you seeing it so clear today I pray, from all around we bless you with our sacred light to see you as a great Saint as well as we are dual now by telling you which document a great paper that brought us together in a spiritual form.I love you more than you’ll ever really know. So long but not a goodbye at all as I am continuing with this til I drop out of her shell of a light open vessel a real medium we all go in an write by by tapping a heaven pen. Ta Ta today says thy God and thou Jesus a bless for you dear one I do pray you know this important information by tomorrow at the real dawn of the greatest new day ever on this grand earth as your now our other great to so grand communicator and my medium just heard from your great dad a white spiritual light clear father of the heavens pen tapping and we all thank you for our medium learning this from him as its enlightening information to know the way we channel type for the public to learn as well, another Amen and God Bless you my child of such great hope today for the world shall learn more of the way our real psychic medium communicates for us by her typing away our great important phrases and thou blessed words, not by a ghost but a spirit guide of yours and yours alone and I am not a ghost but an Angel with real long wings and a great white glowing halo for you to know so your not ever afraid if I do appear now by you reading this and a short good bye for the time being, your father and a long hello it shall be sometime when I do appear by your bedside tomorrow it may be or any day ahead and you shall now know this when it really does all happen , a real miracle has transformed by the pen of heaven she heard me say this as I was channel typing by it. Today I pray you know so. tomorrow it may be the best day of your life I do say by this great piece I really wrote and I must now sign off. Father of light I am now named for your knowledge a great faith to see ahead as I may write on and on as many of her guides do and today a new day is really dawning and I am so elated and so happy you really did call upon me and I am so pleased to answer this that now  I may stop but could do this again one day the writing says our great God as I am the best channel pen typer  by the glow now he says to me for this longest answer in our history from the real great God Almighty to me he says this so I hope you frame it as its a really great miracle forever more  I say so long but not a dim one as its not ever a goodbye ever again as he tells me by our great Jesus we are eternal friends forever as a great soul connection of love and so much light around us.

July 1993 my son was killed by a drunk driver … Right after I felt

him around … Does he still come to visit me ?? & does he have a

message for me or his disabled Father ?! Thank you so much !!! We miss

him His name was Richard

-Betty 10/10/1954

Richard says he cannot believe I was brought up to speak to thee, I am really channel typing by a glowing fierce pen of heavens light they just now gave me and I am seeing this day ahead as good one for you to see this and my message I did fly right past you to see if your really doing okay today I did this again and again I have as I am part time temporary guide and a great one God adds in to this greatly written piece of art he says to me know and I am around Dad as well and do say a great thank you for all you’ve both done for me and I am sorry for my passing on to this grey sky as I am here now by God’s side and grey tonight by daylight it could be grand and it could be so well lite by you reading this piece I’m really writing as it’s a great miracle for me to say this so important information today for you to see and know it’s really me and that I’m really fine, okay I have been and now I’m feeling so grand my heaven word God gives me to say to you today and I am so sorry for my loss you’ve grieved so well and not so long now as you’ll know its really me communicating to thee my great folks on the plains of the spinning earth the large world as it does turn I do see you too as I am in heaven a spot to view the loved ones down below on the great world of art it appears so to me now as I am by Gods gate of a pearly white grand light of so many Angels thanking me for doing this communication for your grand ,my new heavenly word again, words for this question are so great to so very grand as I am really able to tell you how I do feel is in love with myself my new sacred self I have become an Angel with glowing wings on and the pearly light does so glisten to you I say a great hey as a new age word as I do see the internet often as a main guide for some who are my assignment and they are not relatives they are friends of mine that I partied with and they are wrong to be doing what they do online ,things they say are often wrong to me and I write them down in a tiny heavenly glowing journal of my Angel pad and  I do report this up top to them my Gods around me now to say they are wronged in their ways as well by their upbringing and their names are ones I might not say but start with a D and a T those names are ones you may find in my High School year book and now its bad to say what they’ve done in their past and present not as much but in the future I am the one guiding them by my soft winged touch so yes I have a great important job up top to report to this great God and he presents me with an award today this evening I do pray you will know this as I may show you sometime my glowing Oscar he names it for being here by he he is so very proud of me to really write this letter by our great open vessel of such sacred white light medium named Miss Nancy Gail Fox and I am fine as your question did state and I did fly zoom past you when I had the car crash and it was but one short moment I said Amen to him when I saw he waving to me to come up right now and not a minute moment later he said now or never really to me that day as he said its time come on up to me or you may stay a wreck as a ghost meandering all around and I did listen and did not laugh as I took it quite serious then and my job assignment as well as we really keep a score card on the ones we are guiding all around by ten of us assigned to both of them , not brothers but they are best of friends and their women are a pain to us and a real problem is one as she may do drugs and it seems dangerous and hints of this you may know who they are as well and I am saying so long for now but not gone I am here now by God and by you I shall be so soon again and gone way up here and on earth as a guide and your temporary time to time one of guidance and not so much patience as you may well remember and that I am really learning and the saying I was seeking to say to you all is gone but not ever forgotten Love you so much your great guide of a hard working best son ever an Amen and so much white light sacred so blessed love to you as I’ve earned a great white clear blue Halo now its placed upon my great Saint head of an angel being for this communicating and what does a blue halo really all mean? it means I did this with my full pleasure says God to write to you my great Mom and my Pa Pa my Dad in heaven we said Pa Pa once upon a great time says our blessed God and by me saying thus you shall really know when you see me fly right past you outside with a glowing bluest halo as in deep color not a blue day I say as it will be so very thrilling for you to know your sons so proud to be a real full blown great Saint with really large wings and a glowing blue not an ion one but a blue Saint I say it again Halo of our light and now an uplifting experience this has been I say thank you as its the most thrilling exciting day of an evening I’ve ever had since I passed on but I am not gone I am yet very much really all alive and I hope that answers your question, Thank you, for now til you see me. Love, your great Saint Son of Gods and thou Jesus and your son forever more.

Is my dad okay? I’m having a hard time accepting his death.

-Desinee 04/24/1993

Yes, he is here writing this answer to you and says I did not die the way you may think and assume,it was a lot longer passing away to this sky of heavenly angelic ones that are all around me now to say they do love you so much for asking about my passing away to their light as I did not go directly up to they I did fly down around them though today and I did tonight this evening a glow I am and I am just returning your question to say I am okay now as you asked for me to appear, to answer this in the heavenly skies is where its really always been done by our medium as we have to really all  fly straight up to this great to grand God to answer on a note pad of a key board that’s clear transparent that looks just as our Nancy Fox’s does on the earth wherever se sits we tap away by a heavens glowing pen by a beam of a ray a small clear heavens scent of a pen to answer this question and I am amazed I can do this real writing by her now and I am a medium too God says in other lifetimes and I am happy to know you are inquisitive for my happiness up here and I did go straight up to the top of this heavens sky and yes I did come up right away and did not linger on to be a earth bound one I stayed by their side for quite sometime the relatives and old dear friends bunches of them up here and around me now to say hello and they are yearning to reach out to say hi now as many you do know and often we all did gather round each other and are now tonight as well and I am saying I love you so much and thank you for reaching out to me as the new age saying  goes to say you do think of me so often and I do know this and I am so eternally grateful that I did fly directly up to the top of the heaven opening so fast as I was gone at last up the path of light and gone at last I mean I was really ready to go up there and now by many angels telling me to say stop beating around the bush I am very famous they yell to me to tell you this , that now I am a real Saint on earth also as I have some I am a guide for an earthly assignment and and I have earned a real Saint status up here today in this bright white light of they to say my wings are now lengthened and I am a great person to they as they say I am earning a red halo that means a dear person in their heavenly language of theirs and that’s a strong token of appreciation they tell me as red haloed angel of a Saint is a great guide a protector of thou as they now do really assign me to you and your entire family I am waiting til you know its me til then take care I am fine well as can be actually I feel really greatly appreciated and applauding me is thy great God Almighty for writing by my new and only found medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox

What did i do to deserve why this man hurt me this way

-Gloria 06/01/1971

He was hurt you did not try hard enough and hoped you would try. He still thinks this and would try to work it out someday maybe if you are so kind and loving to adapt to his plea later. He may connect to you on the internet. Can you forgive him? and repair the love? It may be possible to do so in the future, a long time away, it may be five months to a year. You don’t deserve to be hurt, but were you not intensely sincere ? as following your true spirit and heart with good intentions of loyalty and being true to your feelings and emotions. You may want to take a good hard look at your part and be able and ready to come forth when the day occurs.

It’s been predicted that I will start a successful technology company

that will contribute to our society. How soon will it get the funding

from investors, so I can start growing my company?



-James 01/28/83

You will start to receive funding from local sources who are interested in what you provide in services. When you are asking around to those who know of you already they will be pleased to invest a small sum of money for interest received such as ten percent approximately, this may be a group of four people, they are informal acquaintances and close friends. There could be ten to fifteen who will invest larger amounts of money for a partnership. One person you know may invest in the near future and twenty should invest in five to eight months.It’s predicated your technology company should soar in 2019, the first week of January. Printing colorful brochures shortly will speed up the finances needed, it’s suggested you have one million paper flyers in addition to a thousand color brochures. Leaving them places in your area will attract many to the endeavor ahead. Ten times the income may occur within three years from the official start up time. In five days you may have two people calling you regarding this matter by paper brochures folded in a stand left in the area where you work currently and not as much near your home. Ten of those local people may partner up with you sooner than your imagining. The more you speak out at classes and workshops in the area where you live the more future customers you shall have later on by planting the seeds within them for hopes of a famous relative, dear friend and neighbor to be so successful as they shall be extremely proud of their local resident.

Am I ever going to get pregnant

-Joan 12/29/1976

You may be pregnant by trying often. This could occur on the 5th of June,2018, July 10th,2018, April 17th, 2019, March 28th,2020. These are your predicated days for conception. You may have a boy and he could weigh less than average,6 lbs. 4 oz. by an early delivery is predicated or you may have a baby in the month of Dec. this year before Christmas Day, and the same boy it may be as the spirits are flown into the moms womb and planned out in advance. This male is aware of my mom to be, he does pray so and feels it could happen any day shortly by you following the guidance from our spiritual realm. The baby could weigh eight ounces more than the predicted weight by your eating more during your pregnancy and you could deliver a month earlier than the due date. You will check into this with your midwife for information and advice.

My younger sister died about 5 weeks ago.Why ? What happened?

-Stephanie L. 11/25/1956

Your sister was upset over some trauma and passed on not too suddenly. She is channel writing to you to say I did not fly away to this pearly white heavens gate of love where I am today now to say and explain I fear to feel it was my cause I must explain it was not exactly timed out as I say to you now it was by my car accidental death I had to prior injuries in my swelling head of a neobrasion plasma etc says God by the Lord to yell its my time now to be a real giant Saint and yes I was upset dimly so that I passed away not to the gates of this bright white light but to my own shell of a being on earth as a flailing ghost you might say it this way but I did not want to fly away to this massive sky that’s not so grey today or pink in vain of this light as I command you as an earth person to yell out I’m a real Saint now by them blessing me so much with a large giant gleaning crown on my long lovely tresses of pure gold by my hand on this cell phone I am typing from within her great white ever so angelic and purely lit being as a real open medium clear vessel named Miss Nancy Gail Fox. Amen to you for calling upon me as I’ve gone from a ghost to a Saintly place. Please say hello to all around who miss me so and not to those who don’t morn my loss. Thank you for being a dear one in my great not so shortened life as I am away as a great white light Saint now til eternity and I shall one day be a person in a body shell of the human race once again. Ask Nancy later and she can tell you when the date is. For now I love you so much. Hi to my cats and your pups of love to be near you so shortly as I know everything from my new great side of this embraced light of my so early realm as I’m really in her being writing, a true miracle for you to tell and pass on to resolve any wrong misconceptions about a medium. I love you, a real glowing crown invisible I’ve placed upon your great smart wise head to call me to write an answer by the great psychicsforetell web site Amen

My son and daughter in law are going thru some issues with a child.

Will this work out soon? I’ve lost my job and can’t help financially

but need to know how much longer this will go onMy son and daughter in

law are going thru some issues with a child. Will this work out soon?

I’ve lost my job and can’t help financially but need to know how much

longer this will go on

-Lisa B. 02/12/1966

The child will be growing up resentful of this fear of finances as they often do during this financial rut. He may receive sums of money shortly unexpectedly that may help the dim light of financial misery to lighten the days ahead.

You may help them again within a short year ahead by baking bread and sending it in advance of this you may lighten the day by a gift card for your grandchild, even a small sum would be pleasant. The financial delima of theirs may be one forever if they don’t resolve the non abitous person who may take on more long hours for income if and when an appropriate time comes. God bless you, it shall even out by your stopping any over spending on yourself especially on loto card number quick picks although you may soon win by a lucky scratcher with a floral design near where you are often to buy lotto card quick picks. Amen to you, we are angels channel writing blessing you with an abundance of wealth so prosperity is thee key to unfold this by praying and asking continually by an affirmation list a wish list to beleive in as the ones to grant it in heaven do now know. Amen to your child’s woos of an unhappy place of a home. They may move in to your great house. You will have a car in ten days to three months, more income than expected and a great life of bliss. Keep your chin up above this water to see tides down low around your ankles tiding about to a new day of wealth prosperity and a love filled house with a great family.

To know who’s my real biological father

-Pamela 11/22/1987

Your real biological father is the person you think it is. He’s not always the charming one to you, he may laugh alot, he may not ever confess enough of his sinfulness but he does like you more than most. You may not prove it by a paternity test unless he agrees, how would he as he’s gone away and you do know he’s not the dad you planned for at all but is. You will know for certain someday. The guides say he is tall, around six feet and had blonder hair or light colors in it and is gruff but mad often about life not treating him fair. He will probably tell you one day. Til them keep checking into this important matter say your guides to see he will cry over this one day and you will cry on his shoulder with regret you’ll both reveal.

My Fiance passed 5 months before our wedding.Does he have any

messages for me..Blessings

-Tesha F. 05/21/1998

Your fiance is alive in his being in his heavenly light above and around you now to say a large hello to know you are the one I did love so dearly and I did not mean to depart so from the earth my car was fine I felt and now I feel that caused this miserable death of mourning your loss as I did cry to God way back then and so recent it is yet it feels as so many years have passed us up as it was only a few months ago and now I am crying to say hello by God waiting as this medium my medium and mine all alone she’s not as she’s a real live medium for so many very important persons who are beside me who found me to tell me to get up top quick from my place where I did work by my angels guidance and they did say to move on up the ladder now as you are crowned for speaking out to your past wife they call you here in my earthly realm as I am by my medium near God who got me to speak to you so soon and I am elated and so proud I can do this journey and I was in a hole a holding pattern somewhat a place where you sit to learn by your mistakes and the angel took me out by his large ionic wings and said come on up now you’ll be a Saint by us as somebody important asked about you and out of jail it feels as that emotion as God said my death was partially my fault ? not really its other things I did on the this earth where I am so dam lucky to stand now by them so proud to say a real yell to you and my other fans around you in your pink dress waiting on me hand and foot I loved cherished my time with you and the next life we could be that again says God as he shall fly you straight up to the very top of this so steep ladder to earn your rank right away by knowing this when the far off day venture occurs I am this to thee I am thou love of your light on this shaky earth and you are so crowned a real large Saint for me so God bless thee for eternity my little one a blowin with the wind song you may feel me I do love you still til then Bye for now but not forgotten I have very large crystal clear angelic wings on real ones to fly past you now to say okay I got the message forever and a day we shall meet again for my dear love of my lifetime and our next one around I do so pray to you now. Don’t ever forget to say you want me back in the next one so your guardian angels shall know to tell God and thou Jesus to remind them so we may return as one union again sometime in forever. Dont wait for that late day thou you many love another one now until then when that time comes as I am not that selfish and you may see thee again today even a taller man is not that , he’s shorter than average not that either hes around my height and you may see him soon as I do love you so set your human form wings so free to love thee and we may again return again to be one again. Amen, Dont write back to me dear put a note out on the ledge for your Guardian Angel so wise to get the message to he thou great God by thy wisest Virgin Mary to say Amen to you he says thanks for doing this getting me out of this prison cell of heavens gate I was in. Now I have a really nice gleaming crown on to top it off I am with God hes leaning on me believe it or not so happy to see you writing to they for prosperity today you will be reaching out to many to inform them of your great long lengthy letter from us, all of us around hovering around a darkened cloud to light again to say a really big giant Amen to our fallen Angel who’s landed on her head in her earthly form as she’s not in heaven but a earthbound one who says too much gibber gabber is so nuts for us to take in a zen mode as we are so tranquil a reminder that many this way want to fade away from urgency and say its not so, a quote for you my love of my life to pass on. Amen again, for now til then when we meet again for really God says it will be another journey way in the far off future sometime as to love again in this life is so fine for you to know this is okay by us saying so, thats my prayer for you to love a new person and be with me again someday but the spirit of the light of ours is fine for today to light a spark on this earth for me is to say it now to all you know, my so important letter of love for you to see the new age world so aglow by my communication to you my dear forever more we are so grey to see the dark lights out now on the earth by your really great earth bound endeavors of saying our words now to the public so the light may go on that heaven is real for all to see the dear ones departed is misery who did not need to be returning so soon to us says God

Hello my name is LaDonna the father of my 1month old son his name is

Joseph.B d.ob. is 7/22/1986 he left us a lil over 2weeks ago and ran

off with another woman in the we hours of the morning due to an

argument and I’m wondering will he come back into our lives before I

make the decision to move to another state.

-LaDonna 07/13/1984

The answer is yes he will be back ,return to your angry arms out of sorts you may seem for he but its really a matter of such game playing as the other woman may be a dear true friend of a old classmate and he may be the one to be around you so soon, in a minute it could be if you are nice to see is that really a woman of love or just a game, a friend maybe I do pray to you, if you say this to he , he may be back so much sooner and quieter to speak to you and say sorry I was upset , I up and left too soon without telling you I do love you and you alone and that’s the truth as hes been away too long to yell again as he needs to be home with you and your new son and he will be we pray its soon.It should be within a day or so you hear from he and a year to be normal in a love bond it could take that long to iron out differences in such strong opinions as he does not want yelling ever again in his life. We say he will move in again or near there for a year and back and forth it may be from another place, a dear old friends house, a male he knows he may reside with to raise your great child so hang on tight and try not to scream and fight ever if you can hold your tongue from blasting him ever again please sit on your great wise hands to say an Amen , I shall reside here by him until he moves back in as we have a nice son to love together as one. Amen

Hi I’m having trouble understanding were all of my bad vibes are

coming from. I try my best to help but it seems like I can’t get the

job I want and my mind is always thinking negative thoughts even

though I know I can do much more. I need help to reveal who is not in

the best interest for me and who to stay away from

-Stephanie 09/20/1981

The negative vibes shall dissipate now by us calling thus out to remove them, your great heavenly guides say a new job is coming , its on the new horizon by a wonderful job application and its one person or a group you met with it already and spoke to in person at a really round table and Amen to you to know so we say it is so. It shall be the ringing of your telephone so soon and not a land line but your cell by a text it may be that way that it so occurs so soon by next month, the great July. The date may be March 15th 2018 when a friend you met made an error in your life by your standards, around that time you may know he is, a negative emotion it may be so be pleased to say hi to the other who is not a negative person really at all but may seem like one and thats a woman who’s tall and the other a man. The sunlight around you is so still now it shall shine out shortly in the dew of the great morning when the new day dawns around you dear one from your great spirit of light and wisdom guides, the man may be a friend thats mentioned above but he is is negative in some ways by what he says and may say again today or tomorrow or June 29th this year and hes kind inside but may stir up a heavy heart of woe some days in you and he’s not meaning to so forever in your mind you shall find that I your great spirit guide was the one by your light side as the spirit of mine as I am an ancestor not in a deep grave but by your dear side. I do love you so and now I’m able to say so. Thank you for calling upon me, you shall see your true to self spirit of light so set free by this great new energy. Amen from us in heaven earthbound now and many times, your guides above and around you now to call upon us we shall really grant you three wishes. The three are great and you shall know its us returning your heartfelt deep wishes of woe to disperse it all over the earth of ours now as we are all really standing upon it as to know us is to be so new in this day of great light you have that stops earthly negativity for all.

Is Jose Garcia Padilla (8/5/1995) my soulmate?

03/18/1981 Abidah

Yes, and you know this already we say from our heavenly realm a great state of our on inner light on and about the romance land of our still in the light love sense, we are your great guides speaking to answer this for you to see the love of a great whitest light around you on the white earth plains of our time to see you in love and say I do, we all wish the best soul mate connection for you.

Does my crush gary cook from Safeway still have a crush on me at

all?i feel I messed it up

06/19/1985 Mailyn

The answer is yes but more as an acquantace kept at an arms length in person and from afar may be more of friendlier gestures as it may the workplace ambiance or fear in person of a crush feeling serious could be why they seem to back away therefore to keep contact nicely with gaiety may be so pleasing as fear of a cute casual seeming crush turning into seriousness may be reason. Light touches of an air of friendly messages may occur when its this next phase on cell phones to an occasional email and it may turn more of a love tone by mid July to late Fall or past that into the winter months. Amen to be free of a rut feeling of stagnency of waiting for a great flirtatious one to become stable into a new light of love, our messenger of love is saying thought patterns are crossing of you and them thinking of each other at midnight, good to know for the past is almost over in the flirting manner to romance land ahead, to follow this great white light romance guides direction to say Amen and know thus if I love they I can speak this to my peers to roll off them to the great romance around this town to create a paved way to a love stone of such solid concrete, for you to be away at bay is seeming a bit off, for you to stay away is wrong, for you to be yourself with honesty is best to create it.Amen Your Blessing is to know this, a great song and a prayer is to be yet heard but shall lite up this very room by you saying that truth ,in a prayer all alone, I want to be close and have a great love life transpire by he.

Will my ex ever leave me alone will I meet someone special

06/06/1982 chamaine

He probably will become mean in an angry way or bolt out of a talk in person. If you wanted me back you would say so as to now it seems rather wrong to care at all for him its vengeance to make it fair and square. If you ever live away from each other and have seperate lives in the future maybe, if he falls in love and leaves the impossible of dwelling upon it then maybe years later.

When will I find my true love?

– Marcus K. 06/11/1982

You will find your true love at last. It could be around the tenth of May next year or even the year after on that date we see clearly ahead as a predication. The person may be one you know from the great past in a High School. They may call upon you in awhile , next June maybe or by you checking so thoroughly in the class lists of the great past. The lady is a mom who may be a match maker as she may help you do this soon by you knowing the person. Its a woman from the past that you have kept in touch with on and off who may say we so predict you should go out with so and so again. Why don’t you see what they are doing now? The person may call and ask them themselves or you may message some and say what’s happening with you ? to the entire group by an email even to spark attention to the one who will come forth to say I’ve thought about you alot all the time actually as a true love you know already This may be a real miracle for you to see the light around the sky today when this miracle really takes such great place by your beckoning to they without them ever seeing it go on this way by us informing you of the light around their dim days, to call upon they by a great wise old friend asking them how’s everything been? and to mention the mere name of yours they shall suddenly shine around and feel engaged in a love light to be shown ahead by them seeking you all out on the Internet as they may email the whole group and then see your great photo you posted on a classmates type web site and they will suddenly realize wow thats who I always thought of contacting and then shall by next June 5th or maybe this late fall to winter possibly by your great seed planting of how are you? its been awhile , how long has it really been? and then a real meeting of the minds may turn to true love found at last and for keeps if you are so nice doting online to say hi or hey thank you for all you do for me lately its been so nice to be back in touch , look forward to next time you may not say as we say they live very close by and it could be right away you see each other so often to never part we do so now pray and always as a really great love is taking place already by this energy and by your reading the right words to not let another persuade you the other direction. Hence, follow your feelings locked inside so deep they are not seen by this naked eye of who you do love so already as we do know by your great wise spirit so enlightened it is today when you really read this and soak it all up to produce a true miracle of thus true love thats been so beckoning to thee from afar its not far psychically but it is tucked inward to your inner soul mate beings.

My son  has a house for sale  Will it ever sell ? wearing me down !

-Melva 06/16/1954

We your spirit guides predict it may not sell at that rock bottom price even as it may be sold not by someone who’s claiming it to be theirs always. It could be a glitch in papers somewhere by some who are saying thats not the right idea to sell it so fast. They feel it should be kept as a family place or some reason similar to that which may slow the needed sale down some. Next year it may suddenly sell all at once many offers may come from some far away by a web site showing. A video may help the situation alot now also. To see the glamour of the house inside and the walls not made of steel but tin could hinder a great sale. Therefore we suggest by our spirit guidance to keep it for sale, shoot a real estate showing video, not in 3 D but a nice glamorous shoot by a professional with dim lights to show the elegance. Also, planting flowers may help outside and inside some in a nice vase as the types of buyers may be glamour types who want an elegant upscale feeling home so on that note staging it may help a sale come around by offers flowing in which could be anytime now or in Sept to the later fall months.  The offers will come by the video we predict from an out of town business person and a buyer close by who has their keen eye on the property now. They many want a lower price and are waiting for it to be a little less, they live around the block and are approved so open houses or flyers around that neighborhood may produce a sale by following this spirit of light advice to help it prevail. Then they may move fast as the offer could come in a rush from that neighbor a lady who’s anxious to go inside again, her realtor man is abrupt and moody and a sweet talker and he may not be the one calling to see it again. It may be them running in really fast one night driving home after a long break they had as a short vacation golfing or at a tennis club by there. They may be found by keeping it available to show to a nice lady who’s a neighbor running by with a male friend or a group saying lets run in and show them and see what they say about it. It could be a shortened escrow period by them paying right away , money they have to put down for a house they love. They want to see it soft and sparkling without a lot of talking from the owner and without a T.V. blasting or loud noise of a lap top or stereo sound. To be gentle and so very nice to see them looking away feeling in love with the home is what we all predict in this channel writing by our medium.

My spouse died his name is Marville G. and since then we are feeling weird in the house is he tormenting  us  or what can  we do

-Jillian J. 03/18/1998

He is not in the house, it may be another spirit, a ghost that is a woman who is long lost she says she is a tearing them apart as she cannot find her own relatives to be around now. She died in a auto accident and is doing this to reach someone who notices her long lost spirit she says ” I want to do the right thing and fly away to  the golden sky of heavens light as they are calling upon me to do so now my our real medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox in a real white trance really I did say as I can see it now shooting up to the heavens of thy who are the ones she’s a real medium for and I am going now. I’m sorry if I did this ghost haunting to them. I am flying away. Amen” Your spouse Marville G. is in heaven now too as he was a ghost and says i was inside the house of gloom also and did see another spirit pass me by along the road there and I was calling to them to not bother the lady please be quiet as a real ghost haunting its been and I tried to calm them down, three I do see now there as a open spot that they go to it seems as a port hole they are called but this is not that, its a open window they all go in and today more came to see what is that ghost haunting? that lady who blew in the window recently, she was one half alive in her earthly state as we saw her go by to their place and the others are three children around there often and they are asked to leave by this ghost busting. Your spouse says hello, thanks for calling upon my being to answer your pleas. It should be alot calmer there now and please do keep your open window so shut tight so the spirits cannot fly in there to scare you. You may be afraid if they come around at midnight as they do know you are beckoning to one to see who you are for really I say now to you. You are a witch inside they think in areas around in homes who are not fully matured to a wise person and they are fools as you are a Princess of a great spirit of our blessed light so we do pray they see thus. Thank you for being a great person, your husband says the ghosts shall now flee away forever as I shall continue doing this gaurd assignment as I have now been assigned to that full time thanks to your inquiry to heal the haunted wierd feeling in the house. Now peace shall prevail all around in a calm peaceful realm on this earth that  I am now upon as I am really writing to you my wife in my medium who’s done her great works of art piece once again by her channeling us in her great spirit of light as she’s a real medium open vessel to say thus is so grand and for so many who are non believers its a sad shame thats gone on since the beggining of time as some are a real mystic so enchanted by the great light on such oneness around they and some are so in dismay such as the saddened ghost who’s now gone away to they in heavens light by them telling her to go there and all the kids of ghost entity’s as well as they are haunting there for a really long sad time and they died many years ago in a drowning in a pool near by in the late 1970s it could have been or early 1980s maybe as kids playing around we say they did it to each other the two of them are tangled up together for years since their passing trying to tell someone nearby what really went on as they did not understand it why an adult would do that to them? a murder we said to they as they passed on as the adult did twine them up we say to you now as a drunken dad a male not a mom or a woman and they may be missing as lost persons possibly as five years apart siblings who are brothers and they are in heaven now also and you are one they tried to reach as you are a mystic and many know this by your earthly light that really does dawn this new day of a great spiritual awakening by you knowing thus so Amen to you and not goodbye in this lifetime as I am a real gaurd so you may now feel peace all around. Love, Marville

Do I keep trying to make this relationship work or should I give up An walk away

-Stacy 02/19/1971

Your relationship can work if you are able to breeze by the light of the darkened inward one as inside he is reluctant to be nice all the time. He may have partied in the past and had an addiction that may have been prescribed none the less he is someone who feels this within as a holding tight inner feeling of his great wise being who holds much love for you. Acceptance of his determined to win behavior can modify and clarify the love you posess by letting him win. You can stay and all should go away that’s eating you up inside and harboring a resentment for he shall not subside until you let go of it internally by calling upon the healers who are aware of this now by your question as your guides and the healers of power are helping with this now and shall continue by you praising them ,being aware, being open minded and by your yearning for it to to the past. You may write an affirmation and say it out loud and your angels around you know everything thats gone on in your life and in many lives of the past, your main Guardian Angel says you shall last. Amen to you to know I am a great wise thankful soul that i am so blessed to be called upon to speak to thee by really writing by my newfound medium and she’s only Miss Nancy Fox the medium for us , for Angels in many lifetimes and I am in her Guardian Angel to say we are so appreciative to be able to communicate to thou now by this channeling we the two Guardian Angels are doing in her being as we are really writing by our glowing pen and a added lit feather of such grace is so upon it by this lecture we are giving that to know we are they to be talking to thee is to know we are really our own eternity and to thank me your great so wise tall Angel by you is to say I do love thee and you are the one to bring forth my beckoning that my beauty with such grace of a simple toeing around is so found within by my light to see its you aglow by me by your light on your great graceful feather pen to show you its me your grand tall Guardian Angel writing to you so it shall blow in by the light and the wind of the beckoning for your love to be healed and said to him i do want to stay by your great side I must know it is alright to try and to hang on as long as I can such as a strong breeze of glimmer against a great healed branch to see its life again by seeing it amidst the tall day of my angel the tallest one in this old world as I am a man and feel the strongest and tallest of all right now as I am one of your last life Dads to say now I cover your spirit day in and to dusk as that is my time for flitting about the new fallen day of my grandpa i gaurd at another time in a great hemisphere so far away in the Netherlands but for me it is a quick jump to the heavenly world of an auto fast leap to get there by my speeding gigantic wings in a fierce flight onward to thee to see me in the day of this life saving task I know I am a real head on strong willed great tallest Guardian Angel and Amen to you for knowing me as your dad in a past life and for now I shall inform you my great wisest cynical sincere child of my great angelic blood in another time that you were the one who knew I was a great spirit in a timid plain man as that was my life before this one the one before you came in by a gong and a chime and the hum of my angel wing speeding fast wind you shall be the one to really see me by your eyeing my great feathered pen I am tapping as it shall come flying by one day so shortly and that life was not so long ago that we were immished as it was the lifetime before this. I love you and he shall deport to another plain if you do not want he to stay , we predict you will hang tightly on to him to see it through by this great tallest Guardian Angel Blessing you now. Amen to know this and tell all as you are our great fierce determined Angelic Messenger to light up this darkened dim world that needs the spark to soar by our dear communication to you so sincere to say so now by passing this great Angelic being information all on to he who knows thus and thou who shall suceed by reading it so thoroughly to the dim of the light to set it on full blast to create a real miracle to last for eternity by your great work of love patience and endurance and by noticing your tallest Guardian Angel your past life father reaching in and around your place by my pen aglow to say hello to say a real miracle transformed and I am guided my his heavens light in my life and he shall help repair my great love life so I am believe it and be evermore sincere and willing to stay to see it out beyond a simple day but to say a great complicated life in front may be a brilliant one of lost love inside swirling in my hand is my feathered angelic lit pen to say by writing it out now you are so loved by them and by me your past life dad and a better life than all to know now I do so know and he shall stay in it is my great lasting predication for you to love again without the fear but fate. Amen

I  just lost a good friend of mine in a tragic accident is he with me right now

-Lynn 05/23/1971

Yes, I am as I have been called upon to communicate to you by our medium the great I say as I am really writing by she now by a lit pen in my hand ever so tapping away on this light up lap top as a heavenly pad believe it or not I do so say to you now as she really does write for us who died recently and for some who died right away as they really do jump straight away into her open vessel vast white light of our Christ Angelic being as she’s their medium the very Holy Powers for century’s in every lifetime but one and that was the first lifetime when time just begun as she’s their communicator on this great vast earth speeding by as I am now alive again feeling like a real person as I did just jump right in her skin so funny you should ask if I am by your blissful light bright eyed side as I am so more than ever before your guide forever in this ancient past life of mine and your grand current one to say the accident was all a sudden and so brief the pain as I felt nothing at all really as I just died again that moment in time to cross that line to them so soon as they were all standing there cheering me on on the road to say welcome back home we are here waiting to see you again as its been a whole lifetime we see you and know where you are and how all is happening and occurring each day to see the fallen black night of they to welcome me right away was a blissful minute in time and then I did glide away to the sky of their eternity so happy to continue talking to they who missed my presence in a person it is such as this really now it is as I am a real grown man by my guides greatest Holier than thou night light to say they are the ones who beckoned to me to please come and write all about your near death car accident as I am one who died two times that time as a cat with nine lives as I did see them from my past life so beckoning upon me to see them again and we are a happy clan and a near death at a right time they said and another one passing away is me to say I am really right by your side this whole eternal time as you are my dear one a good friend a great one to know that and Amen to you for really asking as I capable of coming there and then speed flying around the vast heaven of night to return by the great white light of our Christ to say Amen to you for knowing this I am always right by your great side.

