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By: Laura, CSR

Sometimes when deciding on a psychic line you come across the customer service reps that are not very helpful in your time of need, thank goodness that’s not us! Our mission is to make you feel comfortable, assured, and relaxed when making a selection. We strive not only to give our own personal experiences with psychics, but to relay any feedback not yet up on the website.

We like to help you as much as we possibly can in any selection of a psychic you decide to make. From experience, there have been a few bumps in this road, and I would love to take the time in thanking everyone who has used our service for being apart of our Foretell Family.

Now I would like to address a few frequently asked questions I get from callers who have use our service plus some questions that new callers seem to ask. Some of these questions can be found on our FAQ page https://weforetell.com/faqs.html but I’ve found that some questions callers have are not on there or they need a bit more understanding.

That’s perfectly alright with me, part of my being here is to make sure quality and service is a wonderful experience, and to make sure I have all the answers about us and how we work. So below I’ve accumulated a few questions everyone always seems to ask me.

1. Sometimes we get callers who are very unsure and don’t know our service very well, though caution is always a great tool for survival. We aren’t the type of Customer Service or Psychic Line where you should feel pressured or mistrustful. Your personal information is stored in a very private much closed location and certain things about your personal information are not kept on file for your security and protection.

Please feel free to check out our privacy statement on our website I’m sure it will help, and on our FAQ page, we have information about privacy questions just follow the link I’ve provided earlier in this article. Here is the link you would need to access our privacy statement https://weforetell.com/privacy.html

2. We get a lot of questions about our specials, now all specials going out via e-mail are sent out usually every Sunday night or Monday morning. They are different every week, and to take advantage of the specials you must register with your e-mail to receive them.

Sometimes there are Coupon Codes involved with the specials, nothing major just a few simple numbers and letters. We always try to have the best deals available at great prices; the coupons are just a really cool bonus with our already low prices.

3. “Is it a bad idea to get more than one reading with multiple psychics?”
-my answer to the question is always the same; it’s really a matter of preference. If you felt that, the reading you had gotten gave you everything you needed and you just want to validate those feelings then yes, a second or third reading with other psychics is a great idea.

Everyone is different and sometimes you just need more than one reading depending on the severity of the issues and the questions. Sometimes it’s always good to get other insight form more than one psychic. I personally think it helps broaden the “picture” you’re looking at.

What I find from experience is that one psychic can pick up one thing involving the questions you’ve had. Yet another psychic could be picking up something else in another reading and include it in all the information you’ve gotten already. Plus there are times during a reading with another psychic you remember some minor details that may help with your situation.

4. I get a lot of people asking me this one certain question “how popular is…”
Though sometimes popularity is a very good way to choose a psychic sometimes it might not be the best choice for you. What I’ve found is that sometimes a certain name out of a list can stand out to you, or even a picture or bio on our website. I call it “your gut feeling” and I feel that going with “your gut feeling” is a lot better than just simply choosing a psychic because they seem to be very popular.

Sometimes a non-popular psychic maybe able to help you more so than a popular one because of the connection you would have with that psychic. I always try to give everyone popular or not a fair chance simply because I wouldn’t want to miss out on some great insight. Another great option with our company is our policy about not being very satisfied with a psychic you were not connecting very well with, this of course can be found in our FAQ page.

It’s under the OUR SERVICES on our website. I believe that about covers some of the questions I usually get here at our call center. Of course if there are any questions about our service you still may have after reading this, you’re always more than welcome to give us a call and ask away. We love to hear from you and your experiences with our line.

Love & Joy to all! Your friendly customer service rep,
-Laura CSR

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