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By : Nikki Savage


Our thoughts can have patterns.  Our thoughts can be made manifest when given our attention and energy.  Everything made by man started out as a idea.  A formless idea.  Our thoughts hold the potential to become something measureable whether through our actions, our words, or our health. Lately I’ve been working on breaking the patterns that don’t serve me well in thought, deed or health.


I have noticed I have a tendency to go a certain way mentally with certain triggers.  I’ve slowly been able to identify these triggers as I’ve upped my awareness game through mindful meditation.  I can be quick to anger and overly competitive at times. I perceive things as a personal challenge even when they aren’t meant to be a challenge (or personal!) at all.  It is how my mind works.  Anger is just my go to emotion.  It’s a Aries thing.  I take things to a different level in my mind, a level way out of line from the actual situation.  I have sometimes feared for my sanity.  I go that overboard in my mind.


When my mind begins to play out scenarios that get me ready for an imaginary duel or an act of vengeance, I have started to break the pattern using mantra.  My usual mantra is Sa-Ta-Na-Ma from my Kundalini practice.  Sa-Ta-Na-Ma is from Sat Nam or truth is my name.  I chose this one as Yogi Bhajan has taught that this mantra can help realign our thought patterns to be consistent with the truth that is the universal consciousness.  But I could really do just about anything to redirect my thoughts, I just love that one.   I recognize the trigger patterns and emotions arising and in my head (or out loud if I’m in a place where I can let my freak flag fly!) I begin my mantra until I am no longer present with the false emotion.  Sometimes it just takes a couple rounds.  Sometimes I need to be with it for a little longer.


I don’t want to waste my imagination and mental creativity on imagining ways to beat someone at something or getting ahead of something that may or may not be real.  I’ve lived long enough in this body on this earth to know that is a fantastic waste of a precious resource.  When I start feeling the anger and competitiveness creep into my internal dialogue, I pause and sit with it for a second.  Is it rational?  Usually it isn’t or at least not to the level that my Ram brain has taken it.  If there truly isn’t a need to feel anger, I’ll start my mantra.


As I practice this, I am getting better with simply redirecting as soon as I recognize it.  But sometimes I’m stubborn (Aries!), and so there are times I still have to start chanting.  It is what it is.  But I have noticed I am much happier than I was when I allowed myself free reign with my anger.  Since most of the affronts were perceived and not really out there, the anger I’d let grow wouldn’t have a real outlet and would trickle into other areas of life.  I’d be a little sharper with the next person I encountered.  I’d unconsciously try to pick a fight elsewhere so I could let it out.  Or I’d keep it inside and actually feel sick.  It is a vicious cycle and a needless one.  So I’m breaking it and this is what has worked for me.  I’m curious, what has worked for you?  Please share below.



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3 Responses

  1. I don’t get angry easily, but went ever was, I just put it into words. Some years ago, I was occasionally engaged in fights that lead me into trouble most of the time, even if I didn’t start the fight, I will still be the one they blame for the fight maybe because I always win the fights, but right now I don’t have reasons to get physical whenever I’m angry I just put it into words, I found out it hits ten time harder than a punch and those involved usually get the message better..

  2. Yes Leslie! Of course it is possible! Love, real love, isn’t concerned with the ways we separate ourselves. It is unconditional. Love just knows how to unite. 🙂

    And I agree, oluwafemi, words can have a deeper impact than a fist. And they also have the power to heal. I don’t know of any form of violence that can do that. I’m with you. Words over fists!

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