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By: J Nighteagle




Continuing on from last week.


The significance of breath and air in relation to birds and feathers. Breath is also essential to activating the energy of the feather, weather to help attainment or for healing purposes.


7. Now pick up your feather. ( If you have more than one, do this part one at a time ). Hold it by its stem with both hands several inches in front of your mouth. Keep your eyes closed and imagine its wing moment while in flight. As you focus on this, allow your breathing to follow the same rhythm. As the wings move down, you inhale. As they move up, you exhale. ( this may seem strange at first, but remember that birds breath opposite of humans ).


8. With each breath out, exhale on the feather. Envision this as a means of both honoring the power of flight and also uniting your life breath with the life breath of your bird totem. Continuing this breathing for a minute or two. Visualize this as a breathing of new life into the feather and the archetypal forces behind it.


9. As you do this you should feel a slight vibration in the step of the feather. It may be a tingling, a sense of increased pressure, a warmth or some such feeling. This feeling will encompass both hands, as the energy of the feather comes to life and effects the air around it.


10. As you hold the feather, try to imagine the energy surrounding the feather moving up your arms and into your body. You may feel it, see it, sense it, or simply imagine it. As you focus on it, it will occur. Remember, all energy follows thought. Take a view moments and visualize the energy of the bird awakening in you, with all of its corresponding abilities. Envision yourself using those energies and abilities successfully in the week ahead.


Take a few moments and repeat this exercise as often as you use the feather(s). It awakens and empowers them. The energies around the feathers will increase each time you do this. It has a accumulative effect. It will enable you to fly higher or just go deeper within yourself. It will make manifesting the energies of the bird in your life much easier



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