Will i ever meet any one i have been alone for a long time

-chris 08/21/1964

Your guides predict you shall anytime so soon as a long lost friend of a great past romance shall return to you so now to say I want my soul mate back please dear Guide of an Angel with fierce fiery white glimmering light astounding you to reach your insides to touch thy gold plated side of your wisdom to see the light is on already and you are so good to know to not latch upon another as they are not forever in your many great white life spans but to wait for a real soul mate to return instead is the reason you are knowing this by your inner chime to say they shall return on a great white horse of a magic being to entrance me to thy for a week so soon we your guides of Love lives do so predict thus to you so now as to see them and to know they are the ones to meet up with you again upon a throne of a headed potential wedded day is to see the light around they for a brief instant as you shall see them arise to thee and say hey how have you been doing all these years I am really wondering about you and if your available is what they are thinking about and to say a mere great friendly hello and a real hey by a explanation mark to you on a social network sight so soon is for you to see they are the one who’s calling out to me to find out if I am really available as they are wondering and an answer by you as a positive gesture is what you shall do so determined to seek to know is they my soul mate beckoning to see me after a while of this typical Internet game playing as so many are doing this all the while their eye is only really on one special person to see if its them to seek out and stay in touch with for some time and then see them in person as soon as possible is not the case thus time as we predict its a long lost love of this life and past life it may be a past love for you as souls have been eternally intertwined in such gold ribbons already and you shall know by your protected soft heart feeling all aglow with such giddiness to say I know that is the right person I have been waiting for they for so long and far away from your place we predict they live an hour or further away and two hours it could be and you shall know thats a possibility by the answer received by thee and you shall fall upon this gold velvet glimmering throne of  a love life found hero to see if that is really my soul mate and yes you should say as my great soft heart all aglow lined in threads of gleaming illusions is pitter pattering and my face feels so red to know that is them and then the love life soul mate found journey may begin by you beckoning to them online and then by a great text to say hey it feels like ages quite some time ago since I saw you in person and to see you in person again would feel as a real great miracle happened again as we your guides say this is your long lost friend one from High School or before then, a neighbor kid perhaps someone close by who you know now and may think of by this insight and inspiration to find them so now to see who’s interested in me ? are the ones who are really checking to see how I am doing and to ask great genius intellect  inquisitive questions of thoughtfulness that show they do care for me now and later too we say as they shall ask how are you doing today? and what’s the name of the street you live upon ? and they may Google map it all out and know exactly and then check the horoscopes and astrological lining up charts is what one of you may decide to do as we say its Pluto lined up with the two of you interlined at last as you shall see the road map distance is 23 miles exactly to the off ramp or road exit sign and you shall see thats the timing given by my guides to know thats the right person a old friend I met long ago fell in love inside then when I was just a mere kid and then as time has flown by I see by the lit rim of their eyes they are the ones to return to me to say are you the neighbor who fell away from that side of town? to return to say a great hello to me now by a camp fire it could be by a High School camping reunion where fifteen old classmate friends are invited by a Internet social web site with the Class Page on it of friends connecting and by this you shall find they and know so and do your best to spark the great so grand white light fire.

Will Anthony be with me

-Michelle 03/17/1963

The guides predict he will be later on, it could be soon and it may take a few more times of you contacting him. He is one to see you after three more approaches you make to thee. He will now answer on the third ring of your phone call and he will respond happily when he hears your sound on the phones. He would like you to be more impressed with my great endeavours, when i do some small or greater gestures I hope you respond in a quiet positive way. The sound of your voice is how i do know you need me if you sound interested in what I am saying I have done for you such as a message on your cell or computer. He would like you to mention it as he sees you are one to be with me in the near future. The guides predict it could be more than a month away but should happen by the 28th of Dec and not earlier than Nov 5th 2018 but you may talk and have conversations and see each other in person a few times a week maybe or every month a few times on the weekends here and there and then a full relationship could be in Jan or the end of Dec. so the answer is yes he will be with you when you show him the love within and the feelings around you that are so deep inside and always a spark of a light text is so grand to say hey what’s new with you? how’s everything? what’s been going on in your life ? then he may answer sincerely with a blast of a great light up heart to say so good to see your message and what’s going on in your days ahead? can we meet again soon , so shortly could mean a day later then a full week leading to relationship around the first of next year. Patience and perseverance is what’s necessary. Amen to know he loves thee is the great answer, for your great white angelic spirit to see the light of this situation , that time awaits ahead for the trail of love and affection may take some time to become one. It could be he needs some thinking and contemplating and that’s to see if you really care about me a lot more than I’ve known therefore knowing you love me he feels elated and it could be eternity and a lifetime it may be a year after your together as a couple then he may want a more everyday situation of living together married or not. He may see this is later as for him he wants to make certain you love no other man and that you wont flee again, he sees you left us and you went on your way to another place to be single hearted for yourself and that you returning and coming back to me by texting and seeing me occasionally means I am the only one for you on the planet earth therefore a banded heart of gold glistens ahead by this great message from your wise loving caring spirit guides who say a day away is not great enough to be away is the best way to see the love I miss so much as to have he to hold again and to stay by me and from within then I know its forever and day we can be so happy and lead to a white glistening throne of our love life ahead for eternity if you play this right by being doting and happy to be seeing he then he notices , takes it all in and feels it can be forever.He sees this as forever and for a lifetime and if you do also then it can be by the great words and advice from your grand guides who say to he who knows the light and day ahead is a wise and wonderful human.

Does my partner really love me

-Kirsty 03/28/88

Yes, your partner does care for this love to last ahead of the day your partner wants it to succeed and not be a failure is partly the reason, they want it to grow and be successful in a union and to not walk away easily but to stay in it and succeed as failure I always worry of as being defeated makes me feel bad inside and I yearn to see the great day of a real marriage not a pretend one ever again as looks outside of a relationships appearance are not always right and to seem like a great couple is not the real meaning of a full relationship, it means to get along as soul mates for better or for worse and in happy days or not, to ride out the bumbs and waves ahead of a curvy winding road may be your job as a person to stand tall and firm to hold the weight down to say I am staying no matter what is happening to find out where this is leading. Amen

Can you tell me about my future in relationship and career and when will it get better?

-Traci 09/16/1971

Your relationship will grow in a year or so, a year and a half it may be better as a joint couple in great harmony. The person we say is one you may know already who wants to see you from time to time mostly online talking and not texting. They may want to call around March in 2019 and see you in May 2019 and then have a great friendship online for months to a year from seeing them in person. This is called sowing seeds for the harvest and the person is a long distant friend who may live an hour away or further and they may relocate for their career to another state where you may visit. We see this casual online friend a person who will see you on and off and not many others socially or in person at all. They are taller and you may know by the doting messages in the holiday season. We predict you visiting them when they move for work and an exciting field of work that is seeming larger than a doting man, don’t let it intimidate you we mean, come forth with eagerness to be around they and it can prevail. Your career may be the same one you have been doing for so long or the new one, the venture inside of you that you so much more long to do. We see it as one road or the other and you may know by asking yourself the question and then writing down your question and it can be placed under your pillow for us to all answer in your dream. Your Angelic being spirit guide says the love life may lead you to a great business as well. You should know shortly which job path to go down again and probably the same one for now. Amen. He shall see you on a social network page in a new work attire and notice and say how good you look in the new fashionable outfit and ask you out later on but will continue checking contantly to see what your doing, working on, wearing in a photo and then appraise it by a symbol or comment of greatness and sincerity and you may then answer by a text or call when the mood seems right. Your instincts will lead you to the right job and person.

Hi I’m not working I’m not married wats happening and I want to knw ideal man

-tshidi 17/06/1984

You will know the ideal person soon, he may be taller than average, someone you knew before way in the distant past from as a work associate. He is over weight but you won’t mind as is he simple minded and cute to you when you first lay your kind eyes upon him and upset inside you may be by other past romances ,he’s one to lighten your day and whimsical spirit inside your body of our great light as we are your angelic spirit guides typing this by the medium we always use and she’s Miss Nancy Gail Fox and we are saying you will so soon be congratulated on your escapade ,your search we mean to find him by seeking him out on the Internet by glancing all around so eagerly at some nice men you know way back when in High School years and perhaps Grammer School you may have known him as an old classmate we say , hes either thus or a work associate as a peer in your life in the very long ago past, probably about ten to twenty five years ago as a young small boy. We predict you will know by this great channel writing work we are sending for you to read to pass it all on to some past girlfriends, we say they are ones to know him, a small round nose, a simple gaze across the room at a get together so soon may do this for you, transpire true love by meeting a great person again that you knew long ago when you were around ten to thirteen years old in a classroom. He lives nearby a busy intersection in a large apartment complex with a great sized pool. He is in some line of business and you shall find him by past classmates meeting up as they often may in that large district. Marriage may prevail in the near future, we predict it will be him and if not another man shall come forth by the past classmates who’s tan and has blond in his hair who you may court at the end of this year, 2018, if not the first one named, hes honey blond usually and now has a partial receding hair line and light eyes that may be green or blue. He may laugh one day to see this as hes got a funny sense about him, a great gregarious wit and fun humor is how you may know, hies average height and we predict its him or the second one. You may elope or have a large planned out wedding in May , 2019 to 2025. It’s your call we say and you may leap into a wedding ceremony very quickly to announce a baby boy to be born after the house is bought is when the wedding may occur there, there at your residence probably by you doing the planning. You may want to work with him, the first man, and say so right up front on the cell or by a brief text message and not by a long email or verbal call. He may say thank you for contacting me, I will let you know of some work I have so shortly, I have up front money to pay you, may I meet you in person? Amen from us for your great important life to flow along the planned spread out trail of a dust appearing path to a glowing lit up sparkling road of your mesmerizing enchantment of bliss ahead to step upon the way that the guides of great higher up bliss steer you all upon, a man by a work call to a great child to a great happy home of luxury and vows of ever grateful eternity, to see the way among some blackened cloud skies is the light we bring in our written words for you to share by only a minute of real text to some grand emails to several calls to a classmates great planned reunion to find out who this is. By their curiosity to your glance away one day to a man who’s not the right one to see the right one sitting there at a School reunion. A great residence the party may take place at, outside by a grand B B Q spot in comfortable chairs with potted plants. Alongside a garage they built for a really great guest unit for an in law or for a pool table, that’s our guidance and predication, for you to call two people it may help to see if they know who this could be. They will mention it and ask about it around the area and send out invites on very short notice all will come to have a great meal with some long ago classmates. Two women you know will be the ones doing this networking work of contacting them we predict and all shall go somewhat sort of smooth but a man may be indecent by not wearing the proper outfit and an arguement may so occur. Thats a real heads up for you to see the possible outcome so you know this is right on this money, so accurate by your great spirit guides. So you will find hes a really grand gem that we pick for you to seek out for really grand love to awaken from within we do so now pray its a great to grand wonderful miracle ahead. From your family in the heavenly sky who are above and around our medium this insight they see is great for you by telling me the one within her medium open light vessel what to write down as I type away by my glowing spirit pen from within her soul of eternity for your life ahead. Your relatives are great guides you always kept around you in each life they come down to check upon you as you lay your head down to sleep they are there to see your miracle of a nice life and shall be applauding your work of seeking out this information. One is a man from the Netherlands, one from Greece, one from France, one from Egypt and so on, from your past lives and one from this life from your state or next to it, he says thank you for this opportunity to write this all down to you to see you will know who you are in your journey ahead. Amen from a past life really nice Dad and ten other relatives, a band of real angelic angels all around you now and forever more, just ask for us anytime from your soft lips in prayer to the higher sky and we will fly by and come around your being and you may see, feel, hear our electric angelic hermosphere light.

I am born in Belgrade at 19:40 on november 30th 1996. Do I have aspects to finish my univeristy? Wanna know more about my study life.

-Kris 30/11/1996

The guides predict you will be in the University longer than you’ve planned. They see it will a few years longer than you thought it would be. It may be a year and half longer by this channel written reading which states you may need to study longer in your second term. They predict you may socialize alot more then and slack off on studying habits at this time in around two years so be prepared for a new study schedule or you may choose not to by being in love in a relationship thats starting to form more so then, a man you are fond of now is not the one we predict in the future, it could be him though by your self will deciding this as love depends on how you see it of course, another one you could meet in the future is taller than six feet and you may meet him at a basketball meet therefore love may be more important then staying in studying at the wee hours of the morning cramming it in is what may happen then in two years or eighteen months, that being said you may plan your study time and class schedules to allow for socializing time in groups on the campus with friends or you may go slower in classes and stay an extra year to two years. You may be with the man in love and he may be a coach for a basketball meet there one day on a Sunday or it may be the other one you stay steady with or in an on and off relationship. Your study life may be better in the bright daytime around noon to one thirty forever that may be your best alert thinking time and and it may night you may not soak up the content of the information as well. We see you may have help in Geometry, Chemistry, Geology by other text books you purchase and may plan these extra brush up courses in the summer or on a spring break time to cram it all in and not by online courses, we predict its one to three extra class you’ll enroll in to graduate with a passing test score that you will need. You will find love exciting enough to be around the campus all the time until the mood peaks years away when you want a break to relax in a home atmosphere, then you may find he shall come by the house and meet relatives, this could be anywhere from eighteen months to seven years away depending on your encouragement and you being forthcoming to invite the love of your life for suppertime in Nov. or Dec, 2019 it could be then as a man your seeing will want to be around the family house and see your upbringing and walk in without a fear of seeing them, the family to approve it for the later days of a marriage proposal, he will want to impress them at this time and by your asking him to come for Sunday brunch or a Saturday evening supper you will see it take place we do predict this is a taller man with some sun streaks in his hair, thinner but muscular as well with good manners. This could lead to a marriage far off or near future and a family later on in life as you are not prepared at all for this responsibility yet but will be in three and a half to five years or seven years til you have a child. A long engagement may be great leading to a wedding day later on and pushing it too soon could make it become treacherous so gentle planning is best and acceptance of his flaw which may be he does not always do what he says, therefore by this reading you may conquer much by knowing this in advance as predicated to prepare and heed the warning that the man you fall in love with may need patience and acceptance from you in some situations as he may not be as mature and advanced inside and at your emotional level yet but may be one day. We say often one person is less advanced in a spiritual body of holy goodness, you may guide this to be positive and know he may have the upper hand in things as a manly sort of man who needs that role in his dear life.

I really admire local woman.She is tall,black hair,slim,dresses great.

Sinead is her name.

– Brendan G. 31/08/1968

Your guides feel this lady is unavailable, we see she has someone at her place and hes a knight and shining armor to she, unfortunately we see she’s committed to him inside her mind for quite awhile as a passing romance it may become that as he may leave in three weeks even to a year or so, eighteen months away we see her giving up completely on this solution she has of trying for a really long time by herself inside. Therefore we do predict the break up occurring in the near to far off future or a break away it may be that with him leaving so fast one day, it may be around this holiday season, Dec. 2018 and he may run off to see another lady who’s not so far away from there. Twenty minutes on a freeway. We say you will keep tabs on her from a distance and know when to step in, to call her or text in Dec is not a great idea probably, but to wave hi and keep her in mind to find out a free time in the future that we predict. A casual friend you may pretend its just that for now, or boldly ask her are you seeing anybody? your so lovely, I just was wondering as I saw you again and thought my what a nice woman, you dress so well and so on, in person at two P.M. on a week day we predict ahead and you may boldly say too bad your not around more often in this group you attend, a training class or place where you may see her or it may be an online group chatting even. We say you will keep her at bay and wait for the right time to occur and by glances all around her by your great bold gazing at she, she may melt by this interest and have a yearning of curiosity to see what would happen by him being around me now at this place where I sit wondering if the man I think is the one will make it past my dead line of the 8th of January, 2019. Amen

Could you tell me about my future husband?-Sandra 12/19/1982

Your future husband is one you don’t know yet your guides of love say this to you by their great days of watching over your days of the Internet ,around you are some great friends of some other friends who may soon appear or a wee bit later as a great friend add and the greatest friend of all to meet you this charming way by a friend add on or friend request? out medium channel writing for us asks that question out of her curiosity. it’s not that we say its called an ” add on”and he is from your later High School years as a leader or was a cheer leader man then or that type of person with a bull horn or letterman jacket on and Yale he may have attended and hes nicer than average and has not yet married or had a family but would like to have seven kids as in his head he dreams this up thinking about it imagining and pretending thats him on a white blissful full of so much fun family cloud in a day dream and day dreaming he is that way and we say you will meet him in two days or seven weeks and it could take seven years to be at a threshold day ceremony if your not seeking his friendship out by seeing him in person which you may do now by this important insight about his personality and goals he has made up already by thinking and hoping this may so occur you may look even harder on a site on the great white vast Internet in a love life light to see his great famous name spark up as we predict hes well known already by now in his proffesion as a Policeman type proffesion, a lawyer possibly , a job thats related to the law, an investigator we say now by your guides knowing this information and revealing it to they online you may seek him out by going hunting around friends of friends to add friends. We pray you find him now. Amen

I just want to know what can you tell me about my life because I’m going through a lot

-Victoria T. 04/13/1986

Your life will transpire to a great time ahead when you are on top of the world and we say you will be so shortly as a great leader of the pact of endeavors that may take place anytime so soon. We see seeds you’ve planted ahead of time that should sprout sooner than later. We believe the new work load ahead of you will be one you seem to accidently fall upon so soon by your endeavors of checking it all twice and counting on great blissful needed events ahead will help you to feel more positive about this great life to become that once again as you are feeling a wee bit down about some personal occurance’s that have prevailed much too soon in your life as others passing on, a pet you may have lost lately or awhile ago that sadness may dissipate to know they are reaching for you in this post by our medium channeling them , their great beings around to say hello we all know you grieve and miss us today and always occasionally a tear may drop from your great face of such honor as an intelligent highly a keen aware person of great faith in us to see us once again you may do so soon and you may not later on as we may all return to the face of this earth we now sit upon gathered round our great white light medium and she’s not bragging about being so great but we are to convince all she really does channel us and we are so eternally grateful to be speaking out to you by writing by God sitting inside of her open vessel that he slide down to write for you to know the answers to tell you about predicated occurance’s that shall help you with your great life as a day to dread is that of no hope ahead and to dread it too much can bring the heaviest darkest cloud about a nice person whos so sweet to so many says God you are a special friend to I is really why I popped right in her medium clear open wide vessel of our great Saintly Lordess God light and Godly I do say you are one I really do name a Saint as you hear miracles around you and know they are so and to be one is to feel that and to see it ahead happening in your life you are embarking on a great journey as I say it is so to you now as you know so. God loves you and thy other great spirits all around you who may blow past in winged harmony as you read thus.

I resigned my last teaching job last year in October to do supply teaching. It was getting very stressful and long journey. Will I get another job soon?

-Nim S. 11/15/1963

Your guides predict you will have another teaching job later on in life, it may be twelve years away before you return to that great helpful proffesion as we see you doing another job in the long meantime and that may be  a great transfer to another place. That will occur out of nowhere probably or by you looking in ads online and you may find this shortly. It’s in another area about an hour away , a new job position thats related to what you did is predicated by God and your great work guides at your side who say write a note to them and pray for that to happen, it may be a year away or a week by your looking around, talking to others about it shall help it to take place and by emailing them in another state. Amen

When will my new income come into my life.

-Janine 12/30/1959

New income will come in Dec. around the end of year, it could be by gifts you’ll receive, work benefits and also a Goverment loan may be sent. Three sources on money may prevail upon the time you are in a fear of finances as you may be waiting and expecting some payment that is not yet sent around the 15th of Dec., that is in the works. Therefore by this financial predication you may try to plan ahead to avoid a huge slump in wealth around this period. The first check may be from a source unexpectedly and the second one may be from work such as retirement plan or dividend check sent in advance to everyone as a thank you. The work you’ve done already should be a miracle in the making as we see ahead this day of wealth from a great person you know from the past. This may be lump sum of money for a job you’ve been doing or a creative assignment you sent him in the past as seed planting of prosperity in this future ahead by the end of this year. He’s a taller man who’s aged well, he has a receding hair line, the beginning of one and is over six feet tall. He may sound gregarious and happy to hear from you by this post of information for the greatest financial wealth prosperous path for you to step upon and know he may return so shortly my the end of Dec or mid year in 2019. You may seek him out again and remind him of this office project you once upon a time mentioned briefly and follow it to the bitter end you may as we your money guides say it can transpire next year and this may be in addition to three sums of money this year as mentioned previously. Ahead of time you may see yourself in imagery of caring for this transaction, it may be writing you did on a subject related to his proffesion many years back when you were in your 30’s to mid 40s, he is approximately your same age or a few years older. He lives ten miles away and may be  a friend on a social network or may be now as you may find him by seeking him out and adding him in your circle of some great white light acquaintances, some friends on there are great to so much grander, there may be three wonderful ones and seven careless personality’s who may be trouble making, such as repeating gossip and making assumptions that harm others. They may be relatives and not close friends and two are a joy who are honest, trustworthy females and one man from the office place is great also. He may be married with young kids and happily who’s so sincere to you a loyal person I trust to confide in by work perception of knowing. The ladies are older friends of the past who admire you so much is why they act sincere and happy towards your text messages or messaging and so on. Amen to you to do great seed planting as the prosperity may sprout so soon by Dec. 18th, 2018 to June 1st,2009. An amen to you for your goodwill work and contributions towards this goal you have in mind in your lovely sometimes thick head says God, to be stubborn on issues is sometimes a gap for all around you at your goodwill charity place where you have donated some time occasionally, therefore to be so open minded in heart the blast of great white shimmering around to flow in the angelic energy and harmony may be a great transformation ahead says I thy God of goodwill, fortune, and not harmony yet but it shall have a good blast off next month as our great energetic guides have predicated by our real live open vessel white light medium Miss Nancy Fox as she writes for me God for over nine years like this post to you daily and you are to know this by seeing this miracle take place now and forever more in your great long life span life of our goodness now taking it up a notch such as a great sailor driving past with wind behind the sail, by you seeing that occur for a day or week or forever I do say it can be by you believing then a real miracle again in your great happy more prosperous life by my granting you sheer halo of glistening gold all around your face today in this post by my thumping away at this typing and speed writing as well as I am capable of anything at all, just ask me and you shall call me directly over you to say Amen I do so know so I shall grant that request, okay ? okay dokay ? a deal. From me thy great God almighty as to know me you shall see such and be the one to say God told me so by my Guardian Angel of light a group of them who are always around me got him and said please write to she we need a real miracle and she deserves it by her work and time care taking someone close by the house and she’s great with friends pets and so on and not so forth. You knew to call out by an email question as your a sincere believer. Amen to believe from I God as you shall see me maybe and know its I by your flock of Angels hovering so high ahead of you one day soon as they may all fly ahead as you drive towards the great lit up half moon , not with a face at this great driving time but close to midnight it shall happen when you are off the beaten spot on a vacation of driving on rural paved roads says I God the miracle maker as I have it in my calendar now and shall arrange this white light angel sighting for you all as two passengers may be inside your car playing a Honky Dori song I do predict ahead by my ways of knowing, and five white winged long angels it may be known by you taking a really great photo or a ten fold and send it right in to prove it all then you are my real other hero for me thy greatest God Almighty. Amen. You will be a famous person for this manuever so planned yet spur of this magical moment to see large long white light Angels of mine really flying away they are not, they are flying before as they often do to gaurd a real named loyal Princess that I praise to you to see that at this time and it may be ten to one hundred flying by as your loyal Saint of an art gift that you may send around I do pray as its my gift to you today for this wonderful inquisitive question on your near and far off future as a true believer in I and in your flight of Angels that I pray you see so clearly past the muddy days of that light rainy day in mid June as to see such is to know so and to tell all around you you are a real miracle for me to know that you are on my great Saint white light Princess list to watch and hovers around as one for me to do my important human being work for my earth and all the great folks that I so inspire in my great old journals and the new age is still ahead prevailing in a modern time where my do gooders are a must and wealth shall come by thus as well as I support those as pay from me the higher up as I do so now see as you are now directly related to me and you know this within and many do not and thats why I stepped in and choose to write a really long giant post, so take off.

When will my husband get a job? and when will we move to Cornwall?

Thank you in desperate need for some guidance here.

love and light to you

Rachel Holmes

-Rachel H. 10/07/1967

Dear Rachel,

Your husband will get a job someday in late May is the guides predication. This may be a short period of time for the first position and another job may pop up out of the blue in late July, 2019 , mid summer. The second job may be a great appearance on the cover of the job application that may be as a paper brochure for a time share travel position in a business that sounds interesting to he, this could be a second job at a job place near the other location of a secure position that hes found by searching all around constantly in financial fear and worry around March, its an application online or on paper that he receives in the postal mail system thats not been followed appropriately by the laws unfortunately as I see it here in our heavenly realm, not all receive their due mail or benifits in life as they should as a warning to make certain all is recieved that your ever expecting in general since we are on the great subject of recieving a needed job application and some brief guidance may be he needs to not ever slack off at all on this great job search of a prosperous career move ahead, we say until then he may recieve a lump sum of ten grand soon, that may be a tax dividend check or something like this directly in the bank as back owed money from a source unknown and unexpected but by this you may watch for this by double checking for deposits and mail. He may do some other jobs until he finds the one next year in a taller building thats a modern structure of steel beneath as storm earthquake footage, therefore a modern building. This may be on a site where jobs are searched for by everyone. He may even apply here sooner than next year and they may call when a new position opens up that needs to be filled so fast. He may run by this warning ahead and by prepared to continually check in with them online every few weeks or bi weekly with eagerness the opportunity may transpire. He will love it there at first, a rustic scene around it, he may flit past it once and again hoping this could happen for you and for him. He does not need or want you to continually keep asking him about work ahead and now but to hope and pray upon this with great faith of believing in him searching it out and knowing hes desperately looking all around to find the right opportunity for himself, you included of course and for all he may work around then when this all occurs and transpires. It may be early March when he goes in person, we dont see it being sooner than that. Your funds may last longer in the great bank of wealth around your income flowing in slowly til then, a great blast of some money may be around Dec 1st ,2018 in your bank accounts by some far off relatives or the first half of Jan. You will see a drummer boy also in Dec and know hes a named Saint by I God thee greatest Almighty saying so in this post to answer your greatest plees of the predicated future ahead so soon, A drummer boy may say hello again in late June as one who became a close friend of an angel around you in your work ahead, thats predicated as we see you by many doing great important seed planting in such low key networking with a spiritual group to see you as a wondrous magnet of our great white light of a peal iridescent shower of glimmers around you now as you really read this you may see the scattered light by our wand we have announced in this post for your miracle day of his prosperity with generosity ahead says I God and your ten flying around angels who always gaurd thee a sometimes timid one who’s grace and love are often unspoken as a humble grounded soul we say your grand to know its us communicating to you to please you with your work ahead and your tasks of love to support he and not ever nag or hover around him asking about work please as he will not be able to stand questions and begging for more money in the house funds account as you do love him and can wait and be supportive, kind and generous beyond belief is your normal way of your person in life, a great one to so good to know the best is yet to be in the financial area of such wealth and prosperity by waiting so patiently and expecting it all to take place and transpire by his simple endeavors of some very slow seed planting now to a whirl win later on as said up top in this post. By mid March he shall know all and you wont yet as he may wait quietly for the check in his hand of great Saint white light I say a twin souls couple. By granting you that love light of intertwined beings of mine I say you shall prevail a miracle of financial wealth by watching him go out to speak to some around about great late career moves you shall be knowing by faith this can take place in the near future but probably not now as hes too clouded with a haze of speaking up boldly due to circumstances around which you should know of. Believing and and being supportive is the real key here for this to all transpire.

You will probably not make that move for many years to come but may transfer a great job position there later on. Depending on that which he may check on and think of when applying online by this information. We predict you will go there sometimes in the year and it may be ten times even in 2019. A permanent move there may depend on work situations and transferring if its feasible to do so. We predict you wont go as move, ever maybe or light years away. Amen.

Will I get some justice for my son?

-Wendy 05/13/1976

You will not get some Justice now but later on, this may be in Dec of this year or the following Dec, by the end of 2019. This will take the fierce determination you have used for awhile and it may be seven months when you see funds in your bank as this seems slow as molasses. He will be elated then, his Angel guides of such great white light full of sympathy for his head listening to them badger his goodness and good to great and better character assets than the average person has I say by your inquiry to us in our heavenly flight around you now to say these words to the great mom who knows he deserves all thats waiting. We see you filling up your spiritual life soul to great him so soon to say hello, your sweet endeavors of softness flowing over to him as support is very needed at this time especially by his worrying. He will tell you his grandest needs ahead of time on the phone, his beer life may be past he today already by the miracle of you asking to find out the great site so ahead. The tall lawyer may help the most, a man you may know already and his father wont help now but may later, this is a man who appears as a father figure hovering around him later on in March, 2019. He may offer support then and a real miracle may all happen by them sticking together as a great team. We do feel justice will prevail and our grand great Justice Angel says she shall help out by sending her stomp out energy to should them away now, they are mean in a team there and do not understand the faith of his and his gentleness soft spoken attitude about he, they feel hes done something really wrong as they often assume such and we see he definitely deserves that Justice with a great cap on that famous “J” word as no one ever deserves the prolonged pain and gentle slow suffering by injustice that wipes the energy out of a nice grand soulful person. Our prayer is thus, let the great truth be so well known and they Great white long winged Angels of his shall fly all around him each day at day break around six O ‘ Clock P M as thats the really grand flying hour for him we say now, thats ten flying long winged Angels and he may feel their gentle wind as hes gentle also we say and know so and they may help to wisk it all away and he probably shall tell you and you all alone is not the case he may tell many all around, did you see the great whitest glowing tall long winged Angels of mine full of their Saint spiritual light flying past again today at 6 ? as the Justice Angel sent them all again to win this awful battle of hell I’m grieving over constantly so badly that I may write a Saint Poem about them as they see I am one to know they gaurd me and shall bring the real needed miracle for the laws to be followed and for the constitution to take fold which may have un needed sneaky by laws that are not the law, loop holes you may say and a new constitution or added items is in the works already for Justice for many. Amen to you for knowing to fight with your might and passion held in for real justice for a human rights person he is and needs that to win,his tall dark handsome lawyer may make this happen by your notes as the Angels pray so as a million flying around all over singing daily justice for all we do so pray and beg for people to have what they are supposed to in this dear life that does not deserve to have any restraints. If beer was an issue you may conquer that also we hope by helping to bring the right ones around he and to continue praying for these miracles to occur please daily say your great guides of White long winged Angelic light of Gold thats shimmering all around you singing Justice should prevail by your yearning so and knowing it must be, within reason of time slipping by as it may be full speed so suddenly in June of 2019 when the phone starts really ringing off the hook to have it transpire by that tall lawyer and a great woman of gold who may wear blue dresses and pearls as her firm attire then, She may be so bold to say I can help him now, a request is done and a good timing period we predict may happen then when she appears by your many letters youve emailed, she may work side by side with the other attorney, it could be mid March by your agressive emailing for great pleas of dignity for the right day to happen. Amen

Hi Nancy, my name is Camila I wanted to ask you a question regarding a love relationship I have with this guy named Alan we dated for about 3 months and we remained friends after breaking things off but now we are seeing each other again, he said he still wants to go out with me but the communication and the way he’s acting isn’t the same he’s a little more distant and only affectionate when we’re together in person I would like to know if things will workout between us? Also does he still have feelings for me?

-Camila 08/19/1998

The answer is yes, he does have deep emotional feelings for you only. He may be shy at times in his life and therefore in a little fear of going forth full fledge in a deep passionate open communication partnership. Keeping him at arms length in regards to calls and so forth could be best, to stay a little in the let go phase until it progresses to a more fruitful state of loving openness as a passionate together as he feel suffocated and in a claustrophobic to run for the hills as many men are called commitment phobic’s, he’s not exactly that but the fear inside may send him running off not in another direction for another but for air to breathe in a freedom state of being alone. Thus the advice from your great wise spirit guides is to see he and love him at the time in person as you state that is the best time to be that way towards him and to let so somewhat in between in the on and off days to let the love feelings aglow dance between you and he with the wind a blowin a gust of grand energy of soulful love and light to kinder on for the great future ahead of a wonderful romance we do so now predict this. You may dote over him in person alone and not in a great crowd around such as friends gathering about in a party atmosphere and neighbors even as hes shyer than many and quite introverted so hes not as bold as a type to throw his arms around you, hand hold, kiss around others as it may seem forward for his type of personality. We say he loves you within and thats the thought to hold to as you do kiss him good bye after time together and to not feel over flustered, aggravated or upset with the parting as in demanding of more time or communication during the off periods of  week , a day or a month it could be often even that long. To just be happy to see him, happy to know you’ll meet again shortly and to not say when? But to know the continuation of such blissful seed planting is the prosperity of you and he in the future as a wealth of love as you shall continue building your great bridge to an eternal life of a marriage union we say that many transpire ahead after the bridge is firm and you shall leap over it to him in a blessed day of a wonderful full relationship by you being patient and calm during the off periods which again may be long ones for quite sometime but hes not a cheater or two timer in our eyes of our Lord and your blessed wonderful spirit guides who again advise to not be hasty to say hey whats happening? look forward to our next meet up online and in person of course as always, to feel confident and glowing with trust to know he does hope its only me so don’t do a jealous scorning to me online or anyplace. He feels I can return her favors of great white thankful love she throws me by a flower or a great white heart online or texting by being calm and appreciative and to feel its going someplace by her kindness and not meanness of lack of time in the middle of our again courtship of love. A winding road can lead me to a great white light threshold of marriage day bliss if shes understanding the place I’m at which is I’m busy right now by family needs and work endeavors, tasks ahead of me bough me down to no end thus I need a great woman who knows this whos understanding of where Im at in a hectic I lead lately as its become that he says to himself and says thats why I believe we parted for some time is I can not give all of myself yet in a relationship as I’m torn up by business a long schedule and its nothing personal its just where Im at unfortunately as I would dream of doing nothing but having fun and hanging out at your place and watching a great movie and having you cook my favorite dishes at the happen chance of convenience when Im there is great. He says I love her food the best of anyones, a great dish shes prepared in advance to say hey would you like some of this? as Im driving over, to say it in a casual way is best today but not forever as it may change by fall around Oct. 5 th, 2018. Thus a large prepared planned sit down dinner may sound pressuring at this point. He wants to give more but cant right now due to his schedule, he wants to give it all to you and when finances take off also. We predict by Valentines Day it should be grand. He does not want you to see another man ever, casual male friends of the past he does mind, but does mind if you are doting over other men on the internet. He does not want game playing of any kind , he hopes you will be from an understanding state of mind and the close friendship of talking alot online or by cells and texts helps build the close bond and a bridge to step over to his loving arms. Amen. Dont say too much time has gone by, why are you calling me now? when I’ve left so many messages and on other cells also it could be. Just be prepared to sit on your hands to not over call , over message or messenger acting caviler and angry, just let it go free to the wayside for today and pray it evens out shortly. You may just say simply I figured you were busy working , with family needs and don’t take it so personally as your the only one he has eyes on so let it blow away to know hes mine today in my head and in my heart and soul and I pray for the future to be great when free time allows it to unfold for us. To know he is to love he and to take thought in what you say as in answers back is so important to not pressure him by the sound of frustrated madness inside as a scorned heart by silence inbetween the times you see each other but instead to feel someday this could full time, under one roof as a life partner if I play my cards right. He may pass by your place occasionally to see if you are with anyone else and check online also, as its a also a testing period to see am I the only man she has eyes on or are there other fish in this large vast white Internet sea of love where flirting goes on. Thus he wants to see I am the only one to move forth later on, then he  knows shes glad to get a short brief text of love from me and not just a nice friend now as we have reverted back to where we were and now we can move on to a glimmering day when I see shes the one for me by me being the only man on this face of the revolving earth as it stands for our spinning relationship to prevail for light of oneness with trust among us. Therefore the many answers are that, shyness, timid, some fear held in, business, hectic schedule with time not permitting, a little commitment phobic today due to time restraints as in not want to feel smothered down in wininess, to be sure I am the only he for her great wondrous self that I do love.

