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With summer in full swing and lot’s of people traveling, we wanted to give a bit of insight to those of you not sure where to go this summer. Plan your perfect summer getaway based off of your sign and you are sure to have a wonderful experience! Here are some of our recommendations for Fire Signs; Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Check back next Monday when our focus will be on the Air Signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.




If you’re up for an adventure, this is a perfect sign to go on vacation with. These people tend to like the warmer climates and also all of the thrills that go with the weather. Bring a bunch of Vitamin D as well. You will need the energy to keep up with them in an action packed, never a dull moment time of your life.



US: The Southwest.

Internationally: Australia or Greece.




When vacationing with this sign, expect to be the follower. Not really in the adventure-seeking part of the vacationing, but more of the culture that show the hidden ‘glamorous lifestyles’ of others. Be prepared though to do everything in a first-class style that offers a lot of amenities that come with the vacation package.



US: Nevada (Las Vegas).

Internationally: Australia (Sydney).




Known as the sign that “journeys of the body, mind, and spirit,” this adventurer will keep you busy on exploring new things, but learning something new in the process. This is a sign that is very adaptable to wherever you place them in the world, so be prepared. They do not like organized, group vacations, but something outdoors, with lots of space. When packing, pack clothes for exploring most of the time.



US: Grand Canyon.

Internationally: Mayan ruins.

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