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By: Erin




Leo is a very strong sign. Those born into the symbol of the lion definitely stand tall and are the center of attention in any social situation. Leo’s are definitely born to be leaders and can lead a large pack but they are also perfectly fine standing on their own.


The ideal profession would be one that caters to Leo’s need to feel and look important. Wasting a day in a cubicle doing spreadsheets, working in a call center, and jobs like that are definitely not going to be one that a Leo will find happiness in.


Much like their fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, Leo’s will need to be in a job field that has them constantly busy or that has a lot of change within the field itself. They need to feel like they are not wasting any time and that they are getting as well as giving their absolute best- and then some.


Leo’s have a long list of traits that would make them a great candidate for a laundry list of fields that many people would never even think of. I’m going to go over a few based on their main personality traits that I think this sign would benefit from financially and emotionally.



1. Motivational Speaker- As a motivational speaker, Leo’s would feel total fulfillment. Their bold personalities alone would draw audiences both large and small in immediately and they would have complete control over the entire room. People enjoy listening to what Leo’s have to say because they are very intelligent, self-assured, and funny. By leading a room full of people who may be needing a bit of motivation or direction, Leo’s will be able to give them the push in the right direction by showing them how to turn the negatives into positives and how to look for the strength to get to where they want to be.


Leo’s are very honest people; sometimes to a fault, but people respect this is why they are quick to latch onto what Leo’s have to say. As a Leo, being a motivational speaker they will be able to feel like they have helped lead people to find the path that makes them happy and in turn this will give them that feeling of looking and feeling like they have accomplished something very important. It would be a wonderful career for this warm hearted sign.



Speaking of their hearts.



2. Cardiologist- As I stated before, Leo the lion has a lot of heart and are very caring, intelligent people. Another thing about them is that they will go above and beyond in anything they do to be the best in their field. They do not lack in the confidence department that’s for sure and in this field confidence and strength are a key factor when working with a vital organ.


Cardiology is that fast paced environment that will keep this  fire sign on their toes and excited to go to work. In the medical field things are always changing and there are always new techniques and procedures to be learned so they will be learning while working and again helping people.



3. Publicist- Most Leo’s are very outgoing and demand the spotlight but there are some out there that are a bit more “behind the scenes” kind of people. Leo’s make great entertainers; actors, musicians, models. Being in the spotlight and center stage is what drives them. For the softer spoken Leo’s, working as a publicist gives these them the chance to be a part of that without having to have all eyes on them.


Leo’s are hard workers and will work around the clock to bring the most up-to-date and accurate information to the world. They’re great at keeping people informed and doing damage control if needed. They’re honesty comes into play again here and so does their charisma. Leo’s way with words, even in writing will immediately draw people in and will keep people wanting more.





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