Hi. I lost my friend 5 years ago in a car accident. I wanted to know how he feels about me talking to his cousin?

-Petra J. 02/26/1969

Hi, your friend has come around to answer your inquistive respectful concern, hes writing this now by our medium Miss Nancy Fox thats her plain common name by the way, a real medium hes stepped in to speak to you directly on this great white sheet on the vast turning internet, hes appreciative of you caring how I feel he says to me God my him now writing this needed urgent piece together by a lit pen to you the Saint of ours one we name so now as you are so caring of how he would feel in his spirit as you are one to believe hes not really gone and know so so he shall answer this pleed today by me God allowing my now crowned Saint of a long winged angel with glowing wings on to speak by our harpest here and now in our real vast clouded sky of a heavenly realm on earth that is as we are gathered by our medium to yell a great thanks to thee for your eternal life question as I now do grant you this for your faith and lovliness around so here is his direct communication by a light pen aglow in a harmony of my tender soul to say I do not like that cousin at all and you know this. I died a horrible death so many do say all the time but really he was quite fast up a hill driving alone at midnight may be lies they tell as I was side swiped by one who was not drunk God explains but a total accicent that caused my departing to they, I did not go directly up top as they yelled back to me down on the earth as the world was turning fast as I stayed by my great vechicle as I see it that way now as I am real angel with solarized wings it seems to long you would not believe the earth I am covering at such a fast speed of heavenly rays, I did not know I may write by her being either but learned of it today as a long line are waiting to do this a mile long they say to me now as the real lucky winner you have been to hear from a great spiritual being you know and know now I am still alive more than ever more than a miracle of my day to know and remember the grand car crash I do so say now as I am doing more good here on this side by you asking about my cousin as thats a real blessing in disguise it could be so called as I dont like that cousin at all but the important message we hear is you care how I feel about it , the dismal situation and by calling me out of my ghost hood I am now a real miracle and my halo it not brown now as it was but its green and an angelic feeling of a grand miracle transforming as for you to tell all I spoke to you and anwered that question is so important to yell to my cousin no need he said not to bother is a great answer to they who want you to call upon him. I shall tell you I love you and I am glacing away at many on earth who are not so loyal and tenderhearted as a wise senitmental persona that you obtain in your miracle being  of a great beliver in this glowing afterlife. I died and you did not know I was a ghost did you? I stayed by some and really did find out who my friends are and for really now? that may yell that out but I know its so, the words they often spoke were not nice at all and the gang of them together as a deep seated betrayal of tears i did shed and you are not this way at all and I do so now appraise you for this endeavor of a nice question to care. Thats admiration you have earned from the higher ups I am near as they do recognize it , the great character you hold within as a claimed eternal life person and more Crowns you shall earn by telling the whole world my pitch to you of eagerness and to tell them they need to apologize to me on their knees at the foot of their bed cushions and so on to say Im sorry I said something mean about a dead person and I am not dead at all now as Ive earned a claimed Sainthood by writing by the medium whos very gifted by her sacred white lite open bean thats been granted to her long ago for us to glide on down and write by a lit pen thats glowing with my Sainthood and then by my large wings gifted to me to soar around so fast it cant be even imagined as its ten billion k zillion or wa zillion times speedier than a plane as the medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox a claimed Saint shes been for a really long time so long in billions of lives God says nine hundred zillion lifetimes she does her life saving spiritual work helping others out and to help this world and this life its by modern machinery and what a joy its been to have it sent out so fast to others in far away places and ones quite near, I shall be gliding all over after this with my pearly outift on in my Crowned wreath of real glistening Thorns and a brown halo I once had has gone from green to a great amber of love for all around to know this and I may appear in your dreams in my outfit and you may send this out and tell everyone I do pray. Amen, as a really great miracle shall transcend to you now by your bowing down to they to say thank you for my great Sainthood as God has informed me I am one to help produce a great miracle.

Hi, I’m at a really confusing part of my life right now, but most importantly, where am I headed financially? Is my new job one I’ll be able to keep? Will I be able to get a place of my own soon enough?

-Samantha 12/09/1992

Hi, The confusion shall stop at anytime, all of the sudden it may dimish suddenly, this may occur by you walking out of your current job postion as we say you hate it there inside, you may be in fear of saying that outloud as the mere mention of it may make it known to others. We feel you will apply for other positions online that have greater earning potential and you may be hired out by the place you are to another location so don’t leave there angrily or quit suddenly as they may apply you somewhere an hour away and could ask you to relocate there by applications they may see that fit your description. Thats the prediction, that you will transfer and love the new work situation as it will be lighter in an easy going atmosphere that you could thrive in. We predict you may fill out five applications online and ten in person one day out of fear that you need to hurry to find another job position. Seven of the applications could be in the same exact field and one may be applying for the far away job with them directly in person by a job fair you have attended. We predict you may make the move and wont travel there, we see you having your own place at that time, this could be around the 1st of Nov.,2018 or Dec 28th,2018. We predict an increase in salary if and when this occurs by your self will transforming the job position and move, a move up with almost double the earnings by May, 2019. If you stay in your area you may choose a job you found online, interview with nice people and come to find out the pay is low. Therefore trying to relocate may be the best opportunity to increase finances and have a place of your own. We see by next June you may be in a two story, two bedroom apartment in a newer complex with a pool area and  parial view, granite kitchen, walk in closet and a pet too. Amen to you, your guides angelic wings are supporting you to a wealthy prosperpous happy future and wonderful place to live anew.


Will I find an ideal job? Something that I’ll like to do and not have to worry about money from month to month?

-Mojca 04/01/1991

Your guides say you will find an ideal job position in the very near future by your never ending radar in search engines online you should progress that light speed by searching out a job that intrigues you which asks for qualifications you now posess to unfold more so for the job by you putting additional information on a plain white sheet of paper you print which shall be a longer resume’ thats mailed in white envelopes simply we predict in old fashioned mail with typed your typed address labels by a large printer to appear professional. We see the job you may apply for is that in a business world which entails more thoughts to add on your leggy resume’ that shall be writing out late at night we foresee ahead as it should happen as a sudden inspiration of an exciting time when you see the words written online on a web site that suddenly pops up on the side out of nowhere, you will see it and know thats what I am looking for. We see you will apply at that time and financial worry shall disappear the minute you apply you may seem relived as a sigh of its over now I can really rest and feel sure thats the job I’ve searched for that I finally found it. We see the income could be ten times the amount in years to come, a higher amount than you have thought of, as the worlds atmosphere and your heavenly guides around you bless you to relie upon them and their wisest best and good worldly decisions for your better good to know what they have planned for you to conquer is far more than you had a simple thought of. They say your job ahead is one of that a good person is needed for who is far more forthright and in tune with the office place then a regular job that may be similar to this one as that thought or job application online may have lead you to this one thats similar as the thought in your head is seed already planted by job searching therefore when it pops up at two AM on the Internet you will notice it right away and do the work right away we so predict this to occur ahead. The job is one that combines three jobs you’ve thought of and two you have done. It involves creative intelligence and a light hearted moment may come about when you meet them in person at a coffee shop table for a meal nearby your residence as they may drive there out of there way ten miles or five miles in light year traveling for us your great Guardian Angel beings at your side its a three second flight thats not always bliss for us as to travel can be so tiring that flying by wings is limited to an hour a day at most and for us your long winged angels its a time travel flight by our brisk flight there from our day by this question we have all been there and back by our very earned lengthy wings by stature of our great senior rank as your claimed a really nice great white light Saint as our savior on our earth as you are one to really relie on your own Angels around you and above you now calling out to say believing in us is always a real miracle that we do chant together strum our harps song with our glowing white to pearl to amber grey Saint to Lord and Lordess halos upon our heavenly heads as we are really Angels abound the earths realm to help a human who we call our soul mate that we are hired to guard and not paid for as humans do on this awful sometimes earth seems that way by money choke holding everybody by greed and laughter online as lol and so on so to see a serious one who knows its really us helping you and always has been since you were born on that great day we say you are a great Saint and Savior for many today and for tomorrow as the call to work you shall say I knew this already as my Spirit Angels who are so very wise did tell me as they are all really working day in and day out by my nice side for my goodness to come forth and to prevail around and unfold to say it out loud you shall be crowned again and over again each time you say the mere words of an Angel guiding me and those around me shall see them fluttering about all around my great spiritual crowned head of such wealth as the ones who are so good we want the wealth for them so by asking us this great inquisitive question of such belief your really great bound Angels grant you double the income right away alot more than you are ever expecting or wanting its not as wanting is is that pure mere desire inside to take it ten fold in the near future not that far off as the job thats planned ahead is paved by our blissful golden highway to that castle where you may so soon reside as move up as a place you will lease or buy and own. We see the job place is ten to fifteen miles from where you are and could be fifty miles away to another location where you could be transfered or start off there and not more than fifty miles, we see its a shorter time in driving time than it may seem. The call may come by your enquiry so fast online that night or at five AM you may send it over and they may answer your great encouraging phone call at seven AM or eight at night as it may say late night to early dawn hours for some applicants by time zone interviews. We see you will run to accomplish this, invest time and thought in preparing for it beforehand by a longer printed resume’ all planned and thought, by also adding in it your dreams, accomplishments and hopes for conquering life on earth to its fullest and best measures for the good purpose of doing this human rights work by the job you may find now. Amen from your ten spirit guides of an Angels flight.

What is going on in my love life

-Rebecca G. 03/11/1983

Your love life will not change right now but it may in a few weeks or it may be years if you are not actively looking around for another person is not the answer, the spirit guides of yours feel you have found somebody already, we see that is someone who’s nice and not always available emotionally enough to be there for you in a great time of such need it may seem quite dramatic to them if you are not calm within, in the middle of the day he does not always care for the clamoring of a phone in my ear all day it seems to them. Therefore playing hardest to get at is not the great grandest of ways but to hold off a wee bit so they are not always feeling over bothered a person in such stride of an easy going days. He prefers some peace of hardened heart strings as rough around the edges as by playing a game of naginess he sees it as from different people in his life he has an outlook to not have someone harp on me when I am full fledge in a busy period of the afternoon. Therefore we see this person you hold some love for is one to tread lightly around as what’s a good time to contact him on his cell, a time when hes freed up from busy tasks around in a afternoon thats bogged down at the work place afternoon hours are ones to avoid if possible. The morning hours you may be tippy toeing around on a cell texting lightly good morning good day hope its a great one and so on, light brisk texts are infatuating to them, not a mean or at all bossy attitude. He wants softer love of timidness of the shy side of your coy spirit in lighter heartedness as opposed to being bold to interupt or question where are you now? why didnt you ever call back? as scolding could ruin it all in a text message blast, blasting his ear off we mean in a heart beat of anger of being scolded to feeling put down insulted and so bothered can lead to being ignored for awhile and a rejected feeling of a bruised scorned sorry sad heart thats broken in two to be mended ahead by your healing ways of making an apology so fast is good probably , to later that day or night say I’m so sorry if I said something in a rush that upset you. The anger may subside quickly and by this foresight warning you may try to avoid it at all costs we say. A person you love inside you should treat properly with delicate caring thoughtful ways then the love can come forth inside he more so than on and off waiting forever to be a great couple by the going back and forth as on and off , upset , bothered than forgetting it later on by missing each others hearts side by side. This person is crazy for your love inside but does not want a pushy text but one of gladness towards me when its not a busy time in the day or night. We predict it could turn more solid instead of upside down in a heap by your sweet thoughts about he, a doting text to a tiny tear of sentiment in person occasionally is better than a rage of being mad to frustrated but be considerate of his time. That is the guides answer is to be considerate at all costs and that can send you soaring ahead, in addition to that the more honest you are in person is great also, better in person than a lengthy text on the phone, This could be light years of greatness when you meet up one day at a spiritual ceremony and renew your vows of love in a splendid place of time. Today we met and now here we are to announce our grand love held among all around to acknowledge this today in a time of the world for all to know the Angels guided us to the day of light around to feel the spiritual way of our worldliness that the approach one takes towards another has much meaning as staying together and being together forever more by mere mannerisms creating this movement to be secure forever more until one breaks the law of rules thou said to tread so lightly around ones heart to step in grace to the tune of an Angels harp to see the many light winged spirit guides a flutter all around for great love of good people who care so much for each other to stay around by saying the right words at the right time is the real key today and always shall be with he as to not jar him abruptly or say a hard word to scorn his sacred gentle heart shall fly you to a thrown of love to mold your great hearts into one of a hemisphere of eternity. Amen

Is my partner cheating on me?

-Claire S. 01/06/1977

The answer is no. Your partner is never the type to be so disloyal. We are your spirit guides to say we see your partner is over loyal, they may find great friends of the past days who are friends and friends alone around saying hello at times, bleak times for them may be when they reach out for support and to talk of old times to cheer them up is really why as a caring person who could just say a quick hello back. We see mistrusting is bad in this day ahead as to not see the loyalty is wrong, this may hurt them inside to no end therefore it is best to trust them. Your love life guide says you are one not as loyal and faithful may be why you feel this all the time as to trust them is to see the light ahead of a good day in love to assume all is fine is a good thought but not all good as you harping on them fills them with such deep doubt and regret too it may turn into as if you dont see the good side of me as a faithful type person it could feel so ruined. Therefore trusting is best , believing its alright, to not snoop around or check is a good measure to take in this situation that is a longer one today by your asking the question so an Amen to you for knowing the urge of wondering waiting calling fretting had to be put to rest as addressing it to your great white light spirit guides around you always is the proper way to heal a love sore of a question thats not a wound but a constant fear of worrying what’s happening when they are not near by I worry all the time. Trusting is best, to assume its all so great ahead and to know they are really loyal more so than most, the guides of your partner say our person we gaurd is the best friend of a sincere over trusting person in confidence that may be why you wonder as they are good at keeping confidential infomation as a trusting confident on this unraveling earth spinning around, it seems they may be closed mouthed not one to be open about every little thing that arises and that may be why you question are they hiding something from me? We say not and thats your needed answer and for you to not ever cause jealously is best also, to not run off with another or hang out with someone who’s a threat is best but to treat them as they want to be treated, that is if you love someone you should not cause fear and uncomfortableness but instead check will this bother them today? should I never speak to an old classmate again in this lifetime? You may say that one day too in a nice dear tone or an upset heart ridden of pain one if you accuse them you may push them to run to a rebound in the future as pain so great could be caused in them if you dont trust them. Amen from your great love life guides, trust is needed from both of you on both sides so focus on your side of trusting them in love light and airiness of a wonderment of glory to know I am thy one of love with glee to be my best person and put my best foot forward my best trusting face upon thy to let the love kindle onward to a really nice apparent day of unwinding trails to a long road of togetherness to be one in a good forthright world as by my good shedding trusting light upon they their face of kindled worship we may be together for one day of hecticness may only last a moment as it may be tossed away to say hey how’s by great person today? we are in no need of arguing over spilled milk that we just stepped right over lets glide off forget it for now and walk forward arm and arm among the roses towards the love of a miracle to see our blessed Angels of light supporting us by their wings at our side guiding us with sheer spiritual gold around our crowns we lit today by knowing so. Amen to you to have and to hold they for the best is unfolding before your naked eyes by believing in me God Almighty leading a band of Angels to march along.

Do you see any promotion or salary increase in my job ?

-Ylsi 09/26/1954

We do not see an immediate promotion or salary yet. The spirit guides foresee the changes of this coming season to have an effect on the economy in general in your area in particular. This could fluctuate by mid March to a higher pace in income by your determination and perseverance inside we see you will have an increase in your salary by this time. It could be nine percent higher on your payroll payments by mid June, 2019. This will take place by you asking around to associates to find out if they have heard of a pay increase that will be occurring in this field as one of them may know of it already by word of mouth and by general insight to the situation. They will tell you when you casually ask about to some there around you or when your on a break you should ask them if they hear of it to tell you as many are expecting it in the near future. We predict you may leave there in a about a year or less by a great job offer that lands on your lap top or cell you look at for emails etc. This job may be by a resume’ or application form online filled out by you next year in the summer time. In Dec.,2019 you may start there shortly after the holiday season lay off , as we predict a small lay off in about a year where you are employed. We see they may cut down half the staff all of the sudden in a rush by news they’ve heard regarding finances, this is a possibility or it may be the opposite and many may receive an increase in pay and it could be a move to a nicer place to work. You may decide to leave anyway we predict the job offer will be wonderful. It could be exactly what you are in search of online daily in spring 2019 on breaks on your ipad or cell phone and you may continually apply until this takes places at one of the several places you send inquiry’s to. The final application could be by fall of 2019, Sept. break time. We predict this could be a local place or forty five minutes away. You will find seven and apply to three after researching qualifications. We do not see a promotion where you are currently but mid spring there may an opportunity to move up the ladder, you will decide at this time if your approached by them, otherwise you will continue searching for a higher income online. This could be tripled my mid March of 2025 or 2027. In 2022 it could be a 50% increase in yearly income. The work your doing on yourself in your daily life with spiritual higher plain light art work of fireworks sparkling above and around you now may help increase the flow of money around as you are creating a great fire art energy of wisdom with worldly aspects to support this. Amen and love to you from your great Hierarchy Spirit Guides who will have woe around if you are not working constantly on your spiritual duties in this great life as you are a master of light energy from many lifetimes ago and are capable of doing much goodness in this lifetime by a spiritual journey in conjunction with your other duties performed. Your Spirit Guides of Wisdom and such great enlightened lightening blots shining all around advice you to stay on this light trail without hindering away for an instant as to continue on the path of righteousness could lead to a dark narrow barely lit pathway as a shadow inside may block it all away. To stay on the proper lightway pavement ahead in the shimmering days of good to be should help this prosperity to be an abundance all around shouting to you is your great wise spirit guide to say don’t take second best on a great list but see it as a simple task to move on past later in this great to be lifetime as you shall rise above the rest of the disgruntled heap of wallowers to see I am accepting this negative criticism as temporary for now only and never again as I shall be a leader in my future by my great leaders of my light Hierarchy Spirit Guides seeing that route for my way ahead of time. I shall conquer what I plan to and see the light energy of my spiritual transforming shall move this all along by a great brisk fast moving energy around me as I do so proceed knowing I expect that to take place without a shadow of a darkened doubt thus on that great white sparkling note ahead we say keep on saying your miracle transformation affirmations to us to support this forever in your life. Amen by us your great Guardian Angel, your Hierarchy of Great light, seven spirit guides by you at all hours and at ten am we fly off to thee in heaven to look at your measures youve accomplished and lists of great tasks ahead. At ten am another spirit guide watches over your great time of an hour each day as thats our heavens flight by our lights of long lengthy wing spans to fly your endeavors to the powers that run the heavens force in this grand universe therefore keep tasks at hand at night and by day on a tablet of white sheets of paper around you so we may see your great plans and ideas ahead to help them unfold by your yearning to see the best is the goodness a believer in light years knows can occur for them and for many others all around them in a great cheer. We can take thy notes to this long quick light way flight path each day for the journey of many miracles and we may even shorten up the darkened wishful days for prosperity to occur quicker as in right now. It may be must faster to take place by your eagerness quick pace of following this light path ahead with us your seven great long winged spirit guides of Angels of white light all around by your Guardian Angel a man and your Hierarchy of Great Light supporting your endeavors. Amen, to cheer us on is to see the right way for all to conquer so much in this life ahead by you knowing this information first hand as we are tapping away on a light pen typing within our medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox on this psychicsforetell blog for your great answers regarding the future foresight for you to know this.

I have to eventually leave my 2nd job cuz it is too physical. Was thinking of my 2nd job to be a caregiver

Go to there homes. Will I like the job and will it work foe me?

-Karen 10/16/1967

Your Spirit Guides predict you will not leave your second job for a year or so, this may be when you find a great job position an hour away from where you are currently located as you may move away shortly or later depending on what place falls in your lap that gives you the urge to leave your current residence. You may find a white light home you love thats in the middle of a small town near there. it may cross your path next year and you may then take a sudden leap of such great faith and run to it, move in by the ad you see catching your eye. We predict you will move in and be so tranquil that you will never want to go away from that nice place, a house smaller than where you are now with such charm and character inside and out you will feel a sudden peace and within a week you will want to move in forever and stay permanently we predict ahead. This could be next summer to fall 2019 by you looking at ads for places to move to. You will stay at your current first job for a year longer probably or for half a year then take a sudden new position full time and have that one job only is a predication ahead therefore a new job ahead and a new residence for the new year. For now we see a caregiver job only part time one to five days a week for an hour a day may suit your urgent current needs as you may find one simple lady near you who calls upon you daily to care for her for only a mere hour at night at five PM or eight to half past ten PM may be another person there. Three jobs you may see in ads in a newspaper are the ones you may take a look at briefly. We see one person who’s personality is not right to match with you who wants some part time help later at night, the eight to ten thirty position. The other may be at nine AM to five PM full time that you will pass up. The other one is one hour at night five days a week, you may find it soon on a Sunday in many newspapers you will get by this predication. The new life ahead we foresee is one thats more upbeat and an hour of brisk walking you may do so soon by advice given to you from a person you relie upon. The new job position may be by a referral from a mutual friend who knows its a great opportunity that you could fulfill for the person hiring who they know now. It is right up your alley with your personality and perseverance in a diplomatic style. The love of the work is why you may decide to apply for this all of the sudden when you know of it. This is near the residence we predict you could move to next summer and the new job thats predicated may be the reason you decide to look around to move. This holiday season we see you are around many important individuals who are sweeter in their heart than your accustomed to as they may be new friends in the area inviting you many places over the grand holidays or they may be far away family members visiting for the break who want to sight see the area, they may be long distance cousins , relatives from two states away, they could be Aunts or Uncles as well, a possible family get together for Dec. you may be informed of this on a social network internet site soon. Therefore the future days that lie ahead look mesmerizing with such great glee around by sparks of this white light energy your great guide sends to you within to know anything you dream of or wish for is so possible so keep your head up as high as possible by the simple tasks of such preparation for this not long road ahead many changes may come for the better that so soon will be a real felt miracle by you knowing this already ahead in advance as a true believer in your magical wisdom to unfold before you is your path of prosperity to a sweet charming place to reside in forever more, where we see two floppy eyed dogs atop a nearby bridge or path that leads to the home that you choose, and a new nearby Library that you fall madly in love with instantly, we your great white light Spirit guides around you see the change coming on ahead and we pray you do step into this nice way of life by us leading you there, to a greater place for love and harmony forever more with many small children around you there and no more second job at night or ever again in this life as we see your new way of working shall far master beyond any dream in your imagination, the things you’ve imagined could be so will be now, so soon by next June to mid fall. Amen for you to step into this fearlessly by you being a master at wisdom already your fire shall spark the day ahead to see I found the place, the job and know by my guides telling me so as they do know all along the way and much of the predicted path to lead me on the right course of actions to be taken now and ahead of time I am lead by their supportive wise angelic wings around me today and always in nearly every life as long as I do believe and know thus to produce miracles around. Amen

Does Richie love me?

-Mirella 02/03/1966

We say he does love you so much inside. He’s one to not want a full committed boughed down situation yet, thats how he sees a relationship but yes he loves you and wants more space in freedom now and is always this way. Your Spirit Guides of love and light feel you may tire of his never ending winning energy about the day or days to come. We see hes not the light and airy feeling one to be with now but may be later on in life. He wants to keep you at the side for love and focus on other missions hes planned for some time, his whole life he wants freedom and and abundance of love from you he needs sometimes in the colder days of this upcoming winter and frowns upon you being upset I may not always be there for you to have to hold onto, for dear life it may appear that way to him, that you absolutely need him day in and not day out at night so much while he runs around with his friends. He feels you want to depend on me at times when I’m in a real rush to leave and go out with guys alone no females ever are allowed near us in our space with our music. Therefore yes is the answer he does love you. He would like you to not ever let go and to always hang on to my whims urges to run off for work reasons only. He would like you to miss he and be there understanding and not ever yelling to hurry to him online but to conquer that side of patience with a trust within your sweet soul where you may have a resentment that he prays will go. He may want you everyday and evening forever more all the time around the clock in the years ahead when hes ready to just stay in. He feels you need me too much at times is why I’ve literally run off and left. He would like the trusting harmony of a great nice wind to dance among the bleak days ahead this cold solemn winter road as it may freeze up to no end. You may stay in where its warm alone often is a warning ahead as thats where you should feel comfortable and think oh well , I’ll just be with him again when the time occurs for another magical time in love forever on and off for several more tides ahead then a glistening moon in light to shine away that darkness of days left behind.For you to know hes the real one I shall hang on by a thin sparkly thread sometimes and know its leading to a golden knot above and around us by the powers of our great wise worldly lovelife guides who do know real love is so gold. Amen to you for knowing so, from your love life light Angel.


