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By: Marina Bryony



Soaring high above Earth toward the Heavens, birds have been seen as celestial messengers and emblems of magic since earliest of times. The lore of the feathered ones includes the mythological phoenix, reputed to rise to new life from the flames; the wise owl carried by both Minerva and Odin; heroic massager pigeons entrusted with vital missives; and sinister crows.


The beautiful red cardinal is especially loved and admired. In recent years, cardinals have become increasingly popular choices for holiday greeting cards, as well as home decor and wardrobe accents. Folklore dictates that if a cardinal flies toward you it brings great luck. Named for the bright red clerical robes worn by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, this small and timed birds message is consistently one of the spirituality and happiness.


Cardinals have been selected seven times to be an official US state bird – more often then any other bird. They are found in the warmer regions of the Eastern USA, as well as in Mexico. Native American traditions dedicate cardinals to the sun and link them to sacred fires. Those fortunate enough to find a cardinals fallen feather would do well to cherish it as a talisman. It augurs a turn of fortune for the better


A Cherokee Legend:


This tells of how Cardinal earned his beautiful red feathers. When the world was young, Raccoon played a trick on the Wolf. As Wolf slept, Raccoon stopped his eyes shut with river clay. When Wolf awoke in distress, Cardinal took pity on him and pecked the clay from his eyes very carefully. The grateful Wolf showed Cardinal a magical pool where the water turned everything a beautiful red . The male Cardinal dove in and turned a beautiful scarlet. Only a little bit of color remained by the time his mate arrived. She swam and swam, but was left with just a hint of the red.




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