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By: Erin



As Autumn rolls in and the weather balances out were its not too hot and not too cold yet… it’s actually kind of perfect, we meet our 7th sign of the zodiac chart, the symbol of the scales; Libra. This sign is often described as being very harmonious and charming and are very well liked because of their devotion to the things and people they respect and love be it a job, a pet, friends, family, etc.


Libras are very sociable and like to work with people. That might sound pretty general but for this sign it goes further as they are the type of people who like to build actual relationships with their co-workers and hang out outside of the office. Libras are known for their excellent manners and will be the first to extend an invite to a fellow team member to join them for a bite to eat or drinks after a long day at the office or on the field.


Bringing it back to the symbol of the scales, while a lot of people would be put off by mixing business and pleasure Libra is able to do so because they do it with the mentality that it will bring a harmonious vibe into the workplace. If everyone is comfortable and pulls together it will create a balanced and relaxed atmosphere at work and will generally be a better experience for everyone day in and day out. Libras do not like conflict and avoid it at all costs so from here I will go into the first job I feel would be ideal for those born under this sign.



1. Mediator or Guidance Counselor: In this category of profession a Libra will be able to utilize their analytical skills and help solve problems for people in need of a little guidance. Libras are very diplomatic and will be very fair and show no bias towards one side or another and will always have everyone’s best interest in mind at all times. With their great people skills and their honest and trusting nature people will feel comfortable sharing issues/problems with them in order for Libra to help them come to a healthy and beneficial settlement for any party involved.


In this profession Libras will feel fulfilled with knowing that they are helping people solve problems and leading them down the road to their fresh start, whatever it may be involving. Knowing they have eased someone of some type of hardship in anyway is enough to make this sign want to smack that snooze button 10 times each morning.



2. Creative Content Supervisor or Manager: In this profession a Libra would be able to use their creative skills on various levels. Daily tasks of gathering information from different sources and constantly networking with a variety of people will thrill this social sign and keep them very happy. As a high level creative content professional Libra will be constantly busy and utilizing their multitasking skills working on different projects from public relations to marketing and advertising and graphic designing.


Utilizing their intuitive abilities Libras are sure to go straight to the top in this profession because of their people pleasing ways. They get to know their clients needs and wants and turn out assignments that are worth millions simply by truly listening and knowing their client and turning their thoughts into a true vision.



3. Lawyer: Libras would make the BEST lawyers. It all goes back to similarities of the mediator profession but this is being able to take it to the next level and working for the judicial system. Libras tend to cower at confrontation but WILL fight for what they feel is fair.


Libras can be very persuasive and turn the charm all the way up in situations to make people listen to them and see their point of view. They will do whatever it takes to show people cold hard facts to back up why they know this person is innocent or guilty in a case so that it is completely balanced and fair. They don’t fight dirty and will keep a fair fight.




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