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Christina AguileraDec 18, 1980
10:46:00 AM EST +05:00
Staten Island, NY
074W09’00” 40N35’00”
Placidus House System

Sun in Sagittarius, at 26° 54′, in the tenth house.
Moon in Taurus, at 14° 44′, in the second house.
Mercury in Sagittarius, at 19° 45′, in the tenth house.
Venus in Sagittarius, at 00° 29′, in the ninth house.
Mars in Capricorn, at 20° 25′, in the eleventh house.
Jupiter in Libra, at 08° 18′, in the seventh house.
Saturn in Libra, at 08° 56′, in the seventh house.
Uranus in Scorpio, at 27° 42′, in the ninth house.
Neptune in Sagittarius, at 22° 33′, in the tenth house.
Pluto in Libra, at 23° 54′, in the eighth house.
Midheaven in Sagittarius, at 11° 18′.
Ascendant in Aquarius, at 26° 22′.

Christina’s always been a successful artist and the voice of the present generation of young adults and teenagers. What makes her so popular, you might ask?

Christina’s star sign points to her being outgoing, first and foremost. She finds it easy to touch on the vulnerable points and not show any fear about confronting taboo subjects. She shows off her caring side in almost everything she does, pouring a lot of energy into those around her.

With her powerful spirit, she enjoys the strong emotions she encounters and she has an extremely active social life because of it. Her star sign dictates that she has a wandering mind that loves to travel and that she’s at home with the bare and naked truth of life.

No surprise, but she has an amazing imagination as well. She can sense what connects all life and she shows that off when she speaks. She loves a good story and a sense of the mystical pervades everyone she speaks with. She’s a dreamer and a lover, something very evident in her songs and music.

She’s also extremely lucky; things almost always manage to work out for her. Her positive attitude lets her get straight to the point and her enthusiasm helps her warm up to people quickly, making her an extremely versatile and endearing person.

Ambition and idealism drives her to be bigger, better, more than what she was before. We’ve seen this several times when she disappears and then comes back with a new album or performance that breaks as many barriers as before if not more. She’s a lover of anything out of the ordinary, even the controversial. She has a vision that cuts through whatever may pass for commonplace religion or even ethics. She is intense and personal in everything she does, fascinating us and everyone around her.

Christina has a high burn rate, meaning she moves fast and hard in whatever direction she wants. It’s like saying that she’s going to go through many lifetimes in one, always doing new things and changing herself. It might mean that she’ll have many different career choices, or she might just be evolving every time we see her again, always becoming something new and exciting. She has such a high idealism that it seems like she could do anything if she set her mind to it.

Lover’s Profile

What sort of person is Christina really looking for? We know how intense she can be, but is that the sort of thing she wants in a partner?

In truth, Christina wants someone she can be proud of, someone who is self-expressive and has a commanding presence. She warms up to the outgoing types and really likes someone who is optimistic and friendly.

Because of her idealistic nature, she’s keener on someone with independence and uniqueness. She loves variety and openness; she wants a partner who won’t tie her down. She wants a partner who’s physically active and

Surprisingly, she approaches relationships with caution and might even shy away from intimacy because she needs a strong support system. She insists on a strong bond and, unfortunately, if the person she likes can’t keep up with that same solemnity that she exudes, it might be difficult for her to relate to them as a partner.

Because she sometimes may attempt to control the relationship and make it work, she often feels rejected when things end up falling apart. She needs a psychologically oriented and understanding partner.

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