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It’s no wonder that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac chart; by nature they are born leaders and competitors and will do what it takes to come out on top. Being that Aries are born leaders, they like to come up with ideas and watch as others follow through with them. They are born pioneers and their confidence, passion, and enthusiasm will help them throughout their life when it comes to being happy and successful.


Aries need constant stimulation. They have so many ideas and aspirations, the world is their oyster. Those born under the sign of Aries are often some of the most misunderstood people because it is very hard to keep up with them. One day they want to be a writer, the next day a doctor, but in all reality this is the best path for an Aries. They need constant change and stimulation.


We did some research and spoke to a couple of our psychics and put together a list of some of the top professions for those born under the sign of Aries.


“They are sure-footed Rams the way they hold a vision and never quit, knock ‘em down they get right back up,” psychic Adam explains “fiery, energetic, independent and intelligent (creative and clever). Their world is in constant motion. If a new challenge arises, they tackle it full-steam ahead. You will not find a clock-punching zombie among this crowd.”


Sitting in a cubicle doing the same thing day in and day out would be one of the worst jobs for an Aries. It’s like keeping an animal in a cage, eventually they will get very depressed or go crazy.


“Being hard chargers, Aries are not well-suited for repetitive jobs and will easily become bored and restless if not given a challenge: they need larger visions to hold onto, if not invent, and bring into fruition. Their real aim is to make this world a Paradise that makes previous notions of Heaven silly by contrast.” says Adam.


Here are some of the top professions for an Aries:


1. Entrepreneur- If anyone has what it takes to build an empire it’s an Aries. Creative thinking, team building, enthusiasm and the ability to get people to stand behind you and help you follow through with your ideas is what will make your business venture a success.


2. Public Relations Executive- This is where an Aries can really utilize their problem-solving skills and quick decision making to their benefit. It is a fast paced environment so they will be very busy and will be constantly interacting with other people. The competition in this field is very high so it will keep them motivated and striving to be at the top of their game.


3. Architect- This is not only a financially rewarding profession but is also mentally stimulating. The ability for constant creativity and exploration of new and exciting projects will keep this fire sign on it’s toes and eager to expand their knowledge in this ever growing field. Carpentry would also be a good job for them.


4. Hairdresser/Beautition- This is an ever changing field. There are new techniques to learn all the time so it would definitely be a fun challenge for an Aries. Not to mention they will love the constant interaction with people and meeting new people day in and day out. Aries also love to work with their hands so this would be an ideal job for any Ram.


Psychics Margie and Adam both explain that Aries are very caring people and they would excel in professions that help people. Margie said “Not many people would think of a job like this but working on deep sea wells would be great. It’s constant change, adventure, they’re working with their hands, helping people, and it’s thrilling.”


“Similarly, needing constant change in their life, Aries will soar as a doctor, dentist, soldier, firefighter, or position in law enforcement.” Adam explains. “every patient, every case, every change in forecast is a new puzzle demanding greatness.”


Someone in this position like an Aries should definitely utilize their born personality traits of bravery, creativity, and enthusiasm and explore different paths and find what path leads to happiness.




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