When will I meet my life partner?
-Tanya 10/08/1981 d the wisest man ever as by us pounding away up here its not as we are really inside our so tranquil she’s been known as in her great life, we mean our really great loyal sincere wise medium as we are inside her open lit white vessel as we tap away all around her by her side on a white lit pen thats amber grey today as we tap it all around by many guides saying the same predications together in a vast white glazed over wondrous hazy day as she types away our words by us telling her as a real medium for so many spirits that climb in her body and explain our great words by her for years as she does type for us in a medium trance inside and yet remains herself as your guides communicate your love life guidance to help it take place. We say its a man you do know alot about now, hes a real true friend and we say he may be your life partner. You may check into it by seeing who’s name begins with an E and a J as a last name on your Internet social network site, we say that could be him and by your looking you may notice it right away and scream in glee to see the sincere man is the one. We say it could be several of the men you know now, one is from the past as a High School class mate or before then at age 12 you may have met him then or known him years before that from your school and or area, hes a nice calm person on the surface and dotes over you foot notes online as a fellow class mate person of the great past. He may be blond now or was and could have side burns at times and lighter eyes.The spirit guides of yours feel you have meet him now, already in this page you may see the person by looking at the great spelling of the names we say as we see hes one you know now on your great social network site as an Internet person a dear friend so thoughtful you may say that to yourself as awwhow cute and sincere you are not sure of that yet, we say he is so sincere an. He may be five ft eleven or less, he seems slight in his make up, a good sense of timing and soft personality usually and loud sometimes. He may be at a nearby coffee tea place around that hated bend and not at a brewery in his life as a good sincere mellow one , hes not a hard knock person. Inside he may dwell on excursions that went wrong, hes the one to write you a song. You may be with he by the 4th of May predicated ahead unless you take fold with another before then. The first one online we say is the right man to be with if you can conquer that faint love sickness you may feel seeing him and then leaving to go home. You may miss him so and then it may be great by June 8th 2019 or later as a great marriage life partner. The other man the third possibility is one who you have not met yet, hes taller dark good looking with light steal grey blue eyes and maybe a blue jean color to you all on the other side of the internet screen looking at he on a commercial or in a photo online as he may be one to ham it up as an actor on a stage online at times, funny sayings he may send and a bottle of soda thats non alcoholic, you may find him online by a friend suggesting you add him on. He’s five nine and a chummy type who’s friendly in person and sometimes shy by love embarrasing he. You shall choose. Amen to thee to know to walk still among the  flowering lands to the truely great threshold of a blissful day of a grand union or a life partnership to be embedded in such great white tranquil stone of choosing the one to follow your life plan to be a good man by your side. Your love life guide an Angel with the longest lengthy wings on says Amen to the first one as to know he is to find them and to see the right moves ahead before it happens you shall know by a sharp sweet glance. We predict the first one and the others are equally as good for you but the last one is a actor person who may be a little self centered at times but he loves working with others, training them to be good for television or a stage. You shall know by the way they approach you and by your light hearted sense inside your being, you will follow your own inner guidance to make a great decision.
Me and my wife is currently going through a divorce and I want to know after the divorce will she want me back
-Johnathan 01/22/1990
Your spirit guides say it may be saved now but not after the fuel ridden divorce papers, assets arguments may not be that great of a deal but you may try to repair it now instead of afterwards as by then it could be dismal. She wishes it would stop some days by her heart fluttering around that needs you at times in a quiet time of the broad day light around three PM, that may be a good time to communicate to her as thats when she needs your voice and misses you late at night as well around ten PM but not at five PM as much as thats a more stressed period in the daylight but at seven she may wish you were there after dinner time. At five AM she would rather forget everything said and be together. She feels you took the high road out of our life together and you may be back for a minute some time but not for a years time together. She feels you could say you are sorry for any wrong doings you had, for your part of it in this shortened relationship, she feels you are not loyal to her at all and that you could be sincere if you tried to work at it. She sees you choose another path thats not the one you had planned to happen. If you want to be together and stay married for now or til the end of time and those are the words she’d like to hear sometime is til the end of time in a longing way such as your the one I met to stay be forever in long term relationship. I still feel thats the way it could be if you would listen to me when I say I long to work through this issue of you mistrusting me as I am loyal to the bone and to the bitter end, your assumptions are not right so hear me out in a long letter when I send it to you to plead to stop the divorce. If you those words and feel you can master a bitter scorned woman’s soul you may stop the divorce. You may say please stay in this and put the breaks on it for awhile as a temporary separation instead of a final split apart. She may say fine we can try for some time and be having fun instead of splitting things up, we can pray to heal the past scorn we both have had happen inside and know anything is possible with true love. Your question of will she go back with me after the divorce says you really love her and want to be with her forever and you asked her would you marry me again? at the holiday season around Dec 25th ,2018 at 9 AM not 9 PM, she may say yes gladly especially if you propose on a knee with a glamorous box of glee in a surprising fashion inside by hot coco or desert and milk freshly shaven saying it happily she may say fine, I get the impression you want to stay together enough to express this in a gathering of others who witness the honest truth on a special day as among others I would say certainly and then feel a great start in this nice New Year. A ceremony of vow renewals you may truely plan out ahead of time by seeing vow renewal outfits in a fashion magazine to feel trying is best for us instead of parting. If you parted ways there will be so much heated anger around as you are scorning each other instead of confessing your parts of the dismal cause of arguing. We say you may save it now instead of never again after a split thats so called permanent in the state of a court as then you say I’m really divorced as a single person. Starting over on a new foot after a temporary separation could work as some often seperate for a break apart to fix things instead of slam a door tightly shut. This door may not ever open wide again but it may if you stop the divorce proceedings and say lets start over and try to fix it instead of deciding now. How bout we wait til we’re certain we can live without each other and to learn how to stop being at each other throats in the heat of an arguement and to know we are upset due to love inside and not ill feelings towards each other. She would like you to stop threatening me, to stop saying leave me alone online at times or on a cell, but to say lets discuss it later on when we are both in the proper state of mind, instead of abruptly cutting her sweet voice off by hanging up yelling. Changing how you treat each other would help. Your great love life guides around you see it could work if you are so nice to she at 5 PM and to show her you care by a smile or wink online or on the cell phone, this would lighten it up a little bit for now to stomp out anger inside as you are both reluctant to show the other you really care and don’t want it over at all, your mad it could be over and being mad makes it harder to continue. So bless you we hope it works out now as later it may be too late. She will feel you did this to me, you did not want to try to make it good again as it was, you may waltz off into the sun set to never see us together again and not really care at all as if you did you would try to call more often in a nice tone instead of a threat in my day of doomed marriage vow destroyed feeling around. Therefore trying now is the best way. Your great guides say you may tap into the love inside and throw it upon her cell to see the look upon her face is her spirit guide to know its a frown if you yell so to laugh love and be so nice and gentle the winds may bind you together by having space among the ruins for love to dance so freely to the wind of your eternal souls to last a lifetime instead of parting ways, being nice is the way to bring her back
Will my finances ever get better??
-Ted 01/27/1957
They may get a whole lot better when you are down praying for dear life about it now as you are already by asking your great Gods all around. You may have more given to you so soon by your requesting this to your spiritual guides of such wonder all over the map. They are reaching out for you to find a financial source of work energy for you to see. This could be by a online ad place as a classified site. There may be two places online that catch your attention, one may be a car lot or and a source unknown that sparks your insides to reach for it by the name. You may be a house of worship shortly at a wedding of a friends or dear relatives, a second marriage and a crowd shall be there in Feb or March, 2019. You may find work there also by networking to them who care to listen at a banquet table, to think ahead of who to have great conversation with can help to plan it all out in advance by you knowing when you are invited. This may be a band thats of interest to you at the reception or before, they seem as folks who would extend themselves towards you for work purposes also. You may keep this thought hidden inside til then and plan to have the appropriate business card to hand them there at the banquet table afterwards as you may table float and know I must do this to conquer my finances as seven of them may approach me for work ahead later on and two may ask me then to see their point of view therefore a social gathering is the answer for fiances as networking shall bring an abundance by you preparing a short brand new resume’ on great thought out letterhead thats kept in your car door pocket we say as having there by chance you may just spur of the moment say let me get you my resume’ from my car or in a friends car in a lap top sort of bag handy, also a brand new artsy business card to hand seven there as hey here’s my card, let’s get together sometime down the road. You may get their email from their cards they hand you, that may be two persons. This is the place for great prosperity to unfold. Amen to you for knowing that now. Also, the other way is to consolidate minor bills that you have at hand. We see two to three jobs you may find now on the classified web site online by searching out jobs. You may apply now and later at the end of Dec. for another job. By Jan. 2019 you should have bill balances paid down to a lower amount, more income by reducing rent which could be by moving residences, job income by the three places you sought out. Your great spirit guides see you as a wonderful friend to some and these relationships may be a soft wind beneath the work you do towards goals online, the supportive groups may help to gilde your endeavors ahead to financial wealth and in a very timely manor you may flourish ahead of them who don’t think the plan will take forth and unfold. We see despite their  unwarranted not needed opinion your prosperity can be greater then foreseen by you. We say by the end of 2019 it should be wonderful for you, to not feel despair by then and mid year this should occur somewhat. In years to come it may be doubled , in love and happiness also is seen ahead in your predication. Amen from your great spirit guides at your side flying be to see the light around the miracles transpiring by your insight received as a believer in me God almighty and thou Savior by me your great angelic Spirit guide of a white light gaurdian Angel, an older home may be redone or a future move could take place in years to come or shortly depending on the right rhythm of short steps to giant leaps by your Angels great guidance to see listen to me and see the ones who are ever so willing to be there along the shortened successful path lead to prosperity that you so well deserve as to know this within you shall preceed into the time of an ever winding path of the universe of ours thats limitless as we are in our real angelic winged realm of angels of white light flying past to support this as we tread ever so lightly in our heaven on earth space among the humans who are willing to see us around them to guide them for the best and highest purpose therefore you are one crowned a giant glistening wreath of white gleaming pearly thorns aglow as God and thy Savior shot down to say hello and to write this to you as you are one the angels called upon us about by tugging on a string of light that lead us here to be in our medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox to write our answer. Amen
Hi! My boyfriend Paul passed away on December 13, 2017. I miss him so much and I just need to know that he is at peace and that he knows how much I love and miss him. I have a lot of guilt and I feel horrible because before he passed, I wasn’t very nice, and I need to know if he forgives me for the way I acted. I wish I could go back and change alot of things! I cry just about every day, and I just pray sometimes that God would just take me, that way I can be with Paul again. So can you please pick me and answer my questions. Does he know how much he is loved and missed? Is he ok and at peace? Is he in heaven? Will he show me signs that he’s still around me? Does he forgive me? I thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you!
-Kristi B. 01/19/1981
Dear Kristi,
Your long lost love is here to say I’m not ever gone away at all but to Gods great wide open arms I did so fly in to see his face seeing me ahead on my death place by the light hanging over me then that day not so long ago to they on this earth thats spinning out of a twilight I do say to see the great night darkened haze around it lifted up towards the place of dawn to a dusk of shining Armour around as the great light knight and shining male Guardian Angels all around to see them protected as you have so many men angels in their grand light age glory to see your face in a dimly lit light around you to say your the best one for me a great love life friend of yours enchanted I am still by your side. I am not a assigned Gaurd Guide by your side but at times I have been in this great light enchanted time away in heavens life I graced so well right away by a great white Knight Gaurd flight to them yelling to me to come up a grand whitest bright swirling fast speeding along tunnel in a really bright circle of their Gaurdian Angel light as the light large winged Angels produce it the Angelic beings of our deepest light twilight as a tunnel of speed that pulls a persons spirit right up to the top landing so above where they called upon me to hug them in the instant of my death a great death I do say as I reincarnated to them as an Angel an Angelic being spirit I am and always have been as thats who I am inside internally for many century’s and long ago ones as an ancient persons soul being lifted back to a real reincarnated life spirit place I do so know as its all so familiar and I did see my great Gaurd around me when I did die in a human life my body left behind me that I flew straight away out of to an Angels flight to earn back my ancient long lost wings that I so tucked inside of my earth ridden body to throw off my pride as prideful I was have been in that life at some times as you do know that as a stubborn demanding earthbound form of that life I was often and to toss it away as my sinful ways of my mind had become too much to see past as at my death I cast off those decencys of that long lost personality to see all the good all around me as a great winged flying Angel to hover by you now as I write by my now claimed medium who’s writing this important piece for me for you to read by your great questions that I am answering and thats a defiant yes I do so forgive you and and I am at some great peace in this heavenly atmosphere as I see the earth twirling around spinning in a great Gaurdian Angel orbit today again as I am assigned this journey of my life above to assist some in a spiritual miracle above by showing them the gliding way in this great Gaurdian Knight Angelic sphere in heavens glow above and around you now I train them the men to soar around the ones who need their Gaurdian Knight ways to protect them all on the nice turning earth as a protective guide as a male Gaurdian Angel as I have been one in so many lives that I am that friend as well a good friend to you in heart and not soul connected now but would be later sometime again says God to me by my own Gaurdian Angels as I have so many to see you are one to know I am always around guarding your energy of pink aura not as tranquil as its been in our past ages together but could be later as your upset I am gone my earth ridden form and now I am an Angel to soar all around to say to them check on her down on the earth and show me a letter you wrote about her great self and self induced pity I have seen a thousand tear drops all around me to say you miss me as I wash them all away to say I remove them from your great body light of full emotions once and for all and Amen to you for knowing this tid bit of great vast information today as I have strewn this about to toss it all away from your entire existence for a really clear better vision ahead to know I am not gone and you are a good person and a really good to great one I say so now to know this and to take a bow to the great Knight Gaurdian Angels who do gaurd you often by me sending them from my male Gaurdian Angel school where I train them. I do wholely forgive you and the signs I am showing you are my men Gaurds Angels all glow to say hello to you one day so shortly by a twinkling light ahead you shall see it now by your great White Knight Guide Gaurd Angels showing you the mesmerizing effect a mere light blinking away at you today when you read this to see it now and know I sent them to say a really great hello. Now goodbye you may see as I may fly by one day to say I am reincarnating above to fly back down to an Angels swan departing from my heavenly state to be a baby near you as a young man you may know this so soon as it may be anytime says God to me now during this great white light trance channel writing by his medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox by your great important inquisitive wondering about you tossed it out there online on a form box to have it returned as a special note to hold inside your light head forever on this earth and you shall know me when I return as you will know when a pregnancy occurs and the light on your bedside is blinking on and an off to say its me the baby in they. Amen for you to know, that date is yet to be said. But you should look forward to seeing me again as a new person with the same spirit inside. Amen, this is to so occur June 14th 2019 to 2025. You will know by the great light way on my newborn face and you may then hold me so once again. My love does flow to you forever more in my Great Gaurd Knight outfit I so grace now by a shining armour shield I cast upon this now great blast turning into a peaceful orbit as it has been throughout the years it may now spin so much better by your words showering this really great miracle from your Knight and Shining Armour Great Gaurd to know this you are a true creator of a miracle to now take place among many who shall believe this is not a fairytale of woe but a true occurance prevailing by your mouth giving this to they they may now turn into believers and become one to hold the shadow I have so cast by my shield I blast towards this earth to turn it all around by your words saying to.
Will I ever have luck at a game of chance that will allow me to be financially stable.. And is my current relationship with my girlfriend based on secrets she is keeping
-Casey L. 02/26/1987
You will have some luck in the far off future that could be in ten years as this may be a real windfall of funds into your safe you will keep in your place where you will live then we predict it will be an hour away from where you are in a field of dreams of a pasture without a milking cow as we see that will subside in the world sometime and we see you without a horse but with a pig as a pet, a gift you received from a passed on friend who lived there before you it could be, we see you will know this when it does happen, predicated to be eight years away when you finally move to a home with a lovely pasture around it and a dear good person will lead you right to it as a horse ranch in the later time of 2012 you may have met that person or another friend you will meet at the end of 2019 a person selling horse ranch properties, we believe you may inherit pets at that time with a ranch home in the area you dream about. This may be your lucky time ahead, we see it is. This may occur sooner its possible it could take a turn around at any second and by your great Knight prayers to they above you may see your name aglow on the internet I recieved a million bucks you may say soon outloud to yourself when you see it cast upon a site or in your email in box no its not but may be in an in box somewhere shortly by you asking for this to occur you may recieve that wish to be granted by us your great white Knight spirit guides all around you together we say we are your great Gaurdian Angel male guides protecting you by our Knightly Shield to cast a miracle from heavens sphere all around you for luck in a game of chance by us saying we grant you this for a prosperous journey ahead to see it all flow back in your safe in your area we see you will have that happen and a great ranch property we predict you will be buying by a man from the end of 2012 or a woman you dont know right now who you will meet at the end of 2019 and you shall know by this peice of information to call upon them and you may dream of it in your gifted imaginative head seeing a sun rise of an orange glow with blue jays all around the sunlight ranch, a small pond and a log across it among flowering pastures of fields you will visualize a brick chimneys smoke outside a grand homey wonderful life we so say now by your thought patterns bringing this forth to the new call of a day of eternal bliss beckoning to you and to those around you and other seed planting you may have done by now we see that shall also transform to some money shortly and the vast amount in the future days by your wonderful spiritual ways to know how to transform this light energy towards that miracle day of money doubling tripling and so on forever more we say it can be that day so soon as anytime it can happen by this next June 2019 to the end of 2029 depending on your endeavors you proceed on and by us saying the miracle words in here written by your great white Knight Gaurdian Angelic being of a male angel with the largest wing span in our history as hes the Saint Michael Arch Angel here writing in his medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox to you all in your state to say thank you for knowing its I doing this a miracle I say is for you to hear my Angels song I am really writing by my medium Miss Nancy Fox her plain well known common name I call that as Nancy Fox most do say so in that wording of a first and last name and I am one to know her for a really long time and I do say I am within her soul and spirit now to write this all so down to hear me is to know this as she feels angelic chills inside now by writing this for me in her medium open trance writing vessel that I climbed down to say hello I have the largest wing span here and that I do know and God asked me to come down to say this to you so I may grace the earth by a real miracle to occur as you shall its really been me in the past part of this channel writing when she said great long wings long wing span thats I who so came to speak on this page to blog it so many will know I am really writing this in her soul and you shall know that and tell many then you shall see me in your area flying past one day at dusk when you are reading a morning paper so take my photograph so please to say thats my Saint Michael Arch Angel my new spirit guide he granted me a miracle that I requested and then so it shall all happen as magic a magical time ahead I do say at a magical Kingdom that you will experience when thus does so occur as I grant you this request in the here and now, often I say this to they my other believers to believe it can be so. Your so called girlfriend is not the one to stay around as you shall leave anytime as keeping a deep dark secret its that and shes hiding some relevant information thats improper so shes secretive as you may judge her or up and leave her, she may turn white as a snow fall when you go as sudden shocking of a timid sneaky soul as shes inward to vast a light inside as she may change by you saying things so right to her face only not by a message written, In fall of next season of this one you may say hi do you want to keep being secretive hiding out from your own soul? or do you want to come clean to me right now? and say what the meaning is of your secrecy around someone and why do you dwell upon that from day to dusk time all alone often as its been literally eating away at your soul inside so please release it and we might carry on or not depending on all of it. We say she may leave abruptly by you calling this on to her and she may eat away torn inside her great white light magical pretty being of our eternal life to stay forever more. Amen , if not you may meet ten other women one day who are not right at all you will say so right off the bat, the new age saying as I do know them as well by being in heavens vast earthly realm. Therefore try to work on it as a nice man coming from a place of love inside held in to the day you die she may say so and forever more you could carry on in a great strengthened love song as we do hope so. You may know the right time to say it all to her inside you may feel that timid energy changing to open up to say a few great nice words as shyness around may be sometimes why it seems secretive also, its also her past tugging away on her right arm and you may see through a time of great eagerness to know I shall make it all last as I must by being a little bold but not too abrupt to say it nice in hopes of never parting off by being gentle but firmly bolted into a really long real nice relationship as a committed pair it may flourish just by the mere mention of the secrecy to timid one you hope will open to glide along a nice love life road ahead to that great sprawling ranch on such land with no cattle hens or ducks but some may fly by your house where you all live so soon to say hi the Knight and Shining Armour Gaurd with a grand Shield and the longest wing span thee Saint Michael Arch Angel sent them so we would all know the world shall turn around by my asking about luck in a game of great game of some chance and by curiosity about secrecy then I shall be so crowned a Saint.
Is my dad okay? I’m having a hard time accepting his death.
-Destinee R. 04/24/1993
Your dad is doing well as he’s become an angel who says a great nice lengthy wing hello to you to say my arms are all around you yelling to this yellow sun I see ahead of me as I am really flying by to see you on your page online a television it does seem as and I’m intertwined in love so aglow to see you here and now by my great day in this flying to the ones who are writing my innermost thoughts down by my spirit energy sending them out so you may read this to see the words afloating on a great page online you will know I am really fine and was not at first for quite sometime a year it may have been as it seems that length of time as I was earthbound in my spirit there amidst the rubbish around I was determined to not fly up above soaring around past many other Angels in a really nice miracle flight as it seems as that right now, as I was a spirit flailing around on earth as a ghost you might say as I died and said I am not returning to that heaven tunnel swirling around above me right now today the day of my instant death in this light hearted life of such great love and I said maybe later on but not now as I am having a fun time seeing them that I know in my ghostly form as a dead mans spirit but a haunting it may have seemed as I did try then to reach so many of they who know me and did once as a white twilight spirit reaching him and he may know i moved the blinds in that kitchenette area in his place and I am that one who reached some and then said okay fine I’ll go back up the tunnel of love to heavens light a place I became familiar with in my last life’s passing there so much in glee that last life before this last life I jumped and ran to that place above and around you now is their great white light of a miracle of such grace of they the miracle ones who are yelling to me as fly up past a fog of clouds to see a hazy yellow sun day ahead of me in my orbit by my angelic Saint Crowned yellow halo long wings blowing by the sky around to see them waving to me come on up to talk to us from your guide life assignment on earth to see the question from your great worried heartsick daughter who’s calling you to answer me so I have may have some piece in my heart today as I read this by the medium channel writer so I left the place on the earth that I am working as a Guard Guide long winged yellow halo Angel by their side as a Gaurdian Angel is the title I will have so now by your great moment of grace of this wonderful inquiry I am thee a Saint I am really now so crowned by your asking me to channel write as I am doing that right now by speaking in my metal it seems as a tube thats of magic of a flute I play as I fly away from the earths place not of rest but of my great busy enlightening earth surfaces job gaurding my man I am assigned to as now a Great Gaurdian Angel with a real crown I have on over my large yellow halo so angelic feeling it is and I am writing this by playing my magical flute to the one inside the mediums open light beam thats our great Savior the Lord hes known to be who climbed in that open beam of light to write this down by my flute I play to you as I glide on seeing heavens great glowing rays of hope a song to know as a really great long lost miracle and to stop by they to say thank you to her my great not lost daughter as I am here by you in this day of hope to say a miracle by you I am that today as to see me write this by my flute I play thou Lord and our great Saints around he do so say a magical day I did create to channel write to thee by the sound of my flute so please be with me as you see I am around ones on that turning earth by my light as a magic being as a soul who knows its heavens light in that great spinning so round tunnel to see ahead the plan and time and this one man I did haunt for awhile instead for a brief instant it could have been but I did say my death was sudden so I am adjusting to this change therefore I shall stay this way in my hazy gray spirit for a day or so and no more my Angel of pinks flowing glows around said not another minute your flying up to do an important job and so I did and that was when I saw you type this question. Amen.
Will Chris Wilkersons ex ever take her kids ,go away & leave us alone, stop c4ursin us.That’s the only way I know, 3-
-Patricia 11/17/1967
The guides say she will take her kids and leave one day in the near future, they may be taken to another house to live with the ex for sometime in his quiet place in an area with a great surrounding of peacefulness abounding. The kids need him more today but later they will need her often. They are beautiful kids who want to be in a safe place in happiness. He will fulfill his duties as a good parent today and always it may not be as he may be someone selfish later on in life towards mid life age. She will take them for some time and not permanently but in good measure as she decides its right for them to be with her as much as they can be with certain insistences pertaining to this that cause pain around them. In due time it shall work out with a flow of real balance and harmony prevailing forth towards all of them in a seperate light. She may stop being upset at them for not returning a favor, she feels frustrated about much that has passed and holds it all in and wants it to subside by them noticing her great strength inside. The guides see you will feel recovered from this situation when you can learn to ignore it and get away from what’s bothersome such as to flit off into some happy times of moments you create by distracting yourself into a harmony of peaceful times, to find things that you avoid is one way to find the cause of you being upset by this situation. To ask yourself why am I eaten up over this? can I do something to help out by saying the right words at the right time to they to help the sadness crumble away to then rush in to be a nicer person who cares about outcomes that are a positive flow for everyone around instead of pin pointing who’s at fault you may ask what can I do to help this become a harmonious day and time forever the guides of yours do pray for you as the do bow down to you to say you are hostile in your quiet voice sometimes with enraged anger locked in your spirit that you may release to us in your day ahead by being in a sorrowful state of needed remorse to see what have I caused to others that seems a pity for they to embrace. Your guides say to live it out by being free inside by releasing held up anger to they around you your angels can take it away from you, the fierce energy of a madness of your own making they say by the notes they take on your behaviors each day as you have many angels flitting about you and your person by your side who knows more of love and misery also, the angels say grief stricken men are often harsh on another by them and they let out hostile measures to the person by them. We see a man your around who may act this way by lifetimes of frustrated times inside his being therefore praying to all of us, your great heavenly guides who are so grand and wise we see you shall release the anger filled air by your prayer of light to us around you now and forever more as your guides always are with you, that includes many flocks of such great white light angels who say bow down to the one who angers you and say please do not shout and hear my words to say love will conquer all then the bitter angry voices can go away from all around in this as arguing gets us nowhere, lets all see the light of love and enjoy today and the future days as ones who can see past the inward pain and see releasing it can transform freedom of light to be in a great harmony.

What is going on between me and my boyfriend of over a year. He has been pulling away for a few months and recently starting to come back around but it’s just not the same . He’s closed off towards me . I know he’s married he just got married in Nov 2017. He didn’t tell me I had to find out on my own. Is he seeing someone besides me and her from his past or someone new ?

-Terri 03/22/1971
The guides say hes torn up between the many ones around him on his cell, he sees you are the love for me to be with for now today and forever maybe that could very well be. He says that marriage day long ago was a mistake, it feels a long time ago to him. He sees that was just a sudden impulsive decision which made him do that in a real hurry to rush to get married. He does not see it as a great day of a marriage in real serious vows but something that occured out of nowhere. He sees it was not meant to be in a real state of love as its hatred by that person who’s really all done thats the reason he sees that marriage as not a real one of lasting eternal vows but a mere temporary situation. He sees you as the one to stay with and sees hope for the future days ahead in the holiday season he may be torn up about the situation of so many doting on him on his cell phone, most he ignores always but not you and not the brisk soft scent of niceness you send for he to read, therefore he loves the nice text messages you do send more often than another person so the love life advice is to continue the nice soft sweet texting and to not holler at him but you may yell more often in the future if you don’t hear from him often enough at a time in the not so far off future, this could all start to occur more so in late March or fall of next year as we do this continuing on in a real nice love song with a legal divorce in store for they to happen in a serious cut off mode in late May of 2019 he sees this marriage is nothing do me I found the love of my life to stay by me when I am more free, he says I hope she calls me all the time when I’m off from my job shortly each day that I am a short vacation when I have the time available to be texting back and forth sweet nothings doting over me in love is what he does like inside his stern manly heart broken heart as it may crumble apart if you walk away and dont call or message often enough. That is you call of when and how to say nicely its me with no other around your cell or around you as I am a loyal faithful person in hopes of this going somewhere with us in love for life if the rest are left behind for now and forever in the great near future therefore we say leave it be until he asks a question of what will happen if I am not fully in a committed relationship? as hes in a great fear of loosing you to another. He will suddenly feel I must only speak to her and not any others who bother me with their nothingness petty messaging of hey how’s everything? what are you doing? questions that mean nothing to him at all they are just bothersome and pirating to his being and he ignores them mostly and the one he should not have ever married will be gone from his life by Feb 29th 2019 we predict that day ahead and he may run to you with open arms then and now too, still he has to embrace the possibility of a great marriage day with you, confusing for him its now, its just time restricting reasons so we advice continue the love life in its drawn out state of happen chance seeing him and running into him here and there could start to happen everywhere and you will feel its a fate around us by our great Guardian Angels embracing this love to know us to be together as one force of  a positive light to let the others fall away to the dusk of disappearing from his life, going away from his cell phone by his ignores and blocking them later on in the fall time next year we say it may progress to that and be a long stream of this on and off and seeming closed off to you at times may be the tranquil peace inside of feeling calm within by being by your side. He is unsure by so much confusion of different interferences of others prying into his deep in love with you life so wait is the answer, to ride it out by staying in love and so calm without rushing away with a threat or mean ultimatum but to feel it can work as the love life guides say it can by you understanding the circumstances of him not wanting to make others angry as it could cause havoc so doing all lightly it may help to not ruin a good man with some wreckage to toss to the side someday around March 29th 2019 or next fall then it should feel so right and be a real committed solid relationship we foresee ahead of time as your great white spirit love life guides to see a brisk light text message to he at half past noon to a somber hi at five pm is not best but an upbeat hello hows it going now with the work situation? can show you care so much more to feel to he as a lifetime lady forever more for our eternity as you are not getting so mad and upset but love a little conversation to know this can unfold to a more fulfilling relationship in our great future ahead for our glowing light shall endure this great windy path that’s shortened up now by your wisest spirit guides guiding you along to lead you to a great place on a throne of holy matrimony in a harmonious bliss.

Has Shawnna had sexual desire or contact with anyone else but me since we got together on 9/12/2016

-Brian 06/04/1973
The answer is a solid no says God and your great white Angels flitting past you to say we see a fairly good time your having with her your love for dear life we are unsure as we see this is a great life for you and it could last a wee bit longer if you can see the greatest way of her time with you, we see shes a good person whos over loyal and its beyond a regular persons grasp to know a person can be that loyal and so sincere and understanding with you today and always we do so pray it unveils before you, a great happy day it can be if you are more ever trusting as this is what it does need to keep going on as you are in a dim light of not knowing how this can be done with ease of you seeing her more sincere and wiser than many as thats the person within. Therefore the answer is a strong no as shes over loyal thats the answer.



-Panayotis 07/16/1975

You may if you are playing lucky cards, the cards may be green and black with yellow or crimson red, some white cards, the playing deck you have now is not the one with some friends, its the one with a gambling casino that you may visit shortly in the near future in your nearby area or wherever you will gamble in the next few months we say to play backgammon once and then forget that game for now, play cards at hotels and take the carry on bags to the resort next spring we predict you will travel spring 2019. You may win a lucky spree in June next year when you travel there, about an hour away. That is predicated now in advance. This month and next you may spin a wheel on a game show and win if you can as we see a winning game there in May 2019. The cards by your house are the ones with that have hearts on them, scratchers you could see near where you live. In Dec. you may buy cards at a lotto game place and fill in your lucky numbers on Weds the ninth of Dec and June 3rd, 2019 is a possibility of a lucky winning day at those times. You could win money at a sports game in March or July also. We say you are on a lucky winning streak so soon in casinos by you is not the place to win now but it could be next spring in May or June, local nearby casinos and the one you may travel to as stated above or in July or Sept 2019 we predict you could win more there. This month you may win online and not next month as much or at all is predicated. We say you might try a lucky day on May 18th, 2019 and a lucky day on May 12th, 2019 and June 3rd, 2019 for quick picks scratchers that are automatic and your own lucky numbers on the dates stated.

When will I find True Love?

-Linda 12/02/1964

You will find your true love on the date ahead in May 2019 maybe, they may be someone you met already long ago , or a year away you may see them again if not May 2019 they are someone who’s very nice and kind to you in the past and not always there when you need them you felt often when you were seeing them long ago or a year ago as we see several in your life you may be with again soon and that may be the one from recently you wonder and we say its not that person at all, we see its one from long ago in the past that you were around in a relationship seeing them from time to time since then or talking online and he is someone very tall and kind to you usually and he does not want a relationship in his life at this time you may think, we say thats wrong thinking, we see he does want that sometime but not now is our answer, we see hes the potential one you could flourish ahead with in the near future as a soul mate partner , this could be the May time we have said or June or July but not past summer time next year as if you are not with him you may run off with another person, hes not as tall hes average or around six ft tall and hes one you know from a year ago and the other one you were with a couple of years ago or around that time ,before the other one. Therefore our answer is you end up with a man from the past, either of the two. If not the new man will cross your path a year from the May to July time period as if you have not fallen back in love with a past love then you may meet the new one later in 2020. Who is your true love? we says its one of the two probably and they may both be ready for a great relationship anytime, one is ready now the most recent of the two, by Dec he may come around more often and the other is not yet ready as he’s still been soul searching and he’s not the right type for you today you may see it that way. We say he will be ready in spring, he has upsets about regular life issues today and for some time and he has love inside held in for you today still, you may talk to him more often in spring and see how it develops. It could be a great love life for you in the next year by summertime, he may want to see you often in fall next year probably not this year but an occasional hi texting and emails to each other are possible. The seven possible ones are not all around you, we see its the two and one you may meet and the others you might meet far off in the future if your not married by the end of 2020 as we predict you may end up married to one mentioned, one of the three as they are great soul mates it seems they all have a deep soul mate connection to you, and we say they will be in bliss around you so soon. God bless you to say a great white knight may carry you off to a land of deep willing vows to grant you a loveship forever more in a time ahead with many in glee at a great wedding day by the sea. Amen to you to know this as it may happen anytime ahead and be cherished as a true love day for a lifetime to stay we say and hope and pray its the one staying away today as we see he may come forth next June and propose to you if you are not taken by another already and if you are able to let the past go to the wayside to open your heart wider than ever and if you are in love with another you may say so to him in person and he may flee away but not gone forever ashes a past soul mate man for you to see again probably sometime in your lifetime and the other man is also from your more recent post about a year ago or less and has more ready so you may be swept away by him and unavailable for the other man. Amen for you to see them and know inside the true heartstrings tugging on your softshell heart that’s hardened by heartache will fall apart in the right instant and love shall bless you so well forever and a day for your life we do so pray by you keeping in touch occasionally with them and dancing around online hello back and from time to time a call to the more recent man and the other you may call on Feb 14th, 2019 to say a happy love day to him or a text we say a call is best to spark it back into a great love feeling that could mean a lot to him by then he’s ready and more willing to see the right timing, that’s our prediction and he may back off later in mid June and return again in fall 2019 or 2020 even and that’s for your heart to guide by brisk texting and not a lot of calling. Amen

Do you have any messages from my loved ones that have passed I need to hear from them

-Leona 02/23/1991

Your loved ones are quietly saying hello to you and want you to know they are around at times, seven of them say hi and will be there for you in a time of need by your calling upon them. There is a man who died a year ago who says this is my time to yell hello to you to be in a great white knight state by them crowning me now by my speaking next to their great lit up throne, I am still reaching my limit in my throne ahead as I may be crowned a Saint and I am they just said for really writing this down on my crystal lit up pad by my pen tapping away on my paper in front of me that they have given me to write on for our medium to write this on her lap top to you, to answer your question and thats me a long gone Uncle you may have said that yesterday today when you read this you will know I am not really gone at all ever I am here by the medium for God Miss Nancy Gail Fox who writes for him for almost a decade and for many years before that time when her medium clear vessel was opened up to be a real channel writer and she’s saying this for you to know that I am not gone at all as we spirits so many can climb right in her timid soul to speak to they on this question form and she’s not that timid about it now but was always shyer and so coy to feminine and she’s bold to write for spirits God says as to speak for them is for the believers to see it and know so so they may help to shed a real miracle and we are all speaking by her now to you to read it to shed the light around to say my relatives are all alive in the medium who’s writing this for them by her being typing their words to me to say a brief hello and thats seven of us all crowed around her now to say thats how it is and its a lady from not that long ago who died in a horrid car crash who says hello to you on this great white Knight to a crowd of Saints page she’s your Angel spirit guide and she’s saying she died in a auto accident and is not related to you by blood but by being your spirit guide all the time and her Oldsmobile flipped one day off a car off ramp and right away she flew to the heavenly sky above and around you now as we are in the heaven on earth state by the medium is really why as many of us are up top watching down on our assignments people we are assigned to guide and she’s on earth by your side in your house and not at work as those are other guides who follow you all around, she’s the heavenly Angelic light guide who also protects your house and your vehicle and she says she’s so eternally grateful to be by your side often she’s wished longed to speak out to you and can in your great dreams and shall do more so now by informing you here on the page to reach your inner being inside you shall know this and she wants to hear a magical word from your timid sort of mouth she says you may mutter a hello to me anytime and a light shall go off around heavens sphere by you telling it to and she’s guarded you for ten years and feels as a recent year , thats the older man who left his body in a hospital at half past seven and hes here to say the others are relatives from another decade late woman is the one who’s kind to your family she’s their spirit guide usually and she’s someone who’s been here for almost ten years also and the others are late from ten to twenty nine years ago as passed away to heaven relatives and thats a woman who was younger when she died and the others are crying to say hi from around the earth who heard you asked for them to reveal themselves so you can know their outcomes and the more recent ones are desperate to write now and say hello from up top and are flying down to read this to know you got a great note to cherish to say we are still really alive in our spirits so one hundred Angels are singing out now in their ancient glory way to say we are here always in and out of many lives you have lead and we are covering the hemisphere to chant to you a tune of love and glory sounds around by our harps a glowing and trumpets to play so soon we have certain times of the day we play flutes and music and not at night thats our flying time to go around in orbit as a band of Angels by our glowing crowns to say you are such a great person and so we are all now really well connected to you and you are one to be around us more often than not by our glorious tune to say an Amen your relatives have earned a crown now of a pearly light of iridescent glows to show they ranked higher up in thier grand Angel Souls. A woman relative says you know I am by your side often and I call to you by my voice in my soulful angel words to say hello often and I am the one you may feel as I am contacting you that angelic way to reach your insides of eternity so you will know I am alive really in my spiritual realm around your body on the earth often I have done this to show you I am still there. The answer is yes you’re passed on relatives have many messages for you as we have expressed this and more shall be read in your dreams as you drift off to a nice slumber you shall know all.

