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By: Erin




Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac chart. These people are born leaders and have very strong, bold personalities. Scorpios are very ambitious people and are very intelligent so they settle for nothing less than the best for themselves.


Scorpios are no-nonsense people and do not deal well with people who do not take their work seriously. They do like people and enjoy the company of others but when it comes to the workplace they prefer to do their job in a secluded space and get the job done quietly with little to no distraction and noise.


Here are some careers I believe any Scorpio would find much happiness and stability in.


1. Researcher: Scorpios love problem solving. Researching involves digging to the root of an issue and finding a resolution to it and Scorpio will make sure they find the best solution. Their strong attention to detail, drive and passion will surely put them at the head of the research department in whatever field.


This career can go deep. Researchers can go accordingly to Scorpios passions in life. Science, medicine, government agencies, journalism, and so forth. If you are a Scorpio and you have that drive and passion you can do it! Make your love for knowledge and digging for dirt and information work to your benefit and turn it into your career.


2. Forensics: Scorpios are not easily spooked and are actually fascinated by the dead. They love to investigate crime scenes and figure out what lead to the cause of death. The would work around the clock to find their answers and not rest until the job was finished. A job like this takes a certain kind of person and Scorpio is it. They are tough and their emotions will not get the best of them when it comes to the job. They know they have work to do- they’re going to do it.


Scorpios love science and with this career they are mixing science with their other passions of investigation and delving into the mind of a surgeon.


3. Sex Therapist: Scorpios are one of the boldest and sexually driven signs of the zodiac chart. There is no shame in their game and they have no set backs when it comes to sharing about things in the bedroom and encourage others to do the same.




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