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By: Nancy



Being spiritual is how you feel on the inside in your spirit, it’s invisible really for a person to see as it’s inside your spirit and soul within such as feeling free and happy inside, loving yourself.I’ve found keeping negativity away and others who may be harmful or loud can help your spiritual self progress. Getting rid of what’s bothering you and focusing on the good around you can help your spirit inside to feel happy. A few moments of solitude each day nurtures yourself inside or meditating to quiet time can still the inner being of your soul and spirit as opposed to constant drama and a loud busy day of hecticness without a break. I learned many tools in my life to help myself with my spirit and to feel spiritual to me is feeling happy inside and to not be hard on yourself and to know I am only human, and to avoid anything that disrupts you inside is best as much as possible as draining of your spiritual energy can occur by working against negativity and to have a perception of what’s good and to find a blessing in disguise is helpful. I’ve learned to find the good in the bad and I developed my own saying that I say out loud “It could always be a lot better and it could always be a lot worse” that’s my saying I say often. I learned that being spiritual is how you feel inside as a person, the way you see yourself and stay in touch with other souls around you and nature can mesmerize your inner being by being in touch with it it lifts your spirit up to feel in touch with the world around you. When I was a child I would climb a tree, write a poem, listen to the sound of the doves in the morning laying in bed when I awoke and at night I heard the sound of the freeway and to me it sounded like Angels in heaven. I learned there are Angels on the heavenly-earthly realm above and around you now, your Guardian Angel is standing by with large wings on and being spiritual you can be in touch with them by being in touch with your sentiment inside as a golden thread they have that tugs on your spirit to give you the instinct of their encouragement and to be still and hear them is living in a spiritual realm such as the still morning and nights when no phones are ringing and all is quiet to hear what the spirits have to say. I learned at ten AM they take their flight to heaven to report to the powers that be the notes on you that they keep. For an hour a day they fly off and back again to be at your side and who’s guarding you for that hour? I wondered and asked, that’s a close relative or passed on friend who floats around from person to person as a substitute teacher would. So being spiritual is being good to yourself and its to not lie cheat or steal or harm others, as keeping a good spirit that way your guides do know and fly the information up to honor you and your good work on earth and then you are crowned a wreath of pearly white angelic glowing thorns, then you earn more Guardian large winged Angels to be around you with many Angels singing around you. To me being happy within is being spiritual and that’s invisible to many but not to them.




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  1. Nice medication, but being happy within doesn’t mean being spiritual, it means you will make others happy. Being spiritual means communicating with God in your heart and listening to what good your heart is telling you in a way that everything of the physical feels oblivion. From there you will start to have symbolic dreams, invincible hands will physical wake you up when you refuse to get out of those dream upon knowing it a dream. I use to be, but now I don’t even feel my heart, it’s as if my heart is missing.

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