Will my sons father Andrew and I ever try dating in the near future or are we just going to co parents our sons life
-Brenda 01/22/1992
The guides predict you will not date now or later unless you show your love to be so giving in the very near future as today may be the time to let him see you really do care for me but if you act nonchalant and disinterested he may not come forth as he does not know the very depth of your timid quiet soul as he does not see you really do love me. He may call occasionally to see how you react to my pleas for time together expecting you to partake by his slight gestures, his lead you may follow by seeing he expects you to sound enthused by him asking you what your doing or inviting you to go somewhere or you may suggest it to show him you want to spend time together. You probably may get back together by your nice soft actions towards him with love and caring mannerisms so quiet and carefully planting seeds to sow in the very near future, working towards March 5th 2019. He sees this venture towards love a dim light today and he may see it in a more romantic way by the way you come forth with slight loving ways online and in person not so much yet but by a tiny rose petal online a flower maybe in springtime and a little romance of white lights sparkling around to a shimmer in this coming season around January and probably not before March will it become a love time again but could if you are not seeing any others that way and to show him you care for he and he all alone he may understand this is the right way to go for our lives ahead. He says you as unavailable and that you may be quite disinterested in him as he does not know the love you do hold inside. He will come around next season by you understanding that patience is the one key to this equation as he does find you very interesting and a good to great mom for his child and hopes to rekindle it in his heart flame but cannot understand why you don’t explain that to me ever, he sees you may care for me if I am doing well in my life avoiding things that cause discord and Jan 1st 2019 he may have realized I must do well in all areas of this great life which can lead to being a happy family in harmony by your showing him some love in slight gestures  til then the first and afterwards til the spring or summer with patience you may stride to a family feeling of a B B Q occasion and to finally say I wish we were still together and the more you are getting ready to look good for him by what you purchase to wear when you see him alot he may know your wearing that for me or and by a slight perfume scent that he cares for and to even ask him do you like this smell? and so on in late Feb. or March but he probably won’t ever be that receptive until then but the slight seed planting until then is to plow the field ahead to prosper in love again by the harvest you laid ahead in love and great patience and to have the faith and believe to know this could be better for all by my actions and my head held highest as I know I am giving it my all. Amen to know this, your great wise Guardian Angel does say today is the one of great love for you to see the light of mine ahead by a glance at a chart I can give you to write on a note pad by your bedside table by a lantern I say not as that is a danger but on a simple white sheet of plain paper not lined to say Dear Wisest Guardian Angel of my eternal lit of woe being to please help rekindle this spark inside so I may be once again in great love vows on these plains for us to remain only friends in co-parenting I cannot decide or know how that will turn later on so I may try today once again and give it my best until the next spring to summertime to exhaust me by patiently waiting for the now dim light to turn green then a yellow again to slow then I may know I tried my hardest and wait in next fall to winter to see is it love already now in unison by the past year of my great works by my wonderful guides and thou nice Angels leading me here or could it be so soon by him understanding the field I have laid beneath us for a nice pasture for us to be on in such great white light love? as I do hope so and believe it may be so if not already happening as to believe and know its possible and an Amen as your great Guardian Angel may see your love notes and send him a glance of a great nice reunion in a dream when he’s fast asleep of the not so impossible love reunion to seep in his being to help it take place as your Angel notes shall help to have that special day occur and it may not be a fiery passion but a quiet agreement to say lets be one and to be a family also and to live in one dwelling may be years or months later by the relationship turning to a romantic phase, til then Amen to your belief system as I do appreciate your knowing I am by your great white light timid side to support the grand wish you wait for as we believe in a glorious miracle for you to know we say yes it can happen by your tidbits of doting online and in person early next year more so than the end of this year as he’s not ready to see it yet but we say he should be shortly and to laugh a little more is not the right way but to see him as a serious friend in depth as a great person inside can help and the cloudiness he has around him may be blown away by the Angels for great love to glide in the sunlight in a ray of such nice hopefulness to giddiness to laughter come spring by the way you are not letting loose on the hope of a reunion as it can be, to leave the sight that he’s on alot may help in June as it may interfere if you are keeping track of where he’s been and what he’s done socially, to not know is good as it won’t interfere as if he’s out with work friends when you think he should be home resting as an example, to not medel or pry we mean, as he might feel angry your judging me so an Amen to you to not scold but to be appreciative of who he really is as an exciting guy with love held inside to light up the universe with you we say it can be so.
Want to know if my partner is seeing someone else. We live together, been together dor 2 yrs and  have a 5mo old baby… Do you even see a future for as marriage. Thanks
-Tylecia 03/31/1982
The guides of yours say your partner has been fairly faithful during this phase of the relationship but may be out doing online chatting for fun to see women acting nice and friendly, they may old flames of years back that mean nothing at all and they may be old school friends that seem as a relative who are familiar seeming. Your partner does not want to ever go out on you but need to see your interest by you showing love with some romance as they may not understand the parenting responsibilities yet as attention for they is important when possible even by a slight moody in romance message on the cell or in emails to thou with a small heart and music notes half laughing also and by what you may wear occasionally to show the love by your outfit you choose that is their style they like to see you in and to know you wear it for thy is to bring forth more loving gestures to see you went out of your way to find a color they care for that excites thy inside as by the light of eternal love your romantic ways can mesmerize thy to unfold that leashed up passion inside thats burning in a flame that may be cold and dark if you don’t light the fuse as thy may feel ignored by the normal ways a mom is so busy. Therefore to give thy whatever attention your able to can help as to show them you feel love inside by caring ways and by going out of your way in your clothes to scent to decorating its not that, and its not food so much either, its by your looking the way thy hope you would. This June could be a marriage proposal by you letting them see you care for me enough to go out of your way a little as time allowing with exhaustion of parenting as thy may not be as understanding as needed therefore little efforts and gestures you make by texts and clothes you wear can help rekindle a spark which can light up this holiday season somewhat, sometimes and more so in January around the 5th of 2019 and in June more so. We don’t see thy in love with another and suspecting that can ruin trust between you and to assume they are faithful is best, to act so in love also helps this turn to a passionate and another romantic phase by the way you act and look at thy with such sureness in your vision as thou shall then know this should be forever and there is nothing better. We see it could be a rocky road for five days in late Feb. if you are mad about expectations letting you way down as you may be built up for things to be so grand and it could turn fine again by the end of March so be prepared to be patient and not over mad over small things in the way as you may move up the ladder in some way and finances could be wonderful in spring to summertime in 2019 and another baby is possible as in May you could be pregnant again and a marriage then may be right away by you saying please lets do the vows today to carry on in love. Also, a nice table setting it appealing for thy and a quiet moment of your showing some due appreciation in a quiet dinner time with some romance around in mid June could be a real great proposal time we do hope as your great guides see your love coming forth to each other in the right moments ahead with tolerance can make it forever and some extra small pleas of glee towards thy and doting slightly to show thy the love inside can bring forever in a marriage day. That could be June, 2019 in a fast wedding ceremony with five people around you or it may be around the end of Dec. 2019 we predict ahead and could it be this Dec.? anything is ever so possible but probably its a year away for a larger ceremony or you may be prepared to jump in a white dress so fast to run off to a quick marriage day as stated and to not wait may be the right way to relieve your pain of frustration of wanting the vows therefore you may not want to wait and plan for a big day. Therefore the answer is a yes from your great God and for both of you to stay faithful is the prayer from us all around you to say you must be the way you wish for they to be as a mirror is reflected upon them to show the nice example of a faithful in love willing one shall glimmer upon you as a couple to stay forever more we do so pray you may look ahead and shed the past fear and replace it with a love of hopefulness and a glowing time all around you can occur next fall to see a happy unit to be or not to be you may be the one guiding the way by this piece written by your God and your nice Angels who’s wings are flowing all over to light the way for your good graces to dance upon to see the shores of light and to let the hazy ways subside to turn to pure belief and to float upon a great ray of light around thy in love with a nice life planned ahead for a great day of bliss shall help this all occur by a wedding in mid June as that may be the five people of friends more than relatives encouraging a fast wedding and by this you may plan a brief place for the needed vows to the lovely dress you shall dorn upon your being to see a simple wonderful occasion that you may dream up and imagine in your thoughts to help it to transform with positive affirmations and by notes to your God who’s writing this simple form to you to see you can do it if you try your best and to know I can say what is so now by my thoughts reaching your arms in a grand note you may write to me at night to shred it then you may for they to not see it the hopes and longing you write about but to wish in thoughts and then to write a simple phrase is alot to help this take place so Amen to you as I shall be waiting to read your notes to help the vision ahead of yours and his occur by the belief system you both have it may not as you do not see eye to eye on all but you do see the hope to rekindle. Amen from your dear God to see your part ahead may help this to all transpire for thou does have so much love for you held inside and to light that upon the face of yours shall make this occur as your child is so blessed and to bond the union in a marriage bell by a somewhat old fashioned steeple of the blues of a gospel sound may light the days ahead for your lives to be as a nice family in a union of a spiritual malady. Amen to you to know that by this speech from me your only God as to read this may mesmerize the days of lit paved ways of a harmonious road to never ending eternity if you are one to not rush away at the mere drop of a old fashioned hat but by a veil to show thou faith as you do know so. Amen again from me thy great God Almighty who’s really been writing this by my medium Nancy. To read this from time to time in prayer some affirmations and to say it outloud now and again may help it transpire as I shall know the words as your child to two children it could be need their mom and nice dad in harmony so please try to do that for your child’s sake and two children you could be forever a nice family I do so pray for that to take place. Amen from me thou God as to know this can lead you on the right way of a grand day of less tightening of the reins is not the way but to firm them and be tougher at times is best probably by your judgment is showing a take hold may be showing caring ways to they instead of acting as if you could care less, as letting the apron strings unwind on a child in the future is a long time away but to be that way in love is not best in this certain case as if freedom of his may feel your not caring enough. He prefers you are ever so interested in his days and outings instead of to not be at all concerned as he sees that is real love, a lady calling on me for my heart is best says I thou great and only God of yours as I may be the one at your marriage day ahead I do so know that now by you reading this back to me for me to hear in my white light magical tuned ear for your sound waves are now connected to us in our heavenly realm for a really nice miracle says I thou God as to be away from they is not the right way either but to say come hither to thy at great times in your love life is a nice way to see it glisten ahead. Amen from the really great glad God to a Knight and shining armor to come for the good day of life in a grand marriage day in June to July 2019 as I see it all written in my stone ahead of its time and you do know thats my dream also for you to enlighten by this pitch from our heaven on earth as I stand in it to say these not so simple words for you to hear again and again by rereading this great piece I have really written by my Angels coming and getting me to come in the middle to give my two cents as the great all American saying does say as thats worth a k zillion more by my words to you for they too and another great Amen to you to have it take place so soon within six months to nine months more and perhaps twelve or never as I say this year or next and not after as by then you may be too exhausted to even worry or say anything about it is really why and another big really great grand Amen for the nicest question that I God have answered by a bell of a gong around me to hurry down to write to thee. Love always, we are in pair in our time ahead as partners working towards this great goal. Okay, from your only God Almighty by my really nice medium Miss Nancy.
When will I find my soul mate?
-Mathieu 13/09/1982
You will find your nice soul mate in 2029 probably or sooner if you are showing interest to them when you meet they in March of 2028 or sooner if you are in the right atmosphere as a hemisphere as continents away you may be until then is really why as your soul mate is in another location then where you live. We predict you may travel there one day or meet half way by finding them online and knowing thats they by glancing at their face on the Internet and by a soul mate site its probably not but by mutual friends who say you should know them is probably why you add them soon and you probably did not yet as they are far away in another place by an island of glory we see where they are somewhat happy in thier life and may be searching for you so soon too as soul mates longing to be a great pair in the night of romance, to see them on a page you may know by the way they write their name in front and forward it may be the same way you do as twin soul mates you may be we say from other past ancient lives and a recent one as well. We say they are in Jamaica or a place similar near there and you may look around online to find some ways to see past the clutter of others bothering you, we say they did live near you at one time and moved away or travel there for the beach and sun with surfing for large waves and small floating ones are not preferred as a dare devil type person such as yourself may be how you do know one day so soon or later in 2019 May. We say there may be a date thats June 5th, it may be the nice love light date for you and it may be their birthday. The person is one you may find by praying to your Angel guides before resting to see their face in your glowing visions afloat in the nice peace of dreams and a feeling may overcome you when you see them online and notice the similar fashion they write their name by hand in a calligraphy style thats similar to font you like and it may be in a bold pink overtone with a haze of looking for a partner in 2029 or sooner by you praying to find them online and by looking away from others who are definitely not the one who’s right as this person seems bleak and narrow minded to so many by stubborn ways of self centeredness about beach sports as often they are surfing away and not snorkeling or boating even alot or hardly ever at all but flying away for vacations for sun and surf sports to mesmerize their nice quiet calm life, we see they don’t have a marriage ahead til you meet them we hope for that to transpire and you may find them in a Hawaii type area or there by 2029 we say that year again. We see you are one to know by glancing online and by the feeling you see around you as a soul mate glorious moment by noticing them. Your birth year is a few years apart only and they are from your local area by five miles and lived near a mall there as a child and growing up choose surfing as a sport to conquer around the earths surface. Therefore you probably have some far off mutual acquaintances around you online and not in person so much or at all but by similar areas of location where you are it could be brought together as they travel by their job also and it is an airlines position probably or could become this soon if not already, as a traveler adventurer glamorous life at time also we say your not in the same area due to their life style and current job related to flying and locations that draw them away from the home life as a child. You may see their face in your dream and know what to look for, we say black as night hair its not, sheer blond wavy hair and soulful blue or green eyes as a color of the sky or oceans waves, taller than normal and one who briskly walks off so fast to exercise. A vegetarian wave rider from the oceans you may find them now by praying for them to appear to a neighbor who surfs to tell you I found a possible soul mate of yours by that description. Amen. A small dot of grey in their right eye and a mole on their upper arm we say, a cat lover and hut on the beach for a vacation at times. A one story house with a palm tree and a pool or pond as a tropical ocean type person for you to seek to find them by praying alot and the Angels will tell thy to pick up on the add list to find each other we hope so. Amen to really believe and follow your tugging heart afloat.


What’s going on with my life
-John 07/30/1972
Your life will be great when you find some peace inside your great quiet being, your so sincere and wise and a happy time ahead may be just around the turn of the ever winding bend so soon or later, it may be next year when elated happiness happens around your life. Your love partner they find better in time ahead we see it advancing to a new day of light and love so dim it may be around next June to July time but not that dark with your love partner if you have foreseen the forewarning ahead to not be dishonest about anything, don’t hold back feelings around love but instead reveal all before them by speaking openly about inner emotions or it may appear you are sneaking around hiding things , that may cause ill feelings with the partnership in this great white light on sparking attention life. Sparking it all around is you by June in your head you will be amazed by much that’s occurring as miracles of white light angelic energy you and your love partner for life, we do see its forever love. But now always in love, it may seem by boring day to day routines and busy days monotonous. This shall ease up later on when the time comes by our white light energy around you supporting your open-minded emotional soul that speaks out instead of holding all in. This shall erase some sadness also and the saying may not become clean as we don’t see that one bit needed at all as you are loyal, strong, open-minded and very faithful, we commend you for that nice quality in your character of masculinity. You are moving away from some who seemed as nice friends but are often not so sincere and wise as you are always. They may leave your life in a few days or months is predicated. Some friends are loyal and sincere and kind with great emotional meaning behind a seeming mask but it’s not one to take off, they are sincere already inside. So the ones you think are nice are not as much as some you might not like a lot who are kinder, wiser, more sincere inside as its often hard to see by the outside. Your work will not stop at all, it may take off so soon to another grand phase this May to June of 2019. You are great at staying open wide for more inner soul experiences than many as you are blessed on the earth by us for your wise worldly charming ways, we see it may be bitter days ahead so soon as you need to pay attention to your relationship with pride is not it, its by asking for a favor occasionally, a brisk fleeting moment of helping you out with everyday occurrences of being overburdened by so much work will greaten the love inside to be able to help her. That’s the end of the greater love story as its eternal for life and beyond that so timeless and precious to hold back when need be and to go forth with faith forever more as life heartening ways will flourish by you noticing the small items that may need addressing and to cherish all while its grand around so the bumps and slight curves don’t hinder anything one bit. A solid plan you need in five years or less, you may plan it anytime from now till 2027, that may become a full-time position of accumulating information for the task at hand, a plan for finances, it may involve remodeling and a new venture that falls before you by a great sea of a roaring ocean. Amen to you, you are such a Saint to us here in our medium we are all really typing these fast light pen tapping white energy notes to you to say one of us is in her being typing named her father with your Angel guide by my left side telling me what to put down here for your enlightened days ahead so you know more than most ever do before it all happens and to my right is the great Savior of life you are connected to as they want the very best for you, to know this is to be such and to not ever know the dark mask may stay down pinned too tightly around the shy side, therefore we say you are a real crowned Saint for us on this earth turning so fast, your great work ahead shall enhance it for many in the not so far away future ahead. Your white light Angels are flying past you now to shed the light on you to let you know they are all really there explaining this now, as the touch of their angelic fast wings are really fluttering all around you today as we all write this important piece for you at 1:35 Pacific Time. Nov. 1st,2018 as you may feel the chill of an Angel as we sent them all right by to inform you so you would feel their energy and brisk wing flight passing by so when you read this you will know what happened at this time to prove a miracle I know because they let me know.
Mark’s DOB is 01/06/1970, he has brown eyes & brown hair, My hair is black & I have brown? green eyes. We get on well, will anything serious become of our relationship & does he like me sincerely.
-Donna 19/08/1965
He does like you and loves you sincerely with all his might he loves you. He needs so much more attention online maybe from you at times, not to overdo it but to casually send a soft text fleeting love message that’s serious is fine, a nice symbol or hi even at times about three times a day is not enough right now to you but we think and feel mid-morning is great about ten thirty and at one am even maybe to say a soft night or good day at seven am and at nine pm a hi how are you doing? type of messages along with a couple of hearts between several times a day it seems to pick up speed or when he answers may seem best, we say two times from you is fine even he’s not answered yet as we say he will keep it up and get into the rhythm of this as he is in love with you for certain your great long-winged Angels say , a great Guardian Angel says to be so coy at times as quieter spirited he does like as well and to not overburden he with tasks all around in the near future but a couple of brief tasks is fine occasionally at times such as quick favor to run and buy something needed as we see you living together and happily ever after we say and predict this. He’s not stern about a lot but is a tiny wee bit at times of hecticness around. His energy is soft-spoken to them at his place of work and he is gruff around the edges to many who are family types. You are someone who brings out the best in him. He does need more doting online, some extra needed attention to feel the love from within from you in your normal way. He sees I don’t want you to cook for me and clean the house the rest of our lives but I want us to be happy feel calm relaxed without regular household stressors, on this note we say its love and you will know for sure by the way he texts you back online and you may be honest straightforward one day to say I think its forever, don’t you say so too? He may say fine your right we got the best in store for us by being together as a lasting love, he may not be so quite poetic but feels it within. He may say bells are ringing upon us today by the nice email that informed me of the quiet side of a thoughtful coy lady who said she wondered if I like her sincerely? and sincerely yours, we say he loves you.
-Luz W. 05/17/1952
Your spirit guides of Angel healing light say they can stop it by taking away a yielding area around, they say a ghost haunting may be close by your house in the woods thats full of lost ones, lost light souls we say they are endangered entitys afraid for their being to be unshielded as they are weak and not fighting furiously to get back to the fast speed as lost souls who parted ways from their human body on bad terms , as they may say that was me in my human form so I am not going on yet to the light above circling over my dear sweet head as a spirit all alone one feels this way, a port hole in this thick black forest by a lake we do so say and we are not going in deep around the area by the group of us here, many found there way over to a resting area at a parkside stop to haunt the deer running fast away and by the moon lit area aglow so fastly burning down as a great light over head we found this spot to haunt as spirits in the great howling night by Kaws and others flying past our spirit faces , we can see each other and know we are one soul right now sticking in on this agreement to not fly up the light bright so whirling  tunnel above us as we are certain we can fly in a body when ones ready by a doa nearby as some Ghosts have informed us of this possibilty, that they take over a young woman or a man and so on by knowing to ahead of time. That’s the word on the Ghost haunting street. There are ten spirits not real scary ghosts, they are young ladies who passed on too early who are not ready to fly up yet, they have become friends with men also who dont want to die yet so they all hold on to each other and chant to stay away from our camp site      The energy from there from miles away may feel creepy inside a house if the person is an intuitive impath type who picks up on wierd energy around them as they are sucking the life out of everyone by chanting to say we are one holy union we are not going up top yet or ever we are all sticking together and not moving on this subject as that flight they say will end their life on this moving earth and they say they cant go back home then to look at their yard houses and friends they had left suddenly abruptly unplanned as they died younger than the average age at fifteen a High School youth died at a Basketball meet suddenly without warning by a bullet possibly shot through his jaw, another one is a younger boy who was held up in an armed robbery in a van or truck, a young woman was a seamstress on a show and went off the road and they took her away to die with sirens on, she could not have lived by her atery in her neck from a cut from glass from a screeching crash. The others say we are too young to move on, God asked us to come on up and live a pure Saintly life right away at that split second by the Angel of Death standing by them as often they are all over this greatly troubled world at times it is a calling for many to see the Angel of Death was there and she saw them then and they did refuse as they said at their times of passing on I’ll stick here and live on as that’s a choice also. Seven are businessmen from a plane crash locally who did not want to be buried and their fear of flying is so bad today that they are staying on solid ground as to not fly as an Angel with soaring wings on as they are too afraid of falling down. That was a local 747 some time ago, they all saw the light and refused to go up the speeding fast whirling Saintly soaring tunnel above them, most of the plane crash passengers stayed down on the ground and saw their bodies among the rubbish of burning flames flickering out as an awful flight that caught a bad wind some years ago. Many years ago we believe the 1970’s even or 1989.
On that note, I am a ghostbuster and remove entities souls by communicating with them and from them to ask them to please go to heaven. They say they are not happy about having to leave , the psychic does not know that its a danger for us to leave we feel as by them taking us up now we feel we can’t fly back down around our parents houses, family, friends and School areas we sometimes all visit together as a real one soul spirit family. They say they shall try to go down now to see what’s the matter with the others who are scared to go to the light, they say they will go together in a group and would like to stay that way as a union they have become as one on the earth as it does not spin to them as they are thin air getting really weak by this exhausting not wanting to leave ever energy we feel they say together. The great spirits above and on earth are begging them to fly up just now to clear away this exhausting demon whos howling away, one of them is so afraid of leaving he really yells. Now they are flying past the day of the plane wreckage in a union of great white light to carry up the other one whos a demon yelling fiercely afraid to say thank you we made it as they said we can return as Angels of light assigned to this territory and sing fly past our houses guard them play flutes and trumpets at times of all the glory and be a real angel who flies with very long wings on all around this town to see the real miracle we achieved together by progressing away from our shady spot of grief and stubbornness inside of us to shed the light on the universe.
Hello! My question is about Floyd, DOB 9/18/1986, what direction do you see us headed?
-April 04/02/1988
Your great white Knight light spirit wisest Guardian Angels say you are one to see the day ahead with him to know that is a great deed he’s done for you lately as recently he’s appreciative of your ways about you and he’s thinking you are the one to be with forever. They see you ever winding road in this relationship in a happy harmonious place today and always it may be if you are one who’s trying to be forever thoughtful and not stingy and selfish as they see you may need to open up a little more with a generous-hearted glow of an abundance time in your life ahead as they see you may clamp up about small things and issues instead of more free-flowing energy about from your glowing so sincere being. Therefore you are one to know this, that generosity coming from a feeling inside may lighten the road ahead as it may be dimly lit by a dark side of stinginess as withholding from them instead of giving more of yourself. We say you are one to see the light ahead by this forewarning we are giving you tonight by your guides of love and life who say you are to more giving to be receiving from them as they may hold on to the past dreads that have happened instead of tossing it all away by floating ahead on a spiral path of such hopeful joy, therefore, stepping out of that stuck place may free it up enough to both unwind into a heartfelt flowing around spot in his heart and soul. We see its headed for a dear lifelong relationship by your willingness to be more generous instead of holding generosity within. He sees it could be so light hearted by your beaming smile about the days ahead and not at night so much as we see it a daytime relationship as at night you are both tired spirits wanting to rest and to rejuvenate all is for him to take part in your weekly life by cell texting you more often would be great, a few times a day is too much for now, but ten times a day later it could turn to, and forever in heart and spirit we do so pray now as a good person inside he’s that for certain and judging another he’s often done in his life and to be good is not so foreign to him but to be all the way so grateful and appreciative he’s reaching for that inside and to feel another weighing me down inside by complaining I do so dread he feels within, and he’s one who does not like to feel confined as he’s a free spirit to soar so keeping that in mind you may see he’s complementing you more sincerely by your great endeavors of love around you from the feeling within and to know by your Guides explaining the three key components for it to last and be its best is for you to be aware of what we pointed out, to be very generous and giving instead of holding on inside, to feel it all poor out with good heartedness and to not complain alot, or make him feel confined as he likes to soar around and to not over message or over call for now as that will weigh it down so to lift it up on a higher plane of love with ease it can dance across the windy road with the wind behind you as the psychical side of chemistry is great to God and your singing Angels all around to know love inside is careful guarded until the roots are firmly well planted for them to soar out happily in a great light airy energy for free love in vain. Amen
Just wanna know if there’s something a loved one wants me to know
-Nicholas J. 11/19/1984
Your loved ones want you to know that your work is so important to the ones you are all around often, more often than not they see you in times of wealth and prosperity as abundance of joy today and forever we see all ahead that you will so glisten in the new sparks of the great year ahead in 2019 we see you will have a nice time with your family or friends, doting over you is a certain person who is kinder than others and they  so smitten over you today and always is that way towards you inside, they see you as a real partner of my love, caring of your sincere ways and thoughtful heart inside forever more the guides pray. Your passing on real relatives are gleaming inside their great angel beings to see you are calling upon them to speak to you now on this white page on our mediums laptop to say your needing some more friends today who are new to your visions of white light, some more spiritual ones we do so mean as we say they are some nice people nearby at a religious sanctuary that you may meet to pray within affirmations and a meditation group of really great spiritual souls who relax as your loved ones see that would enlighten your life today for a time to feel connected to them in a speaking group with affirmations and a spiritual feeling in your life by new connections ahead to bind you with some who are on a great higher consciousness plane of life. They also suggest you have a deep friendship with one of them so soon as a leader of a spiritual center who can guide you off to a new place to live by contacting their associate or a connection of theirs. We yourspirit guides see you also may need a new home, a really great residence we see you shall move ahead of time as a firmly planted place to dwell in on this light-hearted earth. Thus they do predict a new home is in order so shortly and a new spiritual group of friends. They say that one of them who departed to this heavenly light is a spirit guide of yours full time and that’s a woman who was rather tall in her life on earth, she’s related to you by your dear dad and she’s your money guide counting your bank book and notes you take and by an ATM receipt that drives them crazy as the money spirit guides prefer to see it on paper for your information, it’s better to keep track of your spending and income so on that note from your Angel thou spiritual money guide counting away they ask you write it down also for them, three of them at times so they may see it all more clear as their job and mission is to help you out. They are assigned to you full time and the one your family. The others are not related at all but ten of them are a band of Angels glistening all around you often in the glowing daylight as well as they are many nighttime Angels in flight who say thank you for asking about your loved ones who passed, they are assigned to a person to guard in the day and at night as your spirit guides are ones who are mostly with you since your birthday who say Amen to you, you may write us a note and put it by your bedside and we may fly in your dreams at night as to know us is to see us appear there in your dreams with many answers by your calls of reaching out to receive them for your eternal being. Amen
My father in law died in the hospital I spoke to him on the phone and called him back in one minute and they said he passed did he know the real relationship between his son and me.
-Diana W. 03/11/1950
He says yes I did know about it all all the time by he informing us often, he is one to speak out at times about personal occurrences of his life and lifetimes I said he is one to know about a past life we have had says God by his own Angel guides around him often times as we had many past lives together and some rocky ones to boot, he says they are great days for him to be around his old friends from school , Senior classmates around so soon. So I am glad truely grateful appreciative that you did try to reach me to see me hang on around that place still but  I had to go on my way to the pearly light that called out to me by my great white light so glistening all around my bed that day night to dusk it seemed as that a little gloomy around the walls  of pale yellow as a brightly lite up white stark candle I did notice it above me over my bed actually it was that Angelic messenger in a brown hooded robe on top of the wall by me who’s the real messenger who came to warn me of my great death to flag them down above as his or her job is that to run fly walk in looking as a human person in an angelic brown cloth robe hooded cape you might say and he did say Amen to you I am the really great to so grand messenger of death to say a great hello to you to say its your warning light on above you now by wings that he posted straight above me where I laid down to rest for the rest of my life, a laugh for you to know I was so warned ahead about the swirling tunnel ride brightly lite up with some Angels flying all around my bed singing a great day to arrive at the light of the gate and we kept score of your past life meaning this one and you have some way narly marks on your que card it seems as one of that type with some angelic notes on what I did so bad and that warning of them the lovely angels around ten of them or twenty five flying around in the tunnel that day to dusk of my passing on to say I knew that by the messenger angelic friend who did inform me it could be that time now or soon if you don’t change your tube to breath in soon and that was a real warning from he to say okay you know you may alarm someone and try to stop the passing on right now as his job is to stop deaths really he runs fly’s around walked right in and told me so so I may change my alarm indicator and guess what? I really gasped on and said no more of this hardware on me I am deathly ill already and sick of it so I went right then by my hand on an Angels hand a young thin angelic youth a female around ten and she took me up a flight of stairs to they upstairs to meet the old relatives of this life that died and really did not die at all ever to me, as I saw them well and alive gathered all around to see me that dusk to twilight night day and God says it was ten PM his time zone in that hemisphere above and around you now are many great lit up Angels pleading to you to see them one time soon so they can say Amen I reached a real human who saw my wings swirl around they and touched me really as a hand of an angelic Knight or King to a gentle nice Queen may be the ones reaching you already in your great dreams of a white Knight Gaurdian Angel and so this Messenger of Death story to say he met me right away and quite friendly yes and a real angel who seemed as a great person so I left my human realm by him and the band of Angels who swarmed in my room and said come on its time to go now to the great light above and around you now you may float by us and take our hands and see the tunnel around you thats coming to that window and it did and I literally leapt right into it and felt at ease as a wonderful ride to the sky, an Amen to you for understanding my passing away was really a great day of some enlightening adventure and thanks to the real Angel Messenger to warn one of my death as I knew in advance by he telling me and he says I am a really great friend to my medium Miss Nancy who’s writing this for us as I am in touch with her as she can really see me sometimes in the heavenly realm and she can see me flying around also and sitting on a fence waiting too as she does this work all the time and does see us sometimes to warn her of our alerts of a warning around in the sky and on the earth and there are many of us men and women too, females trained to assist us the ones who are doing this warning job for ions and thats the day you won’t want to plan for quite obviously but now you may tell this true fairytale to some so they know when I appear or the others dressed the same way in a brown hooded cloak with wings in our hand often to pin on a great light up wall as a marking is why to tell others who see them in the sky, its a warning so the person may stop their own passing is why many envision us on a bridge over troubled water as we fly in so fast practically automatically to save somebody as in that dangerous split second we appear, so Amen your grandfather says a great wonderful hello also as we are writing this down for you to read to know you have produced a real miracle again I say as God by our Messenger of grand death warning lights he’s the one telling you this story of the passing on to the great imaginative unbelievable realm of our Gods light, we say to know thus you are crowned a real glowing wreath of our thorns. Please be aware of our presence in your house and dreams tonight when you read it from God, the Messenger of death and your dearly departed loved one who’s not been gone at all in the days ahead you will know more as you will see his real light Knight presence around your bed in your sleep you will feel him. Okay, signing off from us.
Will Mark t. m. july 7/26/67 and I get back together?
-Lorena 01/17/1980


The guides predict you may shortly by mid June on the new year 2019 they see you will be in a regular paced solid concrete really great to grander real relationship by this time, this point of growing closer before then in April to June and before that time scattered period in January somewhat it may be seeing each other occasionally once in awhile in January my happen around mid-month but probably not before the 10th as he may be avoiding a dramatic scene and want the cooling off time to continue on for a while longer. He may come around the 8th to say a brief hello and even now he may decide to contact you by message on the cell and act as a friend inside to say a friendly hi to you for the new year but inside he feels a long lost lover of debt to you he must pay on later though he may act as a friend in messages checking in and to see how your doing. He may see you are still mad at me for the past mistakes I made and big trouble I saw coming ahead in advance and knew to back off then. He would like to be together though in his heart and not in his soul right now, not yet as it been shattered to smithereens he sees that’s what happened something you said hurt him internally in his being that can be shy to timid at times and you may have hurt his pride inside and hurt feelings it could be. You may find the reason this may have occurred by soul searching for answers of what has gone on in the recent past as did you say something that upset her? did he act ever so embarrassed? or what do you think or believe really happened? as what caused the break up? that we your guides see as somewhat temporary by the actions you may take to rekindle it and to repair it, but not fast we say it will take a little more time of on and off more than you think and predict inside your heart as you may feel its over for now then he will bolt back really fast but we see it taking a few more months time of back and forth touching base checking in on each other than to be together in Feb to May probably or later even by mid June predict by then by your actions of seeing your part of the dim situation as did you cause the pain in him? knowingly or not. Did he seem damaged in pain inside? or is he being jerky all the time? by acting overconfident in person then sulking around. We say he’s too dam proud to ever be one to crawl back in pain of emotions to see you now. We see if you are the bigger person and say I apologize for something you believe you caused by what you said or how you acted in vain maybe then he may say fine she gave in to me now I can see her and say what’s gone on, you finally know how to be with me. To laugh it all off at times is best for her and to say I’m sorry right away is great to him and to say how come we aren’t seeing each other for so long? It’s tough on me waiting around for your call he does not want to know that, he does not want you to complain a lot or to be mean to him or in sarcasm. He would rather you were so happy to see him and hear from him and then once in a great while you may say hey how come you did not call today when you said you would. He would rather you ignored it most of the waiting time and just act like wow a great surprise when he calls now for example as you may say great to hear from you. I sure miss seeing you an awful lot instead of saying it’s about time you called. Therefore a very occasional text is best for now until he starts really ringing your cell phone, they may not be until March, the end of March you may date then. He may say how about love on Valentines Day? you may jump back in then so ready and prepared by being so nice and anxiously awaiting to see him and acting happy towards him he will feel you really do love me as he feels you are too scorned inside at me by what has gone on and he hopes you will be back with me so shortly, he sees this is very temporary as a needed but not wanted break and he may soon say by your acting so nice to him how about we date two times a week for now or twelve days a month? That could happen by a movie date to dinner or lunch at his house sometimes to shopping around on a Sunday at sales outside. So being happy spending some time together can lead to a more solid relationship in the future therefore keeping the not at all closed door a little open wider than its been could bring him right back into a even paced schedule of seeing each other leading to a marriage proposal we hope so, that could be next year in March. So the answer is a yes from your great Guardian Angels of love flying about your leisurely somewhat lonely life now to say keep loving him inside from within your great heart and soulful soul to show him the love around your body of light as thy spirit guides to great white Guardian Angels are projecting all around for a blissful time so shortly they pray so that it all falls into place into a neat stack of love cards around you forever they do now pray as to be away and to not return to say a hey does cause it to linger on in the nothing silence land and to be forthcoming and so friendly nice and happy towards him does have it grow into a real solid love relationship for you and him they say it can be this so Amen to you from your Guardian Angels a swirling all around in a great white Knight flight by the male Angels of Guardianship in Gaurd togas they are always there to guide you in love with the female Angels aglow as many Guardian Angels of light are by your side often in your life and today a really nice flute is a playin away on your side by a band of great white light Angelic Guardian Angels to say to be or not to be at all is a great lesson to learn as a part time love life  in between your daily tasks with one you love is best as its better to be around the one you really love and care for part time then to be in a dreaded so boring love life full time as you may think of it that way.


Will I get a job close to my new house where I can start at 8am not 7am I just lost my job after 6 years
-Danielle 30/01/1979


The guides predict you will not get a new job position that soon. It may be by you trying online applications for a year it seems as you will find a new job place by going in person we see as the jobs for you are in your area quite close by, in fact, less than a mile apart from your old job. We say that had to come to a real screeching halt as it was fizzled out years back we say by the way it dwelled on for eternity, we mean too long in one place that was not full of a happy clan we say it was over with years back as boredom seeping in to your being may have prepared the sudden stopping of working there. We see the job you may acquire is near by, less than a yard away it feels that close and you may start at nine PM we say til the early dawn wee hours of the morning as it may be working at night at first then in the day time later on in fall of the new year, 2019. We predict you can find it soon by simply walking all around that area so yes is the greatly needed answer you will find a job close to your home but you will not start at 8 am but may later on. The job is by the swap meet place in your town a few feet from there and you will smell great fresh baked goods there and know that’s the one for you by a friend telling you all about it in advance on the phone or in person at your house. We see its something you will cherish for some time or a day maybe if you hate the night time schedule. We see you may find it now or by Jan 2nd and it will seem fine for the time being. Then you may continue searching online applying and re-applying for some great jobs you desire that seem somewhat interesting say your spirit guides of a band of really nice Angels all around you today as we write these angelically written instructions all down by our medium who’s typing what we are really saying as our Lord and Savior and yours goes within her shell of our pearly iridescent light to the vessel of the Holy way to write down the words all the Angels say and many at the same time it is so often and seems you are a believer in us for some time and by praying to us all the while you write a long list down for them to read they may answer your grand wishful prayers all in glee to bring forth thou wishes to grant them by your sweet prayers to they hovering all around your band stand is a band of really wise grateful so Angels who say thank you to our other Saint on earth as to see is to say so to all around your great town today when you read this letter from your wise happy thankful Angelic beings of a band of Angels who are all thumping away on a grand glowing pen saying these hopeful words to your wisest soulful light thats on inside to listen to your inner so spiritual wisdom to not ever take a break in that again we say to you now as being in touch with your great to so glad inner self of light thats wise and mesmerizing so many on the earth as it still turns around by you knowing thus is so and so it can be so by us granting all your wishes in your light hearted to occasionally whimsical life we say you shall have it all eventually by continuing to write down what you so desire and dream of now and in advance for a life long plan ahead of this somewhat misery today in the here and now as you may say I want a new car and a new drum set for someone to beat on all day and not in the night light but for a grand song tune to come out of it by it being there in the yard beyond me my house I dwell in and for a teenage son it may be or could be a great person like that who needs that around to play music on so in other words you may wish for what you would like others to have as well and for yourself and a swimming pool membership and a new house you do not want right now but may want a vacation home later on to travel to on your off time and you may want to consider taking another art class near by your house also as we see you may go into that field someday or now even and it may be fashion designing or landscaping or something else thats artsy. That’s the recommendation for you as we see that’s a field you may love as well, you do know your art drive and love inside so we suggest a long note to your angels with fifty requests. Amen to you to follow this and let it guide you in your life forever more. Your Angels say you are one to see more in this lifetime than you can quite imagine and you may follow the guides advice or not that they send to you in your great dreams as they shall you a moment in time of where they see you shall be in advance by a premonition dream to show you the great way to a joyful time beyond your imagination and belief as it will be all the sudden a new job will pop up on the Internet related to an art field we do predict and to music it could be and you shall flee there immediately and know its meant to be already as you know now in advance and this could be by March 2019 by you encouraging it to all happen around your life, our prayer to you , you may take the other job at night as short term and then flail away to the new day dawning when it transpires we hope.



