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By: Erin



Gemini’s are very lucky because they have this natural ability to adept to any situation. They are blessed with great energy and social skills so they have great communication skills. With a Gemini’s natural ability to fit in, they generally succeed in social situations that allow them to utilize their communication skills and constantly sharing ideas with peers.


Gemini’s are born under the symbol of the twins and therefore are often misjudged as being inconsistent, two-faced, and deceitful. Nobody is perfect in this world so I feel that may be a bit of a harsh judgement because everyone is guilty of these acts at least once in their lifetime.


It’s said that Gemini’s would make great con artists because they’re cunning and have a bit of a trickster side to them. Doesn’t everyone? I get it though, I have a good friend who is a Gemini and I always said he could sell sand to a straggler in the desert. Gemini’s definitely have a certain charm about them that pulls people in and really want to listen to what they have to say.


Gemini’s are very intelligent people and this could add to why people get the idea that they are not to be trusted. Think about it; charming, intelligent, energetic… it’s a dangerous combo and can get people to open up to them and trust them from the first meeting. Honestly, I think this works in their favor when it comes to the working Gemini. With these qualities there is a wide range of professions that will cater to the Gemini’s need for constant activity and interaction with others. I feel they will go very far and be very successful in any of the following professions.



1. Public Relations (P.R. Executive)- This would be a great position for a Gemini because it is a very fast-paced and demanding profession however nowadays with all the different social media and technology at our fingertips, Gemini could choose to work for a firm or branch off and do their own thing and create an empire. This profession ties in with their ability to adapt well in any environment so they will likely be the one to shine when it comes to holding it together while planning a huge event or fundraiser. Gemini’s are great multi-taskers so their head would be in the game at all times no matter how much is thrown on their plate. Being in public relations allows for fun and and it’s a great profession to get into now so it will offer career longevity and open doors to other opportunities.



2. Blogger/Columnist/Journalist- Being able to utilize their many talents, Gemini’s would make awesome writers in any medium. Gemini’s always seem to know at least a little bit about everything; what I mean is they are always keeping their ears and eyes open so they tend to always be up-to-date on the latest happenings. If they don’t have all the facts about something they will do what it takes to find out about the topic; dig, manipulate, charm, etc. but you better bet that they will give you the latest information (maybe with a bit of a spin) to juice it up a bit. Either way, Gemini’s are great at story telling because their wit shows through their writing and would draw readers in. Blogs are a big thing now so Gemini’s take note- start a blog page, who knows where it could lead!



3. Advertising/Marketing- Again, this profession would be ideal for any Gemini based off of their ability to sell an idea or product to someone based on their magnetic personalities. As someone who has a background in advertising and marketing, I know that there’s a lot that goes into it- more than people may think. A Gemini would be great in this field because they like to study people and their habits so they will know what ideas to pitch to which people and how to turn it into a big pay out. Gemini’s will come up with what most think is a great idea but then take it 10 steps further simply by using their observation skills and combining it with their creativity. The competitive aspect of the field is also an added bonus. I would not want to battle campaign ideas with a Gemini’s; they might beat me out by pulling out the charm and art of manipulation to close a deal. Hey, if you got the tools- use them, right?


2 Responses

  1. lol This is very true ppl always misjudge Gemini’s and yet we are very popular i have a lot of friends whom are gemini’s and we all posses some of these characteristics…… We Rock! #MAY28 #IAMATWIN

    1. Thanks for your comment Shante. And yes, I feel like every person on earth – at least once – can say they are guilty of most of the things Gemini’s get bad raps for. I know some Gemini’s who fit all the bad characteristics, some who fit all the good, and of course the mix of the two. Haha. Like for any sign… there’s faults in our stars but there’s a lot that goes into your star sign besides falling between 2 dates. You can learn so much by knowing where, when, and what time you were born to know what makes you, you. For example someone born May 27th (still a Gemini) can be completely different, react differently to situations, etc. compared to someone born June 1st (still Gemini just few days apart).

      Astrology is so interesting, I love exploring each sign while writing these blogs. Thanks again for your comment.

      Customer Service Rep.

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