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By: Erin



Capricorns have a very sophisticated sense of style and tend to lean towards an almost business casual look for their overall look. It’s no surprise that Capricorns tend to lean towards put together looks. By nature, Caps are very driven and determined individuals and they pursue their goals very diligently.



Capricorns usually stick to the basics when it comes to their fashion; they choose comfort over style and lean towards darker colors like dark gray, navy, and black. They often will add a hint of red to an outfit to make it pop if they decide to add a bit of color.




Everyday Fashion for Capricorn Woman:



I chose Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the celebrity inspired look for a number of reasons. This Capricorn woman is the leader of the pack in my opinion. She is the definition of a Capricorn; ambitious, creative, witty, practical, warm-hearted, and she has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor that people respect because it is clever.



Julia is wearing the basic fashion of the everyday Capricorn female. She’s keeping a certain flare of sophistication while rocking a pair of jeans and a blouse. The dark denim jeans are form-fitting and she is wearing a simple open toe black pump. Capricorns admire a good pair of comfortable pumps to compliment their outfit.



She tops off the outfit with a beautiful black top with sheer peasant arm short sleeves, a low (but not too low) cut v-neck with little ruffle lining, and a delicate horizontal pattern going around the midriff of the top. Julia adds her color with her red handbag. Nailed it!





Fashion for a Capricorn Womans Night On The Town:



Fellow Capricorn Naya Rivera is the inspiration for this look. This beauty is no stranger to the spotlight starring as Santana in the hit show Glee; she’s the girl we all love to hate and one of the only people to give Lea Michele a run for her money with her pipes. Naya is super sexy and let’s face it, this girl could put on a trash bag with those legs and make it work. Nonetheless, Naya stays in true Capricorn fashion and keeps is classy and adds a bit of sassy for a night on the town.


Capricorns know how to dress according to the occasion and although they are mostly reserved people and like to be covered up, they don’t mind showing a little bit of skin. They have their limits though; if they wear a strapless dress or they will bring a blazer to wear over top or if they wear something low-cut they will do the same. Naya chose an excellent look that is perfect for her star sign of Capricorn! She’s wearing a short, silk black dress with black lace overlay that has long sleeves and a cute white collar. The fact that she’s completely covered up her top half gives her the comfort she needs to show off her long bare legs.


Naya looks amazing in this look because her hair is loose and natural same with her makeup. Also, notice how she has her natural nails painted ruby red to match her simple red velvet pumps. Capricorn night out on the town look complete and aced by miss Naya Rivera!





How a Capricorn Woman Accessorizes:



When it comes to accessorizing Capricorn women aren’t like a lot of other signs in that they don’t have a signature or statement piece in their closet or jewelry box. Much like their fabrics, Capricorns tend to choose dark hues when it comes to their jewelry and don’t normally wear plain gold or silver. They like jewelry with unique patterns or that match their outfits.



They have very diverse taste in accessories and like all different kinds of looks. Capricorn women love vintage or retro styles of jewelry and handbags. When it comes to handbags you will most likely see them with a unique piece they found at a flea market, a basic black handbag, or an over-sized handbag that matches their outfit or is red in color.






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