Does simon 13/06/1964 have real feelings for me and so what are they and why does he ignore and avoid me  please answer me back. And Thank you Donnella
-Donnella 09/05/1968


The guides say yes he does have really great feelings for you and he is ignoring you for now but not for certain. We say he is someone who will come about to see you in person shortly and it may be moving in together in mid May or in the summer of 2019, he may ask for that situation to happen and want that as a real relationship state to reunite in deep love he sees this is what’s needed. He sees the time ahead it great for you and will not fall apart by not speaking alot right now but may later in Jan or Feb he may be anxious in this time frame to talk more often in person probably more than on a phone cell or a new land line number you may soon aquire for faxing purposes or some reason of talking securely we say ahead of time to you as we do predict this too and he may call more on that land line or it may be in person alot as he wants somewhat of a slight confrontation together as he has alot to say and he does not want to yell but he wants you to act in love with me all the day and night even when we are apart as his feelings are I love her alot and have felt this way for a really long time but he feels rejected inside by you acting melancholy and ho hum to him at times as if you could care less of him he thinks that you are too caviler at times bolstering your great life works around to me on a cell, I dont want to know about everything so exciting to you but I would rather have you say hi how are you? at times and to seem you really care about what I am working on and to say guess what? about your accomplishments in a slightly less excited tone but a low key one with some seriousness in it instead although he loves your great gleeful laugh and happy ways about you it may make him feel less than or as if you one-upped him in some way then he may back away feeling she’s got a lot of great stuff going on , what about us? he may think to himself therefore you may stay in stride to back down a little with exciting over anxious texts and some emails later to say I really just miss you or enough about myself and my day what’s gone on with you lately? in a caring sincere way, he sees you could take it or leave it to the wayside as you may act like you could care less at times or is it playing hard to get? to him instead of showing sincere meaningful feelings such as to say I was just thinking about you and your project your working on, how’s everything been? I keep tossing it around in my head in wonderment and sayings to short nice serious sentimental phrases such as these may be what’s needed and that’s the love life advice for you to say he does really love you inside and care more than you know as he does not show all of it and neither to you by the reading that says the ball is in your court to toss it back with some meaning that you just want it to go along so well.



Will I find ever find my king will tx be the best move for me and my kids
-Khanisha 01/22/1988
The guides say Tx will not be a great move for love life purposes but it may be for a while, the guides predict that you may move on to another state later on in life or it may be in a year their advice is to stay put where you are for the time being or near there, a short move may help in the fall and it may be summer or not the right time. Fall you may move an hour away, the guides predict your King may be one you know already and briefly it may be online chatting at around ten am in the morning not in the middle of the day or night. He is one who’s nicer than most gentlemen and hes kind and sweet to you acting as a friend most of the time yet inside he sees its probably love if you would take me back in your arms someday in the near future and not far away future , hes one from the past you may have loved once in school years probably a brief crush it may be seen as by you but he sees it as taking me back in your arms again as maybe you dated or hugged in the past long ago or recently again. Hes from class in the grammer school years and that is your King probably say your love iife guides so you may want to live near him and be there to see if love unfolds as the guides see he loves you inside and would like to be married again sometime in the far off future in ten years he says to himself all night and day he constantly mutters inside in ten years married again and not before as I am too busy doing my chores work and trying to be me again after a long marriage that was not right at all from the beginning. He would like a date leading to a boyfriend girlfriend courtship in love leading to going steady again he says to himself, were you going steady with a man who you speak to online at ten am? or it may be predicated to happen soon if not already, your guides say you speak to him now and again and believe you will think of him and know that man of the past may be King for me but not for a family life but for the future when they are much older and steady dating he would like time and time again committed to lead to a marriage in the future could be right for you and your kids the guides say you may move nearer to him later on and know thats him by meeting him casually somewhere a mutual meeting at a central park it could be by your house and he may throw a Frisbee there. Hes tall around five eleven or so and nicer than most men dressed casually to see you there probably in the summer or fall not before spring the guides predict that time frame they see talking online mostly now and again not rushing into this and he thinks last time she broke my heart when I met her I hope this time she does not break it to pieces. She did not say she’s that into me and she did not act interested at all on the phone last time I called years ago and he hopes you will be in love with me when I finally see you again and kids are more than I can handle now at this time in my life but she’s the one I love inside and in the future kids around would be fine way later in my life as I am not up for all that running around and care taking of children as I am too busy and I dont want to over step yet I know it could be really great sometime are his feelings say the guides and they see you may love him again by knowing who it is by concentrating on this thought who’s the nicest to me online and on the cell phone? who’s funny chatting me up often is another one and that shorter stout man is not the real King inside we say and hes okay for now maybe and hes not looking to rush into anything either right now but years away he might so you may not shut the door tight just in case, the third one is so nice and calmer than the others hes good looking and wants a fantasy love life online only hes not into being in person yet but may be later on March to June or never is you see the other one as King. You may decide by how you gage it with each one meeting them online talking away on the cell also and you will know by Nov 3rd 2019 we predict and you may never move to Tx permanent and you may go there now and try it out for some time and you could stay there if you meet a King there and he may be one of them online that you know now and recently one got divorced who’s trying to get over the past hurts welled up inside and the King he may be also and thats a fourth one who’s dying to be with you still in eternal life forever more and that one could slam the door closed tightly if you have a new man around and he may not bolt out but be in love still with scorned heartache feelings held within and he may not say it out loud to you on the cell or in person ever but could and Tx you may be there by fall and keep looking for the King there and you may meet ten men there who adore you and you may still talk to the same ones from now. Amen to you.
Can u please tell me who is tryna reach me from the spirit world. It’s a male cuz I can see his shadow and they way that he’s built.
-Amanda W. 02/13/1982
The guides say it is a spirit guide of yours who is a passed on relative who says hes full time as a spirit gaurd, he is one astral projecting in his past life is why you may see him around he says I am the one by your side all the while I am guarding the outside of the house, I am inside to warn ahead of a passing truck or fast driver, a car going by full speed as I gaurd kitty’s also in the area and I am waiting to explain this to you as  a spirit guide in the room of yours where you lay down and know I am by your bedside is not it, I am by the futon area in the living family area often also and at night I glide out the door to see the fast cars going full speed as many pets there are in trouble by the street lamp as they cannot be seen well in the dark and thats the message I am carrying out and one of the reasons I tried to reach you in my spirit as a tall man I was five eleven God says as my Guardian Angels do know the facts as they keep track in many lifetimes as the same Angels often write notes to know information for later on in other future lives and for your current one and they say the street lamp is too dim for pets crossing a busy road so please install a slow down sign when you can on the house property as they need to slow for many pets we say and thats one message of concern as I am a safety guide out front often in your world and you may want to call out for friendships as we say you need a close relationship in your life as you are stale mate in the spirit world terms you are not being out going and should be say your guides they see you are one who’s eternally ever grateful for your gift to see a spirit guide of honor around your life sheltered it seems today and not usually or not always and we say you may be one who’s better than average at picking up clues to know a guide is standing by your side. He says I am tall for you to see me in the darkest dimmest day of a black night and I am one to say you may write me a note by your place where you lay down the most and to die of boredom I say it seems some days that is and you may want to spark up your life by meeting some new friends to go out and about occasionally as its just  a phase of not seeing some other folks you did care for to be around them I am calling this message a great task for your endeavor of calling upon I your past life relative God explains I was your past life guide in the flesh I never was with you as a person in a life but always as as a great Guardian spirit guide and i am one who’s so strongly related to you by knowing all you do and to reach you is to say I am here to spark up your day to know a spirit guide it by  your side full time is really the reason why I did reveal myself to you tried to at first and now know I did connect enough for you to ask me a question by the medium who’s writing my letter for you to read the answers on this white page I thump out the keys on my angelic pen thats lite up and she types as I say by her knowing what I am saying she’s writing it all down to answer you back to say I am here always and not at ten am as that is when the spirit guides take a flight around a spin they go off to another land to read their journals about their assignments they guard and watch and take notes upon as the angels spirit guides gaurd I am as a really great man and we gaurd the people living for God and other Gods also depending on who you know and bow down to and we say Amen to you for knowing that as we are great beings of white light angelic souls that fly together around the world as it turns spins by you nice the nice person who’s ever generous to ask us a question so we have the opportunity to answer back as a miracle we can all write our thoughts and real words by our nice medium and you are ever eternally blessed by asking a question here as we need more such as yourself to call upon us the great miracle workers around all humans there are seven spirit guides thats the normal amount and you have eight now and ten tomorrow and twenty seven some days depending on what you need as we call them out for your short and long journeys and sometimes a large band of Angels fly about your day also and thats one hundred Angels singing to you to say they predict you will be at Studios the City Walk on vacation someday and thats predicated for your near future and it may be on a beach front on another coastal land too and we see some sort of vacation as a short or long jaunt for you and a person you love could be with you. The other message is to stop boredom in your household as you are sick of some things going on around you is not that , we say you shall liven up your dim light days by shouting out to some more friends you know from the past and new ones from the recent past current times and Amen to you for knowing that information as a great Saint on earth you may be crowned by knowing its your spirit guides talking to you on this great white page by our medium telling you what information we needed to reveal. Love from your past Dad and Grandma together here in flight as we came down to speak to you when we heard the great news and we say there are many others coming to say hello and thats a past brother from a life and thats a sister and many relatives who are now by your side to say they played with you in another time zone and they knew you in that era long ago as kids and they did not reincarnate as you have so soon and they say hello to you now by this wonderful opportunity to speak out on this they see you may have a dream about that life with many children in a large family on another continent completely and you will see us some day in your angelic dreams your wise spirit guides may send to your dreams and we are seven passed life relatives to say hello two out of the seven are from this lifetime and we say hello forever as we are all flying by to send you our great love and to say this was some excitement in your dim day we say write  a book about us communicating as you are a real hero for knowing that. We are flying on to our heavenly realm to report this to the great ones above to say hello we are confused as to why more do not relie upon great spirit guides and dreams they send are to inspire a persons day and thought patterns are sometimes the reason by not often its usually a hint of what may really happen for you to know that and tell others to spread the great wise words to the humans who are disbelieving is great for us as Angels like to be known so they may believe in thier power of great light to take care of those they watch over. Amen
How can I attract the kind of love I want into my 3D existence?
-Jenn P. 02/14/1989
You can attract a man like this by trying to see some at your great job working outside a house nearby we predict he shall be one who’s eager to see a rocket in real grand motion, he shall know you are a spiritual young woman who’s interested in his lifestyle by your inquisitive questions held within your heart a beating so much faster by his appearance you shall see his insides and inner soul being thats very electrified and not more interesting on the outside but inside hes young hearted as you are at times and his inner self is deep with a wild flower song as by his great imaginative ways about him he shall dance upon the earth you gleam on by you saying a brief good day to him at around noon in your great angelic voice and words beyond his imagination in your tune of a grand casual song you shall know its  him by the way you danced upon the moons great glow once as a angel and that hemisphere that you will dream about now often by us showing you in dreams as you are half asleep as a vision you may see at twilight and at noon when you see him outside we predict around lunch hour you will see his heart song glow by your side as its by the way you say hi to him at that time of mid day and you shall attract him this way by being yourself at that time of the day and knowing to speak to him in a song tune sweet way of angelic words you will say and you can write notes about this to attract him into your realm on earth at the work place or job area as he may not treat you well enough for you to know its him by the way hes glancing around at other females but the reason is hes laid his sweet eyes upon you first and he may not know your interest yet and he is looking for a lady to be with forever and a day and we say you are that way also to act casual at first glance to not reveal the truth of feelings held in and it may be you want to scream and yell oh my I love him I know it and you will hold it all in and say it to a trusted friend or to no one til you see him out at many gatherings involving work relations and then you may ask some how do you know him? what’s he really like ? and should I be with him someday if he asked me out ? and yes they will all say and practically yell it as many cupids around town and work relation people will say oh my God your perfect for each other I know it and that sort of inspiration many will feel that way about you saying your wondering all about him and attracting him is by you asking to meet him and for him to cross your path as you may meet him in springtime in March around the 25th or 27th of 2019 we predict as we know his personality and yours match up exactly and hes better off than some in that work area financially and hes looking for a woman to love me alot more than past women he was with did or did not at all he feels they were not astounding ever and did not love me enough to even consider staying together at all. He will see you are one who is the way he wants someone to be and he does go to the gym and swims alot outside and he is well kept in his looks and he sees you ahead of time coming around to greet him at noon with great glee as we shall send him a real great dream of your meeting and he shall say i saw you in a dream last night or yesterday this is really wierd and that sort of saying or to himself and tell you later how wild that is I dreamt of you and knew who you were when I met you yesterday by a friend I chat with online messaging and he may say hi that way by classmates of the past and current ones also it could be that as we say hes in a drama class and actors meeting up online may be the way you are introduced to him but we see its in person at lunch and he may be an acting coach or one in training or both. He has olive skin tone an he is taller than average above six feet and he is crying at times online to some saying hes worried sick about his dog he loves or loved and he is upset about his pets and he is that type of animal lover who’s ridiculed by some friends online for being so heartfelt with inner emotion of deep sentiment over pets and others pets too , hes a dog lover and animal lover of cats too and thats how you may know him when you meet him in person in March probably by the location of your residences we predict your paths should cross and shall cross by you watching to meet him and at a local animal place he may be in June and he may be adopting cats at rescue places sometimes in his life and hes cute to very good looking depending upon his dress that day and at night we predict you shall be dancing sometime to wild music of the 80s at a work associate party get together and how do you know who he is? he may have a tattoo on his upper arm and just one or five maybe by then and he may wear a macrame bracelet of yarn and a sentiment he seems as that for a tall over grown man who’s yawning at some who are so boring to him as hes exciting to many and may yell and scream around saying something funny at times or laughing about something funny with a sense of humor and we say thats him thats the one we do predict. Amen from your guardian Angels helping prepare this for you to laugh with him and know a sentimental pet lover is a great friend to joke with online and to cry in mid June about a cat or dog at a pet place by being so caring of animals he’s the one you will see is a great person and another way to know.
When will I finally meet my twin flame?
-Veronica 01/23/199
You may meet your twin flame next year in 2020 we predict ahead for that time period as it shall be all of the sudden in a chance meeting of crossing paths briskly as saying a mere hi to see him you will know instantly by a dream before that day happens probably as your guide shall send the dream right away to you so you may see his face a glowing and know by how he seems that day also and may even say this is bizarre I knew this would happen as I had a dream about you and knew it before it occured. He may seem reluctant to say so to you but a burning feeling inside of a connected soul mate will be that fierce binding moment in time that you have yearned for as to know a great feeling of love can be so by a twin soul pairing up again in this time as past life mates we say you have been many times probably twenty eight times before this lifetime of yearning or twenty seven times and twenty eight times counting this life time a great life time ahead we say it can be by you meeting and hope this occurs in fall 2020 and it may be 2021 even we say depending on your locations at this time, we say he’s in a real rut today and has been for some time as  stagnated relationship thats fallen behind his mind really its been so over long ago and to run off for the right person he may be so ready to when the great time comes along in May 2021 it may be then.We say he’s run away from love in the past several times from sheer boredom and cruel the person may be to he and he’s tender hearted usually, we say he’s quite tall probably six five approximated and he’s nicer than usual to you when you meet up online. it may be online dating or a social site you find him on and he may be around your age you’ve imagined this to be so but we say he’s much older, by ten years or more he could be up to fifteen years older than you but acts kiddish and as a wondrous mate we say, to bring out the best side of him is to act older as a mature adult and to not reveal your true age may be right for a chance meeting as he may feel she’s too young for me to consider so leaving it out is best until he asks of course and hopefully that may be along the way unless he reads it online so that is something to think about also is need it be online? we predict its a singles dating site you may both be on or a social network place online, he may live ten hours from where you are currently living and not working , we say you may work by him his residence occasionally in that future day or be around there visiting somebody he knows or lives by, that could be the way you meet up in person also and by this you may say I may be in that area where you are doing some work on a project and so on. We say he’s ten miles south of a great transit airport landing pad and could have a view of it as well , thats a land mark to know about, he’s nearer to a body of water than you are today but may be later on if you move in that direction, he has a dark skin tone and is husky and he will see you are interested in me as a great friend by the way you approach him. We say he will be meeting up online in a group at this time for relationship couples to meet and dance at a get together, that may be when you see him on his great page as so sincere and you would know by looking ten hours from your house now, to the south and up a tad north at the ten mile mark away from his place and a ranch it may be a wide larger than average lot size he lives upon as a mature man who’s not that grown up, you may search around now and look at that location for his age and height and body type and you may say on your page of a singles site I am looking for my twin flame. We pray you find him.
Does Chris or Marin either one love me ?
-Josephine P. 07/11/1948
Your guides say they both love you in heart and spirit soul is the one named Chris is the one more than Marin. We say they are both interested about your great life and one would like to be a couple and that is Chris probably more so than Marin. He is selfish is why , he sees my life is on the forefront and so more important than anyone else’s, although it is possible you could be with him if you would do whatever it takes and breathe in knowing I do love him so I will accept the fact he may be self centered often. He is one to run away at times in fear also, we say he does love you though more than you would know, he wishes you would come forth and tell me your dear heart feelings online someday, perhaps on Valentines Day even or before if you are so anxiously waiting for a love solution of who will I be with? in this great life I have a man I know occasionally or one taller who’s bright at times who holds his head above solid ground to meet me at dark times on line when I need a person to reach out to me in the late night we mean by the description dark as he may be one to text message then now and ever again later more often later at night we see he’s a night owl and a really great person who’s off and again meeting up with some old friends, he has old friendships bonded ones with men that he cares about also, he would like a lady to love me really more than a dear friend, he would like to see a woman laugh with me about crazy things I know of that seem so outlandish to some, he is different in an exciting way and the answer is yes they both do love you in their own funny way. One so selfish though thinking of me and me all alone, he would not like company around him alot either, he’s more of a superficial one who may play ball in town and go to the gym to meet up with friends, men the most. So who do you like or love? we say Chris may be the right one for you now and forever maybe if you fall in the creases and cracks of his great white light soaring time ahead spirited soulful life ways about him. He is courageous and laughs online from time to time, he may be more faithful than you have imagined as well, we see him as a good person who’s somewhat more loyal and down to earth inside than he may seem to you. You may date both of them and know by how you feel. Amen to you to see the great one who’s so cuddly around you at times online late at night and who’s worried about your well being , he’s one to see you as a good friend with some love around the days of our embracing to be lovers in time we may make it right this time he may say to you no but to himself and the times may be glad then sad if he’s gone away again from being online a whole lot as he may be working far away for a year in the near future but to return to see you as a really great pair may occur if you can wait it out, we predict he may take off for work purposes to an island far away
I am married got two children but in love with the person named zameer h. his date of birth is 22.04.1988. Could you please tell me if we are meant to be together? Does he love me? Will he come back?
-Sabrina N. 13/06/1992
The guides predict he will return someday in the future far away, you may be quite a bit older by this time. This could occur later on in mid March ten years away by you staying married until then or forever it could very well be. You may stay in your marriage forever we see and not care of the other man at all probably not a bit shortly as it may wear off. We say he’s more of a mesmerizing fantasy to distract your daily life of sometimes dread you might feel within with the current life you have thats great and wonderful as family time but in love it may not be so always, we see its some luck on your end that your husband might come forth more often with romance in the near days ahead. We say you will fall back in love with him more often than not in the near days all ahead soon as we see he may be back and forth with romantic loving gestures for you and only you as he would like to be soon that way. We say he’s got a lot of luck in him and he may be more so that day soon when you are calling away to he for some more attentive loving needs within. Your life you’ve built with him is a great day for luck to find you soon by the day ahead we say you shall feel very much in love in mesmerizing feelings held inward that shall soon sprout around your heart beating faster about the great day of bliss with romance by him asking you for a solemn oath inside as we see you have met the right man already who you found a long long time ago as great eternal soulful wise inner mates with some discord of you distracting yourself by another man who’s long lost in day of running the other direction for now as we see him jolting around his day of such misery within over the parting of the willful ways of a woman as you had a hold on him and he took it bad knowing its pressure of a light around me but you are already taken. So he may return much later in your life and we see you will not hold a key for he as you shall be back in love with your partner you crave sometimes but not alot today but you may tomorrow and next month on the great cupids Valentines Day he may pluck your love back turn it all around to a light of sheer wonderful greatly needed romance ahead on that great blessed day next month and on that account you may be better off for now and always it may be to plan a romance gift of light around as always you may feel thus way as it could turn to a grand stone of a great day of love everyday in the very near future as we predict by this your current marriage may turn out to be great as back in love again without you ever mesmerizing a thought of another man as you won’t want it to cross your faithful heart and mind in even a fleeting minuscule second as love shall be embraced we say in your marriage so soon and he’s long lost anyway off to the other part of gloom in his head thinking she had a hold on me in my life and she’s taken. Amen to turn it all around ever again as evermore lasting love as he’s gone a real distance away by parting so suddenly and then to know it cannot go on in my soul and life today but may later we say if you are turned back from your life then in around ten to eleven or twelve years but we say you will be happily married soon and then in the future we do pray so and you may see him as a voice from the past that does not matter now but did once upon a time and flippin a dime you might see him great or not depending how quick you are back in love now with your man you are with in a marriage vow as he may propose again to have it all work out so grand by you in a lovely dark or black dress on the eve of a nice date with him somewhere formal we predict and you may probably choose to stay around him to find out what’s the matter? and stick with it as glue does stay. We say that is the way for the world to know a happier couple time has come to be in public and the other you may not be turning away from as we do not see contact from him. The road ahead in love is a long one and you may stay with your current man forever then leave in the future when the other comes around in ten years or more we say you will not care at all by that time frame but if not if your marriage does not go back to a great loving life you may decide the opposite as you may say no matter how much harder I’ve tried its still not as wonderful as it should be but we say it will be working out fine, thats our predication, by you taking part to make it right by a lovely gleaming black or dark charcoal dress you’ve already got put away for a nice happy occasion a date on Valentines Day we pray it occurs by the grand sprit of light romance advice from the love life guides Angels about who say the man you are still married to by a great miracle loves you so enough to fight off the wicked spirit of evil if it ever pops in again as he shall ward off negative vibes to have a nice life. Amen


Will I be pregnant in this year of 2019 with a baby girl or baby boy? Twins?
– Alice 04/20/1966
The guides predict you may be pregnant in 2022, they say it may be 2025 as it could take longer than planned out by your thinking and you may adopt even if its that time frame although this year it may be a pregnancy in Dec. or early 2020 leading to a great birth Nov. 2020 and the dates you may become pregnant naturally are Nov 10th, 2019, August 4th to Aug 14th , 2020, those are dates predicated as a natural pregnancy. You may be pregnant by artificial ways in Aug 2020 and Nov of this year not artificial , the guides predict you may become pregnant some way by your fierce determination inside with your clock ticking away. Relaxing this summer in Aug 2019 it could occur then on the 4th to 14th as we see those are strong dates of a predicated pregnancy time for you. We predict it will be a boy and not twins probably yet. But artificially it could be if you go in that direction. To be pregnant by the end of this year March 29th 2019 is a good date or a date around that one when you ovulate. Also, the March dates predicated, to coordinate with the ovulation tests is best. This year it could be a financial time to triumph as we see you may loose some finances you planned on having for that future with a baby. You may be certain your money is secured by this reading , therefore you may put it in some other sources and or question this when the matters pertaining to financial investments pop up for you to make decisions on. We see one place you have kept money may be not achieving what you thought it would. So by the reading check into this and have a nest egg put aside for a baby as we see once financial planning and security is achieved beneath you you shall be pregnant by remaining relaxed. We predict you will have a blue nursery with a lovely crib and a cradle we see ahead in a nice house where you once lived before is not the one you shall be in when you do deliver which may be around March 29th 2019 or sooner and if not by then it could be much later as stated in the beginning of the reading. We see a new home you move to during the pregnancy and you may have set up the blue or yellow or all white with some powder blue nursery where you live presently or the next residence and you will move again once the day moves closer ahead as you will suddenly see I want a play yard and a grand place for a trike and build a blocks in a sand box and a place for a sleepy son to take a nap on my lap all cozy, we see you will suddenly bolt up one day and say oh my gosh I must do this move today, start looking right now and hurry as I am seven months into my pregnancy in my third term and labor shall be soon around the corner. Therefore would you move straight into a play yard house? from the one where you are and have two moves instead of three? as you will see things differently when you are in the nesting mode for a great baby son. We predict you will still move three times maybe unless you see the perfect baby place now as inside you may thing would I want this residence with a new baby or would I say lets move away from this district to a place with families all around and the feeling for a child. That’s for you to dwell upon as you may not desire that atmosphere unless it all transpires , you may say I’ll decide when the time comes along and we pray it does. Therefore you shall say where does my heart lead us? to a great really grand stepping stone to grace us upon to the new great day of a baby day in the future with a place to play in a really deep lot, a yard that is not that wide but is long in depth without many trees as it could be new construction we see and it could be another place located where you are right now, or near there and we see you will think of this long and hard to prepare for that time of a baby and that is to heal any past differences with him and to secure finances and to find a place that is the right spot for a son to play then you shall feel more ready then the seeds are planted in stone of preparation which your guides will know and then its more clear for it to transpire by your great preparation, for you to do the great footwork you help bring thus forth. The trees of singing larks all around you in the grand house you find together that is 2900 square feet ten miles from where you are now to the North West and not South at all, we say the lot is 36,000 and you shall know by this predication of the home you will all find as a son could be one by this time as the homes may be built at the end of 2019 therefore by this reading you may keep a great watchful eye out for the property to become a dream around you now and may be why you could more two times instead of one time as you could be waiting for the right one to move into when its done, when its being finished you will feel elated and glad you followed these psychic channel reading tips by your spirit guides writing them by the medium. To know this dream will all happen is the inspiration needed inside, its not that at all as you are already so inspired but healing the love around is the way to have it occur in a timely way with a zest of pushing it along is best but not to be fiercely rushed but to sow the grand field with little dew drops for it to become a mesmerizing yard of a grand dream transpiring that you’ve helped create by positive thinking feelings to make it grow out around you and him to know anything at all is possible with the best people who dream it all up in advance by a creative imagery of dreams to hopes to really nice plans of lots being graded and new homes to be laid upon them.
Is this acquaintance I see from time to time a narcissist and does he watch me at times!
-Janet 09/23/1976
Your guides say hes not a really bad narcissist as inside he may be nicer than he seems outside, he is soft inside and it may be hard to tell if he acts upset at time to you. We say he does not watch you in person as a spy but he may be looking at you online at times very occasionally, once a week or every three days he may check on you that way but we do not see every day or every other day. It seems to be the normal amount of time spent looking for this new age of someone interested in a person who checks because of the love held inside is really why normally in this online internet time in the new age and some do not look at all as they don’t want to be upset by seeing a person they love inside with someone in a photo and so on. Others check too often and worry alot about a person. He seems pretty regular in this manner of actions as glancing around a couple of days a week to see does she love me really? am the the only one she’s so interested in? what is she doing now? is not it. Its just curiosity of caring also with his actions. Inside he may be softer and not show it outside until the relationship progresses and it may be by you assuming hes trustworthy loyal honest and to see he may need some reassurance from you to feel a stable relationship day in March to June probably is the time when you will cave in inside in love and see I really do want him and no one else matches up for me with my profile online or anywhere I have ever looked in the past and you may suddenly say oh I do care so much for he I should give it by once and for all and get off the fence I sit upon with a curious wonder of who’s this person anyway? to find out slowly may be a great way to know for certain to not date another may be greater and to wait for the right moment to take place is wonderful and to tread slowly for yourself is good also to stick a tiny toe in the water thats deep and not that murky to your spirit guides but it may seem an ocean away and it may be a some currents at first as you feel the treading now and the ocean they say is a solid day ahead as hes into passion and art and into eating great lunches and fun ahead he will love, he does not want to see you gazing upon another , he wants it solid and passionate with love around, he could be turned into a possessive one if you are not loyal and faithful with the day ahead then he may say mean remarks to scorn your insides that are burning with love for him by this time and now they may be already fierce with flames and he may only throw mean words towards your tender heartfelt feminine ways to hurt you back for being mean to me by looking at another one online or by talking to them in person, texting messaging and so on and not calling another man is best unless its a family friend relative or work reason only as he may check on your cell one day and see a mans name and that may send some rotten words flying out of his mouth, so remember the taming of the shrew is to know this in advance to avoid it so he may be so tame and nice to both of you with a hot fire of passion for one another, so keeping the flames a little cooled off by planning it out way ahead and now in this time of his passion for you is grand as for you to gage it and decide is for you to use your inner wisdom and know the answer of how it feels then when hes always around do I feel so in love and happy to be with him? We predict you will know by checking the turbulence in the hot water now and slowly find out to discover what you do with actions does play into it, how you handle it does affect the outcome as well and this spirit guide advice can help to guide you.
I would like to know who my wife will be?
-Kyle 05/13/1982
The guides predict that your wife may be a person that you don’t know now. We see ahead by this predication that it is a fawn haired bell around this great sharp turned corner when you meet thou suddenly with fierce emotion inside of a real sudden feeling of a yearning to know her so well by your prideful ways over coming a meeting of the minds online as we see she may suddenly insult your thick pride as self esteem really as a very confident person who is great and so good with your manly strong held pride of knowing you do no wrong you may take a slight comment as an insult from her saying the wrong comment to you so beware of this happening to you to know to not be over insulted by a small comment she’s made as you may know it means nothing at all right now in the moment of feeling a longing love towards her online or in a meet up in person with a group you know now is how it may happen as she may think you are involved with someone at this meeting time and comment why are you asking me that if you are seeing so and so? I thought we were going out then you never called to arrange it so why are you suddenly acting interested if you seem taken? Thats a warning ahead to see you may invite her somewhere casually then brush it off as a woman who seems too into herself and you may think she’s not interested and is but may not reveal it to you on the cell and you may take another to the event that you had an invitation for such as a movie pass or a date night at a spiritual center of party of a religion affair and mentioning it one day to say maybe you would like to go with us she may take it serious then but not say it and you may go without asking her if she’s interested and thats a warning for clear communication as she may wait and think you don’t care about her going and so on. She is a lovely lady who can appear pushy at times and over bearing maybe online at first even as she may over text you in many messages as many do these days. You may say stop sending so many x o’s and then realize wait a minute why am I saying that when I yearn for her in my heart and not my soul quite yet but I shall as I bond our emotions online messaging and then by more talking in person together with others at outings that we are both attending and by showing up all alone she shall know I am quite available if I act that way and by informing her hey I will be there also and she may be alone or not at first as she may date alot of men in her day but views them as good friends so do not get the wrong impression, assume it could be something possible in love and follow that feeling and instincts from your wise spirit guides telling you ahead of time on this great white page their thoughtful letter to you to say the lady they say you may marry is so fond of you from the start in meeting in person and at first by text message on your cells, she may want to see you every time you laugh at some remarks she’s made about some fun incident. You may be around her alot in May 2019 and more in fall and then by winter you may find her the love you have longed for to marry in the month of June which could be in the next year but probably its the year after. You may tread lightly at the start then get to know her and her inner spark that says I want a man who only needs me at nightfall and to the sleeping darkness time once a real married time has occured and we can dance in and out of our lives until that time of a marriage day arrives and by an engagement time in June of 2021 to a fast wedding right then we can love one another for eternity as I do know him so well already by the wisest cutest comments he make to me on my cheery posts. He may see I am the one at the first start of us meeting up talking by text message to comments in summer to fall 2019 to a wedding day thats all the sudden out of the real blue by him flinging a ring at me so suddenly for a really fast great wedding day by us saying okay to a spiritual person we meet with as a marriage consultant at a place of religion where we both attend or attended as one may be off in another spiritual route from time to time as yoga and so on and may not be attending there regularly. We predict that is she if you want it to be and make it so by a ring you buy quickly and dance upon a floor so enladened with love and passion by the chemistry you hold within your sweet souls to know she would like a man to buy me flowers occassionally and she would like to cook less than many do as a wifely duty she would like to bring dinner in more often than some as a career person who’s caring in her job and she may work nine to five now and eight to seven PM later on in fall 2019 and married she shall work more then not and bring in a great check of nice pay usually then a home wife later on five years from now is predicated with no children for awhile as she’s still in a working mode and she shall tick away for kids to play in 2027 we predict it may be that long for children and to marry fast is to be together at last.
Hi Nancy, My father passed away 10 years this past Nov. 20 th. Things seem to be rough for me right now can you reach out to him for me. Regards Xo
-Kimberly 06/11/1968
Your father says you are a great friend to him a loved one to call upon he so certain he may answer you back and to the clouds that may drift off to a fast slumber forever I say I am your great dad the greatest dad I say next to another many great dads who do write back to the loved ones of lost children so they feel okay inside about them passing on, but not passing on really at all but to know they are still so alive enough in their great spirit of heart and soul to repeat to they on earth who are living without them not as a lost one but as one who’s found their great legendary father once again as I am by your sweet in misery but blissful side by the light of the day of our eternity I say you are one to know this with all your might that I am not dead in the worlds words calling it that awful name, I am really alive in myself in my spirit of our eternal light to say I am by your side at night at nine p m and not at midnight as other guides you have take my great devoted place then as by eleven p m I am flying to high up to the Gods above to the clouds of heaven in a pink twilight glow all around, I have seven angels by my side at all times who are flying by me and chanting a song to thee, to the clouds of heaven we do so fly in a spirit of the dark gloomy dreaded by they on earth nights as we take off in a pair normally and then we see our angel children flying by thee us two who are spirits forever kindled in the heavenly realm forever as two of a pair is often the normal way of a great flight pattern, the children with their glowing wings on are there by us and they say to you we say here we are taking our way of life with our heavens flight in the angelic spere by the sound of their instruments too, a flute, a horn, a trumpet too, and a harmonica is not the normal sound we play but some do play that music when its the right time as heaven is full of many fine places of a landscape to dream upon and lovely music to listen to as we all fly on past the dark dreaded clouds around that some may say bog them down as to lift them away by seeing the ones we take care of on the earth is the way we fly past them in our heavenly realm by our great angels flight by me and my eternal mate with seven angels who are children’s playing instruments, too much for a fine person to imagine but its really our way of life in our great angels flight as I did not really ever die as I am flying all around to see I pull away the dark clouds from them on earth who feel them within a human form, as an angel flying so high soaring into the great night around we see the earth as a large vast place of the human form life as I did not die really ever at all as I am alive in my eternal light soul headed towards your house right now to inform you by a pat on your head I wrote this all down by the medium typing away my fast written by a speed of eternal light brisk words for you to see on this page so you and others shall know I am still alive in my great Angels spirit of the widest soaring wings that the great God of a spirit who was once upon a time a man has given me to soar more in a gliding fashion all around the realm I fly in soaring by so many who are in a great flight pattern as its too unimaginable for a person in a human form to fathom it and hard to digest its not as I am informing you of the great journey I am in in the heavenly sphere of a magical place thats so dreamy like and enchanting to inform you I am fine.
When will me and my fiancé get pregnant ?
-Tamara S.       03/08/1996
The guides of pregnancy predict you will conceive in late July sometime between this year and next year by that same season, it may be the following year also if you plan it out that way, in fact we say it is probably that year of 2021 to 2027 or 2029,we predict one pregnancy during this long timeframe. It may be that you decide to wait and be all of you in joint decision with grandparents to be around you discussing it. The main pregnancy predictor now in flight landing by us to write the prediction of hers is to say its probably not July of 2019 but it may be on June 1st 2019 as an accidental pregnancy and it may be Dec 14th of 2029 as it may take that long to decide its the right time as we see you could decide to wait for more security and not for maturity as we say you are already mature in your ways. You shall probably conceive a son on the date of Dec 1st 2021 and you may conceive another time in the interum accidently not at all planned around June 1st to June 17th, 2019. These are all seen as possible conception dates, the guides feel you will decide by a joint decision to try to become pregnant at the end of this year or next year in the summer season. Probably you will deliver on March 16th, 2020 or 2021 depending on the conception time. That is a predicated as your due date by the main pregnancy predictor. He would like to wait a few more years is partly why and the grandparents to be on both sides, mostly his side of the family feel its best to wait a little longer, even four or five years away seems as a better time to them, they feel they will help parent part of the time is why and they see it as a flexible time period in the future as one may be giving up a second job they hold dearly to their heart and soul, they do not plan to stay there for the rest of their life and they would leave to babysit is why, planning out the best time is important for you to see the great aspect of a baby in your life. We say you may hope for this to occur sooner such as this season a pregnancy and in mid March you may be hoping to have a baby shortly as you long to have a son in your arms. We do see a boy for certain as the predication in advance and perhaps twins later on in five years, you may have twin girls at that time or by 2029 as predicated before. We see you will have two to five children, probably four, two sooner and twins later. We see you will have wonderful grandparents for help with your children. You may see a pink thermometer on a pregnancy stick test at home in June and feel I accomplished this mission of being a pregnant mom to be. It could be in July even and not the fall, as if you try hard it may happen shortly otherwise you may choose to wait awhile for the marriage seeds to be firmly planted in a secure place of a nice residence , we feel you will stay where you are for a year and move later when the family has grown to a larger number of people by a toddler soon running about, you will feel cramped at this time and want to move probably to have a larger space and a tree in a large yard with flowers around for a lovely sparkling life about you, in 2029 it may be five people by you having twins unexpectedly and abruptly discussing a move at that time in the pregnancy is very predicated. You may have a Caesarian section both times also, by the reading we do say a boy on the sooner dates and twin girls in 2029 as five people in this brightly lite positive family of many loving the children as if they are their own kids to sit and play with, the mom on his side may be the one to babysit full time for a short period in your life as you may work part time out of the house while you are in your second pregnancy is why. She may babysit a toddler girl if you have another baby inbetween and the older child, a son may be in elementary school when your having twin girls in which case you may have four children as we are predicating what we see in the future and there are many different outcomes and your self will ,actions and decisions play into this vision ahead as probably you may say by this reading I shall ask my future husband after we are embedded in such white spiritual stone of a secure marriage time, I may then say a few months after the wedding day when should we have a baby? he may say now is fine with me too but a year away may be a better time and by the pregnancy period it would be around that time. The grandmas to be would give their input probably after you inform them at a baby shower about your plans for staying home awhile longer than you thought, they may offer then to take part in this great family affair of a thought out plan for them to be quite involved in the care taking of a new baby son to be. Amen to you for your motherly internal soul clock ticking away to have a great boy of a legend in your life someday soon, to be born in March , 2020 probably as predicated. He will be a great soul who’s embedded in your eternal being in your pregnancy, in your third term you will feel his energy and know more about his light energy being to be a great source added to your wonderful life. Amen. He will be there for you to see him as a son to relie on when hes matured, a past life child you knew you in another time who does want to be back with you in this life, he will know inside as will you that you are past life relatives, you were his mom in another lifetime ages ago and as rekindled souls you will see the light of spiritual place in your hearts to be together as mother and son is predicated. Good luck from your spirit guides who say you will know more about this ahead of time from the predications that may help guide you with the proper great wonderful pregnancy child bearing outcomes as to know this ahead of time you are a spiritual light on earth and to conceive at the times stated you may say I knew already as the great wise pregnancy guide predictor told me, in that fashion of your spiritual tone you are acclaimed a real Saint on the earth for hearing the words by the medium spirit writer from the real beings of light who know a miracle in advance to prove this accomplishment you are claimed a real Saint on earth by us, to tell all about this you are a miracle worker as the great spirit of a past life boy shall be flown down to impregnate you at the dates predicated in such advance accurately and you may prove this in this spirit channel medium writing by showing it to them when you do finally deliver to say Amen the pregnancy predictor told me all of it already so I am not so suprised by any occurance’s today as a son born on the very blessed day of March 15th 2020 is my Edward a son from a past life, they may say Amen to you for knowing so as you are proving a miracle on earth today to see the pregnancy predictor is accurate proves a modern miracle of Angels singing all around at the delivery to see a miracle transform by you knowing.
I just had a tubal reversal in September my question is when will I concieve a baby
-Kalyn 03/03/1994
The guides predict you may conceive at the end of this coming June, around the 18th in 2019. You may have a baby son or it you could have a daughter as the gender is not yet determined but may be by you praying more for what you hope for. We say you may wish for a lovely daughter to be a partner with her mom in this life. We say you shall have only one child, a great child for you to be taking such good care of as we say you are a better than average friend to many as a loyal life couch, we say you will probably have a daughter around Nov. 3rd, 2019 we see you are eight months pregnant and the delivery date seen may be Dec. 18th,2019 or Dec. 8th you may feel kicking starting to happen more so. We say you shall become pregnant by your wish to conceive by a daily prayer or wish box you have by your bedside table top in the main room of your house. We believe you may only want one baby at this time of conception you may say I am only having one dear friend in my life, a girl I hope. If you have a son you may say I will have another baby later on as I do dream of having a daughter in my life as a good friend to pal around with later as great company and to see her wonderful girly ways about her I dream of that day to see her at a prom night in an elegant style feminine dress I helped choose with her at a great dress store. I do love a girl for the reason of taking her out to the shopping mall and I dream of this more than a son playing ball at a park as a feminine woman who wants a partner in life to relate to on their girlish level and a son you may treasure in your day dream world but see a ball park life of guys around and feel you may not fit into that sports field as well as a mall however a son may be a musician or introvert remember and you could enjoy that sort of lifestyle equally to taking a daughter to a store for a prom dress in the future and by the reading the guides do know what type of life you long and hope for and on that note does the husband want to be on a ball field day in and day out? as you may try to plan their life styles out to find what fits with both of your personality’s in advance as we see a artists place may be the way for you, to find a way to gear their life towards music and art to dance for a daughter as that may be what you desire and buying a great tux for him at a prom night planned in your day dreaming ahead may be as much a joy for you to know a lovely friend may accompany him on that great day ahead and you may pin a lovely corsage on a gown to know I dreamt of this beautiful day and you may enjoy it equally is a note to think and plan by to create the world of great glee ahead of time. Amen, as to know this plan you may create it. From your God and the great white light Angels all around you.
Ok I really need your help! I was informed on 3/9/2014 that my husband dereck 04/15/1982 of 10 years ,committed suicide after dropping our daughters off at my parents I was not able to be around due to some trouble I had got myself in too . My question is . Is my husband dereck really dead ,did he really committee suicide? I just didn’t feel that lose of connection and I still don’t I still feel that strong deep in connection hold you have in ur tummy , you know what I mean I need to to know I need answers and all I am getting are more questions and no answers can u help me please Thanks Megan scott
-Megan S. 10/23/1979
The guides feel he did not intentionally do that to himself, they see it an accident may have occurred that seemed that way, they see its a different date of death than you say in your questions or did it happen yet? as we see he’s not gone up to heaven and either he’s passed on as a ghost or he’s not done this ever as you feel, you think they are just making this sad story up, what do your kids think? Do they think he took his life right away after passing by the house or office in dread of this day of leaving us again at my mom’s mothers and fathers house, a stepdad? perhaps or seems that way, they see he was upset driving there and felt I cannot do this again, leave them there unknown feelings held in deathly afraid of being incarnated he thought I can move on from this by leaving here and not coming back to the house I fear of to be arrested by them beating my kids they said I did but didn’t ever I say to myself I want my wife back and having her would help this mess we have going, created it probably we know we did but I cannot ever get near a prison cell as I am way too afraid to be incarcerated there or near there by there anyplace in those areas I am deathly afraid I feel the kids will be fine without me though I can not see them for a long while now as I am leaving for another place to land there so soon are the thoughts he had that day leaving them off at the grandparents house and a hotel he went to after that and drank some fine wine and cheese and bread sticks to unwind from the day in day out hurrying around in fear of losing my child the one I am so close to inside the other one could care less about me I think , he thought these thoughts that day and said I will hurry away to avoid the pain of this incidence coming to me as it seems the dark fear I hold in me is shattered around this lifetime and I miss my wife and hope she’s not incarcerated I hope she flees away with the kids someday soon as we are stuck in this now today and have been for quite sometime I see this is a hopeless day occurring ahead and think to loose my life with them will be dread for all involved in this situation of the children’s lives therefore I am moving on away from here and I may act pretend I am gone forever but flying around above them now is their God and Angels flurrying around to see if their daddy is gone from there on earth or did he flee? Do they say they do not see him in heaven above as a spirit of light around flying with wings on they are checking to see if he’s in a remorseful state waiting to move on or is he a ghost? We see your intuitive questions inside are your instincts feeling he’s not really gone, are they just saying that? because they have not heard from him? did they get a note mailed saying you will never see me again? to inform hes gone as in passing on as a slippery road it may have been and if he gone and there is evidence it was an accident and not ever really on purpose he says I did not mean to game play or to move away from there and he did not mean to get on a slippery highway with the stereo sound turned up so high not paying attention to the long drive ahead guzzling down brews and he decided to take a short nap and a stroll and did not know he could get injured then so he stopped in the middle of the red traffic light not seeing the cars ahead in an oblivion as a drunken heart broken dad who did not know a real car wreck could ever occur, he did not think this could happen as he said I am not dead I am invisible he said and thought that always about himself that nothing really bad could ever happen that he could lose his life by as a freak accident and he said I did not ever die as I see myself alive in my being and as a ghost walked on. Amen.

