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By: Lulu Gleason


So I have been doing Cartomancy for a while now as we’ve all seen from my first experience in my last blog. It’s been nagging me to do a follow up since I’ve been neglecting my tarot studies for this slight diversion off my card path. I had the opportunity to test out my Cartomancy skills with Erin on a subject everyone always seems to want more information about. Her money situation and how it will grow. The results were interesting and dealt with many things surrounding Erin’s money issues.



Row 1:
The first row in the spread that was chosen, dealt with past events or people involved in her life and question. They indicated that she had three friends who had helped her on the money path. Friends whom the deck suggested she spend more time with to help enhance her financial status with some good advice. Perhaps even encourage some great ideas for investing or ways to grow her money to benefit her lifestyle.



Row 2:
The second row deals with present issues, how Erin was feeling and the present influences that could lead to answers to her money flow issues. The second row explained how Erin had recently been hit with a blow to her finances. She had experienced a recent illness that had set her back. But through it all she needed to keep her work flow going smoothly even though others will tell her otherwise. She might not get the payback she would like but through her hard work, money will eventually improve.



Row 3:
The third row usually has the outcome of the question that was brought forth to the cards and spread. Erin’s cards indicated that her money issues would evolve but to watch out for a male energy that could try to influence her towards another direction which would lead to tragic loss. Lies and liars circulate around her and want her to step out of her steady path for their own gain. However, a visit from someone important to her or a possible home move would be in her benefit especially for her money situation.



How it ties together:
Erin needs to spend more time with the influential people in her life that are there to help her through her darkest hours. Times are rough currently but she can and will overcome it all if she stays strong and keeps her work flow steady. Hard work and much time will result in small paybacks right away however as she progresses on her path things will change and the recognition she deserves will come. There’s a large amount of deception around her that could be disastrous. A male energy will try to influence their ideas but with good friends and a steady mind set Erin will overcome the odds and grow her money to where it needs to be.



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  1. I should be an excellent study live to readers I am on to something big soon. This I think would be good to show readers how positive readings look like thank you keep up good work

  2. Just wanted to say that I just really enjoyed this and it was very impressive.

    Sincerely, Carlo

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