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By: Erin

Flowers are blooming and the cool weather is making way for warmer days. Spring is officially here! Here is a list of flowers that represent each sign of the zodiac.

Aries: Being a confident, passionate, and energetic fire sign, the flower to best represent you would be a bright red tulip. The red tulip is dazzling and radiates energy much like you!

Taurus: There is a romantic and warmhearted side to you underneath all your stubbornness. Being a well-rounded earth sign, you appreciate the pure beauty of things and nature. Taurus’ birth flower is the lily. The smell of lilies will help bring out the softer, more romantic side of your personality.

Gemini: Geminis are known for being very creative and having very playful personalities. Like most air signs, Geminis make great companions. The birth flower for Gemini is the rose. The rose is given to represent passion or friendship.

Cancer: Cancers are known to be the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. The birth flower for this water sign is the delphinium. The dolphin shaped flowers are a perfect match for the water sign Cancer and have a certain lightness to them, which symbolizes your openheartedness.

Leo: Leo’s are the most dominant of all zodiac signs. Standing tall and confident, Leo’s birth flower is the sunflower. Sunflowers are the perfect match for the fire sign because they stand tall and bright over the rest!

Virgo: Virgo’s are known to be very diligent, practical and reserved. The daisy is the birth flower of this earth sign. Simple and delicate looking but have a fun carefree way about them.

Libra: Libra’s are known to be very popular, charming and social people since they are generally very thoughtful and gentile. Thee hydrangea is the best fit for this earth sign. With their star-shaped pom-poms and long wooden stems, the hydrangeas signify the balance between opposites. Great match for Libra!

Scorpio: This water sign is known to be the most intense of the zodiac signs. Scorpio’s are very passionate and often ruled by their emotions and can be a bit intense. The best fit for the bold Scorpio would be red peonies. With their full shape and romantic shade they are the perfect flower to represent the Scorpios bold yet passionate self.

Sagittarius: This passionate fire sign is known for being independent and free thinkers. Being a Sagittarius, I know that we are often restless and get bored easily also so the carnation makes sense as our birth flower. Carnations capture our multi-dimensional side with their beautiful petals and bold look. The carnation is one of the most popular flowers because they tend to last a while which also makes them a good match for us because Sadges are also known for our strength and endurance.

Capricorn: Capricorns are usually very grounded and ambitious. An earth sign, caps are dependable and practical but have a creative side. The soft, delicate petals and vibrant colors of the African violet go hand in hand with the Capricorns delicate nature and can help bring out their creativity.

Aquarius: Those born under this air sign are known to be very honest and friendly. Aquarians have a strong sense of loyalty and are very beautiful and charming. Orchids are the birth flower for Aquarius and will highlight their honest beauty.

Pisces: Usually the most understanding and patient, Pisces have an easygoing nature and a very open heart. This water sign goes with the flow and therefore is able to get along with almost everyone. Pisces are usually not the ones in the spotlight and are often uncomfortable being the center of attention which is why their birth flower is the Alstroemeria. The alstroemeria is a bit like a lily with their delicate, soft buds and quiet beauty.

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