I’m very worried I lost someone I fell in love with. Will this person ever come back into my life?

-Laura 01/20/1974
The guides feel he will come back in ten years or less, it could be soon though as five days or six months by you being persuasive to him on the cell phone or online, he may return as you do say you love him so much more than you knew. We see he is someone who may yell alot at others about this situation, he sees I may not be the one for her now but felt I really was , I want to be there by her sweet side today and everyday of my life, I feel we are together heart and soul inside and paired up in our hearts forever more today and every day, being apart is hard and he does not want to be it seems he plans to see you and be back together as he feels you still are that way inside even apart, a long way apart he sees that distance of a travel is too bad of an ache to think of it now as you may rush back to him forever crying in his arms and then leave fast the way you did once upon a time , the way you have done this to us is hard to digest and take in, he sees we could be alone someday I pray he does say to God and to the light around of positive thinking ways even subliminally he says this and sees that you may still love me alot, I know you do in fact, he just hopes you will be so nice to me with gestures and show me the way to do this. Therefore the guides answer is yes we will be back soon or later depending on how you handle the situation, he says you may be with me so soon if you tell me what to do to make it happens, getting back together at your place far away from where I am currently it seems three miles away to me or twenty-five times as far away as I want to be, I wish to be closed again in love and be together in love with you not ever running. He would like to know it’s not ever over in this lifetime. He would want you to show me how to be again, back in your arms without you ever yelling at me about anything is the wish inside his being of light with bravery he may return sooner if you let him know you want to be with him. Amen
Is husband having affair and if so with whom
-Eloisa 12/13/1981
The answer is probably he is unfaithful at times by flirting online or in person, who is the person? the guides say it is not anyone, they say its a figment of your imagination and the answer is a solid no. They say he may speak to females at times for work reasons only and he is not partaking in a fling. We see your worry is greater than needed to be as we do see him the type to cheat at all. Therefore trusting him is best, as you should not act funny about the way he is being in life as you being suspicious acting will not be good. He sees you think I am doing bad things in life that I would not do at all, he thinks you are always mad at me for nothing, he would like someone to set you straight and tell you to stop thinking I am seeing someone online or at home when your gone as I am not ever doing that bad stuff, I am very nice to you in our marriage I think over nice even is what he says to himself, you could be in a jealous rage just by thinking and assuming something went on that has not ever at all. He may have spoken to old school friends at times who contacted him and work-related women who have called now and again for work reasons, you may have thought that was a love flying in your head and seemed stubbornly minded as thick-headed thinking with your determination to prove something happened that never did. Thus you may be kinder to him even apologize if the subject comes up you may say sorry if I offended you, I know you are honest with me and trustworthy and I should have thought certain things that are not true about your character or something in your own words if the subject matter comes up and you may say it half joking around in a light-hearted manner to make light of it saying you were suspicious when there was no reason to be. By acting sincere and honest towards him with love letting him see you trust he things shall appear in a more light-hearted fashion. He hopes you know I did nothing as he thinks it could ruin things for a long while if you constantly think something went on that did not. The guides say he’s a flirt at times as a debonair suave ladies man who could intrigue others by his personality that seems flirtatious but he’s faithful inside as loyal as it gets to the bare bone of his heart and soul he says I would not cheat or go past talking to someone. So being in love is best and appreciating his faithful ways is good for the relationship of a happy day ahead in love by you recognizing his good qualities and affirming them to yourself, we say you are good really too and would not go out on him unless you thought he did and were so determined to think something happened when it didn’t at all. So carry on in love and hope this blows over by your angels saying its not done in your head, to stop thinking something happened is better for you and him to move on in love and say I did not know my thoughts could create him to be mean towards me as my thinking he did something that he didn’t make him furious inside as he’s not like that. Amen
Does angela m. c. will have a future together
-Eddie R. 01/30/1959
The guides see you will have a great future together sometime in mid May of 2019. They feel you will be happy after the timeframe of May to June. She is feeling interested in you and would like you to say hello more frequently in the work hours also, that’s the best time to reach out as she is alert in action and movement wanting to see a great message that’s somewhat light to say hello in addition to the regular times of day and evening you contact her, she is welcoming the contact and appreciates the hello, how are you doing today? tonight? messages as well. The normal routine you use for contacting her is best with a couple of extra work time messages a few times a week is good to say how’s your day going? Hope it’s a good morning for you and so on. The guides see she’s quite interested in your day also. She sees you are one who has a good Dad personality, caring and attentive and she sees you may have some cold moods at times or seem inward quiet like which she’s accustomed to and she sees you are one who has a great caring nature with a happy go lucky easy free with the wind personality. She sees you are charismatic and efficient and that you adore her. Your spirit guides predict this could lead to marriage years away probably as it may take ages to reach that point due to family circumstances commitments at home and at work and so on but it may stay a steady flow of love for many years to the marriage day which could be five to ten years away, maybe seven years they predict as they see an engagement party in two years at the house of relatives, your relatives shall attend that glorious day predicated ahead to celebrate the proposal, then long wedding planning years it may be. It could be two or three years from that day of glory or the other time periods stated above depending on your feelings of choosing the right time. She would like to feel we are going steady by a small simple band, even a casual piece of jewelry that’s not overdone or expensive even, as a promise ring, going steady band that’s turquoise with gold inlay. She would like to be engaged by Christmas or even summertime of 2019 you may say a casual band is for the promise of the future to lead to that day, to see no other is the purpose, the promise to wait. The wedding may be held at a summertime fair outside among bleachers or stacked chairs, outdoors in the moonlight probably or a babbling brook alongside a Church retreat is the predication so your answer is “Yes” the guides predict you have a future together by you steering the steady light of the ship to say hello often in the week, three times during work hours before noon, to acknowledge her day ahead and the morning busy fury, to say hope all is great today, see you later on, have a nice one and so in in your text message or email words as you normally speak to her. To acknowledge her so she knows your thinking of her busy days is the reason, to feel loved, cared about. To know you are there wondering about her. Therefore she feels the commitment between you to feel secure and a steady flow of patience and tolerance of each other lives and schedules with others. The road may be narrow and not that windy if you are steering the messaging and handing her the casual band in the summertime of 2019 to 2020 December. Probably by the end of this year is best or by spring 2020. The guides suggest to not over embellish her inexpensive items such as many diamonds as she may feel over obligated to hurry to a wedding day which may not be feasible with the busy atmosphere around, but later it should simmer down to an even pace with financial responsibility as well. To rush could be hurrying too much, as you feel at this time as well. To know someday it can be full-time everyday living together a married couple when the time is right. Predicated that day will be March 28th, 2019 when you mention this to her by a message even to say hey how bout someday we are always together in our house in the future. I look forward to that time in our happy in love life.
How does my crush feel about me?
-Marijo G. 06/19/1966
Your crush feels you are great today and always on me for tiny things I am doing online, you are nudging me too much at times though, perhaps you are over messaging them? They feel a little bit burdened at times, the feeling of pressure by knowing there are many messages to answer back, this may be predicted and a warning ahead to avoid chasing them away for good or for three weeks, three months or a year but not forever. They would like a few messages at night mostly at ten PM is not the best time though, five PM is not a good time either by a busy traffic hour could be why therefore you may think are they driving now? or sleeping? or too tired to answer at this time at night? You may want to text message at 5:30 or 6:00 thinking they are free and not in the car but maybe. The best times are probably in mid-day and at from 7 PM to 9 PM and not past that time probably unless you are answering back and they are up late waiting for your response. Too many texts at a time may drive them away from you, it often pushes some away. The best way is to text, email and call are three times during a day and not more than three contacts or its too many that may seem desperate or needy is why. It’s best to gauge them in a timely fashion of thinking before messaging to say to yourself is this a good time? will I get a reply soon? or will I have to wait all dam day ? in fear of no answer for hours therefore to not be pushy is best, they feel you are attractive and flirting around at times, it may drive them crazy out of their mind if they see you answering too fast at times. They prefer to message then wait twenty minutes to an hour and a half for an answer back , but not more than an hour and a half, and two hours is felt too long. You are rushing me into a real relationship they may feel at times if the messages feel burdening to their light hearted spirit and soul of freedom. To love each other in the near future could be to be happy all the time in messages, but not overdone. To say great hearing from you is too plain and impersonal probably. They would like a relationship that’s not over pressuring, to be light hearted and easy going about the contacts is a great way to continue on as they don’t want a burdening pressure to answer back fast but a light harmony instead. Amen. They see you do care for me more than most do, you are attentive and enamored with me which does signal a love sign, they like that you are passionate towards them as a crush you refer to it as, so yes they like that attitude you have going. To feel you only have eyes on me is not the worry at all as they feel that is so, there is no threatening feeling of you looking at many fish in the sea of love as they feel they are the only one now and have been for quite some time and they can’t take rejection well either, neither of you can. Therefore showing the feelings you have does work well to keep it ongoing with a more light hearted easy messaging throughout the day and early night is best. To lead to a relationship in the future days could be hazardous at this time in early 2019 but by fall next year or another year in the fall season it could be every day in person. But today light messaging keeping the crush on you inspiration going is great, they don’t want to be rushed into anything at this time in their life due to circumstances and an attitude inside of them which is some immaturity that should flourish to more adult maturity, later on, is partly the reason. Also, they may have ill feelings towards others that they are shoveling out of them for a clear spot for love, and a harmonious day ahead for you to fill the void when it prevails may be the best day of their life and yours may be that day as well but it may take two to five years even by much patience ahead on your part but not theirs as they are patient already about this as they already decided someday maybe forever if they can hang in their with me and be easy going and good natured to love me at bay and know loving someone online full time can lead to being a couple when your not rushing it but waiting and developing a bond while talking and by answering back no problem I was just sitting around thinking about you doing what you mentioned earlier at work or home, wondering how it’s been and so on. Amen to know that to love them from far away is best at times, to know patience rules in this matter and answering back in a timely fashion that’s not over hurried is the advice from the guides to have it turn to a blessed full relationship in the future. To not pressure or rush is a key to hold with the great admiration inside that you show them online. To continue showing them they are the only one is good as to stray away is not the way to go, as they like the content feeling you provide by your consistency and by harmonious joyful pleas towards them it can continue flourishing ahead to turn to forever and a day is possible by your tone of waiting for it all out with determination you show in a light fashion of polite times of answering back and sending the first message of the day at the right hour is important also, as in not too early and not too too late at night. Five PM is great sometimes depending on their driving time, sitting at five PM can be a great time for contact also. If they are in a real hurry, a five minute answer back is better then too fast in a mere second as that’s their way such as letter writing to send a note and wait for a reply in an old fashioned manner instead fast new age messaging. Amen. You have great energy of light around that your spirit guides acknowledge also as he does too as to see a lady who loves me online a lot is very intriguing and fascinating to my heart and soul that felt worn out and now I get ecstatic energy inside by reaching for my phone at midnight often to check for a late missed 9 O’clock message that’s lingering on that was sent while I was asleep or falling fast asleep, then I say I’ll answer tomorrow but not now its too late for contact at a midnight hour yet I fall back to sleep happily ever after knowing the voice message came for me to hear to sleep sound with a smile to look forward to answering by Noon tomorrow or maybe 4 PM or 5 PM even, as the waiting game I enjoy more than the hurrying as their nature inside. To look forward to checking messages from ten PM to midnight is a regular routine without saying it ever to their lips as its fun inside to know they called messaged and I need to answer and what will I ever say if I don’t receive one? at that late hour when I often check each night then I would be heartsick waiting all the next day to see nothing I may crumble up and feel lost inside if the continuity is off.
Will I get pregnant? If so, how many children will I have?
-Tara D. 09/03/1982
The guides predict you will become pregnant by Sept. next year probably not this fall season but it may be. They see your child born early in May some year soon, a boy is predicted at this time although it does often depend on the date of conception. The guides predict you may have seven children in your mind as a mom but you will probably have three children, one in the month of May, a boy then a girl in a fall month who will look exactly like you and another boy in the month of June. By the year 2029 you will have three children under your wing on earth the guides predict and it could be by Sept of 2027 you have three children. Probably not four children.
Asheel 01/20/1997 what does destiny holds? is the one?
-Deepsha 04/04/1994
Your guides predict he is not the one and only, they fear you are not truly in love with him alone, they see you have others around you online chatting away that could be potential people to love later on or now. They see ten others who may come across as interested in you and they are not the ones you may be attracted to yet but you may be attracted to one of them later on, in a few days it could be you see them and know they are the one for you. You may then try to get across to that person a great man in heart longing for you that they are a possibility of love by your gestures of flirting away happily to them again and again. Your guides predict this man will stick out like a sore thumb among the ten men online somewhere, in the future it may be up to three years even before you see them as a loving person, it may be three days by you looking for them by this information like the one you are with is callous and insincere in his heart often times but not always to you. He may seem nice and sincere around others but is cold as ice inside as a self-centered person who pretends he is warm-hearted. They see he is not destiny by his inside personality, that it will be revealed to you one day and you will realize he’s not as nice as I first thought he was when I met him and was around him, at that first meeting time period I felt elated in love and as if it could be forever as a hopeless romantic person inside you felt the magical infatuation with dreamy feelings of a fairytale forever love as he’s attracted to you and your insides as you are so nice, therefore you could choose him to be forever if you can stand his pride and selfish ways of immaturity that you will see soon your guides predict that suddenly you won’t feel so overjoyed and in love with him alone any longer, you will see he’s not sincere always but acts that way and you will question your feelings and say do I want him forever? or is someone else nicer to me? a man that I see all the time online who’s sending me many messages during the day, he seems so kind and happy to talk to me always and wonders how I am and asks me what I am doing.Your guides predict you will suddenly sway towards a newer friend once the coldness begins in the man who asks about. The new man is taller than average around six feet tall or five eleven. He is dark skinned and a natural writer. He is probably older than you are by a few years or seems older than you, he could be the same age or even ten years older, probably five years older, he seems mature to your guides. He is one who may look older than men his age as he’s deep in thought in his character and in his value system. He is not as silly as some act online, he is more serious with every day caring questions. He may wear a red shirt at his workplace and have another job also at night. He may turn to forever and a day when you see him online one day quickly messaging to your inbox, would you like to go to a party with me next Saturday? This may be a giant turn out for the area or a small get together so soon. This could be mid-June to July 1st or next term during school breaks as a vacation period. The man you asked about may turn warmer inside by your prayers to your guides to say please make him so kind and sincere so I may be with him forever and a day. It’s possible a change could occur by a miracle of his soul knowing to by what you wish for and you may not long for it if you are set on the other friend you met as you may see him as so great a catch that you can’t let him pass by. The man you asked about is nice at times and could lighten up around you and others when he sees she really wants me and loves me back, he could turn great inside by you steering the ship in the right path, as you may say I will try to hang on and keep doing nice gestures towards him to keep him in the boat of love, as ahead it could be a great calm around us on a smooth glass ocean so calm or it may rock around and throw me to shore by his attitude as you may crumble inside one day by his harsh words of callousness and him may crude and ungiving. You may feel what’s the use I am not feeling so greatly in love with a person whos not caring about my day and evening or my life at all as that’s how it seems by the way he’s throwing words at me out of nowhere so suddenly that it jolts me inside and ruins my life instead of enhancing it fully as a nurtured partner. By a miracle, he could turn great inside by prayers your guides hear that they fly up to the sky as they are Angels with wings who fly with the notes you make to hope they can happen. The new man would flee if you saw another man when you’re together if you are a couple in the near future by July 9th, 2019 then you will know to see no other, talk to others online or on the phone. The man you ask about will run off in a huff if you break it off, you may sorry your too mean, what you said hurts my heart and I must now guard it and shield it from your darting over wordy mouth with a wicked tongue, I must run off you may say to some you know on the phone and not online as the new men ten of them don’t know about any of it ever going on at all. Your friends on the phone will say forget that h guy already, you can find someone better for life to marry later on and to have kids with. The man will run for his life to guard his breaking heart if and when it all does fall apart. He will probably not chase you down or call at all. He will feel she broke it off for good, it sure seems that way to me by what she said on the cell, she said you should appreciate me and my life around me is hell now because you told everybody confidential information that you were to not ever reveal. That’s a warning ahead to be prepared for this and to know don’t expect him to keep any secret, he will blabber mouth all over one day and upset you to no end then you won’t want to forgive him. That’s the prediction. To not run off fast is best as you don’t want to anger him ever as he may do this yelling around blabber mouthing confidential information if and when you hurt him by rejection. So breaking it off unofficially may be better, to tread lightly and act so nice until you are apart from each other as in taking a mild break for some light-hearted space with family and friends you may say for a brief vacation in school break season so he’s not so mad later on. Amen
What does my grandma Anna think of with the situation I’m in with the man I love?
-Tiffany L. T. 02/11/1998
She feels you will stay with him for the rest of your life. She feels he is the right one for you. She thinks he is kind and a great person also and she sees he will go to the edge of the earth for you. She says he nicer than most men and he treats you right ashes kind to everyone around you often when he visits them and he’s just nice. Your reading predicts you may stay with him forever, he is so sincere, honest and usually wise. He may need a shoulder to cry on sometimes and be sentimental for a grown man. Your grandma sees he’s one to care for you often in chores around the house even, he may be one who seems stern to others around at his office/workplace but at home he may iron, vacuum, even sew at times as a homemaker type inside as he may have this side towards cleaning the house that’s good for you to know about, as he should enjoy it as he does these tasks for himself in his life. He’s not the over macho one who would sneer at it but not cooking as often as many but he would love gardening and pulling weeds as a homebody at times in his life as he enjoys taking care of a home. He is not one to run off either unless you were really mad and told him so by words that would scorn him. Then he may hurt so inside that he may take off for a bit and return later on, but it could take a while if this occurs, forever maybe if you scorn him with words. You probably won’t let that happen as your not that kind of person ever. You are nice, timid sometimes to him which he does not want really, he prefers you are gentle and open with heartfelt words of the wondrous of love and life. He is one who would like a firm commitment in heart and not in soul yet ashes deeply rooted in his workplace, he is consumed with it so much that it takes his time up inside his soul, has boggled up with work endeavors and work fears of hurrying up so I reached the top. He would be intertwined in souls later on probably by the sheer romantic days of light around you, more togetherness in future days ahead can create the souls in the heart that become intertwined. If you marry and are living in the same house that kept so nice with the kindness of caring inside and by caring about each others day to day life then real soul bonding can happen by being together a lot. Your grandma thinks he’s a great friend also and one to cherishes and not let go of as there are not many men like him, he’s a rare occurrence on earth. Your guidance of being there when he wants you is best, to stay open for a wonderful road ahead with no bumps on it probably by his calm personality and by your touch of goodness to lead a trail so lite up following your own instincts within your heart to know you will wait for the right date ahead to be with him for the rest of your life if you can. To be calm as he is not the reason he’s so attracted to you always, it’s your inner ways and light about you, your pleasant tone and mannerism he adores you for you are already. You may both say this is forever in two days to five years, or you may say it all of the sudden and he will quietly acknowledge this as you both already feel that’s where it’s headed to forever. If you bark at him to decide on this he won’t care that much as he’s easy going but doing it lovingly is better with your kind-hearted laughter abounding to him to say hey lets keep it this way, we have a lot going for us as we are very pleasant to each other, we enjoy each others company and get along in a great harmony that should last a lifetime by us saying its going to by taking vows in the future or sooner depending on his workplace opening up that flow of prosperity as he wants that to occur, keep that in mind to know he may wait for that to happen before vows, as to provide so well is important, to have the right atmosphere in a lovely house that’s manicured and cared for as a happy home of love and romance within.
Where is my dog?
-Jason 02/26/1976
The animal Saints and pet Guardian Angels say your dog is alive. They see he did not fly to heaven and that your dog is in a field of green by a cow pasture type farm in the area about ten miles from where you are. The Guides say he was taken to a shelter as a lost homeless pup, they adopted him right away to a couple who have a ranch nearby. The place is a shelter that takes in lost homeless dogs and probably not cats an often or any, this may be a way to find it. The shelter is a place to rescue pets, it may not be a City Shelter. They see it a City Type warehouse where pets are given vaccinations for rabies. It may be a charity run organization who rescues animals. It could be found by you checking online for all the pet animal rescues in your area, it’s within a fifteen to twenty-mile radius, probably 10.7 miles away from your residence. Your dog may have run off to see a bird or another animal and kept on running after it then became tired and thirsty enough to show up at a residence in your area, it could be three streets over where your dog appeared on a porch or at the barb wire fence, a nice lady ,who appears as a mom-type may have taken your dog in for water and then put a harness leash on your dog pretending its for a walk down the yard way to take your dog home by looking for a poster on the corners and on car windshields the lady may have left flyers for a day with her phone number and a description of the pet that seems lost. She then called ten pet rescues to find the person who would pick the dog up to place it someplace close by in the real owners call me. You may be able to investigate and track the lady down by finding out what number called ten pet rescues around the day the dog went missing or the very next day. She did not go in person but waited for a blue van to pull up. The pet rescue may have a record of adoptions. The people are a couple on a large property outside of the town center, they may have a young child or baby and horses, chickens and hens and a crop growing. You may put posters with a photo around those areas within twenty miles from your residence and at the pet rescues and in the area where she left flyers on car hoods the day your dog went missing. It is around three streets over and up a ways from your residence. The guides hope someone will see the photo and the lost date and call. Amen to finding your pet, they do predict you might by perseverance and by April 1st you may know one way or the other where your dog is located. A small red collar made of rope/small chain may be on your pet now and it could be the people wanted a dog for herding reasons. You may place flyers on roads at busy corners where main roads cross one another. The Guides pray you to find your dog so dear to your heart to find on the earth by a bark when your near the house land area of acres that’s 10.7 miles to 11.4 miles away.
When will I meet my soulmate?
-Allyson B. 03/10/2001
You may meet your soul mate next week in the shade of the park at an outdoor party, get together. He may be so vain, outside it seems that way and he may be the tallest man of gem that you have ever seen, that’s the way he will appear to you is your guides predications. They see he is one who is always soft spoken. He is interesting to you and he may seem happily married to you right away as you may bond immediately. He is probably a great ballplayer in his life, being very tall he may play basketball and many other sports as he is athletic and cannot run into the wind but stride along with ease as he’s tall and a large build. Thus he is one to jump into the wind and he is a large man. The guides say he is always an athlete and that’s a hint ahead before you meet him so you know and are aware this may be he. You may feel on top the great earth spinning round with clouds everyplace that fine day as we see the light of the moon also over you at that time of day, not straight overhead but off to the side. He may have a great pick up truck that’s red or another bright color as a real sporty man. He is older than you by five days in twin soul terms but in real life age, there may be a few years age difference. This could be in the summer this year or next. It’s a school break time season. He may be attending summer school and be on a school vacation break and be glad to attend his homeland BBQ party. He may be on swim team also with long arms stroking in an Olympic size pool by the Angel’s clairvoyant vision sent to the medium Nancy who’s channel writing the reading words for them to tell you, but not a soccer ball around him ever as he’s more of a basketball or volleyball player. You may see he likes the same snacks as you do and he enjoys pleasant top hits on the radio as he drives on his car stereo. He may want a family someday and a marriage day in the future and many children someday he does think of this. Your spirit guides who are channel writing this for you to see and read so thoroughly say he is family type man inside. You may be twin souls it does seem by your great Spirit Guides of white light guardian Angels saying they see you had some past lives together and you asked about meeting your soul mate so they found him by checking the Angels past life notes in records as they keep tabs on love lives and check past life relationships to see if the same spirits in heart are located by each other often its planned out for reincarnations in hopes of twin souls crossing paths and meeting each other by being born in the same exact town as you do know your soul mate is nearby as you feel it inside and you are one to say I loved him before I saw him as I felt his magical lighthearted soul so you are one to wait to meet him instead of searching so frantic to find someone to be within the moment as you are wiser within than most. The guides can do a soul mate matching up by seeing the rays of light in a person being to see if they match up exactly as they have that magical capability and love to grant the wish of finding the real soul mate to be with til eternity as they honor those who do believe as you do. A twin soul we say lived five blocks away from your house growing up by each other on purpose, all planned as you are what is called a soul keeper and  in this journey ahead he would say I am not into that really that psychic wisdom of knowing things ahead of time really I don’t do things in life this way that much but with you saying we are twin souls and you knew it was me before we met again then fine I can see that too as I do have that feeling and see we could be in harmony by our chemistry and aura you may say. The guides say you should spot him by this page, when you see a polite tall man acting like a gentleman to you such as opening the door for you may know it’s he as by looking into his eyes by your love life gaze you may see the aura and the crystal baby blue haze in his gleaming eyes. He may seem shy and then kid around and be silly at times. We do pray you to meet him so very soon. Look online and check that area and don’t bump heads over small disagreements you could seem to always have in many lives as twin souls are so much alike is one reason why but the soul mate connection of past lives can outweigh a small upset you could have at times, briefly to be in tune with the moment. You could part ways for a while by one of you at a school out of the area for a year for a Doctrine Degree and remember time apart means missing one another so we do pray you to cross paths so this may transpire, your Angels feel you will see him by looking at heights on a neighborhood social network site. You could track him down by looking around and then happen chance you are visiting a place where he may be standing such as sports event he’s watching or a day he’s at practice for swim team as you shall scout him out and place yourself in moments of time to find him and he may like pink and yellow and a sweet day ahead we pray you to have in a happy in love state. This may be this summer or next June when he’s on school break and you may be at the same places where students are attending for holidays such as picnics and BBQ’s in your home state land, just a few blocks down the block and a sharp turn around a bend is where he is usually in his life at home studying and playing sports often always his whole life. He may see you at a coffee shop one day and you may suddenly say do I know you? I may have met you before I believe as you should know right then and there and also it may be shopping at a store there as you might have met him in this life already in the past by an acquaintance or you just crossed paths and were around each other somewhere as you are nearby his residence where hes lived and Amen to you to find him and greet him with a light smile as to say I think I know you as for hearts to unfold to dance and soar you may find him by your Angels.
When will my mother die from her dreadful cancer she has been fighting for 17 months.
-Susan 09/11/1976
I can give you the psychic predictions by channeling her spirit guides opinions on what they see that could happen ahead, however, I can not give medical advice, therefore, these are tips from the guides for you to check and follow up on, and I shall give you the healing prayer time so the Angelic spiritual channel writing to you can work on a spiritual level in conjunction with what she is doing with humans on earth. You may pray at 9 am Pacific time to La Virgin Mary and my Son Thou Jesus to say I am the healer at this time of the ones I put on my lists internationally thus your mother is now one I may bless at this time by connecting to you with your dear worried question you have her on that Prayer time list as to believe in a miracle is something to us of a miracle just in that and feeling it can help by you believing is that. The question you ask we do not exactly give those dreaded dates but the spirit guides say the lady she knows who had red hair or auburn in it who is taller than average is nice. The man may be gruff but does worry inside, he is someone smart you may ask his advice with a list of questions of concern so you may work together. The healing prayer time is for one minute of prayer wishes from 9 am to 9:01 am each day, you may pray for every hour for 1 minute around the clock for 7 weeks straight whenever your awake and she may pray also at the healing prayer times given. Amen to you. They predict she may be going along on a short walk outside enjoying the sunlight and we predict she may crave orange soda and cranberries with bananas, carbonation is what she may want. The spirit guides predict she may want to move to a smaller place in the future so she has less upkeep, they predict she will have this idea and decide and tell people she knows and ask their advice. They predict she will see a great place online and feel I want to be there, lush gardens and a grand pool and some exciting feeling it may have for her, something that enlightens her inside, she may bring items she’s held onto and want a new cheery feeling that’s more upbeat that may boost her fine spirit and she may think I want that carefree feeling place without yuck of stuff around. That’s an insight to know so you may be supportive of her ideas she has when she talks about it and you may think about it and think what has a happy and carefree feeling that she would thrive in. This is a prediction that she may think of this and want to do this for her being to thrive and she may discuss it with people and get their advice. But will probably say that’s my decision I am making. Amen for your nice question. Your guides thank you and honor you. 

