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By: Gabrielle

Is it me or is there an over abundance of self-proclaimed Spiritual Gurus these days? And if you don’t agree with their philosophies well Geez…some of them are practically ready to stone you. I’m very open-minded and as you can see I have an unorthodox business.

Being a very positive person I do know that there are many wonderful teachers out there and there are many more to come. But it sort of makes me laugh when you see some false Gurus who preach positivity and manifestation and they are the most negative unstable people you have ever met.

I don’t ever remember reading about Buddha or Jesus proclaiming that only they knew everything and what everyone else thinks is wrong. They were way to humble for that. Call ME crazy…lol… but I kind of just think that some of these Gurus are just plain old Cuckoo.

I am in a business where I come across all sorts of people and I have to say that most of them are wonderful and genuine. But every once in awhile I will meet someone who is a bit touched in the head and its quite frightening to see the high positions of power they are held at. I just want to say that just because something has a “New Age” label on it, does not mean its “100%” authentic.

I think that everyone in this industry has a responsibility to call out some of this hypocritical behavior. So I just want to say that it is my own personal belief that everyone must follow his or her “own” spiritual path. What works for you may not work for others. Whether it’s Buddhism, Scientology, Christianity, The Secret, Tao etc.

I don’t think there is one true way for everyone. And just as a closing note to some people who may get a little carried away with their “beliefs.” It’s no longer positive if your beating it over some ones head like a blunt hammer. We all know that these philosophies have been around for thousands of years so please don’t act like you invented it.

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