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Most people have more then one question, and one question can definitely lead into many others. A good solid reading usually takes at least 15 to 20 minutes.

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Anytime you purchase 20 minutes or more we give you cash back rewards (CBR’s). CBR’s are dollars that stay in your account towards your next psychic reading. It’s our way of saying thank you for being great clients. Redeem them right away for a couple of extra minutes or let them accumulate into one big reading. The choice is up to you. The more time you purchase the more rewards you get. Many of our regular customers will purchase large packages to last them the whole month. That way they can take full advantage of our rewards system. Your time never expires and you can use any amount of your purchased minutes with your psychic. For example use 20 minutes today and 10 minutes tomorrow, for a follow up. It’s your time and you get to use it how you choose.

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Current account holders who make their first online purchase get 20% Off any package of their choice. Just enter Coupon Code NWEB20 at check out.

***After you purchase your reading online, call any of our Toll Free numbers to be connected to the psychic of your choice.

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