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By: Erin



Those born under the sign of the crab are very imaginative people. Cancer’s enjoy using their smarts and imagination to allow them to get the most out of life while not having to sacrifice their comfort or their closeness to their family and friends.


Being financially stable is as important to Cancers as staying emotionally and mentally stable so most Cancers would prefer a more relaxed work environment.  They are far from lazy or boring and enjoy the company of other people but they would excel more on a one-on-one basis when it comes to business deals.


With all of the above information, we can’t leave out the fact that they are very organized people when it comes to all aspects of life but especially their finances. Again, with comfort being one of their top priorities, this is a sign they know how to be frugal with their spending but also get the best of the best for the money they do spend.


Here are some of the careers I feel would be excellent for Cancers based off of their personality type and not taking them out of their comfort zone. Listed below are areas that I would suggest for any Cancer either as a side project for extra income or as a jumping off point to lead to the career that they would find most fulfilling.



1. Online Sales- Online shopping is at an all time high these days. This would be great for a Cancer for many reasons. First, they can do it from the comfort of their own home and would be able to stay home with the family and go their own speed. It would be a great as a side job for extra income to whatever field they are currently in but could lead to a long-term deal and even go on to ownership of an online shop run strictly by them.


Using their creativity and sense of style and imagination, Cancers are known to be crafty in many different areas from small crafts to building custom furniture. A website like Etsy would be a great start to sell some of their pieces. To all the Cancers out there I would say start using your creative outlets to benefit you and turn your hobby into a business venture. Created your own online store the more successful you become on a start up site like Etsy and you can earn a respectful and nice income all from the comfort of your home.



2. Real Estate Agent- As I said before, home life is important for a Cancer. In real estate sales they would be able to utilize their love for helping people and families find their new start. As a Cancer they will definitely be sympathetic when it comes to budgets of others because they understand the importance of top quality and comfort for the least amount of money.


Cancers are extremely intuitive people therefore would be great at knowing what would be the best fit for each individual client. As a real estate agent, those qualities are going to lead you Cancers to the top of the game because people will seek out their honesty and the fact that you are listening and caring about what they are looking for as opposed to showing them anything and everything without keeping their needs and budget in mind.



3. Interior Designer/Domestic Engineer- I’ve explained a lot in this blog so far about the personality traits of Cancers and I think that you can already figure out why this would be a wonderful fit for this sign. Not only is there so much range in this field there is also the chance to make it into a family business and offer longevity and stability for generations to come.


A domestic engineer can be a number of things ranging from personal care assistants, nannies, housekeeping, etc. People are drawn to Cancers trusting and loving nature so they will have no problem allowing you to take care of loved ones or be in their homes with little to no supervision.


Interior design or decorating would be a great way to sit with clients on that one-on-one basis to get a general feel for their personality and what they are looking for, go over budgeting and lend your advice on organizing for small spaces, etc. Imagination is your big helper in this field.



Cancer’s have a lot going for them. I believe you should be happy in your career choices and it seems like these days, especially in this economy, we tend to settle for things that will pay our bills and many of us live paycheck to paycheck. As a Cancer especially, that system is very uncomfortable and with all the tools out there that we can use to our advantage (internet being the biggest) there’s no reason that anyone should settle on anything that doesn’t make them happy.




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