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Cancer – Sex and Astrology

Cancer, the sign of the crab likes to be at home and around family, this is often mistaken for unsociability but those born under the sign of Cancer like to have fun and chat just as much as anyone else. Having strong family ties, and a deep connection to their roots, one with the sign of Cancer also makes loyal friends. Those under Cancer also enjoy and appreciate art, and will tend to be day-dreamers. Because they are sensitive, a Cancer can be very complex, and have their feelings hurt easily, they are usually very romantic and affectionate in matters of love.
Common Characteristics of Cancer: Sensitive, imaginative, loving, protective, intuitive, sympathetic, possessive, nurturing, imaginative, family-oriented, timid, caring.
Ruling Planet: Moon   Color association: Silver Birthstones: Pearls, moonstone.

CANCER: One of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, cancer has a sexuality that runs very deep with some obstacles in the way. Since the ruling planet is the moon this sign has a connection to the tides and are very reflective of their emotional environment, Cancer is moody so a lover needs to understand and be sensitive to the changes their Crab may experience. Cancer’s can be quite creative between the sheets and they have a sense of variety, but a reluctance to make the first move. Which means you might need to coax them out of their shells. If you spoil cancer rotten then expect them to fulfill your every desire.

Women: She can be involved in just about anything career wise. She’s not one to do the ‘one night stand’ gig simply because she becomes too emotionally invested in the sex. Taking care of her lover is something that really appeals to this lady. So don’t be surprised by all the nice things she’ll be willing to do for you in and out of bed.

Men: He’s the sensitive man that’s in touch with his feminine side. This man like history and wants to have that history with a person. Remember there’s a strong paternal sense with this guy so he’s going to want to take the lead. But don’t worry he’s sure to keep your feelings in mind while he’s romancing the pants off of you.

Lover’s Bonus: Usually during a full moon you’ll see Cancer’s are hot to trot. They like things like family history or connections to family past. Home settings are the best place to have a sexy interlude in their opinion. The chest area is a very sensitive place so circular motions on the stomach and chest is always a good way to coax cancer in the mood. The Crab is very sensitive, so put some soft sheets on the bed and make your skin soft and smooth. I’m almost 100% sure they’ll appreciate it.