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By: J Nighteagle




Fluctuating like the Moon, Cancer is responsive, emotional, and generous. Moon children have an empathy with others and a wonderful, warm sense of humor. However, there is an insecurity to overcome. Like your emblem, the Crab, your exterior shields a soft inner self. Mondays are your luckiest days each week. Commit to activities and make choices on Mondays for the best results.


Springs earliest days favor writing, travel, and philosophical studies. Through April much can be accomplished because your energy level will be exceptionally high, but do quell anger and impatience. It is especially easy to over react near the full Moon of May. Consider Consequences  and options first. Through mid July Mercury is highlighted. Quiet the mind through meditation. Psychic communication with wild creatures will be especially lucid. Just before Midsummers Eve Devote the longest day of the year to love magic. Near your birthday your creative talents shine; use your imagination.


The last half of July impromptu travel would be very productive. Your clever repartee enables you to win all arguments. Remember, Cancer a Water sign is considered to be one of the most; if not the most intuitive and psychic of all the other astrological signs; many Cancer individuals ( and also Taurus; Cancers astrological soul mate ) are very accomplished in the Medical and Psychology world, including various types of counseling. Among the many qualities that Cancer processes, is that Cancer is a natural healer.


Early August is a wonderful time to explore your financial options. Communication will be serious but decisions can be made and helpful advice exchanged. Avoid a difficult neighbor or troubled sibling. Throughout September, home and family life are complimented; patiently work out differences and make needed repairs to your environment.


Time seems to move faster and faster towards and through October; you do have the ability to juggle several projects at once; you’ll restore stability and feel more in control also, at this time. Towards the middle of November you will discover much about others and how they feel toward you. Keep an open mind and always seek the truth, then all will be well. Tend to legal matters promptly. December accents health and fitness. Prepare a healing ceremony during the winter solstice. The quiet and cool evening hours will have a rejuvenating power. A health challenge can be over come.


During January adopt a live-and-let-live attitude toward others. Towards the end of January and throughout November a spirit guide can be introduced in a dream this lasts through winters end. Friends are willing to give your career a boost. Exercising creativity and artistic skills can lead to great professional success. Winters waning days find that successful travel plans can be finalized. Health and vitality are improving. Much healing, on many levels, is in process.





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