My mom passed away in 2015, a few days ago I dreamt of my mom’s dead aunt sitting in her daughter’s kitchen. She smiles back and I shook her hand in the dream. What does this mean?

-Palesa 10/31/1984
It means your mom’s aunt let you know she is looking down upon you to greet you and meet you in your clairvoyant visionary dream in somewhat of a twilight state half dreaming your great guides say, she wanted to let you know about her presence and that she is your daughters spirit guide also, around her as a part time love life and family guide and a Guardian Angel watching over her when she’s needed by her side in her crystal clear light of an Angel of such grace and she is here to say to you thank you for knowing that was me in the dream and for acknowledging me in a sincere way with your great awareness as our medium Nancy says having spirits visit you in your dreams means you may become a medium sometime as it often happens you see the people you knew in your life who are now Angels in crystal clear aura heavenly Angelic light to dawn upon you to awaken you inside to connect to them and be aware of the heavenly plane on earth as you may feel her strong wings around you as a breeze blowing fast to know her presence anytime that may happen when she stands by your sweet side. She says I was trying to explain to you that I am so very worried of my daughters routine and I ask that you tell her for me so I do not have worry as she has to let down her oven door more carefully as one day she almost scorned her skin and she’s not careful enought about that giant oven or the toaster either, and she needs to know to be as scalding water on her as a premonition I have seen, that’s a warning to prevent from happening, to make her more aware , carelessness is the descriptive word my medium Nancy uses for my fear as she’s not careful enough ever by the stove and she needs to be cautioned and thats the real reason I sent you this great dream to save her from a potential injury as her safety guide Guardian Angel warned me so I flew into your sleep half awake state to let you see me my daughters kitchen. I smiled at you in the dream and shook your nice hand to say a hand shake to agree on this. I knew you are one who would be ever so appreciative of the contact I made that late dreary day it seems it was that sort of mesmerizing moment to me in my greatest land of heaven around me on this earthly plain by my great Gods of Angels a whole entire sphere of them with great large long wings on, so lengthy to say their superior in their higher up ranks and they smile upon you now to see if you are always one with such psychic dreams in your life, they say you had some of these from your spirit guides in a long ago past life also as you are one with psychic medium clairvoyant ability’s , the gift to see them and to feel them around you and know as they can contact the people with the ability and spiritual gifts as wise beings who are the same spiritual person in every life as the ability’s are within you and there from past life experience in using them. To afloat them to the top of your crown may happen later on in life or sooner as you may wish to heighten your psychic ability to be in touch with spirits by wishing for this to occur and by writing your dreams down in a log or journal by your bed when you wake up in the early am is the best time, when you remember it all so clear and also just before you wake up from sleeping as half awake is a good time to think about what you dreamt of last night or in the day time late afternoon if you nap. This is your very great aunt to say you are so blessed from this side of the spirit realm and your mom does say hello to you now to see you giggling again at the daytime as you are so cute today in the spring time wishing for the whole world to know your the best ever on this planet earth to all around on the turning earth and from our side in heaven on earth as we really do all walk right past you in a skip measure and tone to a beat of a harp and a strum around by the Angels band playing for our work as we do stride along the pavement float by you so often in a angelic realm to let you know our presence we are eternally so happy to inform you by channel writing on this answer page of crystal clear spiritual energy and your wish is now granted as we know all you aim for on a higher sphere. Amen from your Great Aunt who’s so appreciative you asked about the miracle dream I went in while you were not so fast asleep but a twilight doze as that is often the best time to reach somebody and I’m glad you noticed the importance of it to help guard my grown up child together as one on earth in one in heavens earth light and your great Mom to say another hello to you and to keep up the good work with your Knight and Shining Armor hood guys you do know so well, we say you have some in your life who earned that nice position in rank on the swirling earth as you have as you are so very well Crowned by this channeling for you as you believe and do know so, that makes you a real Grand Saint and we name you so. God bless
What should I know now to better prepare myself to expect happening in the overall year of 2020 involving my career path , financial matters, family relations and current love life relationship? I would like to hear the good and the bad as truthfully and honestly. Thank yu
-Iesha L. 06/18/92
The guides predications for you in 2020 are career relations will flourish in the second month up to May 18th and you will bravest in Feb. around the 9th to the 11th, your job will be great and best in Sept 2019 around the 5th and from then on up to Sat in 2027, a far off predication, they see at that time around eight years away you will have an abrupt halt of time off that’s needed and desired then, it could be a new company forming sparking off this laid in stone place where you are that seems temporary when you arrive there but then takes off to a bigger and much better location with many work spaces in an old stone building with new construction on the cracks and crevices abounding the atmosphere as a large corporation that where you seek a position to be in charge of many as a real leader and motivator so the time off predicated in 2027 May on a Sat. is due to the company forming a corporation from within the solid ground work you helped lay down upon the work space in this city not a town but a large populated place. This may be related to your current job right now , a take off on it it could be as moving up the ladder for many ages upon career maneuvers the guides see a very bright light ahead in the far off future of 2027 with the start now by your gestures your taking around town, by you looking for ways to increase your income your days ahead look grand at the end of 2019 and in the beginning of 2020 as stated. The work you have been doing as seed planting should be sprouting anytime as well. You may want to not mouth off to future employers either as you may meet them casually as social friends buddy’s online and not know they are head hunters scouting out people for work. Keep that in mind as you never know who’s so important who would hire you. Many will be fond of your pages to some light brisk touching base emails not texts quite as much. A class you may need is one on your great list of plans, we see you will take the course in 2028 or 2029 again for an advanced certificate and this fall or in 2020. Therefore your career should be flourishing ahead then in May of 2020 a jump up in income. Finances should improve alot then and in fall of 2019 around Oct. 9th or 10th by a great job you took recently, it could be last week or around now. That may lead you to an increase in income by fall by you sticking to the plan you made on a note pad and by you following their stern ideas and foresight and visions for specific outcomes to excel before the end of this year. Finances shall be okay and better by Dec 3rd,2019 at this time you should feel relief and know you have done well with your endeavors and tasks at hand now that you will accomplish will be paying off. Your income should be double in the future.
Family relations should be fine in the fall, a woman may be scolded by another relative and they may shatter some family values, this is a warning ahead to possibly help prevent this from ever happening, a woman may feel put upon and upset by others actions, this is an older woman as mother figure or great aunt who may have feel hurt pride by insults in deep conversations where someone criticizes them by harping on their personality and moves they make, or insults about actions they did not do. This is a man who gets upset over pettiness , a character flaw he sees it is and it sets him off as hes not picky about small items in life, he may be seen as flamboyant gregarious and loud. She may be whittling away at finances on lists that may seem stingy and hes more generous and easy going about money and goes with flow of staying open and free for it to flourish. That may be the reason there could be an argument. The whole family may suffer if they stop communicating.
Your current love situation is great for now, it may pick up speed in a few weeks,it could feel like forever by weeks seeming long by waiting for the great day predicated ahead. Your love life should be good later in fall also. The turn of the tide may be sooner by your quiet actions of feeling happiest near he, he may be longing to look at you on your cell phone and feel glad I make you smile alot more now by constantly saying hello at mid-day. He may hope we have a great home together and a lawn with many plants along the sides and house plants inside, a world of light happiness and hope of forthcoming years that beckon for you to stay.
How do i get out of my current situation an will i get a job to be able to take care of myself an my children alone
-bertha m. 05/09/1983
The guides predict you will have a new path for employment, this may be by a class you take by an ad you find online while searching around on your cell passing time, your kids will be feeling in joy in the holiday time as many gifts and packages sent shall arrive Dec. 14th to be laid under the holiday seasonal tree of bark dressed and adorned in great glee by your whole entire family. Your job thats seen as a great one may be in the month of May in a future year soon. At this time we see a job position you acquire and fill by Dec. 3rd, 2019 which may be why many gifts are seen in the predication for the holiday season as you may have ordered them online also and shopped at up to seven malls. This may also be bonus holiday pay you recieve around Dec. 3rd 2019 as a great gift card for one thousand dollars or alot more it could be times ten. This job may be one you are currently seeking out online today even and it could be fall when you start the job position or summer hopefully you may think. Summertime blues around of a situation you want relived and gone for good could happen in seven days by your wishing prayer time at 9:00 AM to 9:01 Pacific Standard Time as you are on that wish prayer time list to help all occur with magical spiritual energy of good light blessing you so as the Angels are above and around you now to bring this great white light on you to shed the rays of hope and some prosperity a glistening inside shall be seen as a miracle of goodness and holier than thou whispers about to tell you you are the chosen few to feel the tranquil days of bliss and rays of white light harmony shall gleam down to say to you the sad situation may now go away to see a brighter day of love again can be in two weeks by preserving the Saint ways you hold and really posess in your spirit of strength of gospelness by your spirit by past life occurance’s, some may have seemed sad then long ago too inside your gospel well rounded grounded being to say you hold the key to unlock the sadness to blow it all away to a gushing steam of light to see the end shall be inside a river bend to know its staying right there for now and no longer will be around me and my family, my children who need me to be there in full strength without negativity anywhere at all hardly the guides hope so now and see many Angels long this torn up path you’ve stepped upon with love englazed inside for a great life with an abundance of wealth and ease of pain, to push it all away to have a happy days ahead many of them the white light Angels pray for that to all happen so shortly therefore by your name on the Prayer time wish list at 9:00 A M for one minute a miracle may abound down on your graceful light today when you read this page channel written by the great Gods for you to see with your guides insights and ideas by the lists they keep that their great Angels have flown straight to God to gleam down upon you for a transformation in this nice lovely family life as your children may see their mom hopping about working here and there on and off at many part time jobs in the right hours until the fall to winter season of a promotion with a bonus shopping card and many miracles can occur just by thou knowing thus as your grand to so great prayers are louder than so many as a really nice mother in need of finances to change and we bless you from our great heavenly realm for this miracle and say it can be so right now by you reading this page and believing its in the near foresight as predicated by they who know all before it ever happens at all, just by you wanting it outloud in your plea and caring motherly question so it can be as you desire it from inside within your nurturing self of an old soul who knows more than most on this turning earth as you stand upon a new throne built encased with a glazed white light gleam of an Angels soaring sky dust to say sit right down by your Lord you do so pray to all the time to stroke your fine hair atop your great face he does acknowledge your yearning for a new light of blessing among the dust of scattered away discorded notes a new tune shall be played out loudly so just for you to know thats for me as I am claimed to be a really new Queen of my nice land where I am sitting and hoping as in waiting for a greatly needed answer to say thank you Lord I do know you just now wrote me a long letter for my soul to claim my part on earth as a white knight fell down to see me crying on the inside to trapse off on another’s horse to never turn back around to help out as the ones I counted on fled so now I lay down at night to see my dear Angels to the great Gods and the Lord to help us all right out. Amen for you to know thus.
Would I ever get money and have a house soon
-Katrina L. 09/19/1985
The guides predict you will get some more money by the end of this year 2019 and more money next June to July time period if you are so nice to everyone all around you with sincere moves that are really meaningful and nice then an ambundance of money shall flood into your banks, the way for this to occur is by much seed planting to plant a really nice seed to sprout with prosperity and wealth about you. This can be by the work moves you make to dote nicely over a nice person you work by with such sincerity as in caring about them for real inside and to appreciate small tasks they do towards you to embellish the work days as a nice email and answer back promptly as noticing that instead of taking it for granted un-noticed can help create a great flood of money as sincere meaningful thoughts about them can help it to flourish ahead by May next year your income may increase somewhat and my next summer as well into a house you may be buying sooner than that as the guides of work and money and love and family see your new found money being poured into a bank account then sent to buy a new house, another house by this time or into one you buy that you upgrade with the new money, You may buy a house now end of June to July or in fall season Sept, to Nov. that is smaller than planned with room to expand it to a larger home later on when the extra money comes or you may wait and buy a larger home and sell a smaller one or not depending on weather you buy one in 2019. You could rent until July of next year 2020 and then buy a humongous home with land abounding, or you may sell a house to buy it as well therefore the spirit guides say many paths regarding a home and you shall decide by which way the wind blows, by what makes so much sense at the time, you might buy now if money comes at that right proper moment as you drive by a house spur of the moment and love it enough to say its great for now, I’ll buy it if I can make it work out with numbers added up and get a larger house later on in life or can I add on to this one ? It may be smaller than you had in mind soul and spiritual thoughts with farm land near by it. Thus and therefore working hard at small moral value spiritual ways can help it to transpire, a pay increase my be larger than thought in 2023 and 2029 again. This year it may be by extra hours and by work on the weekends you take on by a friend suggesting it and by March 28th 2020 more money shall fall upon your nice scattered thoughts of sincereness created inside by much seed planting of noticing the greatness in those around you as your Angels take note and pray the good deeds and great thought patterns create much wealth and abundance in your life until then you can dream of it, plan it out on a map even online or on a printed out page by highlighting the areas around the places you desire to be in such great dreaming away harmony of hoping so with desire inside filling your sweetened up soul to drive you there by inspiration you’ve created by your Angels informing you of the way and you shall gleam in your eyes as they shine down in hope by glances you have falling upon a sweetened road of hardship its not that graveled bumpy old roadway its a clean smooth sweetened up ride to bliss by your spiritual wisdom helping to guide the ship by Angels falling in your path to light a spark of hope and wisdom to create it in your dear life to be there by your calm work towards this great transition to wealth prosperity and nice home you shall dwell upon in the name of love light and happiness to suceed this blazing storm ahead you may fear, you may wash it away skip on past it, breeze right by it and glide into the dream house you are wishing for all inside and in the name of the tranquil light of glazing peal streamed Angels whizzing past the days ahead to say Amen we are to help make it all Amen in the name of the Gods all around who know you are wanting it better than its ever been and you deserve it so much they say to you. Amen, God bless you from the Gods and the Angels of white tranquil light who are by you now and forever as long as you don’t ever skip a beat and fall too far backwards, therefore keep on the straight and narrow path with your third eye on this goal from God and all you know by your bedside light as the Angels shall hover around with white embellish wings of love and fly the recent jots on a notepad to those above to shed the goodness forever. To share a real miracle when it takes place is tithing by your return of favors granted by spiritual warriors around, by letting others know about the great occurance you shall be ever more rewarded as ten fold to a hundred fold of many miracles by reaping the rewards of what you’ve sewn about meaning informing others of this miracle.
What will my future husband look like?
-Sierra A. 12/18/1996
The guides predict that he will be a friend you may now know, he is a sincere acting kind of man who’s not that tall, he may be five ft seven or eight in height and he has brown hair with sun streaked locks upon his head at many times in his great life as a nice person and he may be outdoors during many seasons in each year more so in his past possibly in waves of an ocean or a lake in a boat or wind rafting type sports where his hair naturally gets some golden locked streaks in it so you may know who he is by that trade mark of a sun sport type where his hair lightens up. He had blue eyes or greener they may appear to be, light eyes or deep blue to greener in the lime light he may be sometimes in his great happy life, his eyes are not hazel or brown or grey unless they are blue grey green shades. He is tan sometimes in the year in the summer or spring possibly. He has a nice laugh and is upbeat often with a great sense of humor or mild one often, with a grin on his face he may seem to light up simply at a small task he enjoys doing. For employment he is often up beat in the mid day and at night tired say his work Angels who are channeling this information by a spirit guide in my medium open vessel of light as the Angels gather round to answer the questions for the person asking them, the Guardian Angels and other Angelic spirit guides give notes and information on the question and thats your love life guide who stands by you often to guide your love life path and trails in your life to cross by your footsteps on a love life path with the messenger of Love an Angel in charge of all lovers and lovers quarrels and small spats to repair them as she and her mate the male messenger of love gage love lives by thoughts of those in love thinking of each other so they know by the light on inside them who’s meant to be together by seeing from their heavenly realm upon the earth they walk upon glide float and soar about to see the loves mingling in nice thought patterns and they to decide and suggest who’s right for each other and you they see should be together in love and in a relationship by the light on inside their bliss soul waves as eternity it sometimes is old souls crossing paths and the people may know inside by a old soul mate feeling about their day and night when they are resting asleep upon a eternal pillow they may feel the soul intertwined as a real nice soul mate feeling to see the other half often it can be and in new love it can bend into one deeply sometimes in a new love in their life by being together in love with thought patterns of one another often in the day and night and the twilight haze can deepen love into laughter among them of a happy pair and he may be an old soul flame of a past life but probably not, the guides and Angels of light by God and the messengers of love the duo pair for eternal life say they are ones to see hes a good friend at the start and then a man who’s in love right away by your nice light giggle and he is someone from work maybe and you may know who he is by glancing around the work place to see is there a man I am friends with who looks like this? They predict hes nicer than most people around your job proffesion and hes handsome to you immediately and he may have been in a long ago relationship that tore part of his light air right out of his soul of love and light just a wee bit but not alot and healing from that past relationship from many years ago hes one with a clean slate of being available so keep your eyes peeled open for him to know your interested by the way you walk past him and gaze into his light eyes so he may see you do like me then it may turn to a boyfriend girlfriend phase by Dec 3rd 2019 and not before then, it may be casually talking and walking about at a work party in Nov where you finally speak more in a social setting then another party Dec 3rd 2019 you may toast and finally see he should date me then marriage it may lead to a few years from then or sooner, being nice can help by acting a little interested in his appearance and emailing you may do in the year by trading email addresses by being coy nice and interested you may land the love of your life as the guides have predicated.
I want to know about my future
-Maira R. 05/01/1995
Your future may be so good next June in the year 2020 the guide predict that time in your quaint life to be a good time period. They predict you will see light around you in your work so soon and a great job is on the near horizon also. The guides predict a light ray day ahead tomorrow and a sincere approach towards a new found friend that will enhance your life in the very near future this is a woman from a work area who you may know now, she’s dark skinned or tan and she is nicer than most people to some she sees as fortunate friends that she’s fond of inside as a wise person who has a timid wicked streak at times by others not respecting her as a great person, she may have character flaws inside that are not shown alot unless something tips them off by an abrupt work that hurts her so that’s a warning that she may get that way at times if she has hurt pride therefore tread ever so lightly by her great white light she possesses inside her wise worldly deep soul with air around it as well as she may turn into a lifetime friend forever as a friendship to cherish that’s so true by relating to you. You may know her by long hair that is sometimes cut to sit upon her shoulder and it may be dark brown with highlights inside and a fiery smile at times to light up the entire universe. She is cautious and in fear of being scorned by a male ever again is why she may seem too cautious about men. The guides see its a great friendship ahead in your life that shall build to a wonderful time in mid June to April 3rd next year and you  may know by this who she is now or will know so shortly by glancing around. She may help you in your love life time of need, your love life guide and many Angels in flight to speak in this page written fondly to you to answer your dear questions about your near to far off future as they say the words of love life advice to you and came flying around to give you some great advice , they see your love life with a man you know now and a relationship with him they see ever lasting in joy and in sheer despair it may be shortly if you are not contemplating  a long lasting day ahead of romance and great joy to feel the wind dance among the leaves blowing about your beings one day so soon is the predication and if you shulf it off or act cold callace and casual as la tee da then he may run off so the advice the Angels bring to your dear soul and heart thats sometimes timid is to act a little interested to somewhat intense as a serious meaningful moment may be upon the near or far off forefront of love in a great day in June to Autumn and to act sincere instead of too casual is best as sincerity with some seriousness may mean alot as hes wanting a meaningful relationship that ties the great knot instead of a casual fleeting romance thats shallow. You may come off aloof by being timid about showing passionate emotion and he may take it the wrong way in June or July to Autumn time in fall leaves of orange all around that you both step upon one day out back and he may think you could care less and not know you are serious inside. A nice text after that day may bring great phrase also, to say hello today hope its a good one, had so much fun with you yesterday as to acknowledge him may go a long way. He is taller than the average guy, probably six one or around that height and he is shorter then a brother or relative to a male friend he hangs out with by where you work in the day and that man hes with alot at noon and biking on a path near there and surfing maybe also , hes over six five it seems a very tall man hes with often. That’s information to know who he is and the Angels say in such brightening glee that he’s wanting marriage and a family someday, in five years maybe. He wants a girlfriend boyfriend relationship and marriage later on and he wants many children he feels in the future. The guides predict you may marry him in June and the year could be way in the future of 2023 to 2027. They predict you shall live in a small house sitting atop a small hill nearby your home now and they predict a two story larger dwelling later on in the 2030’s probably. That house may be stark white outside when you two purchase it and and it may be built already now with a pool and a large lot of great grass with many flowers planted as the garden of another Saint Eden for love of your life to nest there later by the white light seeds you’ve sewn on a windy path that Angels have been gliding upon day in and day out to glance over to your heart and soul and to your inside light in inner twilight to guide you with insight they say you should feel by them saying so outloud to you to hear it all by their wind of an Angels flock who care so ever sincerly about your well being in life to see the right career path and love ahead to steer you towards the proper waves to dance upon in a very graceful fashion and a mesmerizing fashion as you are a deep serious person who knows more than most do ever by a glance of light to they who see you are to be on a white threshold of hay it may be if you choose a carriage ride location for a wedding setting sometime with him and a longer than average wedding guest list with bridesmaids of yellow chiffon in a mid June day we predict this for your future days in this life of wondering what it will be like. Twins they see you could have a boy and girl in the month of Sept that may fall right after the wedding in that year and ten kids he may see hes wants that large amount as a family in a happy home with much love and five kids it could be boy and girl twins and then a girl and a boy and another set of twins maybe if you reach for this as twins may run in one of your families. He may be a great carpenter also in addition to a business career and they see this may transpire by you knowing who he is by the description of height and sports activity’s. They see you shall have a large family and he should beware of over drinking in the future someday as he may need to watch that and you shall be a inspiration in that area also they predict by your nice casual approach persona. They see a large house that he may live near now that is white in color of haze around it by fog rolling along aside it some days that he may notice more so when you point it out as the fog has meaning to the Angels who are always dancing all around it to say Gods world is so lovely for a nice person to see the spirits in fog around as Angels stand right in it and yell important things so the person can feel it blow around into their land of love where they live and workplaces as a field of transformation as miracles they are often performing by thier great hearts singing in their caring way to want the very best for everybody especially those so deserving of a tranquil space as you are a true claimed Saint as just by knowing a medium who spirit writes by the touch of her hand upon the keys transmits the information on the future notes the Angels hold out a pad of pearls light up for God to see as they are all channel writing to say please grant this great future ahead for a ever so deserving person who holds the very magical wise spirit to know a medium can say so.
Will Antonis fall in love with me?
-Alexandra  19/09/1986
The Angels of love say he will next June to Aug in 2020 , it may be this year at that time possibly depending upon the light glimmering all around your days of light and brisk dayed love ahead the path layed out before your eyes as friends in heart in a moment of some laughing at nothing one day to really cracking up into a laugh or love that mesmerizes your twin flame souls that burn as one in times of past lives and in this one some days as you feel inside as this is why you ask the question about him falling in love with you as you know inside as the guides all around say you know now it can be so and feel for certain it should be and could it be and when ? The time may be soon or in the near future in the time frame ever so kindly stated as a predication by them reading your tired twin flame souls as exhausted you may feel by it wearing on you as frustration of waiting for love to feel enhancing can be tiring and wearing you thin by waiting for it to take place may feel sad because its held inward to the deep love flame thats waiting to spark to a fire of love and so much held onto passion and as fire starter you may be the one to see it aglow by holding that torch of love in a dream to have it fulfill this gap of a tunnel thats a void to be sealed we do pray. Your Angels of so much great wise light and love say to spur it on you may be kind today and then not cold or stubborn about making some plans, to be a little more flexible you may help speed this process up of building the bridge to be solid bedrock beneath wild and crazy love ahead of passion thats sensual and meaningful by the same long time ago life chemistry you do possess as the Angels plan to bring twin flames into the same place to live to meet again. He may fall in love with light airy breezy messages you send to him on his cell phone and on his computer on his desk top sooner than later by the way you reach out at sunrise one day to say a brand new day and time all ahead I feel so good today so glad we spoke yesterday eve as a couple of bold messages may encourage the love feelings to flow in and around you by him seeing you are trying to be doting over him with compliments of phrase. Slowly is best with patience and sweet spoken verbal voice messages can help the state of falling in love. He would like you sincere and brave also to tell him how much you care about him by the actions and words you say that show interest in what he’s been doing and to listen hard and long for a few days this June and July 2019 can bring the love to you as your being doting with thoughts that are caring mean alot. By next Dec. holiday season it could be a full relationship depending on the sheer speed of falling ever vast in love by being closer with certain similar messaging phrases on the cell it may lead the gap closer together to dating in July and or August hand in hand it may not be always but close together sitting next to each other, nearer each other leading to a great kiss later on to love.
What does palace really think of me and does she like me.
-Cody  05/05/1991
Yes, she does really like you but she thinks you are not right for a certain situation that has come up recently. She sees you are one who is great and so ambitious but not the type for a broken hearted situation ahead, the reading predicts you may be upset about romance and love soon if you do not handle something the right way that they predict may occur, by knowing this ahead of time you may avoid being upset by handling it another way without a temper tantrum. The guides predict that something may occur where you will feel upset and avoiding getting mad at the situation will help tremendously so a broken heart may not happen when there is some angry arguing you could step away instead of firing back with words, that’s suggested as you could regret it. Your feelings may be hurt if you are sad by what is said, its predicated a relative may hurt your pride by the way they act towards people. Try not to let it get to you as they act this way towards many and they may say things that could interfere with love and romance or would they tell the person ? They may cause harm by you speaking to them so avoiding the situation could help. They are the type of relative who medel and may say the wrong thing that sets you off. This is a predicated warning to help so things can stay positive.
Palace thinks you are generally nice inside and she sees you are an inquisitive type who is interested in others, you are interested in what others are doing in their daily life and keep up on where they are online. She thinks you worry too often of some people and pry a little in private matters. Therefore she may not feel you are one to trust whole heartedly if you speak to others online about what everyone is doing so she may not feel she can confide in you and she may with hold telling you all thats going on if she’s thinks you could repeat some of it. On that note you may try to not talk alot about what others are doing or have done that you see as negative as she may worry you could say something ill about her if you still speak about other people. She would like to feel you have trusting confidence with each other and a glad heart about her ways, her personality. She may thrive knowing you have a nice strong opinion about her personality and inner being, you may tell her you thinks she’s wonderful at certain things she does, compliments and praise are needed with Palace, acting sincere is best then she shall see you as a nice person who notices her positive qualities. She sees you have some drawbacks ahead of you, some stress your planning to handle, she shall be there as an ear to listen some nights on the cell phone and she may not be a good shoulder to cry on right now as too much sadness may overwhelm her inside therefore you may monitor and watch the actions you take and words you speak as her being seems important to you thus showing your caring nature with some slight lightheartedness can be the best. If you are bossy controlling loud and too mean ever the words could send her away. To be light and easy with meaning is good, she thinks you are attractive and that you could calm down about some matters in your life, she sometimes feels I don’t want to hear all that complaining I would rather laugh a little and have a good talk. Gauging your mannerisms and actions and the amount of them can gage this to have a steady nice flow. It could turn cold in Oct. if you pout over a disagreement on the cell so try to stay as upbeat as you can, let things go to the wind if you can instead of having an upset grudge. Palace sees you as terrific in your work and that your are the best at what you do, you may advance many times by Nov. and she will be glad and say you deserve it as you worked so hard for that to occur. Wealth by your hard work and great personality skills will impress her very much, so mentioning a raise and prosperity around you will enhance this as she will feel its so grand that you made all that happen yourself and be in awe of your character so those are the great things to mention to her without being over egotistical is not the case with her, she does not mind seeing your proud ego a little, she thinks its good to be so proud of your accomplishments in life. Patience may be needed also as she may see you can be in a hurry, impatient and abrupt so the answer is a general yes depending on your nice actions.
I fell out with my best friend in November 2017. We haven’t spoken since and I miss them very much. I’m moving house in the next week and am considering writing them a letter. Is this a good idea? What will happen if I do this? Please give me a straight answer and stay clear of riddles. Thankyou.
-Sarah 04/04/1996
The answer will probably be they no longer want to be associated with you as they may turn it off, the sound of a phone ringing if you called as that is what they plan out ahead and say to themselves if they see your number on their phone they will turn down the sound, not answer it and read a message maybe but listen to a voice message as they feel to angry about something that happened in the recent past, to them it seems as yesterday by held in angry feelings tucked way inside is hurt and meanness so later that might change somehow if a real miracle happens again as before miracles have happened with friendships in heart and long ago that was a thought to say sorry I messed up, yelled some nonsense, long ago meaning right after it occured they thought of saying I’m sorry then changed to feeling mean about it in thought therefore a letter may make them see their part if you point out how it made you think ill of their spirit of being disheartened and mean if you point that out you may never speak again you might think but seeing both sides could help maybe, by both point of views and behavior flaws that affected each other with hurt it could be repaired maybe in the near future right after you mail it as a week later they may say I’m sorry also let’s talk about it later on in life someday we could forgive and forget and be speaking again therefore if handled properly with the right style and size of a letter it might be repaired as two simple nice paragraphs might get to them, they may answer right away but not by a change of address greeting card with a gift card in it, that may seem as too much to them. Inside they wish for it to be the way it was in the beginning and middle and not the end, they also wish the answer could come to them and the way to forget the madness inside of ill feelings about hurt pride as insulted they may feel and apologizing for your doing in this could lighten them up and to say I hope we could get past this escapade and mend it as grown ups seeing what happened therefore they may say fine how about next Holiday season in mid Nov to the end of Dec 2019 we meet up and talk, this conversation could be in the fall end of Oct to early Nov after you speak some during the year two times, once by the two paragraph short letter you mail. it could be great about a year from now by the right slow actions.
Will I ever win the lottery jackpot I dreamt of long time ago. Or will I eventually find a job after 3 of being unemployed?
-palesa  10/31/1984
You may win the jackpot around June 3rd if you try to on that date, a luckier day for you your Spirit guides say that’s the time when you shall know magic around you and inside know by your intuitive wisdom which lottery ticket to get, what date and time even by insight you possess inside your sheer inner wall of intuition should transform on this special chosen date to choose a winning ticket time and place by your great blessed Angels shining down on your ground you step upon you shall be guided to the right sort of counter to buy one and know this when you so awaken that dawn of the day you should be happy about the ticket you purchase feeling you shall win money by knowing what sort of game to play by choosing your own numbers also could be the way you play and another type ticket and game you could do instead by your inner wisdom knowing by the feeling within therefore the Spirit guides predict you could win by following your instincts at this splendid time as they choose that special day to Gaurd you by many large winged Angels who shall soar around you in glee encouraging a win to happen by their good luck of light they shed to encourage this miracle we say yes its so possible and maybe perhaps that is the great dream you had, a premonition of this miracle by you knowing to ask the right question by following the dreams you were sent to help make it all happen as predicated as a human does play a great part in such things by taking the right approach and by doing what a premonition dream suggested so we hope you win and shall applaud it that day the glorious miracle of listening to the other side of life by the foot steps of great light Angels blissfully calling to you to do as they say as they shall be by you hoping they can send you the right thought to hear in your spiritual light of a great person to know which one to buy that day and some money may come and so may many great A marks on their charts to grant you a prosperous day and hopefully many more in the near and far off future, on that note they feel you will find a job next June thats greater than you counted on and one short day meaningful job before then in the interim. The spirit guides say you shall reap what you have sewn in life in the near and far off future depending on your approach and greatest heartfelt actions by calling some references on the list you keep you may find a short term job soon by fall or August 17th 2019 as the references shall recommend you for this job and the long job next year is from this one as the guides predict you will be refered by the short job short hour position to the other one by Dec. by talking in person about your goals and dreams at a work party in Nov. Amen















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