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By: Erin



As we reach the sixth position on the Zodiac chart we reach the sign that possesses a lot of wisdom with Virgo. Virgo, or the virgin as they are symbolized because of their modesty and patience are very respected individuals. This is a sign that has very many different traits and I feel that the careers they would find happiness and find the most success in would definitely be broken down by where within the sign they were born; the decans of Virgo.


What I mean is that there are strengths and weaknesses to Virgo, just like any other sign the difference is that with Virgo’s it seems like it is not as scattered and can be pinpointed by what kind of Virgo you are. For example anyone born between August 23 – September 2 tend to be more on the flamboyant side, very artistic and creative. Those born between September 3 – 12 are usually perfectionists and tend to be overcritical of themselves when it comes to getting things done to their own standards. Finally, September 13 – 22 are the health conscious people and the natural healers of the bunch.


All Virgo’s possess the same general traits; they’re hard working, orderly, sensible and very careful when it comes to money. They’re very successful people.



1. For those Virgo’s born in the first decan and tend to be more creative and bold would be great in the arts. This is a wide field, yes, and that this side of Virgo needs- freedom to explore their creative side. These people have a unique way of looking at things and are very deep thinkers which leads me to believe they would make excellent writers.


This could be novels, journalism, anything along those lines. Another choice for this side of Virgo would be designer or craftsman because it’s behind the scenes while showcasing your handy work for the world to admire. Again, putting the strengths of unique thinking, diligence, and over-all intense attention to small details that most people wouldn’t even think of would make them very successful in these fields. It’s those little bits of detail that make the art a masterpiece.



2. If you find yourself to be more of the super organized perfectionist side of Virgo (usually the second decan), a job that would give you just enough responsibility without overwhelming you would be an executive assistant. This part of Virgo shines when it comes to organization, planning, solving problems and sorting out details. They are good at taking orders from higher level people and like to have some sort of direction and then take full command from there.


Scheduling, bookkeeping, money management, etc. might sound like mundane tasks to the everyday person but for Virgo’s these are things they are good at and enjoy doing. It gives them self-worth and they are very successful in fields like public relations, financial advisor, or human resources.



Let me pause before rounding out with the last of career paths by saying that one of the best qualities of Virgo’s is their genuine need and want to help others. They are always willing to help out a friend in need or help raise awareness for a good cause. This is a sign that does not do well in leadership rolls but they are fully aware of that and they make up for it in small ways by word of mouth when it comes to important issues.



3. As stated above Virgo’s have great hearts in that they care for people’s well-being and they are born with the want to nurture, teach, and help things and people alike grow. This is especially true for the late Virgo’s. They are often very health conscious people as well and care a lot about nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. When you mix these traits and the fact that they are very analytical, intelligent and patient these Virgo’s would be very successful and happy in the healthcare field.


Doctor, nurse, nutritionist, holistic, etc… The need to feel like someone is being healed because of Virgo is all that matters to them. This is a ever-expanding field especially with holistic centers and different treatments being offered. As a Virgo choosing a career in this field doesn’t limit you to just one area. Virgo’s love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature; incorporate that into this field… teach a yoga class or Reiki healing out in a beautiful area. Help find natural remedies for common ailments.



Virgo, there are so many possibilities out there for you. The world is yours for the taking.




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