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By: J Nighteagle




The reality of spirit beings and their assistance to those in the physical has been a part of every major religion. The Greeks spoke to spirits and gods through oracles. The Bushmen of Africa developed ritual and myth from the moments and activities of animals such as the eland and mantis.


The Native Americans imitated animals in dance and ritual to establish links with the spirit realm. Belief in spiritual realms of life and all of its varied manifestations is universal. The most common belief in many societies is that spiritual guides often use animals or animal imagery to communicate their purpose and roles to humans.


In our modern, rational society there is a tendency to scoff at such possibilities. Spirit-beings –whether in the form of saints, angels, ancestral contact, fairies, and elves, demons, and even animal totems–fill our ancient myths and scriptures. When beliefs are as universal as these, some credence must be given them.


Their descriptions show them to be as diverse as the humans we meet on a daily basis. They serve many functions upon the planet. They help us to recognize our own innate abilities. They help empower us and protect us. Their energies can be used to help heal, inspire and grow.




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