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By: J Nighteagle




Four Noble Truths – an Eightfold Path.


In our action-directed world, most people think there is no point in sitting still. Modern individuals might feel that we are more in touch with a slower, more cosmic rhythm – but are we?  Even in metaphysical circles our lives may be overly busy, filled with daily obligations that seem to leave no time for calm reflection. For improved concentration, clearer connection to our inner selves and a deeper sense of compassion, one Buddhist teacher offers excellent advice: Don’t just do something, sit there!


Although in the West we think of Buddhism as a religion, it is essentially a technique for understanding our essential nature and ending suffering. Substitute the phrase :true will: for  essential nature and you will begin to see That the traditions of East and West might not be so far apart.



The Noble Truths:


1. Nothing lasts forever. Expecting to be miserable when things come to an end. This is called impermanence often stated as Life Suffering.


2. This suffering starts because we are attached to the idea that things will last forever or if we can just fined the magic formula, we can make things the way we want them to be, always. This is called craving or attachment.


3. We don’t have to be miserable. We can teach ourselves to let go of our cravings and attachments so that we don’t have to suffer as much when things change, as they inevitably will. This truth is called freedom from confinement or extinction. It is like getting the key to our jail cell or blowing out a candle burning us.


4. There is a path to liberation from suffering and getting burned by our expectations. This path runs between the extremes of hedonism and asceticism.



The Eightfold Path:


Right Understanding, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.


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